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Poor, cheap construction

We initially used our Off road Elite Goulburn on road for the first 18 months we had it, only touring on bitumen or gravel roads where it performed OK, with just a few items working loose and were easily repaired myself.
A trip across the Oodnatatta track, which wasn't that rough, soon revealed the many problems of poor workmanship and short cuts that had been taken in construction. The drawer runners were only fixed in with 2 or 3 screws and loosened, drawers falling out, the water filter was fixed to the ply dividing wall, coming off the wall & damaging the ply as the screws pulled out, as was the hasp & staple holding the ensuite sliding door. The microwave door fell off, the front door lower hinge broke, this was due to the oversize stopper causing pressure on the door when it is opened. The pellet over the dining area window fell down, again minimal & short screws used, there was a large gap in the floor where water pipes went through,allowing huge dust problem in cupboards.
All together it seems very shoddy & short cut methods used to minimize construction costs, not a van built for any purpose than simple on road work, & none of these build problems covered by the 1 year warranty

Purchased in July 2017.

Mileage 8,000 km
Return Claim MadeNo

Great caravan

Purchased a 19ft 6, Silk Road caravan off Elite, love the layout which includes a good size en-suite, queen size bed and practical kitchen and dining area. Plenty of storage under bed and lots of cupboards. Great size van for towing, fully loaded including full water tanks came in at 2450 across weigh bridge.

Elite lacks integrity

Elite by name, snakes in the grass by nature.
It would be hard to argue that Elite makes well specified caravans, but that's where it ends. Once the deposit is paid they are renowned for not returning phone calls and emails. Quality is not a strength with issues over represented followed by deny, delay and do little with rectification. Caravan weights are understated and differ vastly from those previously agreed too or stated on the compliance plate.
On the road Elite owners are like bees to the honey pot with common threads of poor quality, excessive weights and managements customer disregard.
If you are considering an Elite or have already committed you need to have your eyes wide open and tread cautiously.
Last year the Director liquidated Elite and the previous year another of his companies, who know's whats next.

Purchased in October 2014.

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Have given up with Elite caravan dealings

Well where do i start. Lots of issues to many to mention. Lies were beyond a joke felt sorry for the office ladies as they were in tears as the sales man continued to lie. We traveled 4000 km to pick it up. Had to stay in motel the night as was not finished when we were told 3 weeks prior that it was complete. Then when we were traveling home the splash back was bubbling of the walls. Happy Birthday to me what a joke. Spent 150,000 not worth that at all. Management a joke a box of 12 chocolates do not make up for you bad workmanship. Let the woman in you office do the sales. At least they are honest when you ask if you need more time to get it finished. So many things we had to fix our selves but so much that can not be fixed as second rate products were put in on the build. Will never ever but from you again.

Floor PlanMurray Series 2
Oki don’t know who you are as this is not a 2018 or 2019 purchaser. Sounds like you purchased a few years back and it sounds like you were dealing with the person charged with fraud and theft. We are sorry for your dealings with old sales management team at the dealership one who is facing court next week with serious theft charges. Please reach out to us through our website or office number for any queries.Thank you for replying but i did reaxh out the the owners at that time. And they were the ones that sent the chocolates. I am glad Mr M is paying for what he did to us and the other staff that were there. But is still does not excuse the shoddy workmanship. Love the design but sad that second grade standards were used. Especially in the shower recess and the cabinets. Hope you have someone checking works now as per the orders and at least detail before pick up.Yes unfortunately the fraudster was sabotaging vans at the time as well and had other accomplices working in the group. They are all gone now. Please send us an email so we can actually investigate your situation as it must have been many years ago.

Trade as Balistic RVs now no warranty

Eildon S8 Off Road custom. 2nd Elite van stupid mistake on our part.
Picked up May 2017 have had numerous issues too many to explain. All warranty approved several times several people inc [name removed]- now he decides he does not want to talk or honour anything to do with Elite at all only Balitstic RV. This comes despite [name removed] (Director Elite now Balistic) circular to Elite owners stating he would honor all warranty - this is not the case.

