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Emmaljunga Nitro City

Emmaljunga Nitro City

4.5 from 30 reviews

Good space

It is easy to pack in our Holden Commodore. Could be easier to fold but overall really happy! Like that it is easy to clean and great storage underneath. Great value for your money. Also good that if you sell it second hand the prices are good so you get your money back.

Excellent all purpose pram

We bought this pram and used it first for my son and then for my daughter. It was fantastic - very easy to use, simple to keep clean and very comfortable for the kids to lie in and sit in. I loved that it came with a bassinet attachment as well as the upright seat for toddler age which could be reclined. Slightly more expensive than other prams on the market but it was excellent quality and, after years of use by 2 kids, it was still in almost new condition. Highly recommend!

Absolutely beautiful quality pram that's also easy to use

I've been thru nearly 60 prams now , including bugaboo cameleon, uppababy alta and vista (the firm favourite still) and the nitro city along with the vista, is about the best pram I've used. So incredibly light and airy to push , it has a gentle bounce and comfortable large roomy seat that will settle the fussiest of babies

The only downsides to those pram are its on the heavier side and slightly bulky, and if I'm being ultra picky, the hood (I love bugaboo breezy hoods they're quite high and open) and the basket design could improve as stuff fell out easily, but apart from the pram is absolutely perfect

Well worth the investment!

Most beautiful pram around

I've had my emmaljunga nitro for 4 years, and used it for 2 children. Even though it's white leather once it's clean it looks brand new - leather is definitely easier to keep clean than typical pram material. The pram is a bit big and hard to fit in all cars but it's steering is so light and so easy to maneuver around - I have a bad back and this is the easiest pram for me to push around. I can still easily push around my 4 year old in it one handed. Comes with all the shade and netting in the hood so saves money on accessories.
Only down side is it can be hard to fit in smaller cars, and the mechanism for reclining the seat down can't be done one handed.
Has been worth the money and any other pram I've tried (a few after we downsized our car) and none have come close to as easy to use and comfortable for the kids.

The best thing I've purchased for my son!

This pram is the absolute best thing I have purchased for my son. It is so easy to push and steer - others simply don't compare. I've hired several other prams for travel purposes (including a Stoke pram and an Uppababy) - and the whole time all I could think about was how much I wanted to get back to my Emmaljunga! No other pram that I have tried compares in terms of manoeuvrability.

I have the cream leatherette and it's so easy to keep clean - I just wipe it down with a baby wipe. I purchased it as a kit with both the bassinet and the seat attachment. We moved my son from the bassinet to the seat at approximately 3 months of age as he was a big boy and also wanted to look around. As a newborn he slept so soundly in the bassinet. He still sleeps well in the seat attachment because it fully reclines back. I honestly can't fault the pram, I absolutely adore everything about it and it was worth every penny!

The only things to be aware of when purhcasing is that it takes up a reasonable amount of boot space so you need a fairly large car to accomodate it. Also, because it is an imported pram you are somewhat limited in what accessories you can purchase for it.

Best purchase by far!

Spent a lot of time looking for a pram that had all the features I was after and the Emma ticked all of them! Beautiful pram, I have the white leatherette and it's super easy to keep clean, not like those yucky black fabric prams which show up all stains. It pushes like a dream and my son loves it. Definitely recommend and worth every dollar

Absolutely love this pram!!

I did a lot of research as I wanted a quality pram that would be easy to push and manoeuvre. I saw the nitro at a baby expo and instantly fell in love with the white leather and styling of the nitro. Once I tested the pram I was super impressed. This pram is an absolute dream to steer and my 3 week old son sleeps very soundly and comfortably in the bassinet. It comes with many features which is fantastic and the leather is so easy to clean. Great storage underneath and the sun canopy provides excellent coverage. Super impressed and very happy with my choice.

