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ErgoPouch 3.5 tog Sleepsuit Bag

ErgoPouch 3.5 tog Sleepsuit Bag

3.9 from 22 reviews

My toddler loves it!!

My 22 month old loves it. He is almost 15 kilos and tall do I got the 2 to 4 year old size. Perfect size for him.
Used with the legs unzipped and he’s super comfy and happy.
I’ll be getting another one that’s for sure.
5 stars from me.

Purchased in May 2019 for $55.00.

Terrible design

Keeps baby warm but zip does not go down far enough, making it far too difficult to get baby into this sleep bag. Please don't waste your money, you will regret it.

Purchased in May 2019 for $85.00.

Works fine for us! Finally got some sleep with my daughter wearing this!

I honestly don't understand what people are talking about with it being too short to get baby and Legs in or change nappy. Yes, I can see if you are trying to jam baby in from the top it might be a bit difficult for some babies (I do it that way with her sitting on my lap and find it easy) but otherwise it was very easy for us to put it over her head and zip up from the bottom and to change nappy just unzip the bottom so you really don't need to take them out to change their nappy.. We got the 2-12 month size and it fits her perfect. She will be 8 months in about 10 days as of this review and weighs a little over 8kg. The neck on it is good.. not too loose or too tight. She doesn't like the mitts though over her hands. We have been using regular sleep bags and she wakes constantly as she likes her legs free. This suit allows her legs to be free but still remain warm. Not sure the pads are the greatest on the legs as when she stands they are at the back a lot of time and not under her feet. Anyways, I will def be buying a few more!

Purchased in May 2019.

Incredibly well made, great quality, but some features are more hassle than they're worth

For colder climates, this is a fantastic sleep suit bag. The quality of manufacture and the amount of thought that has gone into the design makes the higher costs worth it. There is the certainty that if you put your baby in this on a cold night, they will not wake up cold (if their room is within the appropriate temperature range). An additional plus is the fact that it comes with sleeves. As new parents, some are advised that it doesn't matter if your babies arms are cold, as long as their core temperature is warm enough. I cannot attest to the factual accuracy of this advice, but personally I believe that the sleeves offer a higher level of comfort (temperature-wise) than if they were absent. I also purchased this because the idea of the 4 way zip and the "grip-pads" that make walking safer. However, for me personally, these last 2 features were better in theory than in practice. The 4 way zip means that to get your baby into the suit, it is a bit of a hassle as you have to either go over their heads or their bottoms to get it on, and then do up the 2 bottom zips while they are possibly wriggling or trying to crawl away. The junction of the zip at the back lies somewhere around the small of their back (depending on the baby's height), which seems quite uncomfortable. The grip pads seem to meet the floor for walking only when there is an additional length of fabric, which means that they can present a potential tripping hazard for unsteady walkers. Also, I've noticed that when the bottom section is zipped up into two separate legs, because the zips do not close all the way up the top, they can slowly come undone if your baby is rather active, not to mention the zips can often attract their attention as they are not hidden. And finally the "hand-mitts" seem rather tight and short, but this differs for the size of your baby.
This is a great product, however I would personally be purchasing a more simple design in the future.

Purchased in May 2018.

Great product but very expensive. I

Great product. I love them but it is so expensive and the 8-24 months was so tight on my daughter at 18 months old, I had to go and buy the 2-4; apart from that it keeps my daughter warm were ever I go and it's cotton and it's the best on the market

Purchased in March 2019 for $62.00.

Great product, saves frequent waking

This bag is excellent. It is warm, washes well, good quality materials and zipper. Well designed product and I’m sure baby sleeps better whilst using it.
Only downside is it takes ages to dry and the fabric became a bit compressed after washing so it wasn’t as warm as before.
It’s at the top end of the price bracket but well worth it.

Life saver during cold weather!!!

My daughter hates blanket!!! I thought let’s give this ergo sleep suit a go!!!

She start wore this since she was 8 months old and now she is 24 months!!! Never have any problem with cold winter weather she always snugged and warm and sleep right up till in the morning!!!

I bought 2 pairs...8-24 months and 2 Yo- 4yo
They still in great conditions too!!!The best money sp my ever.

Wish I didn’t buy this

After travelling to 2 different places to find this suit, it was a huge huge disappointment. The bag is so not practical, for starters the size is humoungus, even though I bought the correct size, the zipper is too high, so to put him in it is a mission, definitely not good for changing nappies during the night! My son actually looks like a mischelain man in it, anyway did one 15 min sleep in it, took it off and put him in his regular bag, slept normal, I then tried it the next sleep and same thing happened again.. never wore it again. The only good thing I can say about this is that it looks warm.. the price I paid for this is ridiculous, for it to be stored in a draw- honestly the biggest waste of money!