There are 2 sides to every story. These customers were sent to a repairer for a warranty. The repairer was paid for the job however the customers had an issue with the work. We told them that you need to get this repairer to fix your concerns as we have paid for the job and he needs to warranty his work. They were not happy about that they want us to pay another repairer to fix it. They also have other issues from another warranty fix. To sort this out once and for all I told them to bring the van to Melbourne and we will fix everything free. However they weren't happy about that and hence this review.Yes there is 2 sides to every story. What you have replied is yet another fictional story. From the day we left with van we had numerous manufacturer warranty claims mainly due to substandard workmanship. The only warranty work that has been completed without issues has been 3rd party components (thetford dometic) , no issue. Our first attempt to have warranty work carried out in Melbourne was a pure waste of our time and money,we left with more damage done by Elite to cabinetry etc and excuses for not being able to complete warranty work only to be told to take it externally. The 2nd attempt done by external repairer arranged by Elite we were sent to could not finish work due to non supply of promised parts from Elite after waiting 6 weeks in there shop. We could not take the van back to them to repair one component (damaged by them) and other follow up as Elite refused to pay for the authorized work. We were never asked to take van back by Elite they claimed the person at the time who booked it in (warranty manager) had no authority and they were now not paying bill. That person had authority for 3 years minimum prior ,ask any Elite owner. Then had to take to second great repairer Elite authorized to undertake balance of warranty claims (majority due to poor workmanship from Factory) which also could not be completed due to again Elite not supplying promised parts despite authorizing work. Given the mistruths bantered by Elite with regard to continued promises for rectification we join the many others taken for a ride on there so called statements that balistic will honor Elite warranty. Of course we will not waste our time and money in travelling back to Melbourne yet again. So our report is very fair based on the overall experience with Elite. What we do carry is very accurate correspondence outlining and supporting our statements.There is no doubt you had some issues as unfortunately you were caught in the Fraudsters net as you were his customer. He had accomplices in all areas of the group and part of his tactics were to cause the exact issues you are complaining about. So the Elite you are trashing on Social Media now is a completely new company with new staff and we did not do the things you describe above. You are trashing us because you want us to pay for something we didn't do.

Elite by name only

Paid 132,00 for my elite palazzo they are a very bad company and no one should be sucked in to their lies.they ignore my phone calls and emails didn’t reimburse our rego all the legs under the caravan are different lengths ,the cupboards are warped which they promised to replace ,the skylight fell in when we opened it ,the frame fell off around the slide out bed .just don’t put yourself through the agony of buying one when you can save yourself half the money somewhere else .the company is shonky and so are the staff at Campbellfield Victoria

Floor PlanElite Pallazo slideout
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We covered the $10000 they would have lost in the fraud. This van was custom to their specific needs. We even had our solicitors write a disclaimer contract that they had to sign in front of their lawyer before we would build this van for them. Anyway the van was finished and we asked them to pay for the van. Considering we didn't have any deposit as we honoured the $10000 from the fraud we were anxious as we had a lot of money invested in this custom van. They wouldn't pay because of a medical episode meant he couldn't drive to pick it up. We said that's OK, pay us for the van and we will truck it up to your house. They refused. We said OK fly down and check it out and then pay us. Nope they said! Then they said we have changed our mind we don't want it anymore. Keep it! Then they said you just have to wait 6 weeks until I can drive. Then No we don't want it anymore Keep It! Here we have a custom van made for them with not one dollar in deposit that was paid to us and they tell us they have changed their mind! That's what we were dealing with here. So after 6 weeks of them telling us to keep it, then we want it to keep it! They finally came and picked it up and they loved their van. Their issue now is in regards to the rego been paid. We say we covered your $10000 deposit that we didn't receive and that's where the impasse is. As usual when you don't get things your way that's when people hit this site with a review to damage. Anyway we are taking legal advice for defamation and libel as well.

Warranty a total fiction

The Elite warranty is a total fiction. Nothing is elites (ballistic) caravans responsibility it is continuously kicked down the road until you give up or (as some have said have a nervous breakdown). Don't take delivery until you have your van checked by a qualified person. It will save you untold grief

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Hello, We are sorry you feel this way after we decided that your claim was not valid. EC

Very happy Caravaners

I was brand new to the world of caravanning and our 21ft off road Van is fantastic and has a top level finish. We initially had a couple of small internal warranty issues but these were taken care of quickly and professionally. I lend my van to my Mum who tows it by herself mostly and travels extensively, she absolutely loves it. She has been to the grampians quite a few times and down the coast and it hasn’t missed a beat. I regularly go to the high country with it and love getting off the grid and away from civilisation for a while, we have two small boys and they love climbing about the bunk beds. Dealing with Elite has been fantastic in all aspects and I strongly recommended Elite Caravans to anyone considering a caravan.

Floor PlanLuxury Class Family Van 2010

Happy with our Elite!

