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Rocket Espresso Giotto

Rocket Espresso Giotto

Evolzione R, PID V3, Premium Plus and Premium Plus V2
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Greatest coffee ever

I love using my coffee machine, the coffee is always smooth, I use my machine everyday sometimes it's on all day it hasn't let me down yet, the pressure is awesome the milk always turns out how I like it, the crema is awesome, it looks amazing in my kitchen the hot water feature is great too, highly recommend it

Date PurchasedApr 2011


I was just thinking how much I love this machine. It still looks great and as new as it did 4 years ago. It's an investment piece, but it is repairable, which is why I bought it. I was sick of spending $$$ on something that ends up as landfill. This machine could be left to someone in your Will and still be worth something! I like the process of making my coffee and having total control. It is not an automated one button job, you have to practise, but I enjoy that process. Team it with a great grinder and you're set to go!

Date PurchasedApr 2013

Relentless quality

I have had this machine for about 12 years and apart from a new computer board for $600 and odds and sods it has delivered peerless service. Occasionally I can still make a 10/10 coffee with it ( so friends say). It brews a consistent drop and you can soon find your favourite bean because the brews are so consistent and you can compare flavours. Considering I use it everyday for a minimum 5 cups up to 20 cups it has been extremely robust. Very easy to clean although you have to keep your eye on the in-built water tank ....you can empty it without seeing. The main thing in making a good coffee with it is to get the bean fineness and tamping down pressure. Practice makes perfect.

Date PurchasedJan 2004

Italian commercial build

This machine is spectacular in all regards. The build quality is just amazing and it looks brilliant on the counter top. It produces consistent coffee shots each time and the ability to steam milk in parallel makes for entertaining guests easy. Only change I did was the steam tip to a single hole tip to allow for easier milk texturing.

Date PurchasedJan 2015


An excellent machine. Using fivesenses.com.au blends with Rancilio Rocky grinder. Backflush every week. Descale every six months. Make five or six shots every day. This machine can't produce shots as good as the big boys at Auction Rooms, Market Lane, Proud Mary, or St Ali. But with diligence, it's as good as you'll get at home for the considerable investment. Very happy with purchase from talkcoffee.com.au in Northcote.

Date PurchasedJul 2014


We have this and it's amazing! Can't live without it. I highly recommend it to coffee enthusiasts. It's easy to clean, easy to use and the instruction manual actually makes sense. I thought it was going to be hard to use and learn except this machine is good for dumbos like me

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Simply fantastic. I can't live without this machine.

We have had a Rocket Giotto for over 5 years now. I have it paired with a Mazzer Mini Electronic grinder. It tells me the machine has had over 6000 coffees through it. I have only done occasional de-scale, and nothing more, and have not had a single issue. There are few appliances where I can say the same thing (probably jinxed myself just now). I run a naked group handle which gives great feedback on coffee grind packing and tamping. The quality of coffee (crema, pour, milk froth) that can be produced from this machine easily rivals or beats most coffee shops.

While the couple of thousand price tag might scare off some buyers, when you factor in the average life expectancy of the cheap machines, and the comparative quality, the Rocket would be cheap at twice the price.

At work we run a number of the large Jura auto machines worth 4k +. They constantly break and need servicing (and by that I mean every few months), and make a crap coffee by comparison.

Date PurchasedSep 2011

Searching for the perfect coffee machine??? Rocket - no substitute

If you are reading this then, like me, you're in the shop for a Coffee machine that makes great coffee, simple to use and is a piece of artwork to look at. My setup: Rocket Giotto Rotary Pump with a Quamar M80E grinder. I reccommend you purchase a decent burr grinder but if after buying this beauty you are strapped for cash. Look at Sunbeams burr grinder which i owned for over 3 years for around $200.
This unit was all set up, adjusted prior to picking up and plugged in right out of the box. PLEASE can i say, ensure this unit is switched on for a minimum 20mins prior to use to extract the best from your bean. So get up, switch it on and go have a shower. I owned a Gaggia Classic for 12years before this (see my other reviews) and moving to a rotary pump you really notice the quiteness straight away. There are plenty of youTube clips on getting the correct grind/flow so i wont go into that. All i can say is adjusting the grind based on time is the best method and use the ring on the inside of the Rocket's grind basket after tampered is a good guide. Getting this correct and watching this machine deliver gorgeous crema oozing into a cup is the beauty of owning a manually operated machine.
If you've not made coffee this way, have someone get you a Barista voucher for a 1 day course. Well worth it. Tank size is great and once a week it generally gets filled and thats 2cups use per day min. (yes, it can be plumbed but i haven't ). My biggest concern before buying this machine, was, can it deliver plenty of steam. It was a real chore when having dinner parties, the Gaggia just took too long to heat up milk for 2. This unit will do so almost while a 2 group handle basket gets delivered. Plenty of steam and is adjustable also. It's fully adjustable on almost everything, but really, just keep an eye on the gauges for pressure while it's operating.
I've read a couple of reviews regarding the SS mesh over the tray and being warped. It may appear like that, mine was but while installed, just press gentley with your thumbs both sides so the screen sits 1-2mm lower in the middle. This creates the run-off in the middle of the tray. It is not a defect. I use a cleaner (Caffeotto 500g ~$20) and blind filter once every two weeks and use the brush to clean the seal daily before use. The cleaner will last you for some time. I purchased the SS Cup Rail which completes its appearance but the plastic rail isnt too bad. This unit looks stunning on the bench top and is a talking point. A little expensive, but well worth it. You wont regret it.