Nice and warm

I had trouble finding something thick enough for Melbourne winters. This bag is 1tog thicker than most winter bags. I love that it has legs so that I can still strap my baby into the pram while he has his sleepsuit on for winter morning walks. I was worried by the reviews that said the zipper didnt go down far enough making it hard to change but have had no issues. Maybe because i bought one size up to give baby room to grow into. The neckhole is small enough that the bigger size is not a hazard.

Wonderful products

These sleepsuits are wonderful! Nice and toasty for winter, my little one loves them. Have also purchased lighter weight ones for summer. The customer service of ergopouch is wonderful too! I highly recommended this company and their products. I have already stocked up on the next size at their mid year sale.

Warm and toasty

The Ergopouch sleepsuit bag is the most inventive and practical sleep aid on the market. During these cold months the 3.5 tog rating is perfect for my little man. He likes to move around in his sleep a lot so with this higher tog rating i don't have to worry about adding blankets or be concerned about him getting cold overnight. There's also plenty of colours abd patterns to choose from to suit everyone's taste.
The added bonus of being able to convert it from a sleeping bag to a sleep suit is great and means on these cold mornings you know your child is still warm but can still be mobile and explore their surroundings.

Good for the warmth, but not for the wear.

We purchased a 3.5 tog sleep bag in April 2017 for my then 2.2yo son as the Canberra cold was setting in. While this suit has been wonderful for keeping him warm there are a few aspects of it that have been quite frustrating to deal with. While in hindsight we would have made the same choice due to a lack of other viable options, it would have been nice to know these things ahead of time.
We primarily bought this suit because of it's warmth weight and ability to be worn with legs. It is important to us that our son is able to easily get out of bed and around the house in the suit. Initially we bought the 2-4yo size but the legs were so unbelievably long, it would make safe and efficient movement difficult. I contacted ErgoPouch and their suggestion was to tie the legs with rubber bands. Crazy that is their solution considering the cost of the product and that they designed the size ranges themselves. So we exchanged it for the 12-24 months size which fits much better and we made the compromise of fit over length of wear in the hope that he will be able to pull a blanket on net winter. If you're happy to use rubber bands, great. But if you're not you'll either need to size down or be prepared to impede your child's movement in the suit.
The suit is designed with foot grip pads. However, at no stage has the suit sat in such a way that our son walks on the foot grip pad, rather he walks on the fabric which is now deteriorating to the point where I need to think of a way to fix it to get through the rest of the season. Initially when there was a decent amount of additional length the feet just folded forward and as he's grown to fit it perfectly it's just the same. We could not for the life of us figure out how to get him to walk on the pads. The front of the leg looks worn and the foot pads are practically brand new. Bear this in mind if you want more than one season out of your suit.
The leg zips can be quite fiddly, although once you get the hang of not zipping them all the way down it's not too bad. Getting the suit on can be a task with a toddler, but something that you get the hang of too. This lead to some difficulty with toileting. I guess this is something we should have thought of before purchasing but when my son decides he's going to avoid bedtime by claiming he needs to go to the toilet we either have to go through the whole rigmarole and dramatics of getting the suit off and back on again or we undo the legs and roll the whole thing up around his waist like he's wearing a rubber ring at the pool. Either way, pretty annoying.
In all the suit has kept him warm and mobile, which is what we wanted. But there are a few factors that mean if it comes to it, next season we will not be purchasing another.

Warm durable and my kids feel so snug and safe

Ive been using the ergopouch sleeping bags for both my children. They are 20mths and 2.5yrs now. Have used all types from 0.5tog through to 3.5 togs. I have comfort in mind knowing they wont kick off the blankets as they have the perfect temperature for every season in them. My children love their sleeping bags and its so easy to use.. part of the bedtime routine snugging them in

Perfect for me

My baby have always used ergopouch sleeping suit in winter because I like the the warmth that it offers and the fact that it has sleeves makes it even better.

It is not perfect in itself because it can be hard to put it on your baby because the zip only go down that much but you manage, when baby gets older they don't resist, it's really not that hard

Poor design! Not worth the $$

I brought the ergo pouch 3.5 tog for winter this year 2017. My son is just under 10 months old I brought the 12months - 2years sleep suit. The zipper to get him in, you practically have snap his legs!! The zipper is quite short! It's a absolute nightmare to get him in! I won't be buying ergo pouch again and will reconsider buying other products from the company. It's not worth $80 something dollars.

