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Absolute Garbage and the most rudest customer service team.

Been a customer of Dyson for 10 years but after my recent experience with a 6 month old V8 machine - they are never getting a business from me, feels like bunch of amateurs running the show.

All the Fancy advertisement is just a trick to lure innocent people.

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Hi Victor, Thank you for taking the time to review your experience. We are sorry to hear about this as this is certainly not the experience we aim to deliver. Your experience is certainly something we would value the opportunity to look into. So we can assist, could you please email auaskdyson@dyson.com with your details? We will be happy to look into this and assist.

Took ages to refund money

returned the airwrap. After taking 3-4 working days to check the product is good for return and refund, they say need 14 more working days to process the refund. Any other company return money within 3-5 working days. And Dyson just holding up the money. I will avoid them in the future.

Spent $150 on parts Dyson still not working!!! RUBBISH!

Spent $150 on parts that [Name Removed] recommended and machine still isnt working! Spoke to [Name Removed] and she said to spend another $35 for another part. I refuse to spend more money on this rubbish. Have had nothing but trouble with this machine. Had this machine for 5 years and Dyson says machine should last between 7-10 years! Have so many friends with the same issues. And [Name Removed] service was rude and disrespectful, hopefully the recorded conversion is replayed by management.

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Hi there, We are sorry to hear about this. This certainly isn't the experience we would expect or want to offer our owners. We would kindly ask you to email auaskdyson@dyson.com with your details as we would greatly value the opportunity to look into this and assist. We hope to hear from you and look forward to assisting.

30 days money back hurdles

Quite disappointed at how Dyson processes the 30 days money back guarantee. The process takes soooooo long, they deduct $10 from the refund to cover shipping cost (really??!?) and once they finally agree to refund, they tell you it takes them 14 business days to process it (that is 3 weeks!!). So all in all it took them 6 weeks to complete the process.

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Hi Giovanni, Thank you for your review. I am sorry to hear you are unhappy with the returns process under the 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Under this offer the machine must be returned back to us, should our postage services be used, the cost of return to Dyson is subsidised considerably to just $10. We do kindly ask you to allow 30 days to receive the refund from the date of approval, however our finance team are working hard to reduce this, so at this stage refunds are being received within 14 working days. Full terms and conditions about this offer are found here https://discoverdyson.com.au/30daypromo/terms-and-conditions/. Thank you for trying a Dyson. Best wishes, ShanI don’t understand the point of this reply if not just to show “you care”. You’re just stating what I already know and written in my review and linking T&C is not very elegant. Thank you Shan but no thank you.

Service in Australia...Forget it...!

Our DC40 upright vacuum cleaner had no suction so I decided to investigate.
Found the problem, the change over valve (pictured) had perished and was the reason for zero suction.
Rang Dyson Australia only to be told that the part that failed could not be sold directly to the customer as it had to be fitted by a “Dyson Technician” at a cost of $85/hour...!
Searched several online appliance part suppliers in Australia but nobody could supply the part from Dyson.
Found a parts supplier in the UK on eBay who frequently sends Dyson parts here.
Total cost including freight was $39au.
Took a total of 10 minutes to remove and replace the failed part.
Can’t believe that Dyson Australia or any of its suppliers won’t sell the part, but UK suppliers (home of Dyson head office) will gladly sell the part and ship it OS.
Really disappointed that Dyson Australia puts its customers in this position as a cheap money grabbing exercise.
Won’t be buying Dyson products again, and I’m not the only one...!

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A company backing it's product

Great to see Dyson backing their product even when warranty arguably didn't apply. They sent out replacement battery/charger (V8) without any argument required even though I knew it wasn't necessarily covered under warranty. They advised they expected their product to be better even if the warranty didn't apply to the particular situation. Followed up by delivering on promises and all due to that I'll be a returning customer next year when I plan to upgrade to a V10. Well done Dyson! It's about time we see more companies stop treating customers as scammers in the first instance and stand by their product and the customer. The customer isn't always right but too many service/product providers (big ones) treat you with little or no regard. I'm glad to say that when I shared this experience I was informed another person had the same interaction. Great to see this and keep it up.