Well Worth the Expense

This pram is excellent! I bought it for my 3rd baby and have loved it. I wanted a pram that was easy to maneuver, could face towards me or face outwards, had a large seat/carriage section, multi position recline including flat, was able to be used with a capsule and was robust. This pram was the only one that ticked all of the boxes. It also has an extra large sun hood, inbuilt mesh insect net (inside the hood), adjustable handle, large basket underneath, large pocket in the hood and comes with a rain cover. It is the easiest pram to steer that I have ever used. It has a very large seat area that I used from newborn, however is narrow overall, so it fits through doors and shopping aisles easily. It lays flat as well as sits up straight (my kids always tried to lean forward in prams that didn't sit upright enough). It is easily the best pram I have used, and I did use a few with my first two children! I also loved that I was able to clip a capsule into it with an adaptor. It is such an brilliant pram to use and very comfortable for my baby.
Large enough for a big baby, lays flat and sits upright, suitable from newborn, seat faces both ways, compatible with capsule, steers so easily!!

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Hello - I have just purchased this pram and was under the mpression that you couldn't use a capusle with it as there is not adaptor compatible and their actual capsule is not sold here in Australia?

Excellent all-rounder pram

I bought this pram second-hand from a friend, and though she had used it for two of her children I was impressed with how well it had held up. The pram (in a light oatmeal colour) was clean, with no broken or missing parts, and still looked as-new.
It is the most manouverable pram I have ever tried, fits easily through shops and supermarkets, and I have even been able to push/steer with my torso when I've had both hands full. It is excellent offroad when walking through the park with my dog. It also worked really well on the beach - didn't get bogged in the sand!.
The handle is fully adjustable and suits both my husband's 6'1" and my 5'2" strides well.
Bubby seems to like the pram very well, it is plush and comfortable, although when he was little I had to tuck the footrest up under the front bar to prevent him from sliding out the bottom. I suppose using the harness would have done the same job, but from an early age he liked to sit himself up away from the backrest and watch the world while holding onto the front bar.
The pram is a little large when in the car, but it is easily separated into seat and base if more room is needed. It is not too heavy to lift in and out of the car, although I am pregnant with my second child and that is becoming more difficult - mostly due to manouverability, not the weight.

My only complaints with this pram are a) that it is difficult to lift - not heavy, but awkward for me as there is no lock to hold the frame in a collapsed state, and when lifting it it is too easy to accidentally pull the pram upright again; b) the hood fabric is not easily detached for washing like the rest of the pram and consequently is much dirtier than the rest, and c) the pram is difficult to collapse, both handles need to be operated simultaneously to collapse the pram but I cannot easily reach them. I wish that the levers were situated much higher on the frame, as it is I have to fully collapse the handle to get close enough to drop the pram, and it is a lot harder now that I am pregnant again.
Stylish, durable, easy to clean, extremely manouverable, great off-road, adjustable handle and seat, comfortable for baby.
Awkward to collapse and lift into the car

Very Happy UNTIL baby turned 9 months

We bought this pram as our baby had reflux & it was the smoothest ride we could find that would also squeeze into a coffee shop & work in the city (small side walks etc). We have thoroughly enjoyed this pram. It has a fabulous rain cover system also. We are sad to have to let it go.
love the reversible seat, the steering, the hood is amazing, covers bub completely, the mosquito net is great too.
The only thing that is wrong with it seems to have too much space between the back & the legs area, so baby is slouching all the time. Its such a big problem that we will have to sell it now that he demands sitting up. We cannot belt him in as his is in slouch position. Really sad about it as there is no pram to equal it, we will probably have to get a Rebel Q Air as it seems to have sort of the same set up with a straight metal supported back on it also. What a shame.

Hello Mummie, thank you for taking the time to pass on the feedback. We can't say we've had anyone reporting similar experience. We would love to hear more and hopefully try to resolve this for you. We suggest to contact our customer service team along with some images, so we can have a look at exactly what seems to be the problem. The email you can reach the team on is cust.service@valco.com.au. I agree my baby is 8 months and she too slouches forward on the most upright position

Fourth recline position missing

I was so excited to receive my new pram in the white leatherette, purchased with the bassinet and matching nappy bag only to discover it was missing the most important recline position. This position is essential for a baby as it is not flat but slightly upright, many babies dislike lying flat as they like to look around from a very early age and also it helps when you have a baby with reflux. We also noticed that one of the press studs joining the leatherette fabric to the seat was missing - display in store had the same problem.

Took the pram back and exchanged it for the nitro in black carbon (shiny black fabric with black frame). Love it as it has four position recline, breathable light weight fabric & looks stunning. We also purchased the travel system with the safe & sound unity capsule which seems to work well with the nitro frame.
Beautiful style, easy to push, large seat
Three position back rest - recline position was almost upright, press stud missing, leatherette fabric was dirty when it was unpacked & had to wipe it down, marks easily

The Rolls Royce of Prams!

