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The Little Guy Home Barista Kit

The Little Guy Home Barista Kit

4.6 from 144 reviews

Great coffee machine can't live without it

This is a great coffee machine that works and works well. You do need a little practice and follow the instructions to get the best results. After sales service is exceptional and very quick.

Purchased in July 2018 at Little Guy website for $700.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Milk Frothing
Product is used: Daily

The best coffee I’ve ever had plus reliable plus enjoying the process

The best coffee I’ve ever had plus reliable plus I enjoy the process of making the coffee. Great job on the milk. Looks classy in the kitchen. I definitely recommend getting the induction cooktop as this is the key to reliability of reproducing great coffee. I was resigned to spending an awful lot more to get that perfect cup of coffee to start the day. Enjoy, I am.

March 14th 2019 Update: Internet shopping but with personal touch

Still the best coffee I’ve had. I had a small problem with the induction cooktop, couldn’t believe how quickly ‘the little guy’ sorted this keeping my coffee flowing. I thought internet shopping was impersonal, I couldn’t be more wrong in this case, emails responded quickly and thence problem sorted. Still the best coffee I’ve had. Reliable set and forget. Many thanks, ‘the little guy’ I need that first coffee to get the day started right.

Purchased in January 2019 for $700.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Milk Frothing
Product is used: Daily

Like No Other Coffee Maker You'll Find!

Bought it online from the awesome crew at The Bircher Bar and haven't ever regretted it for a second. It's a staple on my kitchen counter and makes the best home espresso I've ever had - time and time again. I've paired it with the Little Guy Induction Plate and Little Guy Tamper too - can't recommend more!

Date PurchasedFeb 2019

Excellent machine, excellent customer service

We have had our little guy since my 32nd birthday (5 years now), it has unfailingly made the best coffee and has been a pleasure to use (there is a learning curve, but online tutorials will have you making perfect coffee in no time).
My review was actually prompted by the customer service, having lost the boiler lid I called to see about a replacement... this was arranged and sent within 24 hrs!

Can’t say enough good things about the product or the customer service. Do yourself a favour, buy it!

Date PurchasedSep 2013

Live off the the grid and this guy produces 2 every day for the last seven years

Its an absolute gem at pouring shots, so far over 5000. Good espresso maker to have as I live off the grid. Plus it comes camping with me.
I have a porlex hand grinder and Covea gas burner which you can regulate the heat realy well.
Have used it every day for the last seven years, this espresso machine would suit those who are pernikity about there coffee.

Date PurchasedMay 2011

Excellent coffee

Ive given this 4 stars instead of five for one reason, that is that youshould really purchase the invertion cooking hob that is made especially for this, as initially using this on my gas stove, i became distracted and burnt out my little guy on not one but two seperate occaisions.
This can be fixed, but it is costly and it has to be sent away.
Now that I have the invertion cooking top it is perfect. Makes wonderful coffee. I am spoilt now as when I go to purchase a coffee from a cafe it is sometimes nt as good as I can make at home.

Date PurchasedSep 2014

Can’t buy a coffee any more

Have been using the Little Guy for a couple of years now and the quality of the extraction is amazing, I am no longer able to buy coffee from our local cafes and we have a lot here in Alexandria ! I recon we save about $2k a year and drink the best coffee in town !

Date PurchasedJan 2016

A modern style icon that makes superb espresso

Amazing stove top coffee that matches coffee shop brews. Just a beatiful machine, not cheap but this is top notch quality in every regard and the customer service from Little Guy is 10/10, friendly and helpful from people who are clearly passionate about espresso and this product. I love my Otto

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Wonderful Machine - Suffers no fools

I have owned the Little Guy for a year now. Eight years ago a friend bought one and ever since then I ummed and ahhed with indecision and envy. Now a year into owning one I feel silly for not pulling the trigger earlier - it is a wonderful machine.