We picked up our Goulburn 1810 ATX Air in May 2018. Everything about it has been great. The build quality is excellent. A couple of minor issues needed to be repaired, but the after sales service has been good and problems have been fixed. Taylor is very approachable and obliging. Wherever we are camped people comment on the presentation and quality of build. Tows like a dream. Highly recommend Elite caravans.

Great product and after sales support!

We have had two Elite caravans Both have performed well in all weather conditions - and we have experienced nearly all of them! Caravan is easy to tow, especially with the ALKO system fitted

Floor PlanMurray and Atlantic

Excellent caravan, couldn't be happier!

We bought their Eildon model in April this year. We have traveled around 7,000kms since we picked it up in Melbourne. It is the best thing we ever purchased and we couldn’t be happier with the after-sales service. A big thanks to their dealer in the Gold Coast who provided really great service at short notice on our recent trip.

We have been down some rough tracks as well as highway driving and it has performed fantastically. Tows really well behind my Ranger. The quality of the finish is perfect and we wouldn't hesitate to buy another or recommend them to anybody looking to buy a new caravan.

Floor PlanEIldon


We purchased ours at Wodonga caravan and camping show. The boys followed us home and basically talked us in to purchasing one they had for sale ( later when we spoke to our neighbour who is a solicitor they had no right to come to our home ) when we approached them to say we had changed our mind they would not agree to refund our deposit) so we went a head with it on our trip to Melbourne to pick it up after a phone call from the salesman [name removed] to say it was ready and it could be picked up at 8 am on our arrival nothing had been competed on the list of things to be done so it was 5 o’clock that afternoon when he said it was ready My husband and I were not impressed it had not been washed the prices where still on the windows from Wodonga his smart butt remark was when we ask him to clean it off was I’ll have to take my jocks off to clean it as I don’t have any cleaning cloths We had several problems leaking taps washing machine faulty flooded ensuite latches not working properly faulty seating they got a guy from up here to fix it. Then didn’t pay him for three months we ended up paying it and eventually they payed us after several phone calls. There was one nice guy he was embraced about our situation and spoke to us the following year and apologized for [name removed]'s behaviour

Floor PlanElite
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Hi Bevan & Cheryl, I understand that this experience occurred 3 years ago. The staff members who handled this at the dealership level haven't worked with the Elite brand for nearly 2 years including one staff member you are talking about who has been charged with fraud and theft charges for "allegedly" stealing from us. (He is currently facing the courts). We also note we have no outstanding warranty issues for many years. Regards Elite

Elite Caravans warranty not worth the paper it's written on

I have been having an ongoing issue with Elite Caravans ever since I picked it up from the dealership in March last year. The air conditioner specified in the build was not the one fitted. I have a Dometic Harrier instead of the specified Ibis Mk3 and it runs at an unbelievable 80dB measured with a sound meter. To give you an idea, my lawnmower runs at 82dB.
It was only when we pulled into Port Augusta on a 43 degree day on our way back across the Nullabor a few days later that the issue became apparent. We couldn’t hear the TV unless it was at full volume and getting to sleep was another story. Upon contacting Elite Caravans, They told us that the Ibis wasn’t available during the build BUT at no time did Elite inform me of the intended change during the build and not even at the shortened handover. I indicated to them that I would be happy to stay with the Harrier IF and only IF they could fix the noise issues. (3) visits over a period of months from Dometic agents did nothing to rectify the problem. Dometic aren’t blameless here either. After the ‘to and fro’ with them promising us that they would fix the problem, they had the gall to come back to me and say ‘that the noise levels were within specifications’. Are you serious? I have a lawnmower on the roof of my caravan and that’s alright?
After this crap, I went back to Elite Caravans requesting the Ibis Mk3 originally specified be fitted and then the ‘fob off’ began. After (15) months of wrangling, my patience ran out and I contacted the ACCC (Victoria) to take up the case on my behalf. Alas, the Company is in receivership and the ACCC contacted me to say that that they could do no more. Ironically, the Warranty Manager signs off to the ACCC with this:
So here we have this ‘Phoenix’ company rising from the ashes with no absolutely no obligations to honour any warranty issues with previous customers. Frankly, when co-owner [name removed] states: "it's business as usual for Elite owners, with warranties and other support with full factory backing", to Caravanning News, he’s telling porky pies. It’s total and utter crap.
This company is bereft of ethics and integrity.
I ask you one question [name removed], just one and it simply requires a YES or NO answer:
“Would YOU spend the money that I did on a caravan and put up with an air conditioner that you didn’t specify on the build that runs at the same noise levels as a lawnmower?
Would you? Or would it be straight back to the factory?
YES or NO [name removed]?