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The Dyson V8

The Dyson V8 is a well design unit and that is about it as the battery lasted only 1 year. The first battery unit lasted less than a week. Dyson replaced it but the replacement battery fails again in just over 1 year. So much about reliability and Dyson refuses to replace the replacement battery even though the 2 year product warranty has not expired stating that the battery is NOT covered by warranty. Was told to buy a new battery for $85. This would end up being an annual battery maintenance cost. What is the product warranty for when the Dyson battery is unreliable. I mean on average I would expect the lithium battery to last at least 2 years! Not so with my V8!

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No one at call centre to answer your call

1.Bought a new dyson and tried registering it online for the 2yr guarantee with no avail..serial number invalid..
2.Called the helpline wait time 33min so I opted for the call back service ,2hrs later still havent received the callback.
3.Called the helpline again 39min wait time,I decide to wait ...every 5min I get an update of the wait time and its going up not down.Been waiting onhold for 1hr 18min and still no one has answered.
4.Can sell you a machine very quick but no where to be found if you need help

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Dyson V7

Bought a Dyson V7 in September the battery died over 3 weeks ago (love the product when it’s working by the way) customer service said they would send one out after 2 weeks it did not turn up so I rang again and again because the wait times were so long, finally got through the next day only to be told they had no batteries in stock they had been held up by customs!!! Operator said early next week, I then received a message today saying after 10th March - not good enough I now have to go and buy another cleaner now!!! The battery wasn’t thrashed we have no pets and only do light cleaning as we are of pension age bought the V7 to make life easier and as I said it does but battery going so quickly really not good enough Dyson

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Hi Dee, Thank you for reviewing your Dyson V7. I am sorry to hear of your experience with your experience. While our batteries are in back order, please be assured we are working to get these in and despatched as quickly as possible. If we can assist further or you would like to check the status of your order, please email auaskdyson@dyson.com and our Dyson Experts will be in touch to assist shortly. Best wishes, Shan

Battery issues

I purchased the V6 DC 59 some years ago and had nothing but trouble with it. Dyson was good in regard to the backup service and replaced a number of batteries, numerous felt strips for under the head (which keep coming off to this day). At one point the whole head snapped off which they also replaced. It is also a pain ++ to empty and It's not the easy press a red button and the dirt falls out into the bin as Dyson advertise!
Enter the V8 - It appeared that Dyson has now ironed out all the design flaws of the V6. Given Dyson's history of an awesome service, I took a leap of faith and bought the V8. Certainly, it lived up to my expectations until the MAX suction started cutting after a few seconds. The screw on blue filter head at the handle also keeps dropping off. I called Dyson service and was informed that I needed a new battery. As my machine was now 3 months out of warranty I would now be required to fork out another $85 on top of the $999. already paid. They would replace the blue filter head free of charge. My argument to Dyson is that the cordless, battery-powered machine is the quintessential working part of the machine and to their marketing. I am now required to pay more money in the likelihood that I may have to do the same AGAIN in 2 years and 3 months time. This makes an already expensive machine even more so and is not what I expected when I purchased it. I have the unit on charge all the time when not in use (as I am supposed to do) and it is used for domestic purposes. As I have cats I would use the machine most days, sometimes a couple of times a day. A good machine generally, but it's not durable enough to withstand use for more than 2 years. It seems that the V6 battery problem remains a problem for the V8. After the problems I had with the V6 and now the V8, I'm out! No more Dysons for me. Extremely disappointing!

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Hi Jeannie, Thank you for reviewing your machine. While I am sorry to hear a new battery is required, it does sound like this would get your machine back up and running. While we do apologise for any disappointment, the battery is considered as consumable item as it has a limited lifespan and will eventually need to be replaced. While we engineer our batteries and machines to last as long as possible, there is no guarantee on the lifespan of the battery. Tips we give for achieving maximum battery life are: - run the machine regularly - keep the machine on charge when not in use - store and charge the machine in environments between 3°c and 30°c Should you wish to discuss this further or place an order, please email auaskdyson@dyson.com and our Dyson Experts will be in touch.Hi Dyson team and thanks for your response. 1.My machine has been stored in the manner you suggest. 2. More concerning the battery is a disposable item you say? In all the times I've had contract with your service centre I have never been told this. Certainly I was NOT told this at point of purchace for the 2 machines I own. I wonder how many people have been told this (it's not something Dyson advertise openly) and I wonder how many people would have purchased if they had known this upfront? Is this also the case for the new V10. I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR EVERYONE'S VIEW ON THIS.... AND to add salt to my wound my V6 battery also died the other day. I am a pensioner and now have the prospect of spending $170.00 in "disposable" batteries to get my machines up and running again.Hi Jeannie, Thank you for your reply. I am sorry you haven't been informed of this. So we can look into your interactions with us we would kindly ask you to email your details to auaskdyson@dyson.com and we will be happy to help. Best wishes, Shan