I use Small Batch beans from North Melbourne and experiment fortnightly with a rotating list of beans. It is endlessly fascinating to see how the Little Guy brings the beans to life. I bought the unit with the recommended induction stove and I think that makes all the difference. I've used it on gas and it is dreadful - extraction takes an age and steam pressure is woeful. With the induction unit, it's flawless and reliable.

Some things to watch for:
1. Grind size is crucial to getting the extraction rate right. You need to experiment until you hit the Goldilocks zone.
2. Steam pressure - I hit the 'otto' button for my morning espresso (should be called andante) when it reaches 60ml I then crank up the heat to 5/5 on the induction stove. This makes all the difference for generating sufficient steam.
3. Dosing - Craig is right (duh) you need more beans than other espresso machines - I've experimented and worked out that 24-27grams (depending on the bean) is the sweet spot. This means you'll use more coffee quicker - but who cares?
4. Tamping - get a stainless steel tamper it gives you a smoother surface area which helps with steam pressure.

For me, this means if I nail these steps I get beautiful results. If I err, I am left with a crappy brew.

All this means that the Little Guy rewards attention to detail and snubs fools. If you like a little ritual with your machine and you are okay with a semi-artisanal process then this is the one for you. I love it.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

We love Our Little Guy and can't imagine life without him!

I bought the Little Guy (Otto) as a present for a major birthday for my husband. We've had the machine now for at least 13 yrs. We love the coffee it makes and over the years we've fine-tuned our technique with all the variables. I'm astonished it's still going after all these years and with so much use - almost every day for 13 yrs!!! It's the best present my husband has ever received I'm sure!

Date PurchasedJan 2005

Extraction like no other

Ever since I went to a demo for this little guy (it was still branded as the Otto back then) and tasted its sweet nectar, I have wanted to call it my own. Though it seemed a bit out of my price range at the time, the sexy design and the final product it produced kept me dreaming that one day, it would be mine. For years I have prided myself on my home brewing methods that did not include an espresso machine, but once I saw and I tasted, I couldn’t resist. Luckily, my wife surprised me with it for our 10 year anniversary and I have not looked back.
There are many reasons to sing the little guys' praises, but I will add a few things first that people need to be aware of and end with the really good stuff.
First, it takes a bit of experimenting to find just the right mix for your home grinder, which basket to use, and the all important, how many grams of coffee is required. For me it took about 5-6 goes till I was happy. Persevere through this stage because it is worth it.
Secondly, it does take a while to make a coffee from start to finish. Now for me, I don’t mind because it’s a little more art, and I find joy in the slow methodical beauty of making the coffee. But if you are looking for a quick, push-a-button and grab-a-coffee-before-I-rush-out-the-door experience, then this won’t be it.
Thirdly, if you want something that will make multiple coffee’s for a large dinner party, then it might not fulfil your particular request. It could do it, but would take a while, and you need to let it cool down a bit first before you start the process again.
Now to the benefits.
I know of no other brewing device that extracts like the little guy. The flavour profile of the beans really come to the fore, and it is beautiful to watch it slowly drip its rich crema into the bowl.
The steam wand textures perfectly. Seriously, we have a great machine at work, and this blows the other one away. It is hands down, the best steam wand I have ever used on any home machine.
It is super easy to clean, and no fuss.
If you can get the induction top and tamper, do it. They make all the difference.
And it looks so.very.good!
All in all, I couldn’t speak more highly about this, and think that anyone serious about their home coffee experience needs to own one and savour its delights.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Best little brewer

A great machine to make a single cup of excellent coffee. Can make the most ordinary grind into very drinkable one and for a good bean, better than you get in a coffee shop. It retains the caramel flavours that larger machines loose. Well worth the spend. I have had it now for 10 years without a problem. I met the designer Craig at the Coffee and Chocolate Fair, at the Rocks, in Sydney before it was on the shelves and put it on order straight away. Haven't been disappointed.

