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Everdure Neo Buddy

Everdure Neo Buddy

Neo Buddy and Neo Buddy Grill
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With attached rotisserie

What a great Barbie for a medium size family. Now 6 years old I decided to add a rotisserie. I put it together with a piece of scrap metal and with an inexpensive rotisserie, see the pictures it works like a dream with chicken or any medium sized rolled roast, just adds another dimention. Would be great to have this option on a new barbie.

Purchased in May 2013 at Bunnings.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Preheating Speed
Even Heat DistributionYes
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Hi there, thanks for the feedback on your Buddy, your feedback and great pictures have been passed on to our marketing department. The team at Everdure.

Great except for 1 design fault

If only I did not have to use a fine piece of wire to clean the few gas hole outlets that always get blocked so the entire pipe ignites as it should!
A metal cowling should cover the entire gas pipe so fat does not drip and block holes for the next meal.
Very frustrating routine.
Otherwise a fine BBQ

Purchased in May 2019 for $90.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Preheating Speed
Even Heat DistributionNo
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Thanks for the feedback Cambike we will pass it on to our Product development and marketing teams.

Perfection and performance

This mighty BBQ ticks all the boxes for us whether we are camping or caravanning. Small and robust, it packs easily in the ute. It is so easy to clean and the cover provides the cleanliness for when we are away. Cooks up a mighty meal for 2 people. Unfortunately the handle on the lid broke when my load shifted from hitting a big bump on a 4WD track. Still works fine. Bought privately, still in the box, unused for $80, bargain of 2016.

Purchased in July 2016.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Preheating Speed
Even Heat DistributionYes
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Hi there , your great review will be passed on to our marketing department , its terrific that your Buddy ticks all boxes for you. The team at Everdure.

The best in our caravan

I have been around for a fair while living in the bush and now caravanning around our great country, I have a Neo buddy and I use it daily for breakfast and dinner. It is by far the best I could have for my use.We have travel partners who are going to buy one and park up theit webber. Thanks for a great product that cooks well cleans easy and stores away well also.

Date PurchasedJan 2015
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Hi Nobby , its great to hear that you Neo Buddy is meeting all of your requirements and that your travel partners have been impressed cooking. Your feedback will be passed on to our marketing team , in the meantime keep on enjoying you Neo Buddy. The team at Everdure.

Great For Camping

Take this camping all the time.
Bought this awhile ago perfect for camping or BBQs for 4 people.
If your after a small Bqq this is the one
Keeps the heat in unlike the webber which is great for a roast or grilled fish
Easy to clean and very compact.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016
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Thanks for the great feedback Mackenzie75 , its good to hear that you are happy with your purchase and that it is meeting all of your requirements. The team at Everdure

great barbie

We got this product for about 6 months now, and have been enjoying using it! its perfect for the size of our alfresco, nice compact design, perfect to cook for 4 people. If you are after a small bbq for great value, this will surely tick all the boxes. absolutely love it!

Date PurchasedJun 2017
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Hi Rod, Glad to her that your Neo Buddy is performing so well for you, if ever you need some recipes or tips please feel free to contact us. Thanks.

Handy BBQ as I want

Nice design, perfect for small families and occasional use.
Fairly good result of BBQ and roast.
Heat power varies between hot plate and grill plate, and not easy to clean afterwards.
Flames takes at least twice to light everytime in to start, safe to use afterall.
Easy to storage and move because comes with cover and portable folding legs in a set.

