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Dunlopillo High Profile Medium Feel

Dunlopillo High Profile Medium Feel

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Perfect pillow

Just bought my replacement dunlopillo after 30 years so I guess I am hooked
They are expensive but you only need 2 for a lifetime
Simply the best latex pillow you can buy

Purchased in December 2018 at David Jones Retail Stores for $75.00.

Value for Money
Pre-existing Neck / Back IssuesNo

Best latex pillow

The foam in the Dunlopillo isn't as dense memory foam pillows which is good and that's because this isn't made of memory foam. Its foam let's your head rest on the pillow rather than your head slowly sinking into the pillow like memory foam, which I don't like the feeling of. And it's softness it's instant rather than delayed like memory foam

It's much cooler than memory foam. It has little holes in the foam which must assist removing heat.

The Dunlopillo also oesn't isolate the ear as much. My wife's memory foam pillow makes you feel deaf in one ear. The Dunlopillo is slightly lighter but it's still a heavy pillow.

It holds its shape very well. I've had it for 3 years plus now and it's shape and feel are still like new. It's not made to be folded up or anything like that. The high profile is also great for side sleepers like myself.

Purchased in December 2015.

Value for Money

Recipe for neck pain and headache

I bought the classic a few years back and found that too low, so recently bought this high profile medium pillow for side sleepers. It is too high and too hard. I fight with this pillow, but have tried to give it a chance only to wake with intense neck pain and headaches. I got it on special but at $79 it is still a rip off. Don’t be fooled thinking latex pillows are the answer to a peaceful night sleep.

Purchased in September 2018 for $79.00.

Value for Money
Pre-existing Neck / Back IssuesNo

Horrible experience

I accidentally purchased the wrong pillows from Harris Scarfe in Southland for $79 each (2) I was supposed to buy classic and after a terrible nights sleep because they were too big for me and my wife, we were refused a refund. I can understand why but I was not made aware that you are unable to return pillows, if I can know this I would have put a pillow case on the outside of the plastic for the first night. So doesn’t always pay to be honest

Date PurchasedNov 2018

You'll save money in the long term - just buy it!

After wasting money on so many pillows that were good for a week, or needed replacing often and wasting money, I decided to just buy the Dunlopillo. I had read excellent reviews for Dunlopillo for years but found them too expensive but finally bought a pair on special online. I've had them for 1 year and they are simply the best pillows ever. They feel the same today as when I first got them. I read in bed and they are easy to get into the right place, then I sleep on my side and they are just the right height. I would normally go for a soft feel but the medium in Dunlopillo turned out to be good as it feels soft but my head doesn't sink in to far. Very happy all around!

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Perfect for side sleeper

First I bought the Microcloud pillow after reading the reviews but I feel like it didn't support my neck as I feel like it's too low for me. I'm a side sleeper small frame body type. Then I bought this Dunlopillo and it's the best. It supports my neck and have no sore shoulder anymore. I think it's a perfect pillow if you're a side sleeper

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Suits small frame side sleeper

I have been using the same pillow brand and style for years now. Continually delivers quality and a good sleep. Ready to replace after 3 years mainly because of yellowing

Date PurchasedOct 2015


No more sore neck, sleeping so soundly. Felt a bit unusual first couple of nights but oh so good. Worth every $. Most expensive pillow i have bought but its the best by far

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Perfect pillow for my sleeping style

Hands-down the best pillow I've used. I had a Dunlopillow "thrown in" as part of a deal with a bed >7 years ago and as such I forgot the profile and firmness and had to take a gamble when replacing it. As a side-sleeping person with a small frame, this pillow is absolutely perfect for me. It "bounces" just like I remembered my old one used to. I've spent over twice as much on a Tempur pillow which I used less than 10 times in 7 years due to it making my neck sore every night - obviously a personal height/firmness issue - but Dunlopillows have always given me a restful sleep, without EVER waking up feeling like I need to readjust it.

And unlike seemingly every other pillow available these days, they actually HOLD YOUR HEAD instead of just compressing down to a 3mm thick wad of cellulose. Since first owning a Dunlopillow, I've become one of those people who will avoid sleeping away from home at all costs - simply because I can't sleep with the equivalent of folded cardboard under my head.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Not like they used to be !!

I have used the Dunlopillow for years and decided to buy a new one.
Very disappointing, the new ones are crap, they must make cheap copies now, it was hard and
uncomfortable, and gave me constant headaches. I gave ti to my partner to use but he says it is not
like the ones we had in past. VERY DISAPPOINTING !!
I am still looking for a good pillow

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Still amazing nearly 10 years on.

I have had my Dunlopillo High Profile latex pillow for nearly 10 years. It hasn't lost any of its support and I make sure it's aired outside at least 4 times a year. Doing that for a couple of hours gives the pillow it's bounce back, and is as new.