Fantastic machine

We have had this machine for a couple of years now and it is still going great. Have had it serviced twice now. I have to remember to use the special cleaning powder more regularly; apparently it affects the taste if it's not cleaned regularly but I hadn't really noticed.

Great investment in coffee making

This is a seriously good coffee machine. Great training from Renzo at di Bartoli enabled me to make superb coffee consistently with only a few days practice. The machine is beautifully manufactured, easy to use and with stunning good looks. None of the Department Store machines come near this quality. It's a joy to use everyday. The only problem is that most of the time you are disappointed with coffee away from home!

Rocket giotto. Belissimo

It might sound soft but this machine brings joy to my mornings, and has done so for 12 mths. After nothing but grief from a breville machine (x5 under warranty) I made the plunge. Teamed with a mazzer I can make coffee better than I can buy anywhere in my regional city. Chris, from talk coffee the retailer, spent 2 hrs with me and was superb.

Beautifully engineered

We have had an ECM Giotto for around ten years. It's a beautiful piece of engineering and makes excellent coffee. In ten years, we have spent around $200 in servicing to replace various seals. Prior to this, we bought a coffee machine every other year (Gaggia, Krups etc). My advice is don't waste your money on a cheaper machine. Bite the bulltet and spend a couple of thousand. You'll be drinking better coffee for years and your kids will inherit it in your will!

Don't believe the guy who gives this one star either. More or less all owners give this machine five stars. We love them for a reason...

Pretty solid gear

I have had my Giotto for 12 years. With the E61 commercial quality group head and large thermal mass it easily handles dispensing coffee and foaming milk at the same time. Excellent crema. It's only design fault is that the control circuit board is not well enough insulated from the heating system leading to it failing over time. You can greatly prolong its life (and save energy) by putting a timer switch on the machine so it is only on for the few hours a day that you really need it. Remember it is also inconvenient to get repaired because it weighs 25+kg!!


I have had my Rocket Giotto Premium Plus since 2009. Whilst it was quite costly for an appliance it is a centrepiece in the kitchen and well worth the money. It is solid, well built and most importantly pulls a great shot of coffee. All electric espresso machines are complex and components will fail in time, after 4 years of hard use my machine had an issue this week. The Australian distributor of these machines, ECA, gave me fantastic service over the phone and my issue was sorted quickly. Thumbs up. Parts are readily available and I have no doubt this machine will last many, many years if treated well. It's not a throwaway plastic fantastic Breville/Sunbeam etc.
Once you've outgrown Nespresso (and sick of paying 10+ times the market price of coffee) and want the ultimate shot of coffee look no further.

*** UPDATE NOV 2017***
Still using the machine every day. Machine running perfectly.
Beautiful machine, fantastic coffee, exceptional backup from Australian distributor.
Nothing wrong. It's a lot of money but after years worth of service I have no regrets with purchase. A quality grinder is also a pre-requisite for this level of machine.

Date PurchasedJan 2009

An Investment in Quality

Purchased our Giotto in 2001, use it 3 times a day, occasionally more every day. Run cleaner through and flush the boiler weekly, put a new shower head and seal annually. Had a technician look at it twice in 12 years, the second time only a few weeks ago. Both times to have the group head pressure relief valves replaced about $150 including parts. Most of that the service call cost, which I would rather pay and have the Giotto fixed at home rather than loose it for a few days in a repair shop.

Makes beautiful coffee whether it's a single cup or double cup. We like our coffee strong and have a double shot/single cup filter and a quad shot/twin cup filter, both creme with a rich colour.

The Giotto takes a little practice, but that's mostly finding the right coffee, the right grind and a firm pack of coffee in the filter. The reward is years of great coffee at home, the only problem is you won't enjoy those you buy in cafes as much. The Giotto was expensive at $1800 back in 2001, not sure how much they are now, should be less given the Aussie dollar. When you take of the cover its all stainless steel, brass and copper. All the parts are still available and easy to get.
Initial cost

Well, the comment above is rubbish. Giottos have a control box issue and will blow at some stage, usually after a couple of years. These boxes are not cheap, but when we replace them, we reconfigure the wiring so as to make it last longer. The other problem they have is the cost of the replacement group head valves. There are 3 valves and if you have hard water, these need to be serviced regularly and cost nearly $100 and that doesn't include the labour cost. Call out fees very from $50 to $80 and then you have the labour cost. Labour can take up to 1.5 hrs for a complete service depending on the way you want your group head serviced. Replacing the valves is rather quick. but if you just get the rubber valve washers replaced, then this what takes the time. New complete valves out weighs replacement of the washers. The other thing mentioned in the comment is boiler cleaner used,. This is not recommended to use in boiler heat exchange machines as it is near impossible to flush out all the cleaner from the boiler. As you flush the machine, the more water is pumped in and only dilutes the cleaner. So you could be poisoning yourself. Must be flush by a qualified technician. In all I would recommend buying a different machine. The boilers are small in Giotto and the chassis rusts away in a short amount of time. The panels are not Stainless steel as they state and Id recommend buying a machine that has a group head solenoid, rather then the group head valves. My rating would be 1 starWhat machine would you recommend?

