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Emily Skye's 30 Day Shred

Emily Skye's 30 Day Shred

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Easy to use, great results and great value

Meal plans can be easily customised which automatically generates a shopping list the app almost pays for itself because i only buy the food I will eat now. Lots of the meals are delicious, some are just ok. I always reorder my meals to have fish at the start of the week and vegetarian at the end so I eat my fish and meat when it's freshest which is really easy to do. It's also easy to change portion numbers so I can make extra for a family dinner. And i generally just do smoothies for all my breakfasts because it's easier. On the downside some of the meals use sauces which are high in sugar but these can easily be changed out if necessary.
I like the workout videos which are really easy to follow and you can use Emily to help set your pace so you don't slack off.
I'm always sore after her workouts and i think the online interface is easy to use.


Her customer service is terrible. She is deceiving her customers. Don’t sign up for the 7 day free trial because it is not free. You will be charged even though it says if you cancel within the 7 days you will not be charged. Her whole business model is based on scamming people out of money. She is a fraud.

Awful customer service

Purchased10minFit blaster.Specifically states no equipment needed however out of 14days equipment needed for 10days! Emailed customer service andAmy said just use those 4days after i repeatedly asked for a refund.

Wasn't for me

This meal plan was not family friendly nor practical. Most of the dinner recipes called for ingredients that weren't available at any of my local grocery stores. They were complicated and nothing my family was willing to eat. Then it really bothered me that I paid for a month but week 3 and 4 meal plans were the exact same meals as week 1 and 2.


I totally agree, if you are sponsored by someone very wealthy so all you do all day is go to the gym and stand in the kitchen making these recipes, then this programme is for you. Forget it if you're in a similar situation to me, that is, I have 3 boys and a husband and work full-time in an executive role. My kids wouldn't eat these meals in a million years, so it not only took 30 to 45 minutes to make my meal but I also spent the same amount of time making their meals. Add clean up time, I was in the kitchen for 2 hours for one meal. By the time I finished, I had to start cooking the next one. I went shopping for week 1, it cost over $300 for the shopping list. That doesn't include anything that I need to feed my hungry family of boys. I enjoy cooking and follow recipes all the time, my favourite is Jamie Oliver because his recipes keep in mind that people have lives and in a lot of cases they have families, these recipes, on the other hand, are confusing and not practical and expensive! I feel ripped off because there wasn't any opportunity to see what the recipes and diet plan was before signing up. I feel as though I've been set up to fail because this plan does not suit busy people with families. I will use the exercise programme and take some ideas from the diet plan but I'll have to wait to see if I get the same results as promised, we'll see.

recipies are not what they seem

Have made all the recipes from fit 1 and have found a few of them do not work..example lentil and cauliflower patties..were as dry as hell..didnt hold together. Had to make a tomato sauce via jamie oliver to eat the damm things said serves 4..but not how many to make!..very disappointed.

I provided payment, but did not receive the product!!

This program is a FRAUD!! Do not give them your credit card information! You will not receive the download!!! I tried contacting customer service, but no one has responded. I even have a receipt from them, but they will not give me the product, and their web site claims they have no record of me.


You have to be a full-time chef to adhere to this eating plan. Don't get me wrong- it is very clean and effective, and I love Emily to death. But the recipes take at least 45 minutes to put together, not to mention the shopping, prep time, then cook time, and then clean up. I'm somebody that is no stranger to diet change commitments but this was ridiculous. You're in the kitchen too much to even have time or energy to go to the gym, let alone work a job full time. Find something more simple or streamlined unless you dont have a job!!!

17 kilos down!

This is a tough challenge for people who aren't in the 'health' mindset but the rewards are worth the effort to change your thought patterns. I did this initially following the meal plan and doing the cardio and lost 10 kilos in the 30 days (I had forty to lose at the start, so it was an easy ten).
All the real food (veggies, fruit, meat) changed my pallete and helped eliminate most of my cravings. I found it didn't have enough carbs and that did effect my moods, but it was a worthwhile experience and she doesn't advocate this as a forever thing. It's a 30 day, head down, bums up, not how you should always normally eat plan to get you looking good for an event or occasion.

I LOVED the food. No pills, no shakes, no supplements if you didn't want them. Real food like omelettes for breakfast, chicken salads for lunch and beef stir-fry's for dinner. snacking on hard boil eggs, berries and nuts in between meals.
The food preparation might be a bit daunting and you need to be prepared. There is a lot of vegetables and meat and eggs and if you share a fridge with a full household, space may get tight.

