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Ecoriginals Nappies Infant

Ecoriginals Nappies Infant

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Subscription is not "convenient" if you don't want it in the first place. I ordered the free trial pack and a few days later got notifications that I was being charged $92 for a subscription that I did not agree to. Also the company website does not have any functionality to simply CANCEL. So beware when ordering the free trial or you will likely end up being charged again and again, as well as getting boxes of nappies that you didn't want.

Purchased in March 2019.

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Hi Stuart, Thank you for trialling us, we very mush appreciate it. When ordering this trial pack, we clearly indicate that it will auto subscribe you unless you cancel it prior. Our subscription service is our most popular & convenient for families. We highlighted this section to be as clear as possible, and also offer a 100% satisfaction money back guarantee- so there is no risk. So we apologise again that you missed the details, and are now looking at ways to potentially make a pop up notification for future orders. Upon your communication to us, we also cancelled & refunded you immediately. We really hope you liked our product and will continue to support us.

Ok nappy but beware when ordering trial pack

Be careful when ordering a trial pack from ecoriginals.com.au. They will automatically start you on a nappy subscription with their most expensive ordering. Being busy with a newborn and toddler I missed the email telling me my subscription was about to renew (they conveniently also don’t mention in the email they’ve signed you up for the most expensive renewal option). I now have 5 boxes of their nappies in my house! I use cloth nappies and only want to substitute with disposables occasionally when we go out. I was excited to try these but the sneaky sales tactics have left a bad taste in my mouth. And you can’t just go onto their website to change the subscription you have to email their customer service.

Purchased in February 2019.

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Hi Paige, Thank you for your feedback and for supporting us, we very much appreciate it. When ordering our trial pack we clearly indicate that it will conveniently auto subscribe you to our most popular product of 5 nappies & 4 wipe packs every 4 weeks. We dont believe we mis-lead and have also highlighted this section to be as clear as possible, so we're really sorry that you've felt that way. Should you not be using disposables as often then it would have been better to choose a smaller subscription bundle or to purchase as an online deal outright. Alternatively, you could have also immediately cancelled the subscription to eliminate the order being sent to you. Should you log into your account or have emailed us, we could have changed your order & delivery frequency. Many of our MCN customers run on a smaller pack with a delivery frequency of up to 8 weeks. Pls contact our customer service team, & we'll be sure to sort something out for you: customerservice@ecoriginals.com.au We hope to hear from you soon.

Best eco nappies on the market!

So far we’ve used new born through to infant sized nappies and are about to change to crawler as bub grows. He’s never had a nappy rash and it feels great to know that we aren’t contributing to the abhorrent amount of plastic nappies that goes into land fill. Customer service has been amazing and I wouldn’t swap to any other brand on the market. I also love that this is an Australian owned company.

Best Eco nappy

These are the best eco nappies we have used. They are incredibly soft and our baby's nappy rash disappeared after only a few days of using them. They rarely leak. We change our 3 month old every 2.5-3hours during the day. We use cloth nappies at night as we find the ecoriginals end up leaking. The wipes are fantastic.

Hi Tara, Thank you so much for your wonderful review. There'a a number of factors that we need to consider if you've been experiencing leaks. Please contact our customer service team via email at: customerservice@ecoriginals.com.au to see if we can sort your leaking issues. All the best xxAn update: Our baby can now go up to 6 hours with no leaks with these nappies! Haven't tried longer than that. I think they may have been a little too big when we first tried them.Thats wonderful to hear Tara! Thank you for the feedback :)

Best nappies ever! Highly recommend them

I absolutely LOVE these nappies. I stocked up on expensive nappy rash cream before bub arrived because I used so much of it with my last 2 babies, but I haven’t needed any at all this time. Love the eco friendly nappies with NO Nasties which means no red bottoms. Amazing!! They last all night with no nappy change and no leaks. Love that they are plain white too so they don’t look yucky under clothes and with little dresses. Costumer service is also excellent. Love this brand.

The best.

Love these nappies for so many reasons...closest thing to cloth nappies without the hard work. Every stage/size is great. Delivered to your door, good for the plant and most importantly safe for your most precious and loved. Lovely customer service too! What's not to love about ecoorginals, I suggest you try a trial pack and see for yourself.

No leaks for us!! We love them!

These nappies are so absorbent. We have no issues at all, even overnight. You need to ensure you have the right fit. For our little boy, they run big. We tried two different sizes before getting the correct fit. We recommend them to everybody. They are so soft too. All parents need to be Using this brand and making better choices!!!

I wish I could like these but they’re unreliable. Try with caution

Unfortunately these nappies are extremely leaky. My baby is in the middle of the weight range and of an average build, yet these nappies leak frequently. I’ve had 3 blowouts in the last 24hrs. They aren’t very absorbent and gussets are flimsy as they have been leaking poo or urine of only moderate volumes. This is the first night I’ve tried them overnight and I’ve had to change baby and bedding by 2am.

