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Earth Choice Multi Purpose

Earth Choice Multi Purpose

4.1 from 22 reviews

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Good product little pricy

Smells great and not very strong, does the job, easy to use and it’s palm oil free plus natural product
Been happy with results - it does not clean thought stains. Price is little expensive

Purchased in January 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $3.50.


Never again will I buy this crap. It made no impact on any cleaning area except it left a horrible residue that was extremely hard to get off. It smelt very unnatural too which took me by surprise. Will not be buying again.

Best for removing grease or any dirt anywhere

I actually love the smell - like apples. Not as rotting apples as one reviewer said. They may have had a bad batch, but I guess smell is objective. No one in my house dislikes the smell.

I use it to clean the ceramic stove top after every use. Sometimes you can't see the small spots of grease til the stove is on again and they get baked on.

It is at least one environmentally safe product that actually works better than some chemical laden ones.

I have been using it for a long time and won't switch to anything else.

Works but smells like rotting fruit

Had this for few weeks works to remove grease etc, but never again it’s like opening the compost or scraps bin, it smells like rotting apples. Everyone in the household agrees.

Best of the multi use sprays.

After using many different multi purpose sprays I found this one to be the best. Not too strong, doesn't leave streaks, & actually does what it is meant to do. Knowing that it is Earth friendlier than other products is a win win.

The perfect family friendly cleaner

This cleaner is very good it is Plant based, No Ammonia or Chlorine, 100 Recycled PET Bottle and it is Australia made and owned. In addition it is Grey Water safe vegan friendly and contains no palm oil. The product has a mild but pleasant smell and easily wipes away dust and marks on surfaces. Oh and as a bonus the price is great too. In a sea of foreign products please support this local aussie company and help keep jobs in Australia.

Love it!!

This product has a lovely smell and does everything it's supposed to. I love that it's cruelty free and biodegradable. I've been using it for years and will never change.

Good Product, However Slighty Dangerous

The product was fine until my skin was caught on it between my thumb and index finger. Still use the product however I placed masking tape around the neck of the bottle to solve the problem.

Excellent product.

We had previously had superb results at a more than competitive price with Earth Choice products we decided to try Earth Choice Multi Purpose cleaner. Again, delighted with the result, environmentally friendly, and usually way cheaper than the 'big name' brands. Earth Choice gets our vote for laundry, kitchen, household cleaning, and personal care products. Seldom buy any other brand these days.

Natural cleaner

Been using this since my switch to enviro cleaners. Good for easy cleaning tasks but tougher stains need abit of elbow grease. Smells so much nicer than the chemical brands and the smell doesn't even linger which is good. I use it for removing dust, cleaning kitchen tops and any general cleaning. One of the cheaper supermarket eco cleaners which saves money.
cheap, nice smell, enviro friendly, good for general use, avalaible in supermarkets
not for tough stains

Why did I bother!

Due to extreme sensitivities and asthma, I normally use natural products etc, and have bought Earth Choice for laundry powders and toilet cleaner thought I'd give this a go. It froths up when applied rather than a minute lot of bubbles. It doesn't really get heavier marks off unless you let it sit, and even then you need a few sprays. Only really good for lighter stuff, like benchtops or fronts of fridges. The trigger handle top constantly spins around making my arthritic fingers work harder and causes pain. The scent is barely there, which I liked. It did not trigger my asthma or give me a sneezing attack. However, I bought this in a rush and forgot my glasses and trusted the title of it and lo and behold! PALM OIL!!!! Unbelievable! No no no! I won't be buying it again.
Low scent. Cheaper than others.
Palm oil ingredient. Takes alot to do the heavier jobs which wastes money! Handle keeps spinning around making hard to use.

Palm oil

I just found out this product contains palm oil so won't be buying it anymore.I just can't believe that a company who boast of being earth friendly and sustainalbe would use this oil after the destruction it causes. Just when you think you've found a product thats not tainted with cruelty, pollution and toxins - bam! Read the label! How disappointing.
I thought it was earth friendly as the company boasts.
Palm oil? Really?!

