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Dymadon Paracetamol

Dymadon Paracetamol

4.8 from 16 reviews



16 reviews

PitpatHobart, TAS

  • 67 reviews

The only way to get paracetamol into our 1yo

Tim M.

Tim M.

  • 2 reviews

Ideal for babies.


Bought panadol because my 8 month old was sick - no go, she puked it up straight away and hated us for hours.

Looked online and asked the pharmacist. Bought Dymadon - went down like a treat, stayed down and mostly importantly worked.

Panadol is going in the bin...

Purchased in November 2019 at Amcal for A$6.95.

Jen RR

Jen RRPerth, WA

  • 3 reviews

Kids hate it but I like the price


I love that there is another option to panadol since all the marketing we see as parents is panadol panadol panadol. This is cheaper and just as effective. Only issue is my kids hate it, I can’t get them to take this. Not sure if it’s because they’ve been bought up on panadol, but the flavour is definitely heavier or stronger or something.

Purchased in June 2019.

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It's ok but it's not as strong


Better flavour however it's half the strength per mL compared to Panadol and most generics so I have to battle trying to get my son to take twice the amount of liquid. Good if your child likes the flavour but my baby boy fusses either way so I'd rather struggle with 1.5mL not 3.



  • 38 reviews

Best paracetamol out there


Tastes SO much better than that awful vanilla cherry flavor Panadol and most generics use, finally I can get my daughter to take it without a battle every time. Also costs less which is a bonus, and the dosing device is easy to use. Highly recommend this product to anyone struggling to get their little one to take Panadol. My daughter actually asks for more!



  • 7 reviews

Cost effective and good taste.


Dymadon literally costs half the price of it's competitors because the dosage needed is less than the others.

Tried Panadol and my daughter hated the flavour. Dymadon is always easy to administer (although need to convince her she doesn't need more) and tastes much nicer.

Worth a try if Panadol isn't readily accepted.



I used dymadon for my baby when he had his two months immunization needles and drop. It was the first time that I gave my baby a pain relief and I was a bit worried as my baby has a sensitive tummy. After eating the drops he did not have any pain, slept very well and no tummy issues. He became fussy when I missed a dose and i realised how effective this drop is.
Taste and effectiveness



  • 17 reviews

The best paracetamol I found, baby loves it and even cries for more !!!


NinaSydney, NSW

  • 3 reviews
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Great stuff


My 4 year old took this while recovering from having his tonsils out. He'd be in terrible pain, but 5 mins after taking this he was so much happier. He won't take panadol, so the nurses put me on to dymadon. For extreme pain we could alternate between dymadon and nurofen, which was really helpful
Easy to administer

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  • 9 reviews

yummy pain relief


My 3 months old spat out baby panadol but he likes this one. It is very easy to measure it the dosage and very cheap to buy. One thing I don't like about it is sticky. I guess all medicine are like that. I really love the product. I highly recommend it. Thank you.
effective pain relief. Very tasty.

Thank you Dymadon!


My 7 month old little miss has just started teething and is having a terrible time of it, we tried everything, baby panadol seemed to have no effect and she would fight not to have it, panadol also seemed to put her off her food, we tried brauer teething medicine and Weleda teething powder, nothing worked. She was up for hours each night crying in pain then we discovered Dymadon, at first she fought it thinking it must be more of that yucky stuff but when she tasted it she stopped squirming and sucked the rest out of the syringe, 20 mins later she was relaxed enough to sleep and she slept for 10 hours through the night! Love this stuff, works a charm.
Baby likes the taste



  • 3 reviews

The only paracetamol my son would take


My son would not take the baby panadol. After searching and buying all the paracetamol brand in the market, I finally found the one he likes. DYMADON. I tasted it and it doesn't taste as bitter as the other paracetamol. May be because it contains only half paracetamol in every mg compare to other ones.
The syringe is good and very smooth. My son actually suck it off the syringe.
Every mom should have this in the medicine cupboard if their baby won't take other paracetamol.
It works the same as panadol and take the fever away in the same amount of time.
I am glad I found this med.
the only paracetamol that has great flavour, great syringe that comes with it, not as bitter as other paracetamol in the market
nothing so far

Melissa J

Melissa JPerth , WA

  • 23 reviews

Put this in your medicine cabinet!


Finally a paracetamol my son will take with out a fight! The flavour is a pleasant orange flavour and is slightly viscous so it doesn't roll straight out of his mouth. The syringe it comes with is great and makes getting the right dose easy. It also comes with a little insert that you can put into the bottle to make it easier to get the liquid out but you don't have to use it if you don't want to.

Best kids paracetamol available.
Great flavour, easy to use



  • 26 reviews

Everything needed in a children's pain relief



  • 2 reviews

Couldn't live without it!!


My son gagged and threw up any paracetamol which we gave him. We tried all brands and he just couldn't keep it down. We then tried neurofen, and it wasn't tolerated either.

Dymadon is the only brand which he will tolerate and take without bringing back up, and it is the only brand which we will continue to purchase.

I told my local pharmacy about dymadon, and they are going to start stocking this brand from now on.
inexpensive, babies can tolerate flavour, works well and brings down fever quickly.

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ozzyturnNSW, 2074

  • 86 reviews

Can't live without it


My boys both vomit Panadol back up so I went on the search for a good replacement paracetamol. This is it.

It has a fantastic applicator system (which I reuse for antibiotics) and the taste is good. Because of this applicator system you do not waste any so the bottle size is good.

The pharmacist told me they stock more of this now because Mum's come in daily complaining about their kids not liking or tolerating Panadol.
inexpensive, clever applicator system, reliable

Questions & Answers

Kylie H.

Kylie H.asked

Hi, i cannot for the life of me work out your syringe. I know it should be easy but if I'm needing 5ml for example, when I draw the syringe up until 5ml meets with the line on the bottle and squirt it into a measuring cup, it measures under 5ml. If I draw the syringe all the way up until 5ml meets with the very top edge of the syringe then it measures over 5ml. Neither seems correct. What am I missing?

Which line am I supposed to draw up to? And why is it inaccurate regardless of which one I choose?

No answers
Kristy B

Kristy Basked

I gave my 3 month old baby for the first time. The first 2 doese there was no reaction but on 3rd and 4th dose my baby had a reaction with a swollen and red eye, like a hive. Is it common to have this reaction?

No answers


What are the side effects of over dosing? Our 3 year old received 9ml of Dymadon in error. It put her to sleep and got rid of her fever but she now has(2 days later) itching between her toes and legs and a slight rash on her legs rash; cries all the time and can't sleep. Is it too much Dymadon doing this?
Ross Pollard

1 answer

Hi Ross, I can't answer about her medical condition because I am not a Doctor but I think it is best if you take your 3 yo to see a Doctor as soon as you can to have a look at the rash and symptoms if you are worried and ask the same questions.

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