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EFM Health Clubs

EFM Health Clubs

3.3 from 26 reviews

No response and make me feel I am wasting my time!

I have been seriously been interested in joining and I have tried going to two different EMF Health Clubs to enquire, and they NEVER get back in touch with you, and they NEVER answer their phones! A complete waste of my time. I understand they can be busy, but at least show some customer care/service when someone new is interested comes in.

EFM Torrensville is the best

Great friendly atmosphere. The trainers really make you feel welcome and I have really seen a difference in my overall health and fitness in my 3.5 years here.

EFM SAHMRI is dedicated to helping people achieve their health and fitness goals

I was initially hesitant to join a gym, associating it with anti-social testosterone-fuelled blockheads and fit show-offs of which I would only compare as an embarrassment. However, I finally had enough of my dismal state of strength and fitness and that’s when I decided to join Coach Simon at the EFM Health Club SAHMRI (North Terrace). I was pleasantly surprised; not only was I gaining a cost-effective, committed and approachable personal trainer, but the social atmosphere Simon fosters is one of encouragement and laughter with normal people of all ages and fitness. Despite the strong banter and complaints, Simon always knows what you are capable of before you know yourself and has consequently helped many people to achieve their goals. Personally, I have come to love weights and cardio and in the 3 months I’ve been there (equating to more than 80 hours of gym time) I have lost 7.0kg of total body fat and gained 2.8kg of muscle. I would highly recommend Simon and EFM SAHMRI for anyone seeking to improve their overall fitness and health in a fun, non-judgemental and non-competitive environment.

Personlised service at affordable price

Love my time with EFM. Have been a member now for several years. Personlised service offering a daily program and modified to suit my needs as i have an injury. Always a coach onsite do guide me through each session, set my machines and set some goals along the way. Have tried many other fitness programs which dont deliver my needs but EFM continues to deliver my results. I highly recommend giving them a go, yes maybe a few $$$ more than the big commercial gyms but you have the daily programs and coach there the entire way.

Making new employees work for free before commencement of permant position

EFM Health Clubs business requires all new employeed to first undergo a whole month of unpaid trialling for the position which is usually full time hours for a month. In my situation throughout my trial I was promised a position however to the end of my trial I was told that they gave the position to someone else just because.

Still waiting..

Does anyone ever answer the phone. I have been calling EFM for two days. Left messages. Still no answer or response. Was interested in joining. Not so sure now.

A place to keep coming back to.

I've been going to Ringwood EFM for about 3 yrs now and would find it hard to go back to a regular gym. The best part for me is the relaxed, friendly feel of the place and the helpful staff who know me well and what I need to work on.

I hadn't really been comfortable in gyms before the EFM gym but attended reluctantly due to health issues.

Great club to workout at

Really enjoy that the trainers are there to guide me through and push me when I need it. Plus the atmosphere and people are great which makes it much easier to stay motivated

Love this gym

I have been a member of EFM for over 10 years and love coming back each session. Programs are different each time and are challenging but enjoyable. The instructors are supportive and encouraging. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

EFM Marion very friendly and supportive

I am in my 60's and have never liked gyms until I started at EFM Marion. Marcus really listened to my concerns and ensures that the workout is appropriate for my capabilities. It is very inclusive and everyday I become more confident in my abilities. I still dont loveworking out but it is becoming more enjoyable. Thanks Marcus.

EFM Health Clubs Glenelg - love the culture and friendships you make

I have been a member of EFM Glenelg for over 10 years. Love the friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Everyone is supportive and encouraging. Simon is genuinely interested in all of this members. He knows your own personal goals, and will help you to achieve them. Plus the social events are amazing - especially monthly drinks with all the members! Thanks to Simon and his team.

Perfect for people needing support and assistance through a fitness program

Initially wasn't too sure about the opening hours (my local club is open for a few hours in each of morning, lunch and evening) but I actually find those to be perfectly fine with me. I can't work out during the days anyway and couldn't possibly work out later at night as I'd never sleep! Found the fitness trainers to be incredibly helpful. I'm, a "middle age" female and have not been to a gym for quite some time, so loved the fact that I had a trainer to guide me through each workout. I'm 5 weeks in and very happy. Could almost have rated them 5 stars.

Find a better gym

The gym don't follow their own opening hours. I turned up expecting a good workout session only to find out it's closed. Not sure why that is. Tried calling them and left messages too. The people that works there are nice but management is questionable. I can't wait until the month ends so I could quit. Need to join a gym that is more reliable.


Joined EFM health club based on website advertising personal training, support etc. Seemed good initially however I do not rate them highly for several reasons, for example very worn floor mats which look unhygienic. Fans but no air conditioning!! and very restrictive opening hours i.e. open only for two hours over the weekend (Saturday mornings) and closed between 10:00 and 3:30 pm week days. All a disincentive to attend.
One positive at EFM is the presence of a personal trainer at all times, (reflected in their fees), and all have been excellent, however personal attention depends upon numbers attending.

Don't Waste Your Time and Money.

Don't Bother. Spoke to some workmates who were using this gym at their workplace. They hated it also, same issues around sneaky sales tactics, poor service, bad opening hours etc etc. Just joined Vision PT and I love it. You get up front honest service and real help to achieve your goals.

Gladesville EFM

Have trained in many of the bigger gyms where you are only a number. The personal trainers at EFM provide ongoing support in a small & friendly environment. There are no lock in contracts & nothing is too much trouble for these energetic positive young trainers. I wouldn't be comfortable at any other gym.

Not Happy

These gyms are not open very long hours. Closed on a Sunday, open for a couple of hours on Saturdays. Closes 7pm weekdays :(
Really limited range of classes, and the gyms are really small. Not to mention very expensive. I did not rate this place at all.

Wouldn't train anywhere else.

Absolutely love all the support provided from the fitness coaches. They set machines for me, help to tailor the program each day and more importantly, they care about me and my goals. The staff are really friendly and so are the other members. Wouldn't train anywhere else now that's for sure.

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