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Woombie Swaddle

Woombie Swaddle

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great product, awful customer service

I bought the Woombie original for my 2 week old. Confused about what I should dress my baby in under the Woombie, during the winter months I emailed customer service asking for their recommendation. Their response was ‘you know your baby better than we do, so you decide’ WHAT! I know my baby, but I don’t know your product. Most similar pouches are able to offer a guide.. I don’t understand how I’m expected to use a swaddle that doesn’t come with a TOG seating or guide to what is safe to dress your baby beneath. I ended up purchasing another similar swaddle that actually came with a guide and tog rating. Seems like this company is more concerned about covering their butts in the instance something was to go wrong, rather than offer parents any sort of advice.

Purchased in May 2019 at Woombie for $50.00.

Amazing item! If used correctly - you will not be sorry!!!

I have used the Woombie on both my children. The first child was an escape artist in every swaddle. It was beyond frustrating. I stumbled upon the Woombie when she was 6 months old and was beyond thrilled. She slept straight through the night with no problems and extremely comfortable. She is now 2 1/2 years old and an amazing sleeper and I believe it's because of the Woombie. When I had my second baby I used the same Woombies that her sister had and began using them from day one in the hospital. She began sleeping through the night at two weeks old. She is 6 months old and an amazing sleeper. Buy the Woombie!!!

Love em!

Wow, I love Woombies!
There isn't anything as frustrating as your baby waking at 3am as you have poorly swaddled them at 2am - this fixed that! In fact, I think every newborn should be given a woombie upon leaving the hospital, especially for first children! I wish we had one for the first few weeks with my first born, a mother of 6 recommended them to me after I told her that Joe was waking because we can't swaddle properly when we (the parents) are exhausted in the middle of the night. When we had our second child, we used it from day one and never had the 'bad swaddling' experience.

If you are a new parent, pay the money, get this as it works.

this product and the customer service is a joke

To begin with its over priced. The sizings are ambiguous at best. I tried the summer one on my son and he sweated profusely. I contacted woombie for a refund and the sent a rude email back saying I should sell it on eBay!!!

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Unfortunately this item was used and was not a faulty item, we were unable to accept the item back and give a refund therefore we suggested she could sell it on eBay. This lady was given lots of information at a baby market, and chose the Summer Convertible from our range. It is highly recommended by midwives and paediatricians around the world for use in hot climates, due to the unique organic air fabric, which allows heat to escape. Regarding sizing although this was not mentioned in our communication, sizing is a guide, what may be quite firm for one user another may feel it not firm enough. We do exchange on unused items.

Poor customer service

This is a five star product and my baby sleeps well in the woombies but I was not one bit impressed with their customer service

A lifesaver when my bub was tiny

My daughter was in a Woombie from birth and it was brilliant! She's a hopeless 'startler' and quite strong, and would always wiggle her way out of muslin wraps. The Woombie made her feel snug and was a great cue for 'sleep time'. She does love to suck her hands though (through the Woombie!) and as she grew, this became a bit tight for her and she would get upset that she couldn't move as much. Asa result, we've moved her into a grobag but will keep my Woombies on ice for when/if I have another hub because they are so great.
We were given one as a hand-me-down
It got a bit tight as she grew

not good

my lo 5wks HATED it and it looked SO tight esp around neck dont think will try again twice for 10mins was enough :-( have bought an ergo pouch and love me up baby swaddle will try them as he gets out of all my wraps my lil escape artist
just not 4 my boy wasted my money

Poor customer service

I purchased 2 x woombies off the great reviews it got on this site. When I got
Them I tried it on my daughter and she slept terribly and was I concerned about the material being so tight around her neck and it irritated her skin. I tried to get a refund for the one I did not use and sent them an enquiry they took ages to get back to me and now am not in The 14 day exchange period lets just was very disappointed with product and company! Not helpful
Apparently works for others
Poor service, return policy

Love the Woombie!

My daughter has slept in a Woombie at night since we brought her home from hospital and it has been fantastic so far. I originally thought it was way too tight but they do stretch a little with each wear. It is meant to be tight so bub feels secure and sleeps better. I have tried stretchy wraps but they always come loose and bub gets a hand out. She definately sleeps better at night because she is so snug.
The two way zip is fantastic for nappy changes as you don't need to take the Woombie off. The only hassle I have had with it is getting bubs arms to stay down to get her zipped in! A wriggly baby just doesn't cooperate sometimes!
Great choice of designs (Woombie Air), keeps bub snug and sleeping soundly.