Date PurchasedDec 2017
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Good afternoon Danie YY, Thanks for the feedback on your Neo Buddy, if you are needing assistance or any recipes please feel free to contact us on 1300 739 033 and have a chat with one of our friendly team. The team at Everdure

Pretty good so far

For a portable bbq this one has been quite good, not too heavy to cart around, have used it countless times since purchasing it at bunnings. Easy to clean and heats up quite quickly. The only downfall I would say is when there is a strong wind I find it doesn't stay hot even with the lid down. You have to make a wind shield to continue cooking with high heat. Light to moderate winds are fine, just strong constant winds are the issue. Also I purchased the box with the cover and stand for the bbq. Cover is very good quality and stand is good too, but wheels on the stand are just plastic, easy to destroy. Overall happy with the purchase

Date PurchasedDec 2016
Thanks for the feedback, If ever we can help with tips please call our customer care team on 1300 739 033 your comments will be viewed by our Marketing department.Thanks for the comment. As I mentioned in my review last year about the plastic wheels, Eric the destroyer (what I have named my brother since he destroys everything I own) has of course destroyed one of the wheels on my bbq. How do I go about replacing it? Thanks very much, Narran

Exactly what I wanted

I've had my Neo Buddy for about 3 years. It's copped a flogging every summer and my hot plate hasn't worn. I love that it has handles on the sides, great for the tongs. Compact and easy to move around. Can throw it in the boot and take it anywhere. It does everything I need it to do and we've even done a couple of roasts in it

Date PurchasedNov 2014
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Good morning, Thanks for the great review on your Neo Buddy , we are glad to hear that you are getting the most out of it, feel free to contact us if we can assist with recipes or any further information. Kind regards.

Dangerous Flames from Temperature Control Dial

Didn't even get to use this BBQ which I bought online. Managed to light the BBQ on and after 20 seconds the inside of the gas connection where the temperature dial is stated producing large flames which didn't look right.
I suspect there is a leak and further use could be dangerous. There is no way to tighten the connection unless i dismantle the whole unit's body, which quite frankly I don't think is appropriate for a consumer to do so.

Pretty unhappy. I am going to demand a refund. Looks nice in design but whats the point when it's potentially going to burn your house down.

Do yourself a favour and don't bother.

Date PurchasedJan 2017
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Good morning, please contact our customer service team on 1300 739 033 to discuss, Thank you.

Nice design, but hot plate is rubbish

It was OK for few months, became sticky as teflon coating on aluminium was wearing off. Nice design, compact size. Maintained and cleaned properly, never scratched or used harsh cleaning agents...Hot plate ended in the rubbish bin, now looking for cast iron plate of similar size...
Overall verdict: BAD! DON"T BUY this bbq, there are few better options on the market, avoid teflon coated aluminium plate, cast iron is the best. Stainless steel plates looks good until first use, hard to heat...
Manufacturer is aware of this, new models come with cast iron grill/plate!

Date PurchasedJun 2015

Excellent for what we need.

1. Perect Size for the 2 of us no kids.
2. Very easy to clean
3. Heats quickly and holds it great for a roast for 2-3 people
4. Compact and can take camping. It is sturdy and looks good.

Dont be fooled by bad reviews. No it is not intended for a Family BBQ but for 2-4 people its just fine. I was a bit nervous after reading the bad reviews and had bought it but I love it. If you use it for what it is intended for its brilliant. Portable, Small Deck or Patio/Camping Bbq. Its great!!!

Date PurchasedAug 2016


So slow. Holds no heat. Waste of time and money. It looks neat. Tidy with cover. Cannot see that it could possibly cook a roast. Sorry to say it's Rubbish. Stick to your indoor stove and oven. Bought it at Bunnings must see if we can return, it just clutters our courtyard

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Love this little unit

Had this BBQ for 4 years now. Its seen plenty or work and has been great. No problem with hot plate or anything. What I love is that the hotplate fits into my dishwasher and so it has been easy to clean. I would recommend this bbq to any one.

Date PurchasedJun 2012

Excellent BBQ with Bad Hotplate

Summary: the hotplate sucks, but the rest is amazing!

Detailed review: After 9 months of ownership....