Love love love it! Has ability to be a travel system with your car capsual so bubs can keep sleeping,
(we put it with the babylove capsual as it had the highest safety rating, but you do need to buy the adapter seperately as you do with most prams) can face forwards or backwards, excellent suspension (I have a gravel rd), can lie flat for newborn, is very stylish- I have it in vanilla/cream leatherette and adore it!, quality materials and make, able to take a toddler seat for future children so it will last you! Has an inbuilt mosquitto net, a rain cover too, 5 point safety harness and wheels which can be locked to go straight rather than swivel if you are on uneven terrain, adjustable handle height too hubby has it higher than I do. Excellent maneuverability, very stable even with a lot of weight on the handle (I put the nappy bag there sometimes and it's never even attempted to lift/fall), compact enough for getting around cafes and right supermarket isles. Very very happy with it! Only complaint is that there isn't a great deal of space in the basket underneath. I researched for the first 8 months of my pregnancy pretty much all the prams on the market and this ticked off on everything and more. Also as you take it apart into two seperate bits for the car it's light to lift. Only other con is the boot space. It's a gorgeous pram- id say by far the best- get one if you can- you won't regret it!
If you want a pram that has it all- this is it!
Takes up boot space, under basket not the biggest, expensive but that's because it's such an awesome pram

Brilliant All Rounder

We bought this pram before our first born and found it incredibly comfortable and secure. We also bought the basinette which she used to sleep in before her cot and once my son arrived, we also bought the toddler seat to go with it.
We've never had a problem with anything, wheels glide easily whether it be in a shopping centre or outside on a gravel path. It's easy to turn (even with one hand) and get around aisles in shops and is sturdy (we have a large dog so pushing the pram and taking the dog for a walk at the same time was easy).
My children are now 3 and 20 months so we are now looking at downsizing to just a stroller for my youngest but the Emmajunga has been one of the best investments we made (some of my friends spent less on a pram but have been through 2, 3 or 4 once they decided the first one wasn't for them or they needed more room for a second child).
I also love the large cover that can be pulled all the way down when baby is sleeping, creating a dark little cave (no messing around with trying to secure a wrap to keep out the light!) and the storage underneath.
glides easily, large cover, sturdy, well made, versatile, grows with baby/child
need a large boot in car,

If something breaks - don't expect to get it fixed!

We did a huge amount of research before we invested in this pram. At first we were so happy. It is really nice to push, the seat fully reclines and it is really stylish (well I think). However, after a few months of use our hood failed to stay open when going for a simply walk. It would just collapse. Over the following months we had it repaired 5 times! While my son just wore a sun hat as the hood was not working. We then just got a cheap pram from Gumtree to tide us over while we sorted out the pram. Each time we took it to repairer it would take 3-5 weeks for a 'diagnosis' to come from Sweden. Eventually, we just had enough of the poor service. We took the retailer to court and ended up with a refund. It was a nightmare....overall it took 14 months to get sorted.

While I agree the pram is really nice - it is just far too hard to secure replacement parts should something go wrong.

There is a lot to be said for getting a 'standard' pram... even it a bit boring.
Lovely to push and a nice looking pram
Heavy, hard to get into small cafes/ spaces, and most of all impossible to get replacement parts.

The best pram!

I'm absolutely happy with this pram. The Emma has 4 seat positions (including completely Flat - in my opinion you don't need to buy the bassinet) perfect for the growing baby who loves to see the world, it is more padded and comfy for little babies (when she was a newborn I just laid a blanket in there to give more padding, she used to have a long nap), you can turn pram forward or backward, I love the suspension, perfect for cooler months, Kids are eating often and the pram gets very dirty, and with a wipe down with wet cloth, it looks like new again. It is well made, very Classic and stylish, you get the attention of everyone.
Excellent Quality, Comfortable, easy to steer, looks,
Takes up space in the boot

Hi, how did you go it the warmer months with the leatherette fabric, does bubs stay cool in it or sweat? I love the look of the leatherette and it was hard to choose between the vanilla and white colours as they both look fantastic. Can't wait to use this pram when my baby arrives!2015 I used my Emma for baby #2 summer 2914 baby. It was perfect, baby didn't sweat of feel uncomfortable. I chose white and it stills white. Cheers,

You get what you pay for

This is a good pram. It is well made, robust and drives like a dream! We find it very useful for pushing the little fellow around the neighbourhood parks. The large wheels handle grass and rough terrain with ease and on a sealed surface it just glides along. One good thing is the solid tyres - no punctures if you live in a country with lots of prickly things around!

