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Love our Jackson FF 2018

Ordered in Sept picked up Oct. Got a few unexpected upgrades,which was great, bigger gas bottles, bigger tank. Plus the new solar panels. We have just been away for 2 weeks and only issue was hot water system not firing up. But we will sort that out soon as it did work last time. We have been given the personal mobile of the Country Comfort representative to ring. We had a few issues with the rope lights when we first got them, but it worked out we just had to switch wires. People need to realise these campers are priced at the lower end of the scale and are great value for money. Adam was our salesman(Think hes at Wangara now not Kenwick) and was excellent. Cheers MDC..

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationKenwick, WA
Warranty Claim MadeNo
Date PurchasedOctober 2018

happy to take money for no service

inquired and ordered replacement parts through the website, sales person Jamie was happy to sell us the parts and arrange payment for goods to be delivered to our local display center. 2 weeks later we contacted Jamie via email for an update and got no response. Call the enquires phone number and Cody informed me the parts still haven't arrived from there supplier but would check up and call me back that same day if not the next day. No response from Cody, called back 2 days later spoke to someone else who gave me the run around and promised someone would return my call that day, surprise surprise no response.

Customer Service

Can’t deliver on time, rude staff, glad I never got the one I ordered.

Put down a deposit and paid for half the rear fold trailer in cash, went to pick up trailer on agreed delivery date and trailer was not ready and staff had no idea where it was. Staff would not answer their phones or return calls. I had to drive to the store just to talk to someone. I ordered the trailer 7 weeks before the delivery date and told staff I was leaving for a trip half way around Australia a week after delivery date. Staff member actually told me when I went to pick the trailer up that I could just come get it after my trip?????? I think he thought I would be ok with sleeping in the dirt for 3 months??? Ended up buying a PMX camper trailer. PMX staff were much better to deal with and were kind enough to let me buy a display trailer and have it licenced in 3 days so I wouldn’t miss my trip. I was glad MDC couldn’t deliver my trailer as my PMX trailer has been awesome and the staff were much better to deal with. Only nice thing I have to say about MDC is they refunded my deposit within 48 hours. Would not buy anything from this company.


the after sales service is non existent, staff are rude and will keep fobbing you off hoping you will give up. We had numerous warranty issues, and i feel this cheap Chinese imported camper is not up to Australian Conditions. I will be selling our camper as soon as i can but i fear i will have to take a huge loss as the company now has a very bad reputation. Avoid this company is at all cost is the only advice i can give, especially given how we have been treated.

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Hi Dave, if you are experiencing problems and need to escalate things you can email me at stevez@marketdirect.com.au Steve


We purchased our Jackson FF at the end of June 2018. After getting back from our last trip away...only our 4th trip in it. We noticed grease was leaking from the hub on both wheels. We took one off to check the bearings to find very little grease in there and that they needed to be replaced. We called MDC thinking this would be covered by warranty since it's only 6 months old, sadly this isn't covered under warrantly and we now have to foot the bill. I'm very dissapointed, this wasn't due to a lack of servicing but rather as I believe a poorly packed hub during manufacturing. We also have a faulty tail light and stitching that's coming apart.
The camper trailer itself does the job it is designed to do and aside from the above issues we quite enjoying going away in it. However we won't be buying another one and we don't recommed them when people ask about it.

Hi Zoe, our bearings are packed by machine and it is extremely efficient. To have grease leaking from the bearing caps suggests you may have overheated the brakes which can cause the grease to thin and leak out. I can't find a warranty claim under the name Zoe nor an order for a Jackson Forward Fold under that name. If you feel the warranty team made an error you can escalate your claim to me at stevez@marketdirect.com.auHi Steve, that's correct you don't have a warranty claim from me because we were told bearings weren't covered. Instead we were given the part numbers so we could do it ourself. You also don't have an order in my name because it's in my partners name. I'm sure the machine is very efficient & I'm not at all trying to place blame I just made that statement because that's how it appeared once we took the hub off. This camper trailer has only been on short trips & only on sealed roads, mostly highway driving which doesn't require much braking at all & the grease quite often leaks out when it's not in use.Overheating brakes can happen quite rapidly and is the prime cause of grease leaking. If the seals are heat damaged this will exacerbate the problem. Bearings should be removed, checked and regreased at 5000km/6 month intervals with the recommended replacement interval being 10,000km. There is a manual available for your camper on the website with lots of handy tips and a maintenance schedule. follow the link and download a copy I think you'll find it very useful. https://www.marketdirect.com.au/mdc-owners-manuals/ Steve

Awesome camper build quality is fantastic!!