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We banned all palm oil which had been grown in Borneo or Indonesia some time ago due to the significant environmental issues in these areas. We have now managed to secure a sole supply of palm oil from a well-established (30 plus years old) plantation in peninsular Malaysia where no orang-utans live (or ever have). The plantation owner is a founding member of the RSPO who voluntarily submitted themselves for auditing, achieving accreditation in 2008. Natures Organics proudly sponsor The Orangutan Project, an Australian based organisation which is involved in the protection and rehabilitation of many threatened species in the jungles of Borneo and Sumatra. We currently fund a four man protection team which patrol one of their animal sanctuaries preventing illegal logging and poaching. We support the lobby for all palm oil to be labelled in Australia as it will encourage research for alternatives and push for complete sustainability

only multi purpose cleaner in the house

This cleaner works every where kitchen, bathroom ,toilet .Just the other day my worst nightmare my 14 month little son knocked it off the table and drank some. full of panic strait to the doctors we went.Because this product does not have any harmfull chemicals my son was fine any other he would now be having surgery for the rest of his life. so if you have kids protect your loved ones and buy this.
no chemicals

Really is multipurpose

The one I bought had a fully recyclable spray trigger. No metal springs in it!

It was quite cheap at my local IGA. I have tried it on a very dirty bath tub. I left the spray on for about 15 minutes, and the grime was ok to wipe off. I've tried it every where in the kitchen and it works great. It even has a lovely scent.
Cheap, vegan, cruelty free, Aussie made and owned, effective
A bit too bubbly


I love this product!!! It works well and is priced really well.....I hate the smell of other brands of spray and wipe but this stuff is great!
This product smells great and works too


It is cheap, earth friendly and very powerful. If you have a stubborn stain, just leave it on there a little longer, but not too long...it is powerful enough to take the colour out of a laminate benchtop (but I did spray it and forgot about it and left it there for several hours!) Excellent product.
Inexpensive, enviro friendly, very powerful product.

Smells fabulous. Cleans well

This is my favourite spray cleaner. Bonus is its nice for the environment. I've not really been a big user of spray multi purpose stuff. But a few years ago I went to a friend's house and she was using it. I instantly got a smell that was just so fresh. Not the usual nasty chemical smell. That was it. Been hooked on this product for years. Some stores don't supply it, I refuse to buy any other product. I do think there are stronger cleaners but the odour they produce is rank. This one is light, fresh, cleans and just makes my kitchen have that freshness. Sometimes I just wipe the benches and don't use it. Then I think to myself, got to get the spray out to freshen up the clean kitchen. I've never been big on sprays so I still forget to use it. But its the smell I love.
some stores dont stock it. smells great, cleans well.
Not as strong on extra greasy stuff, rather that than a chemical odour.


This product is so cheap and works just as well as any other product I have tried. It is also environmentally friendly which is a bonus!! The fragance is not overpowering, leaving a pleasant "clean" smell behind.
Cheap, easily available and works well.
None that I can think of.

Cheap product

I use this product for almost everything. From the bathroom sink, bath & benchtops. It has a pleasant smell and not too over powering. It's really cheap (can get for under $3.00 a bottle) and the bottle does last a long time. Earth choice is meant to be good for the environment. Whether they are or not I'm not entirely sure. What I am sure about is that this is a budget friendly product that does the job. It's just as good if not better as the more expensive brands! This is literally a multi purpose cleaner. So many uses for it!
Cheap, worked
Sceptical about 'Green' claims

Earth Friendly Earth Choice Is Simply Great!

I was getting sick of those cleaning products that I used to buy. Aside from strong smell, they failed my expectations. I first bought Earth Choice Multi Purpose because I wanted a nice smelling product which at the same time works effectively. I am satisfied with this product. I don't even have to use room freshener because it makes the whole room/ house smelling great and clean!
Effective product, smells really nice, easily available

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Questions & Answers

can gold and silver crockery be washed in the dish washer with this product?
1 answer
It is not really for washing dishes. It is a multi-purpose cleaner for surfaces.

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