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Excel Cleaning

Excel Cleaning

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Unhappy wage slaver

Shocked to discover the amount Excel withheld from the money we were paying for cleaning, which left us feeling like dirty wage-slavers. We could understand the company wears the cost of training and settling in cleaners to match clients, especially after we found the first and then next cleaner were hopelessly unsuited. However, those fails also came at a cost to us as it meant taking leave to induct their cleaners. However, it is incomprehensible that Excel would continue to withhold its full fees on an on-going basis for our “third time lucky” cleaner when we had experienced a successful placement for more than six months. When challenged about whether withholding the full fee was still justified for our capable, reliable and embedded cleaner Excel contended it might still need to provide a replacement cleaner in the event of leave or illness. Good grief! As if we we would again take time off work to induct a replacement cleaner for a temporary issue? A poor business model. Surely cleaners once embedded should experience agency fee relief. Who knows? It might even incentivise good ones to stay on.

Great service!

Very professional and great service. We always appreciated the regular check-ins to see how things were going. It was always a good treat to arrive to a clean and tidy home! Highly recommend Excel!

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