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Energy Watch

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Can't Get Rid of Them

About 6 weeks ago I went to their website and stupidly gave them my phone number. When the page asked for all other contact details I just shut it down. I wanted an on line comparison …. didn't want to talk to anyone. They haven't stopped calling me since. Several times a day. When I answer the phone there is no one there. I think they want me to call them. I have blocked their number on my phone, but they just use another number and keep on calling. This is harassment. If anyone knows how to stop them, I'd appreciate some tips. Wouldn't recommend them to anyone …. ever.

Cost me hundreds of dollars to use their "recommendations"

ACCC should take these guys to court. They want consumers to think they are independent but are anything but. I changed gas and electicity suppliers to Sumo. The % discounts in their marketing are deceptive and the prices jumped to 55c/kW Hour in less than 12 months. The whole electicity network should nationalised full of spurous inflated marketing claims. Energy Aust pay no tax in Australia.

Energy Watch scammers

Unsolicited, unwanted and repeated calls from Energy Watch. Block one number and they use another. Numerous reviews indicate they are not to be trusted.
Find their website - enter fake information. Scam the scammers.

Energy Watch ... energy scammers

I stupidly used this website - Energy Watch - thinking I would receive genuine energy comparisons. They did not provide a genuine comparison that actually corresponded with information contained on the actual energy company websites. They so far have contacted me using 6 different numbers. I have had to block them all. There is also no way to unsubscribe from the email deluge of offers for various companies sent by Energy Watch themselves and since using the website I have received numerous email spam.
This company needs to be investigated by regulators! Individuals are genuinely wanting to investigate energy deals and this company provides misleading information.

Once you are on their data base there doesn't seem to be a way to unsubscribe

The marketing emails do not have an unsubscribe option. They tell you that you receive the emails because you contacted them in the past and/or gave permission to be contacted.
There should always be away to unsubscribe but not with Energy Watch, there is no room to say enough is enough!

Rude - Condescending - Scammers

Do not put any of your details into the website for a quote. They’ll call you and try to bully you into giving them your personal details. I would not trust them with them. Once you let them know politely that you’re fine. Don’t worry about it they’ll start to try and abuse you to make you feel stupid. Just tell them where to go.


Keep getting phone calls. At least 3 per day. I gave repeatedly told them I don’t want them to call. I have blocked the numbers and they call on a different number.
Don’t give them your contact details.


DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR NUMBER. Its harassment they ring me 3 times a day I've told them 18 times please do not call me I've organised a provider and am very happy but no they just keep ringing from different numbers. Do yourself a favour and do not give the your number

Scam Artists and Front Men for iSelect

Given the extreme difficulty involved in trying to understand energy bills (never mind comparing providers!) I contacted this mob to ask about the best deal for someone in my circumstances.

They came up with Power Direct and I agreed to sign up. At this point the guy I was talking to asked me if I had organised internet and I said "yes, I've chosen a provider". He suggested his colleague beside him may be able to get me a better deal and would be happy to transfer me across. This colleague takes the call and in her introduction message says she is from iSelect! She ran through her deals and offered her recommendation (don't remember which company she suggested) and I checked the online reviews while I had her on the phone. The majority rated the company as terrible and so I said I would prefer to stick with the provider that I've chosen.

At that point she got extremely pushy and I had to turn her down no less than 5 times before she hung up on me! I continued to get calls about iSelect for days afterwards trying to contact me about contents insurance, none of which I picked up or returned.

When I received the Power Direct offer by email, the prices were significantly higher than what Energy Watch quoted. So I called Power Direct and cancelled. The next day I get an email from AGL (seems Power Direct acts a subsidiary of AGL) regarding a technician coming out to connect my power. Called Power Direct again and asked what was going on. They said "you signed up for power with us through Energy Watch". "Which, I then cancelled" was my response. And they said "Yes we can see that, but Energy Watch put through the request again".

I.e. They signed me up a second time without my permission to try and cash in on their commission. Power Direct cancelled it a second time and thankfully that was the end of it.

Overall, no money lost, but plenty of time wasted!


Silly me put my mobile number when comparing electricity companies through Energy Watch. Now I’m being bombarded by phone calls from Energy Watch, they don’t say anything and hang up after a few seconds, very annoying. I’ve even told them not to call. I’ve blocked 5 different numbers. I will take it to the ombudsman if they don’t stop

Dont give your details to them

Since doing a comparison online, I have been bombarded with telephone calls. No one answers when I pick up, however after doing a who called me it comes up with Energy Watch. Every call I get on a similar number with different last digits is now blocked. And we were not able to ascertain if their information was spot on or not. I did look at each company they endorsed and not one got higher then a 2 rating. Camparer beware.

Rude and Lying Staff

A consultant called me and said it was "urgent" because the discount requested was rejected by AGL. I told her how this could be considered "urgent" and she told me I may not have any gas because of this was "trying to help me." This riled me up and she continued to be rude and obnoxious.

Called AGL directly and assured me my gas account was still active and gave me the discount anyway. Called EnergyWatch back and lodged a complaint with the supervisor for irresponsible statements made by the agent. Don't make the mistake in answering the phone!!!

Don't do it they will never stop ringing

As soon as you get a quote they ring you every 4 hours. I have told them 6 times i have chosen a supplier please stop ringing me and still every 4 hours they ring.


Switched to Red Energy. What a nightmare. Don't use them. Tried to call Energy Watch didn't return my calls. They just get the commission and don't care how they scam you.

These idiots won't stop calling

Did one quote online to just get some general info. Received a phone call 10 minutes later. Explained I wasn't interested in changing. Called the next day. Said the same thing - not interested! They have called everyday, every hour for 4 days. I have blocked their number. They continue to call even though they have had zero response from me. Do not fall into their web!!! Do not quote. Do not talk to them. This is harassment!

Don't give this group any personal information

Same experience as other reviewers. Looked online at Energy Watch site and tried to get a quote but minimal info and next thing many phone calls. Deal they offer sounds reasonable, without being silly, so easy to feel it is ok to give personal details. This is a mistake. Contact the retail provider you have and you will find that the details provided by Energy Watch don't match what the retailer will offer - eg contract/no contact, kWh consumption rates, fixed daily charge, exit fees all different. Recommend Energy Watch be avoided.


Nadine from Energy Watch sold me on an additional discount that was never received and when querying with the electricity supplier, AGL, they said the discount was not possible. Contacted Energy Watch for an answer and they ignored my emails. Don't bother with this organisation. Go direct instead.

Nuisance calls all day

I'm sick of energywatch pestering me. I have had 8 calls I one day and have told them to get lost and stop calling me.

Idiots keep calling

I used the energy watch comparison to check that my new energy contract was good before the cooling off period. I did not give them my mobile number but gave them my landline which is only used for a broadband connection. I have call number display so I can see that they are the only number that calls me. Every day, two or three times a day they ring me. I changed my answering machine message to say "Hello Energy Watch, this is John ...., I got what I needed from your website so please don't call again." But they keep calling! I am now having my land line and internet disconnected. Thank you Energy Watch for disturbing a person with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Maybe a good lawyer can get me some compensation.

Energy Watch is a joke

My change over of Power Supplier never happened even though I received a confirmation Email from Energy Watch saying it would (now 3 Months down the track). They haven't responded to Emails, and don't return calls Whatever you do 'STAY AWAY' from these idiots!

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