We put a deposit down on a new jackson highside but unfortunately had to cancel the order due to unforeseen circumstances mr zammit from mdc was kind enough to take control of our order and issue a refund no questions and i must add promptly!!
With this we were super keen to purchase another new mdc camper without a doubt. Unfortunately we couldn’t find the funds for a new one soon enough but luckily found A 2017 cruiser highside in like new condition for greeat price. We’ve done thousands of k’s and spent many a night living in this camper and love every bit of it. The xt12 is the next upgrade already on the list!!

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Hi Nath, I'm glad it all worked out for you. Steve

We r on our second trailer love them

The Brisbane store Has very good set up of the trailers
Very easy to make the decision as you can see what has what features
Very helpful staff

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Thanks Simmo, very kind of you to share your experience.

Proud owner of XT17HRT

Fabulous caravan with everything you could want or need
Steve B from Brisbane has been great to deal with
A few minor warranty issues fixed with no hassles
Can’t wait to take it around Australia knowing if we do have any issues MDC have factories in several locations

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Thanks for sharing Trudy, we wish you many happy memories in your new van.

Awesome range and sensational value for money

Being in the industry myself and also running a business which as part of the business does camper mods selling me my new camper was going to be a task

I dealt with Steve Zammit and by the time i finally signed he must have dreaded my calls but he answered all my questions honestly and in all honesty the Robson sort of sold itself. I looked around at leasurefest at every competitor and to be honest none came close and many other brands which were reasonable has sales people who woukd tell you the sky was pink to get the sale. Steve was to the point and promised me my unit by a date and delivered

I would recommend MDC 100%

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Thanks for your kind words Mal, it was indeed a pleasure dealing with you. Steve

Warranty claims and service

Awesome once again with your warranty service and claims, fantastic all round with getting our warranty claims sorted out so fast and hassle free. We would really highly recommend mdc to anyone that’s interested in buying a camper or a caravan to give these guys a go as they have gone out of there way to keep us so happy and enjoying our xtt camper while we are out there enjoying life and exploring our fantastic country we have. Cheers guys

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Thanks for sharing Cruiserman, always a pleasure dealing with you. Steve

Warranty service from hell XTT

I have had my Robson XTT camper for almost a year and after my first short trip my electric brakes completely failed. I had to limp home. I put in a warranty claim, 4 weeks later because MDC warranty are pathetic I posted a bad feedback on face book. The next day Mdc contacted me instantly and semi rectified the situation. The next trip I took the camper on, once again the brakes had completely failed. I put in another warranty claim again. That was 7 weeks ago. Apart from the usual “we will get back to you” or “sorry that person doesn’t work here anymore please be patient” my $26000 camper sits at my house unusable. I am meant to be going on a months holiday starting this week and have had to cancel the trip. So just a heads up for anyone who wants to buy a MDC camper. Sales are very quick to sell you the goods with all the promises in the world if something was to go wrong. But the reality is the warranty and after sales teams are and without putting $100 in the swear jar. They are just simply pathetic. I will never buy one again and I am very seriously contimplating selling this pile of crap. My friends who were interested in buying one of these have now also seen multiple other customers having great difficulty with warranty claims and are spending their hard earned money elsewhere. I wish I did too

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Hi Peter, the warranty team apologises for the mix up. In spite of brakes and linings not being covered under warranty, replacement hubs are being dispatched to you at no charge for product or freight so you'll be back on the road soon.

Poor finishing qaulity.

Had numerous dramas with this company, poor quality workmanship. I paid to get a water tap n pump fitted. But when it arrived it was completely missing, after calling and getting nowhere i went to social media, then i had the owner of mdc message me and he was spewing, telling me not to post about his business on social media, also had a leaking water tank too.. was pretty ordinary

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Good morning Gordo, I have checked our records, we do not have any records under Gordo. I am reaching out to you to resolve any outstanding issues.. Please call 1300MDCCARE and we will resolve anything outstanding for you promptly. Thankyou for the opportunity to make this right for you and your family.

MDC Jackson FF

Had the Jackson FF for a couple of months. Second trip out and loving it. Only issues we’ve had are operator error and the strip lights were wired back to front - easy fixed after a quick email to MDC. One tip we got from the guys at hand over was to put a damp rid type thing in the camper. I reckon it’s saved us. We packed it up dry however after two weeks the pot had a fair bit of moisture in it. Thanks MDC.

Hello Guy, Thanks for taking the time to post your review and we hope you have many great times ahead in your Jackson. SteveHi Steve. No problems at all. You guys have had a bit of a touch up in years gone so thought I’d even the keel. I’ve had two warranty claims since. A zipper and solar panel. You guys are sending out some replacement zips (I’ll have to get it installed) but considering zips aren’t covered under the warrant I’m pretty happy. And you guys are sending a new solar panel out as the regulator went on the first one. Once again I’m more than happy with these responses. I’m looking forward to getting out n about more often.