Dunlopillo latex pillows are easy care, durable and make for a great nights sleep.


I have bought latex pillows for years, prepared to pay a lot for a decent nights sleep. The two Dunlopillos I bought were very disappointing & uncomfortable, certainly not worth the expense.
My husband's is the high profile medium feel - his comment - if it was a 4wd car it would be sold as having a 6 inch lift & another comment was he could be sleeping with his head on Uluru (Ayers Rock), extremely uncomfortable too high, far too firm.
My pillow is the medium profile, firm feel. It was chosen because of a neck injury & I sleep on my back; the description of this pillow seemed to suit my needs. While the height isn't bad I would have preferred a softer feel to cradle my head & neck rather than be perched on top of it, straining my neck further. I know from experience it takes a little while to get used to a new pillow but after a few nights I do know this one will never be good for me.
Waste of money.

Too high and too firm

I bought the high profile medium feel from Myer when I wanted high and soft but they don't make them anymore, and they were what I was replacing. The high medium one I tried in store was high and soft enough, the one I purchased I cannot sleep on without feeling like I'm using a rock and waking up with terrible neck pain. Myer don't do pillow returns so there goes $150 down the drain.

This is the worst pillow for wearing.

Purchased two pillows earlier this year and now both have gone hard on edges and stink of foul burning rubber. My old one is ten years old and still OK. Inferior product made in China now.


Purchased the high profile Medium today at Myers. After long consideration and reading reviews decided to splurge on this pillow. Regret decision now. This pillow in store felt nice and supportive enough, but after sleeping with it overnight...it felt very hard and uncomfortable. Woke up with a stiff neck. I believe you can't return pillows to Myers. Considering the high price tag I think this pillow does not deliver as promised. My $39 foam pillow (high profile Medium) that I bought last month (which my husband) keep on stealing is way way better. Wished I had purchased another one like that instead. You don't get what you pay for. Costly mistake!!

This is an excellent value for money pillow

We purchased two. These were the first expensive pillows we had ever purchased. We are now looking to update and will buy the same pillows again. I purchased the pair in 2003 and they are still in excellent condition I just would like to try the higher profile. I can't recommend enough.

Never have to buy any more again!! Love it!

I always had cheap $20 or so pillows growing up and they just wouldn't do. Suffered enough with the neck pain and sleepless nights. A friend recommended to get the Dunlopillo pillows and she said they worked with her neck and back pain. It didn't hurt to try so I went to Harris Scarfe and sure enough they were on special. Purchased two, for my husband and myself. It took a bit of getting used to (maybe a week or so) but it was well worth the money I spent. It's been 4 and half years and they feel as new as the day I bought them. Be sure to get a stain free pillow protector to keep them looking as new. Now my 2 kids sleep on Dunlopillo's (classic profile) and they sleep through the whole night.
Everything! The feel, the quality and the way it bounces back to shape and never goes flat.
A little expensive, so only buy when on special.

Heaven to sleep on!

OMG - why have I not had this pillow for years??? This is heaven. I am absolutely thrilled with this baby, and look forward to going to bed. A great pillow makes such a difference to a good nights sleep, and this dunlopillow is fantastic. It doesn't squoosh out of shape, get hot or lumpy, it is perfect. There are three heights, and everyone in our family now has them. They are expensive, but we got ours half price at Harvey Norman Frankston - mid March. They were a bargain! Do yourselves a favour and go buy some. They are brilliant pillows.
comfy, great product


I do love the latex pillows, but if they are going to get smaller each time I need to buy them, I will have to look elsewhere
I have owned dunlopillo for years and love them.Could not sleep on anything else
Bought new ones and they are so different, the high profile pillow is lower than the classic and not as firm as the old one was


Just bought a twin pack from Myer and cost me $169 yesterday.
I feel a bit too soft of them coz my old one is a bit firmer, however I wake up this morning I feel the sleep quality is better, wake up with more energy, not sure becoz I pay such a lot or the quality of the pillow LOL.
It smells when you first take it out from the bag but I dont really care and use it right away.
In conclusion, this pillow is a bit pricy but yet soft and comfortable. It enhanced my sleep quality (well, just tested it one night but that's what I feel). Dealsdirect has a better price but out of stock at the moment, plus I can earn some Myer one points and dont have to wait for shipping so I just pay $20 more and goto Myer.
Smell bad
Too soft

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My husband & I have been sleeping on Dunlopillow High Profile medium feel pillows measuring 48 x 73cm for about 8 years & love it. Looking to purchase new ones to use in caravan bed. But notice they are now smaller now 44 x 64cm. Also people saying they are not the same, some say they’re too firm others to soft so reluctant to buy them now. My question is have they changed what they are made of & in size & density??
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High Profile Medium Feel
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Release dateJul 2008
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