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Zero customer service

I recently purchased a motor vehicle from this dealer and the customer service was absolutely zero. The car was handed to me covered in dust both inside and outside I had to stop at service station to purchase wipes to dust it off inside. The self diagnostic displayed error from low pressure to issues with active radar. The battery in the key was also flat, despite being told the car had undergone 150 point check/test. When I pointed these issues no one really seemed to care. It might have been a second hand car, but I still spent $40K so customer service would have expected. I should not have to purchase a car and drive it somewhere else at my cost to get it cleaned.

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Absolutely Amazing, friendly & helpful staff

Found a car on the internet we were looking for at Easyauto123 Hendra. Upon arrival greeted and shown to the car by Elena, left alone to look over the car ,(no pushy sales pitch). Happy with price & condition came back next day with my wife to trade in our car and hopefully test drive and purchase a new one, Then we were introduced to Em & that was the most welcoming and promising experience ever. Em made it all happen with ease & no stress,( Huge thank you Em your a real asset to easyauto123) Then the hand over with Kalee was faultless. We are extremely happy with our new car. Once again to all the staff at Hendra THANK YOU GUYS !!!
Highly recommend Hendra

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Rude, unprofessional salesman at reception

Called at Seven Hills Easyauto123 to see a car I saw online. As car had lots of paint chips and scratches I asked if prices were negotiable.
Salesman abruptly says 'No, our prices are the lowest'.
If I am spending $20K I expect car with no paint damage.
Salesman bluntly says 'it is a 3yo car - what do you expect!'
I advised him there was no need to be rude as after all he was supposed to be a salesman - a very frustrated one no doubt!

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Lost Sale

I contacted easyauto123 After finding our specified car online.
I found;:
- the initial contact to be brief but helpful
- on inspection my wife liked the car and we test drove.
- as we left we were told that a lady (who I watched talking with the idle salesman as if she were a wife or girlfriend) wanted to test drive after us and wanted to pay a deposit so we couldn't buy the car from underneath her.
- I found the sales person could not answer any of my questions - logbook, servicing, cars origin, price??,
- some of the electronic features 1st isn't work. I found out later the car came from north qld after the floods
- she got the sales manager who became agitated when discussing above issues as well as warranty.
- could not get a straight answer on what warranty was included and what was to be paid for
- the issue of warranty was the managers sales point but he could not give a straight answer
- we were offered coffee inside provided we bought the car. We didn't get coffee as the machine was crowded by salesmen
- whilst myself and my wife discussed the car (we were actually about to buy) a group of salespersons were standing around in a big circle laughing and generally being off outing while we made our decision
- my wife and I ended up leaving and buying privately
Future suggestions
* know your product
* don't lie about having someone else buying (the car in question was still available 6 weeks later)
* if you don't know about the car find someone who does
* don't get aggressive with customers.
* having idle salesmen is not a great look and in this case intimidating
I will never recommend easyauto123 after this
BTW I bought the identical car; Mercedes Gla elsewhere that afternoon

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Absolutely abhorrent! EA123 CannigVale-They lie and cover-up their filthy lies. Joe the manager, should not have that title.
I have NEVER experienced such a group of pathtic, cowardly, immature men/boys, in my life.
Plenty of car yards out there, do not buy from there's guys.

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In follow up. I was asked to change my review, if they gave me two free services. However i would not trust these people as far as i could throw them. And no, the review will stand.. as future buyers need to be aware. I will not take them up on the free services as i can not trust they will do the right thing. I have emailed them asking for the 100 point check and a report of the work they did on my car (as per condition of sale) i have received neither, actually i haven't even recieved a response. They then email me asking for another form to sign. This is a form that should have been signed at the onset, as not one, but two people went through the paper work and confirmed that ALL paper work was completed. Would you trust a place that "Bribe" you to change your review?? Shop carefully.

Cant folow through!

They offer $45 for a good review after servicing, who would be honest after that!
Thats what they said if you sevice with them! What does that say! Canning vale WA!

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Avoid like the plague

No loyalty, honesty or customer care at all. Will say anything to get you to hand over the money then zero customer service once they have made a sale. Brooklyn is a very “cliquey” store. Salesmen were more like immature boys with large egos. Had salesmen making rude remarks about other customers right in front of us, numerous times! Horrible experience. Doesn’t matter how many good reviews there are, listen to the bad ones!

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Hi Donald, This is disappointing to hear - this is not what we are about. I understand your reluctance to deal with us further, is there any chance you could send us an email feedback@easyauto123.com.au? As we would like to get some more information on this situation? Thank you

Seven Hills Franchise - a very happy customer

I had a "wish list" of the car I would like and a helpful neighbour took me to Easy Auto123 at Seven Hills ... and there it was! 2016 blue Corolla Hatchback SX. It was in immaculate condition ... not a scratch, and very low mileage.
I was on a limited budget and was given a VERY good trade in for my 2001 Corolla so that I could afford my "perfect" car. The people at Seven Hills could not have been more friendly and helpful, particularly as it was New Year's Eve.

The mechanic I have used for at least two decades serviced it for me recently and declared it to be "perfect". I took it for a 1500km road trip over the Easter break and it didn't miss a beat. I could not be more happy with the car and the several "extra miles" that the people at Seven Hills went for me.

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Great service

Tenisha was the best car sales person that we have ever dealt with, not pushy or rushed, it was a nice change.
Quintin and Tenisha assisted in our decision. Thanks guys

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Love the car and the people

Love my new car and couldn't be happier. The Brooklyn dealership was amazing, very welcoming and know there products well. Shout out to Sonny, mate without your service and helpfulness I wouldn't be this happy. Thank you easyauto123 (Brooklyn).

