Perfect pillow, the best memory foam I have ever purchased

I bought this pillow for my husband who's been suffering from back pain every morning he wakes up. He's been using it for a week now and loving it. It is soft and also very supportive. He now doesn't wake up with back pain anymore which is amazing. I also let my mum tried it and she loves it, just purchased another one for her too.

Purchased in February 2019 at Kogan.com.

Value for Money
Pre-existing Neck / Back IssuesYes
Pillow Relieves Pain Yes

The Best Pillow ever

I have owned this pillow for about 1 week now and I am loving it.
Previously, I owned several other Dunlopillo Pillow in the last 10 Years and I found this Type of Pillow are the best ever I have owned.
I slept really good without any next pain when I wake up in the Morning.
It is a bit heavier than the other pillow, but it is very comfortable when you put your Head on that pillow.
I can't be happier and would recommend this pillow to everybody.
It is a bit expensive but it worth your Money.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Very harmful smell causing headache, nausea. ...

I loved the feeling and support it provides when I testec in DJ, but later at home realized it was causing me headache, lungs discomfort, dizziness, eyes irritation . ...
Had to return it to the store.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Excellent memory foam pillow!

I have used the Therapillo cooling gel (high profile) for about one month and I love how comfortable and supportive it is. The first few nights were difficult as I have always used softer bouncier latex pillows. The memory foam takes a little getting used to as it molds around you head and neck to provide the ultimate support. Because it molds snuggly around the contours of you head it can make it more difficult to move your head left and right. Once you get used to it’s supportive qualities, you can begin to appreciate what it is designed for. I wake up rested and with no aches or pains in my neck which I occasionally had using a latex pillow. The cooling gel is noticible when you first lie down but I am not convinced it will be of much effect on a hot summers night since the gel layer and memory foam are likely to absorb and retain heat. My wife also has the same pillow and is extremely happy with its qualities.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Perfect - just get past the first few days

Just purchased replacement of this pillow after original became what I thought was a little old for a pillow.

The new pillow has reminded me of the nuances I faced with the original;
1. Its firmer, and the first few nights I tossed and turned and wanted to go back to an older pillow I was used to.
2. The smell is awful. It needs a little bit of time outside in the sun before being enclosed in pillowcases.

Once you get past the first few nights, this pillow is amazing. Mine now travels with me wherever I can. It offered an improvement in my neck and shoulder pain and gave me a greater quality of sleep as I wasn't waking to adjust my pillow.

The pillow does not cause you to feel hot during the night wanting you to flip it.

Bonus - my husband decided he would try my old one (each to their own) and he has noticed an improvement in his shoulder pain which he and his physio could not attribute to a specific cause- until now!

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Premium Medium Profile (Red)

I owned two from two years ago. Bought another last month. New pillow is thinner, lighter and less dense feeling and more squishy. Really disappointed. Meyer has raise the price to $175 retail while the manufacturer has ruined the pillow.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Takes a while to get used to but then can't sleep without

Previously had same brand pillows for approx 7 years and was time to update as got a new mattress, I purchased the high support which were the top of line in the brand with full retail $190 per pillow, do your home work and will find cheaper on sale which did and got for $113 per pillow well with it. Yes there is the rubber small others say, suggest put pillows outside to air for couple of days and then I put cotton pillow cases from Kmart $5 which assist with smell, and now perfect. Being a firm pillow your head not sink into pillow and saves sore neck, I think im sleeping better as well. They were expensive but I would recommend.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Good support with a firm mattress, but the chemical smell!

With the firm mattress this pillow has been great to sleep on, but it's been 2 weeks and the chemical rubber smell remains. Has anyone had feedback from the manufacturer regarding this. Is there any risk to health.

Date PurchasedJan 2018
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It's been 6 months and the chemical smell is no longer. Still good for support.

A great pillow but not so cool

It took a week to get used to a new pillow and now I absolutely love it. The shape and height are comfy. The new smell went away after a week or two. I sleep great now. No readjusting required.
The only negative is the cooling gel eventually warms up to body temp and then feels like it holds the warmth. I sleep on the non cooling gel side which works fine.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Hoping to get used to it, but so far so bad!

So I decided to replace my pancake style pillows because of regular lower back pain and trying to eliminate the cause. After lots of research I looked for a pillow that may help me receive the correct posture for my back and neck and eliminate my back issue. That lead me to this pillow. After just 1 night of usage I woke up with the most horrible neck pain that forced me to see a Chiropractor 4 days later. The annoying factor is I find the pillow pretty comfortable and sleep very well on it but after a week of usage now, my neck issues still remain although the pain has seem to alleviate slightly. After spending over $100 on the pillow I feel the need to persist. Mainly because for the last 4 years I have been using very flat and soft pillows that maybe my body has just received a shock to the system! I will give it 1 more week and if it fails to improve then along with the Chiro and the remedial massage to follow this will be 1 expensive pillow experiment!