Great Vacuum, Excellent Service

I have had a Dyson V6 Vacuum for 2.5 years. It works great for a small town house and I usually do upstairs and down stairs separately as the battery doesn't allow for both floors to be done in one hit. On two occasions the battery has died and the staff has replaced them free of charge (last person Jenny) . I found them very polite, helpful and responsive.

Dyson Support

I find the quality of a product is measured by how well it is supported by the manufacturer. To this end I was having no end of problems with my Dyson, seemingly clogged despite having cleaned out all the obvious places. It was a Sunday and finally sick of not getting anywhere I logged onto Dyson to find they provide customer support 7 days a week. By email the customer care advisor worked me through a number of new maintenance steps I was not aware of. It was Sunday evening by the time I got around to the last email to do the next maintenance step. It still did not work and I emailed Dyson for what to do next. Instead of an email they phoned me Monday and stayed on the line until we got the machine working again within several minutes. How good is that customer service!!!! And in doing this I learnt a series of new maintenance steps that only take minutes to do that showed me how flexible this machine really is. My next machine will be a Dyson as well.

Used warranty to cover battery issue

Our v6 dyson has died after 1.5 years of operation. have called the helpline who advised the vacuum battery life is only 2 years but have fixed our issue completely and send out a new battery. the product needs regular maintenance with cleaning but living in a smaller house works for us perfectly. also the staff over the phone i wish i could remember her name were fantastic and instrumental in there service and identified and fixed the issue with no worries

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Tried and tested

I have had my dyson big ball for over 3 years and it still works like new. After years of cheap vacuum cleaners I wish I had brought it sooner

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Absolute rubbish to say the least!!!

We purchased the v6 absolute just over 2 yers ago from day one we complained that the running time was very short even without using the max power button and we were basically just shrugged of saying that’s how the unit works.Absolute load of crap to say the least without waisting countless hours arguing with them we were stuck with. $700 + vacuum that we couldn’t run for 15 mins without dying.so a couple of weeks ago the unit stopped charging and we took it back to the store only to be told that is a battery error and that the unit is out of the wty and pay money to get it fixed after trying to contact Dyson team their team members wouldn’t help out and wouldn’t pass me to a supervisor saying the good old excuse they are in a meeting and they will call us back coming up with every excuse they can possible . So 2 days later no call back pathetic service from their team no interest in customer satisfaction that pay good money for their products which payed their wages. Great job Dyson For a absolutele rubbish experience in your overpriced product!!!

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Hi Karyn, Thank you for your feedback. I am sorry to hear you are unhappy with your machine and didn't receive your call back from our customer care team. To confirm, the V6 machine can provide a run time of 6 minutes on MAX or 16-20 minutes on high power mode (depending on the tool in use). Regardless, the experience you have documented isn't what we would expect when a Dyson Owner is in touch with us. We would value the opportunity to look into this further, please just email auaskdyson@dyson.com with a copy of your review and we will be in touch shortly. Best wishes, Shan

Dyson Cinetic Ball Vaccum Cleaner

Don't bother honestly so over rated and you pay good money. I've had to get a replacement within a month only to have the replacement do the same thing only 8mths later. Need to send it away for repairs on them which is all good. But we are a busy house we need to vacuum almost daily. So that's super incovenant. You think if you pay extra a product would last longer than 18mths or so..... in short a good vacuum but breaks, needs repairs and I don't think it's really worth the effort. When other products out there do the same thing.

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v8 Animal - Fantastic!

I purchased the v8 animal and it has been great so far! Cleans up way more than I can even see. I’d strongly recommend it if you’re looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner.

Service review

I called this morning as my best friend, Dyson V6 Animal, was playing up. The guy was so helpful. Walked me through simple actions and all is sorted. Truly amazing service.

Dyson 7 a good product

We purchased Dyson 7 a couple of months ago. It is easy to assemble and use. Very light. Battery last for about 20 min which is enough to cover 140 sqm (light vacuuming).
After all we are happy about this product. I believe that Dyson 8 and above are more powerful.