Baby also starts to get red skin a day after I switch to these from other brands. I’ve tried using them several times and go back to other brands because of their performance. I’m surprised to see so many positive reviews of this brand. If you’re going to try then start with a sample pack. I can’t believe I have two boxes to get through. Disappointed as I would rather use a natural/environmental option when using disposables but these are too unreliable.

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Hi Priya, Thank you for your feedback, we really appreciate it! We're genuinely sorry to hear you've experienced leaks and nappy rash and would love the opportunity to resolve this for you asap. We tried to search your name on our system so we could contact you, however we couldn’t find any reference to your name. Could you please email us at: customerservice@ecoriginals.com.au and we will respond promptly. In response to your feedback. We offer a satisfaction guarantee so if for any reason we can’t resolve this for you, we will offer you a full refund with your proof of purchase receipt. It is very rare for our customers to experience leaking, however sometimes it can happen. Fortunately what we’ve found most common is that 90% of the time, it’s a really simple problem to solve just by trying an alternative size. We agree with your comments of weight range and build as being important, although all nappy brands are different in their sizing, and children are diverse in their body shapes and sizes too! Nappy rash can be more difficult to attribute to a specific cause. There are many known reasons to take into consideration which you can also discuss with your Doctor, such as the child teething or has a cold, what ingredients are in the nappies being used, the child’s diet, and the time between nappy changes. What we are confident about is that our nappies contain a high percentage of natural plant-based ingredients, so usually parents would experience nappy rash disappearing with our brand compared to conventional nappies. It is however also possible that your child may have sensitivity or an allergy to a particular ingredient in our nappies even if it is plant derived. Given your feedback about leaking, we would correlate any nappy rash to most likely be from the same possible issue of sizing. What is most important for us is that we resolve this for you asap. Please do email us at your earliest convenience. We look forward to hearing from you soon. The Ecoriginals Team.

10 out of 10, always!

These nappies are the best. Since discovering Ecoriginals I have never purchased any other nappy. My little one wears them overnight and although the nappy is quite full in the morning, it has only ever leaked once or twice (out of hundreds of times!), and this was only because she’d had the nappy on longer than usual.
Eco friendly and good for the environment, absorbent, excellent quality, only about 10-20 cents extra (each) than supermarket brands. Well worth it. Any negative reviews are astounding to me. Will never purchase any other brand

Love these & the fact they deliver!

I live in a town that has limited access to Environmentally friendly nappies. We searched online & found Eco Originals & the fact they deliver, met our requirements & are environmentally friendly we ordered some. We really like the convenience but found the nappies to be really good & reasonably priced, even when delivered. They were soft & easy to put on & take off. They never leaked & we found that our bub got less nappy rash when we changed from commercial brands. As he grew we liked the fact we could easily change the sizings. I also like the fact they are Australian Made! Great product!

Perfect nappy, leaving you with a peace of mind!

I absolutely love Ecoriginals nappies. I have used the nappies for all 3 of my children over the years as they have always left me peace of mind knowing that there would be no leaks from the sides of the nappy and my babies were safe from nappy rash. They also offer the convenience of regular subscriptions delivered to your door to ensure you are never without nappies. 100% recommend Ecoriginals

Best nappies I’ve bought!

Ecoroginals are by far the best nappies we’ve used for our babies. From newborn to baby, all the way through crawling and walking. They sit better on their body, no nappy rash what-so-ever, are extremely absorbing and are better for the environment! Highly recommend, go support a family owned Australian brand!

I want to leave the planet in a better way for my daughter

These nappies are ethical and compostible and help us live sustainably. It's so easy have them arrive on your doorstep. The online staff are super helpful. And my elderly parents say they are the easiest of all they have tried to get onto Miss Wriggly. We love them! I have never had a leak. Even with the dreaded Diar....

Really happy with the product and the service.

I was really happy with these for my boy. the breathe really well and feel a lot more natural than regular nappies. We never had a rash or similar problems. The subscription was great and the service from the company was really good when we needed to make changes. I'll definitely get these when the next baby comes.

Actually the best Nappies I've ever Used

We have tried a number of nappy brands with our two children, both a boy and a girl. And we have found that Ecoriginal Nappies were best for absorbency, leaked infrequently or never!! And this was compared to other top store bought nappy brands. I love knowing that I don't have my baby wrapped in plastic and find Ecoriginals really bum friendly in hot sweaty weather as well, much less nappy rash than when I have used other brands.

The best for bums!

Hands down the best nappies on the Australian market. Consistently high quality, great sizing, easy delivery, reasonable prices, Aussie family owned business, and best of all good for baby AND the environment. Decompose well in the compost. I'm ALMOST sad to see my girls reach toilet training, almost

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Ecoriginals Nappies Infant
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