Cons (prob what you want to know most):
* Hotplate: cast aluminum hotplate with teflon coating with a 1" valley/gap in the middle and no surround/lip. When cooking, you'll find the hotplate slopes towards the middle and everything small edges it's way into the ~1" valley running across the middle of the hotplate, then required to be retrieved. Cubed potatoes are a nightmare. The teflon coating means you can't use ordinary metal tongs and slides, you have to use plastic or silicone which are much more difficult to use as they don't grip food as well. There is no lip/surround on the hotplate so you have to be very careful not to accidentally push/bump the food off the hotplate onto the BBQ surround. This is a frequently problem on what is a compact BBQ. Managing the overflowing food, picking food out of the valley is a problem which is compounded by the silicon/plastic utensils. Additionally, the teflon doesn't last long. Even if you are super careful you will see raw aluminum protruding in a matter of months and at this point the hotplate has arguably reached its end of life.
* Hotplate Replacement: There are no off-the-shelf solutions to overcome this problem. Now, I am trying to have a custom stainless plate made up as cheap as possible. But it's an expensive addition - almost as much as the BBQ itself. After this, it will be an excellent BBQ that will last a long long time and arguably be far superior to all competitors.
* Roasting: isn't much of an option as the lid/gap is so low and there are no accessories (like another much more popular BBQ which I won't name) that has an accessory which can increase the cooking height/gap between the burner and the lid (such that even a rotisserie can be used). This BBQ doesn't come with anything that would allow this to occur. It's a plain flat sheet BBQ and not even a grill but that's circumstantial and won't necessarily effect anyone.

* Heat Control: high is high, low is low. Heats up quick or slow depending on what you want. Perfect! I like my steaks on high, my chicken on super low. I can't praise the heat control of this BBQ enough.
* Portability: it's lightweight and highly portable. I have found that when the hotplate is removed you can fit a 2kg gas bottle inside the BBQ. This makes for compact transportation. However, the gas bottle and the hotplate won't fit inside the BBQ at the same time so you may need to store the hotplate elsewhere - but its easier to pack the hotplate than the gas bottle IMHO. If you disagree, just leave the hotplate in the BBQ and pack the gas bottle elsewhere.
* Economical: After extensive use over 9 months the gas bottle still feels heavy.
* Cleaning: the BBQ structure appears to be entirely made of (powder coated) metal. Excluding the delicate teflon coated hotplate (and area under the hotplate) the rest is very easy to keep clean.
Build Quality: I can't fault it. It's light and solid.

Pro/Con (something in the middle):
* The "squared" design of this BBQ makes it easier to transport/pack than its round/egg shaped competitors.
* Replacing the flat plate with a grill might lead to a lot of mess inside the lower carcass. I'm not sure how competitors deal with this problem, but if this were done with this BBQ the fallout would land on the burner or the BBQ carcass itself. There is no real way to easily line the BBQ with aluminum foil and cleaning might be difficult if you wanted to grill with this BBQ
* No burner splatter guard: if you are going to grill, the fallout will land on the burner and will no doubt eventually glog your burner holes. This wont be a problem if you stick to a flat/solid hotplate configuration but is something to consider as this is the principle means of cooking for its competitor....

Neo buddy full hot plate

Well at last I have found the Neo buddy 12 one piece hotplate like my friends bbq! After purchasing the full grill model, disaster in my book as far as cleaning goes, base of bbq fills with fat and never gets to drip tray! However the one piece hotplate is a dream on the buddy 12, I purchased from BCF I think last one and was on special $140 , I nearly fell over, excellent bbq! I know it sounds bad but , I'm giving the grill model away to daughter but with cast half flat plate that was complimentary ! Don't understand everdure changing to grill plates at all, with the mess in the base of a portable BBQ, can't cook an egg hmmmm very strange! Top marks for the original Neo buddy 12

Great design but not the best build.

I bought this BBQ from a local store. On assembling the BBQ the plates didn't fit so contacted the store which was going to send me new plates. 4 weeks heard nothing so contacted Everdure direct and they had no order, back I return to store and got a new BBQ. When unpacking the BBQ the handle on the front is broken in half, so back on the phone contacted Everdure which sent out a new handle. Received handle in the mail which is also broken in two.

