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Awful - Transition to AccessPay is a mess

Signed up under Salary Solutions which advertises the Westpac card. After being processed by Salary Solutions they transitioned over to AccessPay and NAB cards without informing customers beforehand. My card arrived after my money was taken from my pay and they have not loaded the money onto the card and have set up the first payment to my card to be after the next pay period so they are just keeping my money that they already have in the salary packaging account instead of loading it on to my card so I have no access to my own money!

They don’t answer their phones and don’t respond to emails. They don’t process requests in a timely manner and stuff up when they do eventually process the requests.

Downright awful to their customers and even their management refuse to speak to our organisation to discuss the ongoing issues.

Do not recommend this company at all.


Terrible customer service

After months of confusion with getting signed up, finally they’ve accepted my documents and ‘everything has gone through’. Only to have them start deducting money from my pay before they have even sent my documents through to Westpac. Twice I have called up to see what was going on with my card and both times have received such terrible customer service and spoken to so rudely.
Not worth the hassle.


Very average, all the reviews are right.

Pretty average service so far. Keep getting contradictory emails as well as doubling up on emails. Being asked to send documents I have already sent. Once sent being told the process is complete, only to get another email some days later to say documents required. The system or the people working there don't seem to be talking to one another or there is confusion. Haven't even got so far as to set up the service. Initial inquiry was sent Jan 18 2019 and its a month later with still no end in sight for when I might actually receive my benefits.

Terrible customer service

It is incredibly difficult to get through to an actual person when you call. It takes weeks for them to process paperwork and requests. They are incredibly slow to get an initialaccount set up. The worst salary sacrifice company I have ever dealt with. And their fees are the highest I have ever paid.

Terrible customer service

The customer service is really terrible. The staff are not interested in helping and just want to get off the phone. It doesn’t give you confidence in the company at all.

Incorrect FBT on Payment Summary

I got a surprise when I received my 2017/18 Tax Summary. Instead of $15,900, it was $29,997. Very incorrect. I can tell you there was no way I received that amount in the 9 months of Salary Sacrifice with EPAC/RACV.

Easily the worst salary packing company I have dealt with

If you can avoid it, DO NOT use this company. 3 months into my role and I have not received my Westpac card, even after multiple emails and phone calls following up. So my packaged pay is now inaccessible until my card arrived. Westpac have no knowledge of me as a client. I've never been so frustrated or let down by an organisation in my life. A truly disastrous company Avoid avoid avoid!!!

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Dear Sam, We are so pleased to hear that your new Westpac card has arrived and that you are now very happy with the outcome. This was an unusual situation, so we’re thankful that you hung in there and we had the opportunity to resolve this for you. We're glad we could be of assistance. Kind regards, The team at Salary Solutions

Even after sending all documents they don’t process that.Again and again they will say your document

No proper service.For one thing ,need to call 10 times.They will not respond to the papers or documents which we sent.

Stay away from this company!

absolutely useless. They constantly process wrong amount or put through late payments. Call centre is unhelpful and no one seems to know what they are talking about. I would not recommend this company - stay away if you can!!!


Was locked into RACV salary solutions through my employer, but these guys are useless. Have had to chase up reimbursements and repayments numerous times after submission. They were extremely friendly and quick to respond when I wanted to set up a new account, but totally dropped off thereafter.

Pretty awesome

This is my first lease and I am happy with it all the customer service has been great and prompt I have not had a problem with my service insurance or anything so thank you ☺️

Unprofessional And unapologetic

Have just signed up for salary packaging and already regretting it. Signed paperwork 5 weeks ago still have not received card but they have decided to process the payment. So all of my wages are on a card that I haven’t received and probably won’t receive for a week. I received no communication other than an email saying it is being “processed” 5 weeks after I sent in paperwork. When I called to ask what’s going on the person was so dismissive of my concerns. After some stern words from me I was told a manager would contact back to discuss further. The only discussion I will be having is to cancel this, not worth the stress! I stupidly rely on my wages to survive so reliability is important to me and this company is not!