Very impractical

I really don't like the sleep suit ! The idea is great but it is impractical. It's very hard to put the baby into the bag - legs have to be bent right up to get into it as it has a small zipper at the front, but the hardest part is changing a nappy. My baby is 3 months old and it was so difficult to access the nappy due to the positioning of the zips at the bottom . I am regeretting buying it.

OK but not great

I bought my son two of these sleepsuits in the hope he would be relatively warm all night in winter. I bought the 12-36mo and the sizing is way off- at 12 months old we couldn't use it as a jumpsuit at all because the legs were way too long and had to roll the sleeves up (and my son is very tall for his age).
At 18 months old the sleeves fit perfectly but the legs were still too long.
Now at not even 2 years old the sleeves are too short and the legs are still too long. I really don't like having spent $90 on two of these expecting them to last until my son is 3 years old (or a little less because he's tall), and at not even 2 his hands and arms get cold at night because the sleeves are too short, yet the legs are still so long we have to use rubber bands to 'tie them' up so that he can actually walk around in it, otherwise he trips over the legs.
I also think the arms are too thin, they are hardly fleece-lined (they're more like a very thin jumper) and you definitely have to put a long-sleeved top on underneath on cold nights and often we have to put him in leggings as well because the sleepsuit isn't really that warm at all. We live in SA where temps don't get that low.
I worry for children who are put in these and taken outside in freezing temperatures, the thickness isn't that great, if you put an unclothed child under a blanket of this thickness the child would freeze.
I understand it's important for children not to overheat but very often our son wakes up cold wearing this on mornings there it isn't actually that cold- it defeats the purpose of spending $90 on something that is supposed to be designed for sleep in cold temperatures.
On a positive, he does look like a very cute little grey Telletubbie in it!


With temperatures often descending to zero and below in the early hours I was struggling my my 8 month old waking up cold. This has been the perfect solution. It isn't easy to change a nappy overnight but I don't need to do that anymore. The conversion to legs is fantastic gor our early morning walks when the temperature is still around zero.

Warm but not well designed

This sleep bag might be better suited for bubs who can stand while being dressed. I bought size 0 for my 8 month old (now age 1). I have always found it very difficult to get her into it because the zip is so short, I have to bend her legs up quite far to get them into the bag while she is laying down.

Really liking it!

I've been using the 12 mth and up size on my just 8 month old, just rolling up the fleece lined sleeves. The neck hole is not too big so I feel she can safely wear it now and so will get tonnes of use out of it. This is such a bonus as I think it's so unnecessary when brands increase the neck size dramatically with older sizes. I bought a second hand Pure Baby 6-12 month size which I can't use for this reason - and she's in that age range! Came out fantastic from it's first wash. I think you can't have everything in one design, and with this there is the benefit of it turning into a jumpsuit. You can't then also expect that the zips will go down any further for nappy changes. You just to think what your priorities are. I had to change my daughter through the night when she was young, but not for the past few months so this is not an issue for me. It's so great that it has sleeves and it's so warm that no overnight heating is required when she wears this. When it became a bit cooler I just added a double thickness cotton blanket over top and she sleeps like a dream! I find it strange that most baby sleeping bags are sleeveless! It means you'd have to have that many more long sleeves options in there wardrobe.
A couple of months on now and this has been the only sleeping bag she's needed - very happy!

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Questions & Answers

Dose it keep babies arms warm?
1 answer
The material for the arms are thinner and stretchier than the rest of the suit, however I think it does the job most nights, unless it's incredibly cold. It also has fold over mittens at the end for their hands.

I have heard the length is not that great. Im planning on getting a 3.5tog as moving overseas. My daughter will be 15mnths. Am i best getting a 2yr +?
2 answers
I think it depends on how mobile you want your daughter to be. If the suit is just for sleeping I think it would be a good idea to get the 2yr+, you'll get a lot more use out of it and therefore better value for your money. If you're wanting her to be mobile then you might have to think carefully about how she'll manage in a larger size because the legs don't really bunch up to enable walking on the gripped foot pads, they'll just flop around and get in the way. Hope that helps...My daughter is 18 months and I have had to just move to the 2-4. It's massive but the other pone is so tight. I only use it in bed

can you change this bag from suit? to sleep bag again and how do you do it?
1 answer
Yes, I use this always as a sleeping bag as my girl isn't walking. To change between bag and suit, from the middle down only it can unzip at the front and back. These zips then can be done up as the two front pieces together or as one side at the front zipping together with the same side at the back. This forms a leg. Hope that makes sense. It is very easy to do if that helps.

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