We were reluctant to spend so much initially, but after months of trying various prams in the shops, nothing came close to the Emmaljunga in smoothness, ease and manoeuvrability.

The bassinet (and stand for a little extra) was great when the little fellow was very small - it was his bed for the first few months.

It's a great pram, but I think I agree with other reviewers that it might be better to get a lightweight stroller after a few months. We can fit the pram into the boot of our Honda Civic 2006 sedan, but only just - and there's not much room for anything else!
drives very well, well made

Best pram EVER!

We already had an existing pram for our 1 year old son, but after he was a bit older, he began wanting to sit up and see the world, as they do. We found that we needed a more comfortable pram for our son and our daughter (who is due to be born in 5 months). We love the idea of the toddler seat and the toddler roller! It is definitely going to be convenient for the future.

The wheels glide so well and you can pretty much control the pram with one hand if needed. There is so much room that my son can just sit back and be comfortable in the pram.

I love that you can also turn the seat back and forth if needed and the seat can be in a fully upright position.

The pram can also be folded with the seat unit on for convenience, or you can have it separated if needed.

This has an inbuilt sun and mosquito net cover which is great!! It is easily hidden away in the zipper section of the hood and it also came with a free rain cover which is fantastic!

The only thing I can fault is that when lifting the levers to unlock the pram for folding, the lever goes back down again and being a small framed person, I have to then try to hold up both levers at the same time to fold it over and it's hard for me because I am a small framed female.

Other than the lever issue I am having, definitely the best pram on the market and worth the money! Will not regret the purchase. My husband was the one who had to convince me to purchase this.. that's got to tell you something! ;)
Big seat, attachment options, wide variety of colours, easy to manouvre
Hard to keep the lever up to unlock

Absolutely fantastic

I bought this pram after much looking around for about 7 months during my pregnancy. I wanted something that lasts, looks good, easy to use and most importantly comfortable for my baby. I was wondering if it was worth spending so much (definitely not cheap). But when I had many trials at a local store I was sure that's the one for me.
Waited for Christmas as they have sales online n got it for a lot less than retail price.

My lill one is going to be six months and I wanted to write a review after I have used it thoroughly.
It's fantastic pram. Very roomy for baby but yet fits into all aisles in shopping mall. Big seat small frame. .Goes on all terrain lovely. I use it on grass, walkway, n mall with ease. Can actually move it with 2 fingers.
Has loads of storage area- basket is a good size. Takes a big nappy bag n few items. Max load is 5kg.
Has a big back zip in the hood to put in essentials. Have attached a stroller caddy($15) on the handle for drinks.
The hood is huge bonus. It protects the bub from harsh sun completely, doesn't matter which ever direction. All the material us also spf50.
It's bulky to look at but really not that huge. It's about 12 kg. It has everything built in- net which is sun n insect protect. Raincover which is underneath hidden n always there. Has reflectors on rain cover too. it also comes with footmuff which is standard. Straps have pads too. So basically didn't buy anything extra at all( except $15 caddy from big w).

I lift it n put in the forester with ease. Wen I use the sedan I just seperate the seat n then put it.
I used it from birth though the website says 6 months n above. Didn't buy the bassinet. It goes completely flat. He snoozes the moment I put him in it. Now he is 6 months. He likes to sit up n watch. The straps are easy n comes off into 4 parts so don't have to wake him up while unstrapping/strapping.
The bar in front is fixed but moves to two different positions.

Overall it's very sturdy n comfortable. Worth every cent.
With other prams u gotta buy everything separately. So cost kinda adds up.
Comfort n ease of use.

i think this is something i am looking for!! where did you purchase it from or what website? (I am from the USA) and how was it? I did find prices in euro but not in us $dollars. If you are from the united states as well, how long did it take to ship? ThanksI purchased it from tinytotswagga.com.au. Ask them for freight cost. I live in Australia. But a few uk stockists ship to usa

The pram I always wanted!