Love it!

We were skeptical about using this at first, but soon realised how amazing it was. When my son first started wearing it we were worried it was too tight because it has quite a snug fit, but then realised that it would leave marks on his skin and we wouldn't be able to fit 3 fingers down the neck area (with bubs in it) if it was too tight. It helped our baby sleep comfortably as it gave him to snugness he was used to within the womb whilst still being able to move his arms and legs around without being affected by the startle reflex.
Comfort for baby, helped with extra sleep
Looks tight on (its not, but the fact that it looks tight might deter people)

My baby won't sleep in anything else

My baby is now 6 months old and has been sleeping in her woombie from about 6 weeks old. We had heaps of trouble swaddling her in muslin wraps as she would wriggle her way out of them. This was made worse because as she grew the muslin wraps became too small to wrap her in effectively. I tried the "Love to Dream" wingsuit but she hated having her arms up by her head. She loves the woombie as her arms are tucked in and now she won't sleep in anything else. Plus its so simple to use that my husband can easily put her to bed for me now (just zip it up!), whereas he had a really hard time trying to wrap her in the muslin swaddle. I've found them to be very good quality - we only have two of each size so they rotate regularly through the wash and dryer and they still have their shape and haven't worn at all.
My bub can't wriggle out of it, she sleeps soundly, there are different sizes for when your bub grows, my husband can use it easily without messing about with the traditional wrapping techniques.
You can't use it in the carseat, which means that if we go to someone's house for dinner we put her in it for bed, but have to take her out of it to put her in the car which thoroughly wakes her up as unzipping it and freeing her arms is usually her cue for awake time.

I've used a few wraps but this is DEFINATELY the best by far

I started using a wrap me up on my daughter from 6 weeks and she has now got a posture problem. I have since changed to a woombie and have found a big improvement in her posture and she absoluetly loves it. She sleeps 10 - 12 hours every night very comfortably. I have now got 4 wraps 2 original and 2 fleece for winter.
I wish i had used a woombie for my first child.
Have been recommending them to everyone.
The best thing about this wrap is you and you child will get alot more sleep which makes for happy days. They dry really fast.
Absolutely nothing wrong with this wrap. LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Fantastic wrap - my baby sleeps through the night now

My baby got sick last month and would wake every two hours because he would get out of his wrap and/or his reflexes would wake him up. I had tried lots of different types of wraps because he likes his hands near his face but felt like a zombie with not much sleep night after night. So I researched on line and found that Woombie wraps had lots of positive reviews and looked like the perfect wrap for me. When I rang Doona, I got great customer service to discuss which wrap was best for me and I received it within 3 days of ordering it. Now my little boy sleeps through the night and some of his day sleeps even go past the "40 mins" cycle. Thanks Woombie Australia, you have helped this mum so much!
Good Customer Service. Reasonably priced. Keeps baby safe and secure. A nice range available, including the transition into sleeping bags.
I wish they had a convertible "Summer" wrap for older babies.


Steer clear of this item if you don't want to waste your money. I was given a similar item by my beautiful mother in law which is called a "Love Me Baby Wrap Me Up" and it is simply wonderful. I have recently purchased some more as my baby uses them all the time, and it is good to have spares as my baby has a little reflux. My original wrap though, still looks and feels like new. Unfortunately I have to give the Woombie a BIG thumbs DOWN!
Good idea, but not much else good to say I'm afraid.
The poor quality and mediocre customer service from lady running the Australian operation. If you have a problem, you are on your own. My Woombie literally fell apart after a couple of uses. First went the stitching, then the zipper went, then velro went, and various holes began emerging in the material.

Love love love my Woombie.

I recommend the Woombie to everyone that I can, now that I've used it.

I had my premmie baby in it from when he was a couple of weeks old and only 5lb (2.2kg) - the length of the Woombie wasn't a problem, I just tied an elastic band around the bottom of it as suggested by the Woombie page, and it was fine.

My baby is now 6 months old and still loves his Woombie - even if he grizzles as we put him in it, as soon as it's zipped up he is so comforted and calmed by the snugness of it that he is quickly off to sleep.

I have 4 Woombies so that we can rotate them in the wash, and one of them is the older style with the velcro closure at the neck. I admit that I do prefer the snap closure, but they both work the same otherwise.

They wash really well - still look like new, and are great quality and retain their stretchiness and firmness.

I am looking at getting a Convertible version of the Woombie now so that I can transition my baby into learning to sleep with his arms out so he will eventually sleep in a sleeping bag.
Great quality, calms baby and makes them feel secure
Neck stretches a bit after time, but not a huge issue

Fantastic Product!

