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Ecoriginals Nappies Walker

Ecoriginals Nappies Walker

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Overall quite good

I found these nappies to be great for general use but seemed to have leaks overnight. I think it is because my little one was quite slim, and they were just a bit too big for overnight.

Purchased in May 2018.

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Hi Michelle, Thank you so much for your feedback, we really appreciate it. Please contact us at customerservice@ecoriginals.com.au so we can help you sort it out. A leaking nappy is generally due to sizing. Look forward to hearing from you!

Best nappies and wipes by far!!

Having a baby makes you so conscious about what’s in things. Some of the stuff that is in other nappies and wipes is scary! I never have to worry with eco-originals. The proof for me is easy to see and smell - no over bearing smelll, no nappy rash (for real!!!), and a lot kinder on landfill. Best of all they are really absorbent and get delivered to your door (no more trying to juggle baby and a box of nappies at the store - yasssss!) thank you eco-originals!!

Love them!!

Ecoriginals are a great product. I love that they are soft and good for the environment. I love that they deliver them to my house so I always know I will not run out of nappies. I can’t wait for the pull ups to be released later in 2018. Thank you ecoriginals!!

Fabulous service

We only ever used the walker nappies as I didn't know about Ecoriginals earlier, I wish I had!. A friend put me onto them about a year ago and its been brilliant. Great nappies and service and better for the environment. I would totally recommend to anyone. I've just cancelled my subscription as my littlest is now out of nappies but that really is the only reason.

We love these nappies!

We have been using these nappies since our son was a newborn, and have continued to use them for almost two years! the main attraction for us is a disposable option that has less impact on the environment. We will continue to use, and find the automatic monthly ordering process so easy.

Simply Oustanding!!!

I am beyond impressed with this product! Absorbing is without fail the best of the many nappies I've tried. I have told all my friends with bubs who are concerned with the affect of nappies on the environment. They have now get these wonderful nappies too! I really can't believe the quality at such s reasonable price

Performance without the plastic

We have used ecoriginal nappies for over 3 years with both my son and daughter. Absorbency is key and I found these outperformed (yes, they're better!) than other commercial branded nappies we had to buy on occasions. I love the subscription service and never run out of nappies. Customer service has always been top notch. I love that these nappies have allowed me to be more environmentally conscious at an affordable price.

A company with great heart ♡

This is a fantastic product. Our baby loves them. We love them.
They're soft. They're gentle to her sensitive skin. They're friendly to the earth.
No fuss, no hassle, our subscription is delivered right to our door.
The customer service is unrivalled. The staff at Ecoriginals have been absolutely amazing 100% of the time.
On the whole, this is a company with a great product, great vision and a great heart <3

Love these nappies!

I've used these nappies for 2 years now and I love them, they are soft, they don't leak, have had no rashes, don't have any chemical smells, and they are plain white. I Love that they are made in Australia too.
They are ood for baby and good for environment.

The BEST Nappies around by far.

These nappies are brilliant !
They are soft and giving but at the same time I have never had any issues with leaks or poo-splosions.
I have also used them as an overnight nappy and I've never had any leakage (my son is a heavy wetter).
A great nappy for the environmentally conscious parent but also a nappy that hasn't swayed on quality.
Just waiting for the pull ups to come out.
Thanks Ecoriginals.

Best eco nappies you can buy

After looking in supermarkets for a product safe to put on my son's skin and friendly for the environment, I was feeling guilty I didn't go down the MCN route. I'd just done a well respected Low Tox course and after a bit of research these were what the low tox community recommended. I'm so glad i ordered. Every bit as good as the supermarket brands for stopping leaks, good pricing and clear conscience! The subscription option is also very convenient. I only wish they had a nappy-pant option.
I am now pregnant with my third and will use these from birth.

Love these nappies - highly recommend.

We have been using Ecorginal nappies since my son was 2 months old. He is 2.5yr and have never looked back. Sustainability is very important to us, and supporting local businesses hence why we originally tried this product. I've found these nappies better on my toddler than an infant due to my sons poo consistency. As a breastfed baby my son had runny poo until 9 months and slowly started to be more solid, but during the loose stage we did have a few leaks. But we also tried Huggies and Aldi and they had leaks too. The trick for us was to change asap (which we should do anyway to prevent rash), and make sure the nappy isn't too full. We rarely get leaks now and if we do its only because we have left it too long. Its a small price to pay for our children's future and the environment. I hate to think about all the nappies going to landfill not to break down for hundreds of years. Thanks Ecoriginals for your products, for making them with our kids future in mind and the environment.

Excellent nappies

I've been using Ecoriginals nappies since my 2.5 to was little. I never have to worry about running out of nappies & wipes as I have a subscription. They are good for the environment & good for little bottoms. And I'm really looking forward to trying the pull ups when they come out!

Great quality, cheap, and biodegradable

These are excellent quality nappies, very comfortable for our bub, and easy to use. Add to this that per nappy, they are cheaper than most supermarket brands and they are biodegradable. My only complaint is the customer service/self serve portal is cumbersome, updating or changing address or payment details is unintuitive, there is a confusing system of cancelling and recreating new "subscriptions", also confusing with the notification emails saying "order processed" then getting a receipt, then an invoice, hard to know when the payment was actually taken, and making manual payments if a direct debit doesnt go through could be simpler.

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Hi Paul, Thanks for your review. We've taken on the feedback that our backend is a bit tricky to navigate for our monthly box customers, and we are getting it redesigned. In the mean time, you can always jump on live chat during week days and our team will help you make any changes you need to, or answer any questions. Many thanks, Lisa

Great product!

I used ecoriginals for four years now on both my girls from newborn to walker. They are really great. My kids rarely got nappy rash. They were a great fit and rarely leaked. I would highly recommend them if you are looking for an alternative product that is Australian owned and more biodegradable than other nappies on the market.

Would never use a different nappy

We have been using ecoriginals for my daughter (now 2) and son (now 5 months) since birth. We've never had any kind of nappy rash or rubbing. These nappies are an excellent product, great for the environment and we wouldn't use anything else on our kids. We will definitely be using them on the next one.

great nappy, terrible website!

The nappy is great and my children's bottoms are very happy in them however the website in terrible! you cannot cancel or suspend your subscription without contacting eco originals by email and waiting. Even then they will not do as you ask and cancel the subscription without you sending them reasons. It is also very difficult to change sizes and delivery schedules. If you are not careful you will end up with multiple subscriptions! I'm not sure if the convenience of delivery is worth all the time wasted trying to navigate the changes as your children grow....

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Hi there, I'm glad to hear you love our nappies, and Im sorry to hear you are having trouble with our website/subscription service. Our goal is always to offer great customer service and to trouble shoot any issues with our customers. We have found in the past that some customers cancel for reasons we can help them with, for example the nappies are leaking and when we talk to them, and send them free samples of a different size, we solve their problem and they are happy to keep using our nappies. We also email all our monthly box customers 3 days before their box is due for despatch, allowing you time to login and change your sizing or to delay your cycle if you need more time. You can also pause yourself in the admin area. We also offer live chat so that our customer service manager, May, can help you do this during the day Monday to Friday if you need help. You can also buy our nappies from a shop locally to you, or buy a box at a time (without subscription service) if you wanted to keep using our nappies but wanted to avoid our website. In saying all of that, we are doing some planned upgrades to the login area for our monthly box subscribers to make it more user friendly, after listening to reviews from customers such as yourself. So I thank you for bringing these frustrations to our attention. All the best, Lisa Laing (Co-Founder, Ecoriginals)

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Ecoriginals Nappies Walker
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