The worst customer service experience I've ever had! They made your unit disappears.


I received the unit as a Christmas gift from my daughter, the unit last for 1 hour then die. It is a DOA unit.
It took long enough for Dyson_Melbourne to decide a replacement is needed then sent to wrong return address (at my daughter in Melbourne).
I called immediately and spoke to 2 different persons to point out the right address (in South Australia). I have been told that it WILL BE redirected back to Melbourne depot then sent to my address in SA but nothing coming.
My daughter bought it in Nov2018, now It is closed to the end January 2019, I have not got the return unit yet???, probably it would disappear forever.
If you ask for my experience with Dyson service I would rate -10 if such score exists as clumsy supports and service. After all, after getting paid, Dyson managed to make my unit disappears off the earth. Well done Dyson you are a true magician.

Date PurchasedNov 2018
Hi Ken, Thank you for taking the time to review your experience with Dyson. We are very sorry to hear about this and are keen to follow this up for you. Could you please send through an email with your contact details to auaskdyson@dyson.com and one of our experts will be in touch as soon as possible. Best wishes, SamuelThank you for your reply I have sent an email to auaskdyson@dyson.com and supplied all the necessary details. Reply mail stated a replacement Pure Hot + Cool Link has been ordered for my corrected South Australia address which is currently being dispatched and I will be emailed a tracking number for the delivery of the machine shortly. Until I got the unit up and running I am not sure what would happen! I am still waiting for a tracking number.Finally, the exchange unit arrived on 30th January 2019, everything seems to work. Dyson reissues a new warranty for the exchange unit with the new serial number and a new day of purchase. Thank you.

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Brought a V7 animal and although it was hard to push on carpet it was functional, until today when I tried the same model in a shop. How do I get this issue resolved?
1 answer
Hi Steve, Thank you for your query. I am sorry to hear you are having trouble pushing your Dyson V7. So we can best assist, we would kindly ask you to email auaskdyson@dyson.com with the above query and your details. Our Dyson Experts will be in touch shortly and happy to help. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting. Best wishes, Shan

Qi have a Dyson cinetic big ball vacuum. I am greatly disappointed in the machine. It is so flimsy, especially the mechanism to empty the barrel. Now it would seem that the mechanised head has stopped rotating. We have checked it and found no reason for this. There are NO blockages. I purchased this machine, because my old Dyson was constantly needing new filters, despite rinsing them (in the end) after every use. We thought we would upgrade????? Mistake! Have emailed them, with no reply. Tried the phone, but the waits are ridiculous. How do I resolve an issue with them? The cost for,us of this machine IS a kings ransom. We simply cannot afford to ditch it (though would like to).
1 answer
Hi Chris, Thank you for your question. We are sorry to hear that you are experiencing an issue with the Turbine head for your machine. We would first recommend to run through the checks outlined on https://www.dyson.com.au/support/cy23_new/dyson-cinetic-big-ball-animal/my-machine-is-not-working/floor-tool-is-not-working-correctly/turbine-head-not-working/strong-check-the-turbine-head. Should the issue persist we would recommend to try contacting our helpline again on 1800 239 766. As Monday was a public holiday we were closed meaning when we re-opened yesterday the wait time was a lot higher than normal as we were also handling the previous days queries. If you call now there is no wait time. Alternatively, please feel free to email auaskdyson@dyson.com and you will receive a same day response if the email is sent within our business hours. Best wishes, Samuel Facebook.com/Dyson

I have a Dyson hand held vacuum, when I try to charge it the red light stays on and it’s not charging/doesn’t work. I was wandering what the life of the batteries are and could it need replacing?
1 answer
Hi Jacqueline, Thank you for your query. I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with your Dyson machine. A red light on a DC58, DC59 or V6/V7/V8 machine does indicate a fault within the machine, however I am confident we will be able to help. So we can best assist, we would kindly ask you to email auaskdyson@dyson.com and our Dyson Experts will be happy to help. In terms of a expected life of the battery, while we do engineer our batteries to the same high standard of our machine, like all batteries, they do have a limited lifespan and will need to be replaced. This being said, replacement can easily be done at home with no need to send the machine away for service. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting. Best wishes, Shan

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