I first saw the Nitro on display when visiting a baby expo with my sister before my daughter was conceived and knew this was the pram I wanted.

We purchased our Nitro in White Croc and everyone said we were crazy to choose a white pram as it would end up filthy, but being the leatherette and not fabric it simply wipes clean and both the basinette and stroller are still lovely and white (the Chux Magic Erasers work a treat for the tougher marks). I also purchased the matching 'style' changing bag and even this is still nice and clean even though it gets thrown around a lot as I use it as my handbag (it has plenty of room for both bub's things and mine).

It is lovely to push and turns like a dream in a tight circle, so it's a breeze to maneuver up and down aisles in the supermarket or in crowded shopping centres. The adjustable handle allows everyone from my 6'2 husband to my two year old niece to push (when she's 'helping' me look after her cousin).

The pram interior itself is so plush and comfortable and bub looks so happy in it (a lambswool liner fit both the bassinet and stroller perfectly). It's super easy to adjust the seating position up and down and comes with a fly/mossie net built into the hood, which itself pulls all the way down to block out the sun no matter where it is. It also comes with a rain guard which has high vis striping sewn in, great for those dark rainy days if you like to do a lot of walking. The stroller also has a boot/foot muff so bub is completely protected from the elements during winter. More important is that baby can be forward or rear facing which was a must for myself as I am hearing impaired so I need to be able to see baby to make sure she's ok.

Unlike the Mondial which is sold as a combo, the Nitro basinette is purchased separately. I wasn't sure how much use I would get out of it but even though we moved bubs into the stroller at 14 weeks it has turned out to be a good buy as we have it on a stand in the living room for bubs to nap in and she is still nice and comfy at nearly five months old and she is fairly long for her age. It makes a great carry cot when travelling.

It's bigger and heavier than most prams but I have a smaller crossover SUV and it still fits in comfortably when folded down with the seat still attached (it just lifts up the parcel shelf slightly when I close the boot). It fits in easily with a full grocery shop in hubby's car(sedan).

Everywhere we go, people admire the pram and ask what brand it is/where we got it from. It certainly stands out from the crowd. It's very well built and although all my friends purchased new prams for baby number two, I love the Nitro and intend just to buy the toddler seat so I can accommodate both bubs (which makes me feel better about spending so much initially!).
Easy to put up/down, beautiful and stylish, excellent hood extension, easy to maneuver, seat can be forward or rear facing
Pricey, a little heavier/bulkier than it's competitors

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Hi Jiggzy Thanks for the review. Which car do u and hubby drive?? we having a elantra and thinking of getting a forester hoping to fit in the pram and shopping. But as in qld just one shop has them on display n they wouldn't allow us to try the chassis in the boot its difficult to get an idea. I am not that strong. would it be very heavy for a small frame woman to lift the pram n put it in without separating the pram?? thanks.

Fabulous Pram!

Brilliant pram - can't fault it. Would highly recommend the carrycot too - our tall and very heavy 5 month old is still very content to have a snooze in it. The regular seat attachment is easy to adjust from sleep position to upright - the hood is big enough to shield out the sun no matter WHAT angle it's shining - it pushes and turns so easily (even on GRASS) - and the adjustable handlebars make it comfortab to push no matter what height you are.
Can't rave enough about it - worth the $
The basket underneath is a little smaller than some other prams but I've never had an issue with this.

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I have a 12 year old classic emma pram can I use the seat and bassinette on newer frame
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Hi I’m looking for a capsule adapter for my super nitro Emmulunga. Have been told you can’t buy them. Would any others fit?
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Hay are you in the FB Emmaljunga Prams Australia they are great and very knowledgeable

Hello, We have nitro city and looking for wheels set for next summer! I contacted the retailer in Poland and so far no any answer! Can anyone advise if any other sets from emma website can fit on nitro city chassis ?
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Nitro City
Seating Type Single
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 15 kg
Seat OrientationConvertible
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Sold Separately)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesArm Bar, Height-Adjustable Handle, Locking Front Wheels and Under-seat Storage
Weight16 kg
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)
Release dateDec 2009

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