Date PurchasedDec 2008

Bit disappointing

We bought this For our travelling lifestyle in NZ. Great at first then started to leak so replaced seals. We have had it 4 years and it certainly wasn’t cheap $1100. It now won’t steam and leaks at the bottom again. Have cleaned it and no sure what we can do next - really disappointed- any tips would be appreciated

Date PurchasedJan 2014
What can we say the most amazing service ever. We were contacted from Craig and he was so helpful. We sent our Otto back to Australia and today the little guys has returned to us. He has been serviced at no expense to us and postage back to NZ was paid by them. We could not ask for better service and so looking forward to the best coffee again. We have soooooooooooo missed you Otto - welcome home. Thanks so much the service team and Craig for all your helpAgain fabulous service our Otto was missing the handle where you put coffe another one sent these guys are fantastic thanks Doug and Craig. We REALLY missed our little guy. It makes such great coffe we would high, highly recommend Otto. It is also the perfect machine for a motor home doesn’t take up too much bench space and a real talking point. Our little guy has been serviced and our coffee fantastic again -love the little guy HIGHLY, HIGHLY RECOMMEND “THE LITTLE GUY”


My family was involved with the exporting of coffee in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. My Dad was a gifted pilot. I was born in those coffee producing Southern Highlands in 59.

Possibly as a result of growing up around good coffee, I now have a strong bias toward finding a way to experience a good to excellent brew at home, and this OTTO Barista Kit is without any doubt the very best coffee I have ever had at home.

The OTTO was designed (I believe) to honour the historic ATOMICA?....The Induction unit sold as an optional component of the OTTO BARISTA KIT provides a daily quality assurance that is significant for any ATOMICA style unit.

Coffee like this at home for me is absolutely worth the time it takes to procure it. The OTTO is a great balance of both the "do it yourself" and that pre-designed experience busy folk like me love to have.

I benefit in no way from these comments except that I love to evangelise about something I really believe in, so others can see what I see, or taste what I taste.

I mix, produce and or create music for a living, and the having of a coffee experience like the OTTO every morning....well its simply beautiful and deeply fulfilling to me. I actually get excited about that first cup EVERY SINGLE MORNING and its been that way since I purchased the OTTO and had my first ever encounter with it.

Life is profoundly valuable and who can comprehend the wonder of existence, that we breath, we taste, we see, we hear, we calculate, we create, and we love and hate!

That first coffee of the day is part of the 'setting up process' I go through every morning of calibrating the tone of my heart for that day, and the OTTO is now a part of that.

The OTTO is an Australian designed, and made product. I love that as well.

Thank you.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

I'm not a "things" person but this is my pride and joy.

First of all, I'm writing this after a conversation with Craig from the Little Guy - who I contacted after I had some problems with failed brews. The reason I bought it was the lack of moving parts and less susceptibility to break downs. Unfortunately after 3 years it finally succumbed to constant use.

What you need to know:
- There is a learning curve when you start brewing. Like anything, a little patience goes a long way. The beauty of the system is that there are a lot of variables, like coffee grind, correct basket use, heat source and this all dictates water pressure. Obviously, water pressure is absolutely critical in brewing a quality shot.
- I don't have the induction unit, though wish I did. It would add an extra layer of control to the process. I feel that using gas and it's variability (as well as my own "over-brewing") has shortened the breakdown life of the unit. Gas is much harder to control!
- I have used this almost every day for 3 years. I live in Seddon, Victoria and at last count we have 14 (really good) cafes. I make better coffee than every single one of them with my little guy and Lavazza Gold ground coffee. I absolutely mean that! I don't use a fancy grinder and I don't buy expensive beans. I still make the best coffee !
- Craig's responses were quick, friendly and very informative. Not only did he offer to call me for a chat about the problem, when I was worried that I'd lost the receipt he was very understanding and told me that he has such confidence in the build quality of the unit that any warranty issues he was happy to sort out. This is amazing customer service.
- The brew and froth process takes me about 15-20 minutes on gas in the morning. I get out of bed earlier to make my coffee and stick it in a keep cup for the walk to the station.