Floor PlanBalistic 1910
The customer had briefly seen a Dometic agent in Perth WA but did not have time to wait for parts to arrive, before needing to travel back home to Exmouth. In Exmouth he had a motor replaced and some adjustments made to the airconditioner by a Dometic service agent who stated all is OK but the customer is still not happy with the noise. Elite has contacted Dometic and they have spoken to the customer and they have agreed to work with their own in-house technician in Wangarra WA. The technician will be able to look at the air-conditioner for the customer. We will work with the customer to ensure the airconditioner is working within specifications and is at an acceptable noise level. The customer was happy with Dometic’s direction and they have been provided with all their contact details (including phone and email), so they can keep in touch. Backstory The customer had an IBIS3 on their plans, however at the time of build Dometic had informed Elite and every other manufacturer that there were no IBIS3 available anywhere in Australia and Dometic advised Elite that the next best airconditioner was the Harrier which was installed in the customers van. The harrier and IBIS3 have different levels of cooling performance, which creates different level of sound and out of the two the harrier is the higher performer. The harrier is over 10% bigger in cooling capacity then the IBIS3. The air outlets are front and rear whereas the IBIS3 has side vents, so there is at least double to air to move from the front and rear vents then compared to the IBIS. All manufacturers have the right to substitute a product that is not available with a similar product otherwise a business would stop. It’s a common practice otherwise what are you supposed to do shut the factory for 2 months and send everyone home? Past Repairs: The Dometic engineer passed the Harrier’s noise levels and performance within their specification. The customer refused to accept the decision from Dometic and asked us to replace his airconditioner regardless. Then he wrote this review. Dometic have contacted the customer and are working closely to sort this matter as mentioned above.I have had a great result with this issue and would firstly like to thank this site who's influence made a real difference. Within a day of this review being published, I received 2 phone calls, one from Dometic and the other from Elite/ Balistic. Dometic indicated that they were keen to see this issue resolved and to there credit, offered to replace the unit with the new Air Command Mark IV. This required me to travel with the caravan to Perth (a return distance of 2,550km, annoying but ultimately necessary). The new unit is now in and I can say that the new unit is DEFINITELY QUIETER and also cooler. A big thanks to Dometic for resolving this issue for me. I can't offer the same thanks to Elite/ Balistic because apart from the phone call initially received following this review, I have not heard from them and to be honest , I have no idea of their influence in this matter (if any).Its great you are all sorted. It was us Elite/Balistic that got this sorted for you. That's why you received two calls in the one day. Anyway enjoy this great country in your Elite Caravan.

Elite piece of crap

We bought an elite van in nov 2016 and have battled with them since to try and have repaired 40 plus warranty issues because of their poor workmanship. We bought the van to enjoy a better lifestyle because of family illness and they have sucked the joy out of it and caused untold stress. They no longer return emails, have 'lost' information and want to change their nominated repairer each time the van is inspected! We have been to fair trading and they even don't return their calls and tell deliberate miss truths. I wouldn't recommend anyone buy an elite van. The management and owners are the biggest scum bags going around.

Floor PlanHume family
Hello, We are sorry you feel this way after your claim was rejected. ECEC - I thought EC was in liquidation ? Where do you guys get off. ? The claim you mentioned is for emergency repairs that we had to get done while on holidays some 2000 km from home. The van leaked because the idiots fitted the solar panels wrongly and the screws pulled out. It ruined our holiday as you can imagine, water pouring through our van in cyclonic weather was not a good start. But wait this was after there nominated repairer refitted the satellite dish as it was not done properly either......but they were not allowed to look beyond. This is all separate to the 10 or so other warranty items that still remain outstanding that we found after pick up. But wait there is more. We recently had our rego cancelled because EC produced two vans with the same Vin. We are still waiting on a letter of explanation here for RMS - after several months we’ve worked around, but another holiday postponed because of these idiots. If anyone can work out their business model please let me know as for the small amount to make us content I know through my honesty at least 5 people have bought other vans that were going to buy an EC. EC have no ethics, morality or common decency. We bought our van for a lifestyle change give our family situation, which EC new about and they have sucked the joy right out of that and caused untold and unnecessary stress. I’m glad I believe in karma!

Great Van.

We bought a smaller Elite van in 2015.
The quality finish speaks for itself.The Staff were very supportive in making changes to the design.
The followup support was also very good.
There has only been a small number of issues which have been rectified promptly.
Thank you to the Elite owners and staff.