I would suggest getting some thing with better build quality and avoid this brand.

This BBQ rocks

Works the same if not better than the Weberq. My buddy cooks like a dream. Best advice in cooking on it. Do not pull the meat straight out of the fridge and try to cook it. Leave it out for 15-20 minutes. Turn the buddy on and let it heat to about 350. Put meat on and enjoy. Really am impressed with this. It has changed how we eat dinner/ breakfast with no having to clean our kitchen afterwords. House smells great and cleaning the buddy is a dream. Also the grill is awesome, knowing that my meat won't get gas burn makes me feel alot safer about feeding the kids. Hot plate is sooooooo easy to clean with bbq wipes and some warm soapy water. 5 star for me and the family all the way.

Great BBQ

OK, Before I purchased the Neo Buddy, I researched both the Neo Buddy and the Weber Baby Q and this is what I found. Neo Budy is well made (tick). Neo Buddy is Cheaper (tick), Neo Buddy is a little bigger than the Baby Q (tick). Neo Buddy has a good temperature gauge standard, Baby Q it's an accessory (tick). Neo Buddy has MUCH cheaper accessories such as cast iron grill & flat plate, trolly and cover (tick) and after cooking with a Weber Q at the in-laws, the Neo Buddy performs every bit a good as the Weber (tick). I originally saw Neo Buddy at Harvey Normans where they actually sell the Neo Buddy Grill with the cast iron grill plates x 2 and a cast iron flat plate x 1. I thought I was being clever and sourced it cheaper from Bunnings! When I got it home I found I had purchased the Neo Buddy (not grill) that has an aluminium non-stick plate. Neither stores made the distinction between Neo Buddy Gill and Neo Buddy. I used the BBQ and then realised I would prefer the cast iron plates. After contacting Everdure Customer Support, they informed me that there are accessories to change the Neo Buddy into the Neo Buddy Grill. Customer Support was amazing and they were able to help me out with the simple conversion. I have mine on a top floor balcony in units and have had no problems with wind blowing out the flame (as one person commented in these reviews). I am really pleased with my Neo Buddy Grill and the wonderful customer support I received for my upgrade. I bought the Neo Buddy trolly stand and a the 2 burner hooded barbeque cover from Bunnings ($18) fits nicely!

Not enough heat

I find that the cooking time is way too slow with this. The griddle is aluminium so it does not retain heat, or heat up to a good bbq temperature. I find the food broils. I bought it for a courtyard bbq. The compact size is good, and the cleaning is simple, but after using it 3 times I threw it out. It may be good for nomads.
Compact size
Not enough heat

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Questions & Answers

do you have a cover for the neo everdue barbeque thanks Trevor
1 answer
Good afternoon, unfortunately we no longer carry this item as an accessory. The team at Everdure.

Hello I need to replace my handle on my neo buddy bbq! Where can I get a replacement handle? Is there a sortable flat plate that I can buy?
1 answer
Good morning Eathan, our spare parts are sold through Bunning's special order desks , please try your nearest outlet. If this is not successful please call our customer service desk on 1300 739 033 ans one of our friendly team will assist with your enquiry. Thanks the team at Everdure.

When hooking up to gas bayonet on caravan, does it use the same gas hose as Weber?
1 answer
Good morning, The Everdure hose has a bayonet fitting which is suitable for Australian homes , if the fitting on your caravan is the same as your home it should fit for you. If you require further assistance please contact our customer service desk on 1300 739 033. The team at Everdure.


Everdure Neo BuddyEverdure Neo Buddy Grill
CategoryGas BBQsGas BBQs
Price (RRP) $259
Cooking Plate / Grill MaterialAluminium
FeaturesGrill and Temperature Gauge
Colour / Finish Black
Dimensions 350 x 680 x 461 mm
Weight14 kg
Gas TypeLPG
Gas Rate 9.5 mJ/hr
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)1 year(s)
Release dateDec 2009

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