After losing the ten kilos, I am another seven kilos down incorporating the weights plan into my own diet needs. I am getting toned and have become strong and I feel great. My favourite part was the easy to understand stretching instructions and the videos showing you how to do the at-home moves properly.

As I said, this isn't for the faint hearted. The at-home workouts are easy enough to get through if you have a couple dumb bells, a exercise ball and a tread mill or exercise bike. but the eating plan takes dedication to the cause and you will get sick to death of spinach and springwater tuna. I did, but the 17 kilos i've lost are worth the sacrificing of canned tuna in olive oil. I did start to cook things like the mushrooms in the salads to get through to the end of the 30 days.
the at-home workout option, the real food, good price
So much spinach, tough eating plan if you're not used to it, food preparation and space

Will change your life!

This program is not like a diet program you have EVER tried before- i doesnt encourage low calories and heaps of hours of exercise- you eat HEAPS of nutritional food that always keeps you full, and do appropriate exercises that really work your muscles! I cannot even express jsut how much it has changed my life. And there is a forum full of girls on the same journey who all support and motivate eachother, it is a wonderful thing to be a part of :) Emily has done an amazing job and I would reccomend this program to anyone and everyone!

Very happy - best program i have bought!

I have tried so many different programs out there and this is the best one by far and especially for the price! I love that its all online and I can print out the program and also download it to my mobile phone so I can take it with me everywhere and it makes shopping so much easier. If you dont go to the gym Emily gives home workouts as well as the gym workouts. She also gives you a vegetarian meal plan as well as a meat plan. It's so well explained. Emily has thought of EVERYTHING! The support on the forum is fantastic, the girls and Emily are great and answer all your questions. The daily videos keep you motivated and the video tutorials make exercising so much easier. I honestly could not have asked for anything more. Highly recommend!
Everything - as explained above.
Nothing to complain about!

Great results, not only for 30 days but for life!

I have tried several diets and plans before, decided to give this a go as it was on offer for only $50 making it quite accessible and was introducin the whole "clean eating" movement which I wanted to try in a while but did not know where to start. The program is simple, no process food, litlle cardio daily along with weight training. Options for both gym exercises and for at home. I personally dont like to go to the gym and have purchased few items to do my at home exercises. Well it wasnt super easy, but if you push through the commitment of this 30 days, it will become a lifestyle change. I have lost about 6kg, but lost heaps of cm and my body shape has changed massively. I am know doung another round but its more of a maintaining program, still getting routines and meal ideas from the plan. I feel better now that I did in my 20's and after a knee and a spinal surgery done in the last 2 years, I am pretty damn happy about it!
Results showing just after a week which keeps you motivated.
Would rather have a printed out version in a book instead of a PDF but for the price you pay I cant complaint.

Amazing program! Never gets boring!

Always interesting.
Yummy food.
Great vegetarian options.
Everything is so organised and well presented.
Great forum with supportive people.
Emily answers questions as well as other people in the forum.
Motivating, fantastic results!
Fun and challenging workouts.
Great tutorials for workouts for beginners or people who have never completed weights before.
A fantastic program that kick starts a new life!!
So organised!

Great programme with a great community

Great programme. Easy to follow, affordable and it gets you real maintainable results. The support forum is great - all the girls on there are so helpful - and Emily answers as many questions herself as possible. It is a restrictive programme though - so you have to be committed to the full 30days with no slip ups (if possible).
The support forum on Facebook (constant reminder of the plan with your news feeds), the meal plans, the exercise videos
The forum on Facebook is meant to be private - but some girls have invited non members to be in there - and its hard for the admins to know whose paid and who hasn't, so some people slip through the cracks.

Questions & Answers

I want to better understand what is in the program. It is not clear why is included. Is it a one time charge? What does she give you for that charge? Can you keep the information or is it available to you for a limited time?
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As far as I'm concerned, you can actually download the plan as a pdf and keep it forever.

How much roughly is the first week grocery bill?
2 answers
First week is expensive, because you need to buy lots of ingredients that aren't usually available. Mine came round to around £60 in GBP which is crazy as a student. But in the following weeks, this comes down to £35 - 40, and in the last week £30Overall, it is expensive to eat healthily but it does mean that I spend less buying crap food from outside as snacks or on the go, so it actually turns out cheaper

Do they charge month to month for this program or is it a one time charge?
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This program is a joke, don't do it. You have to read a book and NO fitness videos are available.It's a one time charge, never pay another cent. All the exercise tutorials are in the members area on the website and in Emily's app.


Emily Skye's 30 Day Shred
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