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Awesome experience

I collected my car last Friday April 5 th from Brooklyn and Jai was very helpful and well organised and had all the paperwork done and the car was immaculate . Everything was done on time and the premises are amazing . Fast turn around time. Jai takes pride in his work and his enthusiasm shows. Annette

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Sold car go Easyauto123 Joondalup

Sold my car to Easyauto123 Joondalup. Great process, especially the salesperson Roy. He was courteous and knowledgeable about the trade. We pushed him a bit and got a better price for the car. Took the car in the morning and the payment was in our bank by the evening. I would definitely use Easyauto123 Joondalup again.

Awesome Customer Service

I didn't end up buying a car from here because of financing issues on my part. Phil a salesman at the Brisbane location is a scholar and a gentleman. If your headed there to look at a car ask for Phil. He'll do you right.

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Excellent service

Just bought a VE SV6 ute from 123 easyauto hendra, excellent car excellent service and great professionalism definitely recommend these guys couldnt be more happy with my purchase thanks guys!

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What a waste of time!

Looking for my son's first car I phoned easyauto123 Brooklyn VIC to see if a car we were interested in was still available. The receptionist was not very friendly and stated we needed to make an appointment so salesperson and car available for us to inspect. We made appointment for the next day, we had to drive from country Victoria. On arrival the salesman we were supposed to see was not available (but another salesman volunteered to show us the car) which was then found to have a flat battery and no registration so we could not take the car for a test drive. Salesman tried to be helpful and did jump start the car so we could hear the engine and work the electricals of car, but how can you consider buying a car when you can't drive it to check for any issues. As we had driven over 2hrs I was not impressed as I had wasted my time totally, you would think if you had an appointment the salesperson would be ready to see you and that the car would be in a driveable condition.

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Lovely salesman - But with the motor industry there is always something you wish you had understood before the sale.

I recently helped my son buy a car, the salesman couldn't contain himself with the news that we need not worry as they conduct a 100 point check on the vehicle. Its been a while since I bought a second hand car so I made a huge mistake, assuming that this meant that they actually serviced and repaired the vehicle as a part of this 100 point check. Only to find out this was not actually the case, they only CHECK.
Not understanding this nuance we went ahead and signed the papers, leaving my son having to cover the repairs. So my advice to any buyers out there, is to ask for a copy of the 100 point check get them to agree to repairs on the list. If you are paying RAC to check the car, make sure you get the dealer to write in the contract that they will make the repairs to the vehicle if the RAC finds anything or agree to let you out of the contract. Please note, the dealer has not done anything wrong, this was my own stupidity, hopefully others can learn from this.

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Sold my car to Easy Autos Joondalup

I was thinking about selling my 2013 Honda CRV and I saw the sign outside on the verge offering to buy my car. I called in being some what apprehensive but I met a very helpfull buying person called Roy. He was extremely helpfull and courtious and he checked my car, took it for a drive and he offerd me a very competitive price up front. I asked if he could stretch another $200.00 which he agreed to. I sold my car on the spot and when Roy was driving me home I mentioned that I had filled my car up with fuel that same morning and to my surprise Roy offered to compensate me for the fuel as well. If anyone else is thing of selling their vehicle ( assuming it is in good condition,) then I can only suggest you call and speak with Roy at Easy Autos Joondalup. Roy is a real gentleman and made me feel very welcome and comfortable during the time I was there. Excellent service and genuine honesty at all times. Thanks heaps Roy for all your help.

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Hi John! This is awesome to hear!! Thanks for the awesome review, and we're certainly passing on your comments to Roy. Cheers, The team easyauto123Great to hear.

They hide behind ridiculous clauses

We bought a small 4x4 from the Joondalup warehouse, test drive went fine we were directed around 50-70km/hr roads. We live over 2 hours away and on the drive home it drove like a real bucket, barely making it to highway speeds with rattles and clunks. Requested to return the car with the “48 hour money back guarantee” but were denied due to the clause of no refund if the car has travelled over 100km, which is absolutely ridiculous. We will never purchase through this company again and will advise all our colleagues and friends to steer very clear.

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Hi Brad, Thank you for taking the time to leave this review. We value our customer’s opinions, and would like to thank you for bringing this experience to our attention. We pride ourselves in maintaining the highest quality standards for our customers. We have launched an investigation into the matter.

Raving over our Rav!

We found the staff at Easyauto123 Brooklyn, Victoria very easy to communicate with. In person, on line, and on the telephone. After we had made our selection and agreed to return to collect the car they actually collected us from the local railway station. Mandy, Joel, Christopher and Andy were very helpful and always friendly and polite. James was not involved with our particular purchase, however, he was also part of a great professional but friendly team.Nothing was too much trouble. Thanks guys.

Great Cars and very helpful staff

Staff were all very helpful and went out of their way- picked up from Railway stn at Seven Hills then a cold bottle of water for the hot day. Asked if there was anything I wanted to be done to my Hilux prior to pick up and the small chip in window was sealed plus a few other things as well as a full tank of petrol. A very easy and honest way to purchase a late model used car.

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What are ex gov charges ? Rego tranfer duty ???? are the Melb vehicles registered, if not how will I get it registered, or drive it home (SW Victoria)
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I am dealing with seven hill at the moment.. the communications are horrendous next to none.my brother is a car dealer in qld and cant believe the lack of communication and how long it has taken for them to get finance through. He has told me it shouldnt take more than 4 days its been 8 days and counting what is going on?
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go elsewhere as i did they stuffed me around for a month went elsewhere and got an answer within 1day

Why is it that commercial vehicles do not come with any warranty?
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