When our third child arrived, a friend recommended we purchase a Woombie. I only wish I had this product with my first 2 babies! Baby zips in like a lightweight peanut shaped sleeping bag and sleeps for a good 6-8 hours straight. The product works like a fabric womb, stretching slightly to allow movement but still restricting baby's movements to prevent startling and waking. I bought 3 - one on baby, one in wash, and one spare. Easily washed. Easy to use. Would recommend to any new parent or parent to be!
So simple to use, and safe for baby
Slightly more expensive than other swaddlers, rrp around the $40 mark

Tight fitted material! My little man falls asleep easily.

Im not sure which woombie i have but i think its the woombie swaddle. Its very snug fitting, strong stretchy material unlike other brands where after a couple of washes that the material begins to wear thin. Bub has arms holes which can open up and close off when his put to sleep.
Strong stretchy material
Doesnt have seatbelt hole underbum. Price. Huge zipper gives the impression you may zip up your childs skin, so far this hasnt happened

Terrible customer service!!!

Very helpful whilst trying to sell me the product. Told me which size to purchase, upon receipt it was miles to small for my baby. I contacted woombie again she pretty much told me it would fit even though i had tried it on, and explained i would not be getting a refund due to my 'change of mind'. She was actually quite rude. The next size up was miles too big but i had no choice but to exchange. In the mean time i had to purchase one that fit (ergococoon highly recommended) now i have a useless $50 purchase. To make matters worse my exchange arrived badly beaten in horrid packaging making it impossible to sell. :(

Refund policy a joke

The right Woombie size for baby is determined by weight. Going to a larger size can be unsafe for baby. The concept of the Woombie is to stretch onto the baby, moulding to the babys unique shape and imitate the feeling of the womb, which means it allows baby movement but with resistance. Unfortunately some users are not familiar with how they need to fit to be effective and that the Woombie in fact gives baby more movement than Traditional Wrapping, even though appearing to be tighter. Using a swaddle on a baby who has not reached the weight guidelines will be loose, which this customer was advised, as safety is important to us at Woombie, we do advise to not skip sizes. There are over nine styles of Woombie available due to the ever increasing different needs from baby and carer. The ergococoon (mentioned above) which is a copy of the Origianl Woombie Concept but has the shape of a sleeping bag is stretchier than the original Woombie and is more to the stretch of the Summer Version Woombie.Well people get rid of rude sales staff. Fire them! I was considering getting a woombie for my daughter who is expecting her first baby. Having second thoughts now due to the previous review from the previous post.


I have 3 woombies, an old one I purchased almost 2 years ago and two new ones I got recently: new big baby and a new big baby convertible. I have noticed that since my last purchase they have improved the product significantly. Better press stud, its longer and better fabric. None of my new ones have the velcro that one of the reviewers was talking about. Both have a press stud covered by this lovely velour cover so its soft on your babies chin. I totally love the woombie and have recommended it to all my friends although I sometimes find that so many people just dont get what I am on about as I am so excited about getting quality sleep at night. In a nutshell, I have used so many swaddles and most of them that pin down your babies arms I find frustrate both my children. The woombie on the other hand appears to soothe my baby as they can place their arms in any position without startling themselves. Everytime I put my baby to bed during the day without a woombie she sleeps for about 40minutes and them wakes up. I find with the woombie I get a lot longer out of her as she doesent startle herself after her sleep cycle.
Great quality fabric, Easy to use, Baby loves it, comes in a convertible option to open up the arms

Sanity saver!!

My son was a little houdini...no wrap could hold him. A friend recommended the Woombie so I bought one, and was SO glad I did. My son slept so much better in the Woombie because he wasn't getting unwrapped during the night, and I slept better because I didn't have to worry about him getting smothered by the wrap coming undone. I used the Woombie up until he was about 8 months old. Best baby product ever.
Keeps baby covered & secure

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Questions & Answers

Can babies get there hands up near mouth or cheeks? Or are arms secure down on chest or sides
1 answer
Sometimes they can wiggle enough to get their fingers out when they are a bit older but in general, if you have the right size swaddle for the baby then they won't get their hands out & their arms are secure either at their sides or on their chest (where-ever you put them).

How to transit from swaddle to arms out?
1 answer
My daughter was a compete swaddle addict so we couldn't just go cold turkey and take her arms out of the woombie. We ended up using another product called the Zipadeezip to transition which worked a treat.


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