I chose to buy this over a Rancilio Silvia and I still think for the price, coffee quality, and aesthetics, it's been one of the best purchases I've ever made. Not to mention the amount of money it saves me by not buying cafe coffee!

Highly recommended, even after a repair job!

Date PurchasedApr 2015

The Best Coffee Ever.

The little Guy makes the best coffee I have ever tasted bar none. It took a while to learn the right technique but perseverance payed off. We originally purchased our little guy for our motorhome but after the Breville decided to die. The little Guy has now pride of place on the kitchen bench.

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Takes a bit to master but worth every second!!

I have owned the Little Guy now for 3 years.
We had a hard start as I learnt how to get the right grind and heat out of my stove top but after about 6-8 coffees I was drinking the best coffee I’d ever had!
I still prefer it over getting a coffee.
This little fella is great value & will pro outlast me.
A great machine!

Date PurchasedSep 2015

Apparently I'm now the best Barista that never was...

Because of this Little Guy, everyone that I've made a coffee for thinks its one of the best coffees they've had. I brought this product as a newly married man, knowing full well that it would be making my wife and I coffees for 20 years before our kid start drinking coffee themselves (once we have them). This is a solid piece of art and makes incredible coffee once you workout how this sophisticated piece of equipment works... There is a learning curve, but once you nail it, it should deliver you perfect coffees. I've had mine for just over two years and its paid for itself 3 times over now. I've had it serviced once by the Little Guy Team, which was easy and painless (albeit buying takeaway coffees again wasn't as great as the morning ritual of brewing with the little guy!)

I want two... for no reason than I just want another one! :D

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Thank you Craig..

we love our Little Guy and our daily coffee ritual. Recently we had an issue but after problem solving with Craig all is well, just our inexperience. Big thank you Craig, we are back to beautiful crema and well textured milk. We look forward to many more years of coffee heaven. Jeanette and Lyn

Date PurchasedFeb 2015

Love the Little Guy

The Little Guy may be small, but this machine is definitely mighty. Brewing coffee on the Little Guy is an absolute joy every single time and it consistently delivers espresso shots and textured milk that’s equal to any coffee I’ve ever had from a commercial machine. It’s also free of any moving parts or electronics, so it’s easy to clean and there’s virtually no servicing required. I’ve been using my machine daily for almost three years now and have never had any servicing issues. Recommend purchasing the induction top for seamless brewing. Looks great on the kitchen bench and is small enough to store away when required or bring along when traveling. Love the Little Guy.

Update: Pairs perfectly with the LIDO E manual coffee grinder for a complete setup.

Date PurchasedJun 2015

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Questions & Answers

Hey guys. Whats this machine like to clean? How often? Some reviews say it can be fiddly time wise - how much time from go to woe to make a brew?
No answers

I love my little guy but have not had it long I unscrewed the steam arm and knob, and now can't screw it back so it functions, what can I do ?
1 answer
I cannot fathom as to why a threaded screw does not work. It's best to contact the store that you have purchased this from. I am sure if It is a recent purchase that they can help.

My little guy is producing lots of steam to froth milk but not extracting any coffee, I’ve tried cleaning it, coarser coffee, finer coffee but nothing?! Please help
1 answer
I'm not sure. Try running it through a cycle with no coffee in it. Does water leak from around the top compartment (in which you put the coffee in?) If yes, then I think you need to replace the (rubber?) seals. Have you accidentally left the machine on the heat and it's over heated? This will damage the seals. I've done this unfortunately. You can have them replaced by a specialist coffee machine repairer. I know there's a few in Melbourne but contact The Little Guy for more info. Best of luck.


The Little Guy Home Barista Kit
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