XT12 real world review

We upgraded our old small van to the xt12, mainly to keep the little lady happy with ensuite, with the goal of a go anywhere unit that was more rugged and yet still small enough to go where others can't. We could not be more happy, so far we have traveled along qld coast checking out many waterfalls and lookouts ( which aren't on the side of the road), currently at Loyalty Beach, Cape York. The road in here would destroy lesser vans. Can't believe we are where we are and traveling with such comfort.

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Very kind of you to post on our behalf Stew. Really hope you had a great time up north, Loyalty Beach is one of my favourite spots. Just keep an eye out for Mr Anderson the big old croc that lives in the creek just north of there. Steve

My high expectations have been exceeded! - XT17t

This is a prime example of how all major purchases should occur.

Well presented products, knowledgeable, helpful, and non-pushy salespeople, all questions answered, easy negotiation, all expectations met; if not exceeded!

Aftersales pre-delivery communication was great and several phases of production were reported to me with photos.
Special order requests were catered for and hassle-free.

Upon delivery/pickup, the van was once again well presented and we were surprised to find that some new features were added unexpectedly, at no extra cost.

The handover process was extremely thorough where ALL features, functions, options, tips and tricks were explained in simple terms yet great detail. (Thanks Rae!)

The van towed even better than expected, very smooth and stable with no weird tendencies.

Upon very close inspections at home, I was most impressed to find that the quality, fit, finish, and inclusions are better than that of vans of double the price, right down to the neatness of plumbing, electrical, and underbody sealing and presentation.

A couple of small warranty issues were resolved promptly and without question after a simple phonecall to the friendly Customer Care team.

In summary, a perfect transaction and buying experience from start to finish.

Top job Team MDC, TOP JOB INDEED! (and I'm not easily pleased!)

Great Review Dennis and thank you very much for you kind words about Rae, she is definitely a great asset to the business and sincere to her customers. Hoping you have many great adventures in your new MDC. SteveThanks Steve, I'm sure I will. The review is well-deserved!

Very happy can't fault it..

Very good showroom at the Caboolture.
Very good range and quality to choose from.
Very satisfied can't fault it the camper and service.

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Very kind of you to take time out and share your experience Greg. Wishing you many great adventures ahead in your new camper. Steve

Great after sales service

I purchased the XT22, I have had some minor issues and James and Chris from Brisbane had them rectified in a very timely manor and without question.
It is a great van and we Could not be happier with the product and after sales service.

We're very glad you're experience has been a good one and thank you sincerely for posting John. Kind Regards from the team.No Problem, I rarely write a review, but I felt your team were extremely helpful. When I first purchased the van I immediately had a few minor issues and you guys sent someone out within hours to rectify. Credit where credit is due, well done team

Great Camper (JFF), great value for money, great service

We have bought a Jackson Forward Fold about a year ago - and loved it every trip so far. Easy to set up (and close again), comfortable and allows us to get almost everywhere.
During our last trip (mostly off-road) we did unfortunately have an issue with the water tank, but the MDC customer service team was excellent (helpful and quick in replying) and all (interim repair and new replacement tank) covered under warranty.

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Thanks for sharing George, we hope you continue to have some great adventures. Steve

Great customer service

Had a suspension bush issue when leaning the Bungle Bungle's on a recent trip (from Brisbane)
Called MDC on a very poor mobile phone connection advising parts needed. MDC posted parts to Katherine post office so we could collect parts when we arrived in Katherine. Parts installed and back on the road.
Great customer service. Visited the Brisbane team when back home to personally thank them for the assistance.

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Thanks for sharing Ray and very kind of you to recognize the teams effort the way you did. Happy camping from the team.

ball weight and how to rectify excessive weight on landcruiser

just completed first trip away out west and free camped my main problem was that with the camper empty with basically very little gear in the camper my ball weight was 205 kilos being towed by a v8 100 series wondering what to do when I load up for for next trip in october

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Hi Greg, if you contact Steve Zammit he may be able to help work around ball weight issues. Please send him an email to stevez@marketdirect.com.au

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I notice that there's no owners manual for the Venturer, either with the camper or on your web site. Is one planned?
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Hi there crew; what type of bearings are used in the 2016 off road deluxe. I have no issue with the ones in there, just want to get a spare set. It is the axle with the mechanical disc brake type. Cheers, Paul.
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Why won’t the warranty department acknowledge or answer my emails regarding claim 1653 from April 2017. Got sick of waiting for your mob to repair most of the issues as they were minor in nature but very disappointing as it was poor workmanship and inferior parts so fixed them myself, but the main issue is the water damaged overhead cupboard in the en-suite. Was told I would be notified when new one is ready to replace, still waiting? How much longer do I have to wait?
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