An investment in your lifestyle - There is no comparison

I first found the ECM Giotto at a coffee fair 6 years before I finally bought it. I didn't buy it then because I thought it was too expensive, but now that I have it I realise I wasted 6 years of my life on mediocre coffee. Once you have this machine you will wonder how you ever survived without it. It produces first class coffee consistently.

The machine allows you to adjust the extraction pressure and is a pleasure to use. The cleaning is easy and takes only a minute each day. When you get one of these you realise you will never go back to anything else.


The Rolls Royce of coffee machines

The Rocket (nee ECM) Giotto is one of the best made machines I have ever owned. It is most a machine than an appliance, as I can see it easily lasting 15 or 20 years. It is stable, easy to use (for a semi-automatic machine) and forgiving of technique. If you are willing to invest some time learning how to make good, repeatable coffee shots, it will reward you many times over.
Reliable, stable, beautiful

I wake up to it everyday

I had a Rancilio Silva for 7 years and upgraded to the Giotto Rocket. What a beaut machine. The Dealer in Melbourne I bought it off had bench tested and calibrated the unit before delivery.
This HX model is classy, precise, and makes a top coffee. You MUST buy a good quality grinder and you will be looking at no less than $450 minimum, but this will be an investment, as is your machine.
Good luck.
Precise, classy, pleasure to use
Water collection tray could have been a little deeper, but you can plumb it if you so wish


We've had quite a number of coffee machines, most of which have been fairly unremarkable. This one stands out as the best by far.

This machine is built to last, without the short-lived electronic controls found on many modern machines. The design has been carefully thought out for ease of use. Some of the smaller details are particularly good; the high clearance beneath the group holder allows cups to be placed directly underneath, giving a better crema than when a jug is used.

It can be left turned on for long periods of time, whereas most domestic machines can only be run for short periods at a time without suffering damage.

Do not let the price put you off; consider the number of cups of coffee your household drinks a day and how much they cost to buy. When comparing it to cheaper machines, remember that this will outlast them, require fewer expensive repairs and can make more cups in a day without suffering damage.
Extremely reliable.
Produces excellent quality coffee.
No problems so far.


I've had one in my 3/4 person office for about nine months now. Did the sums the other day and worked out it's paid for itself in savings on café bought coffee already.
Everyone loves it and we've all become competent baristas.
I would strongly recommend this to any business considering one of the bigger 'superauto' machines: it does take some training and practice to use, but the quality of the coffee is much better than any superauto. It's solid and reliable. And everyone takes pride in developing their coffee making skill and pleasure in using such a fabulous piece of equipment. It's never faltered and I expect, with reasonable maintenance, never will.
Quality of the coffee is limited only by the skill of the user (not that it's hard to use!). It's so nice to use that everyone loves developing that skill. Looks fabulous.
None really.

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Questions & Answers

I want to buy a rocket coffee machine for home. Any recommendations? Im not worried about price just want good coffee
3 answers
If you are after a manual coffee machine and not an fully automated one then the rocket is the way to gohttps://www.talkcoffee.com.au/ Check out this website....lots of good info hereHard to go past the Rocket. Very sturdy construction and very good result with coffee extraction.

Is there anywhere in or near Canberra you can have the Rocket machines serviced?
3 answers
I am sorry I have no ideA. But given its full of commercial parts I think if you went to your fav cafe and found out who their servicer was they might might do itI agree. Ask a Cafe owner for their cafetech. It maybe cheaper if you take the machine to them. I put mine in a plastic crate so that it is easier to handle and contain any spills.Hi Kate - If you haven't found a Rocket service company in Canberra in the last year - call coffeemachineindustries.com.au - they've worked on my Rocket Giotto Plus v3 w PID. They come to Canberra from Sydney to work on the machines at Milk Crate, and the guy is happy to work on consumer machines.

How does one make a strong 6 oz cup of coffee with this machine?
2 answers
You can get a range of different baskets sizes for the E 61 group head so you can regulate the strength of the coffee you make. If you like it strong you can certainly start with a double shot and go up from there.Thanks for the info!


Giotto Evolzione RGiotto PID V3Giotto Premium PlusGiotto Premium Plus V2
Price (RRP) $2999$2999$2999$2999
Input Power1200w1200w1200w1200w
Water Tank Capacity2.5L2.5L2.5L2.5L
Release dateAug 2008
Replaced byRocket Espresso Giotto Premium Plus V2Rocket Espresso Giotto PID V3

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