Mess of a company

They are currently holding over $1000 of rent from my salary waiting for a rental agreement from my landlord, fine. Submitted it and then they take a week to "process" the form. Still they don't release the money. Then I get a series of contradictory email about the status of the form. Sometimes they say the form has been processed, sometimes not, some computer generated, some from an actual person. No more email contact after I ask to be put into contact with supervisor to give feedback about my experience - I am thus leaving my feedback here publicly. I call them after about 5 emails and they say it's all fixed now. I also let them know their email system was broken and the "customer service" person didn't even acknowledge my comment. Now I get another email today saying that they are still waiting on the form. Looks like I have to call them again and waste more time. Incredible.

The worst salary packaging company I have experienced

Title says it all. I've been with EPAC/RACV (interchangeable names depending on which way the wind blows it seems) for almost 2 years after being forced to use them by my employer. They are the fourth novated lease company I've had over the years and by far the worst. There's no point in paying for a fully managed car lease if its a pain the butt all the time, and having a lease with these guys is seriously painful. For example, they won't pay for insurance unless you pay yourself and seek reimbursement. They micro manage your account balance - this results in situations such as you not having enough budget for a service, but having more than enough for new tyres, despite being on-track with your overall costs. Dealing with them reminds me of calling Telstra in the 80's. At least they haven't offshored their customer service people I guess.
Cost wise, they are costing me more than my last lease company, who were a pleasure to deal with and gave me no headaches. Why would you do this to yourself? I've submitted a complaint to my employer about the lack of choice. I won't be going near EPAC/RACV when my lease is over.

Unprofessional and incompetent

As it has been said before. On a number of occasions, I have sent correspondence regarding my novated lease contract. I get an automated reply email but this has never been followed up. I updated my correspondence details sometime ago and yet my new petrol card was sent to the wrong invalid address. I believe ever since the EPAC component of RACV novated leasing has been dropped it has all gone downhill. I used to get very swift same day responses to my inquires. Now RACV has failed in the previous great customer service that used to be provided. I would ideally like to change salary packaging companies, but am uncertain if this can be done. Not a happy customer of RACV at all mostly due to lack of professional standards.

Stole/withheld my funds

Salary packaged mortgage on the 12th July and it has not been paid to the bank its now the 26th.

Is this company just totally incompetent or corrupt ?

Have sent numerous emails and rang countless times re salary packaging over 2 months. Just get the same response, " it's being acted upon" or something similar. Nothing happens. Now have discovered the money has been taken out my pay by pay department but hasn't appeared on my Solutions or Meals card.....where is it......have they stolen it ?
Another email and of course I get another computer generated response....And this mob charge $125 service fee!!


Changeover to westpac cards total disaster - multiple pins, cancelled cards, no money paid in - have to phone them every week to get packaged amount sent by employer paid into my account - says problem fixed, never is - long wait times - worst financial service I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with.

Very good to deal with

Started off hopeless after taking over Epac 5 years ago but have really lifted their game and I now intend to lease another car from them


I had the misfortune of dealing with EPAC over a number of years while packaging a couple of vehicles under associate leases. During this time they managed to process EVERY expense claim incorrectly! They duplicated charges and account fees on fuel cards; cancelled and reissued fuel cards for no reason (with a fee); incorrectly processed GST; allocated expenses inefficiently against post-tax (rather than pre-tax) contributions; and incorrectly calculated FBT liabilities when there should have been none. One year they caused my employer to reissue multiple payment summaries as EPAC's FBT calculations (apart from mine) were all incorrect. They did deduct contributions from my employer's bank account and charge me monthly administration fees on time, but it took them months to reimburse my expense claims. In hindsight I would have preferred to pay thousands of dollars in extra tax to the ATO than deal with EPAC. Effectively I had to do their job and pay for the privilege. Fortunately I am a CPA, otherwise EPAC would have unknowingly cost me far more than I was supposed to have saved. Class action anyone?

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How should we contact you when you don’t answer your phones or reply back the emails?!
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Can I salary package to repay my mortgage on my investment property?
2 answers
Yes I beleive you can. But just check with accountant as it might affect your tax offsets.That's incorrect Kerry - you cannot package for an investment property or any investment loan - you can only package loan repayments for personal debt ie the family home mortgage

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