Date PurchasedJun 2017
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*follow up: I gave up and purchased a memory foam one, which is firmer but better for my neck and back

Nothing special

Bought it at Harris Scarfe when it was on sale.
I had a very high hope since it is $190RRP.
I am a small frame at 50kg/160cm but I think it is just right size (definitely not high enough!) for me. If you are a bigger frame, it may not be high enough.
It is very very cushy memory foam so it does go down very much down if you put your head on it making it 'medium profile'. So if you want high profile, I'd suggest buying a firm high profile pillow.
I found it nothing special in this pillow (didn't cure my insomnia or neck pain) and it's very ordinary cushy memory foam pillow. I have Soren brand memory foam pillow bought from Harris for ~$30 when on sale but honestly couldn't tell the difference in terms of the comfort and quality of memory foam inside.
I don't recommend buying this pillow.

Not low profile

I persevered for two weeks but it made my neck and shoulder pain worse. It was not a low profike as expected. Ordered on,ine expecting it to be significantly lower than medium profile pillows. Was wrong.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Query about odour

Does the musty odour go away? It is very close to the nose.
As the foam is polyurethane, how much residual isocyanate is there?


Date PurchasedDec 2016

Did not keep me cool but too hot to sleep

The pillow is supportive but for me the cooling gel did not work and I was boiling. In my opinion I had a most unrefreshing night sleep and intend to challenge this claim. Clearly I did not receive what I wanted and will now have to explore all avenues to lodge a complaint. Retail staff need to let customers know how much heat this pillow retains.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Love it - best pillow I've ever had (2nd best was the Medium Profile)

I used to always sleep with my arm under the pillow, which I don't think is good for the shoulders/neck. I hardly do that anymore. I loved the Therapillo medium profile but decided to try the high profile and I like it even more. It's quite firm and doesn't lose it's shape. I bought mine on special from the website, and it was definitely worth the money, after buying lots of cheap pillows that were useless.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Sorw neck and waste of money

Absolutely rubbish - very disappointed purchasing this pillow as we both ended up with a sore neck! I am booking ourselves to have our neck sorted ... why the hell did we buy this product!

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Brilliant pillow

I love this pillow. Its only now that I'm writing this review that i realise my neck and back do not bother me as much any more. I sleep like a log. It took a couple of days to adjust but I still slept great. I considered taking it on holiday, as I don't like to be without it, but don't in case I leave it there. I would be devastated to lose it.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Bye bye snoring husband!

Hubby's snoring has seriously improved, it supported & encouraged him to sleep on his side - I am back to being able to sleep next to him & without any disturbance. There was no smell but it took a few nights to get used to the firmer pillow, I bought one myself as I am a side sleeper & won't ever look back - such a great investment. The quality of my sleep has also improved, I'm finally able to wake up feeling refreshed.

I liked it

Shows you how personal pillows are. I bought this on recommendation of my physio after I had a whiplash injury and just love it. My husband now also uses one and loves it too!

Very Supportive Pillow

Pillows are very personal. I waited until this was half price before buying and didn't really purchase for the gel top cooling properties. I just wanted a decent memory foam pillow that was going to give my neck support while I slept. I used it for a few days and really liked it, although I found the gel top side a little too hard for my liking so I slept on the reverse side. Then my son asked if he could try it out - he didn't want to give it back! So, I ended up buying another one. We really like them. The ones I bought both had velour covers which are now old stock. The new ones have a mesh cover which is apparently a lot cooler than the velour. So, if you're reading these reviews and put off because of the negative comments, it's worth noting that Tontine have tried to resolve the issue by replacing the cover. I'm not a hot sleeper so I quite like the soft velour cover.

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Questions & Answers

Where can I purchase one in Adelaide
1 answer
You can buy it at Myer or David Jones.

To those not happy with the product have you received a refund? I purchased mine from Harvey Norman and the cooling gel properties stopped working on the 2nd week. I have returned it to Harvey Norman who in turn will send it back to the manufacturer to obtain a verdict. I have been advised that IF there is a fault then Harvey Norman will refund me the full cost of purchase
2 answers
Hi there, we're really happy with our pillow. The gel is still fine, though of course on a really hot night it's not going to be as effective as on a more moderate night. The gel isn't supposed to be cold as such - just holds the heat differently (similar to how metal is cold to the touch). We've found the product to be good.Hi pillow not apparently defective just rock hard and very hot

Anyone on here not happy with their purchase interested in selling it ?
1 answer
Hi Justo, don't know where you live but David Jones has a special on the "high profile premium memory foam" pillows @ $114! I literally just bought it at Myer for $133 then walked in to DJ's to find it slightly cheaper. :( Link for the pillow below: http://shop.davidjones.com.au/djs/en/davidjones/therapillo-high-memory-foam-pillow-6527-500694--1

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