Floor PlanLuxury Class 180

We love our Goulbourn Elite 2017

We love our Elite Caravan!!!!
Our Goulbourn caravan has been made to a very high standard and is pure luxury. After years of research we decided on Elite which we feel was value for money as to what you receive. After a few initial warranty issues that have been rectified I can say i would deal with Elite again. Congratulations to Adrian for following up our few problems. I wish Elite good luck in the future.

Luxury class 19'6". Top quality - happy customer

Good, sturdy easy to tow caravan with all the amenities to make caravanning life a luxury.
A few minor teething problems all fixed by Elite. Great online service by Elite team to help us work thru' any of these problems.
Love my Elite van - it's my pride and joy.
Thankyou Adrian and all the Elite team.
Wishing you all the best as you move forward.

Floor PlanLuxury class 19'6"

perfect van excellent service

We have a 2015 Eildon 8 .Some modifications were asked for in the build .Quite simply the van is brilliant . We have not had an issue with it since delivery .Quality ,comfort and tows at speed really safely .The layout suits us perfectly .
Recently we purchased a 3000 kg tow capacity vehicle (up from 2500 kg ) and decided to change up our comp. plate to suit the new tow (all legal as the van had the capacity ) the warranty team at Elite who handled this were caring , knowledgeable and really helpful .
As far as we are concerned , we will buy another and recommend this great van .

Floor PlanElite Eildon Diamond 8

Poor warranty protection

Elite regard the removal of the cladding on a caravan as regular maintenance. Having been in discussions with them since the 13th February and receiving a quote from a repairer in Queensland that they accepted, yesterday they informed the repairer, who has done all our servicing , that the leak was due to inadequate maintenance, and therefore our extended warranty was not valid. The leak was due to poor build quality and can only be accessed by removing the side wall of the caravan. If you are travelling through rain with your Elite caravan be sure to carry tarpaulins, or, even better, deal with a reputable manufacturer.

Floor PlanElite "Luxury"

Very happy novices!

We spent years researching caravans and camper trailers before settling on our first van - a 20'10"Elite Balistic. We picked up the van in January 2016. While the actual handover was really terrible, the van itself is fantastic and we are very happy with it now that we know how to use it. Finish is great and the floor plan works well for us so far- not much we would change if we bought a new van (maybe a longer bed as hubby is 6'2"!). A few minor issues have been dealt with by warranty staff quickly and efficiently. The van is heavy and even though we tow with a 200 series landcruiser we still did a further springs upgrade and are ever mindful about weights etc so as not to overload it. We have learnt that everything in caravan life is a compromise and 2 years on have been pretty happy with our choices to go fully offroad with extra solar panel, batteries and airbags (these are the best thing ever!). The van is easy to tow (airbags on van and car keep everything level and balanced). The bonus of buying the Elite is the Owners Club. The van get togethers that they organise are invaluable in forming new friendships, discussing how to get the best out of the vans, technical support and seeing new parts of Australia! A win win! You would have to go a long way to find a nicer group of people.

Floor Plan20'10"Balistic 15FF Diamond

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Questions & Answers

I am looking at purchasing a 2016 Elite Goulbourn Off Road 1810. Anyone had or got any info might help with our decisions. Are they true off road, as I see so many adds with "Semi Off Road" and not sure about the difference. The van in question hasn't done a lot of miles and owned by an elderly person and appears in very good condition.
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Chris, Elites website says its off road and no doubt it will travel down any unsealed roads without any real drama. with its little use it may still be suffering with the poor workmanship from when it was built so be prepared to have a close look at everything. The biggest issue will be masses as the compliance plate will be inherently understated with the tare weight and ball weight. Consideration to payload is paramount as it will determine what you can legally carry and with off road more the inadequate allowance of 400kg is far too low. Also being a front door the ball weight will be heavier which impacts on your vehicle and the necessity of an LDH requirement. I hope this helps. MickoThank you Micko, he’s been up the centre a couple of times and across the Kimberlys once. So I’m sort of thinking that in that time and klms he should have the bugs out of it. My goodness we’ve only just started looking for a van and seriously the choices seem to be endless, but when you narrow it to Off Road it certainly helps.

Hi Elite Owners, Has anyone purchased a Silk Road 1810 recently? I would be interested in your experiences, good and bad? If you are near Sydney where did you purchase it? Many thanks Robert1303
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Do yourself a huge favor and don’t by anything from elite or ballistic as they are called now

Hi, has anyone had a 100 series turbo diesel towing these vans please?
2 answers
We have a 200 series and tows very wellWe tow with a hundred series...perfect match!

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