Professional and perfectly clean!

Arrive on time and helpful! It's superbly clean. Very happy with the result.
My oven looks like new. Good job! Removed all stains!
Recommended! and will continue using the service in the future.

1 comment
Dear RaquelS, Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us! It's always great to get such positive comments! We're always happy to help out with any cleaning you need so we're looking forward to hearing from you again soon. Kind Regards, Fantastic Services

Great for last minute assistance

This service is fantastic for last minute help if you just cant get on top of things.
I can see the value in regular cleans as the cleaners would get used to your property and they way you like things.

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Dear KJW, Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! Your kind words really mean a lot to us and they are the power that motivates us to keep doing our best for our customers! We will be happy to hear from you again soon! Kind Regards, Fantastic Services

Great service

With a growing wasp nest outside - right by my son's basketball hoop - I knew I had to get some help. It was sorted within a couple of hours, and the serviceman was great. no more nasties.

1 comment
Dear SarahC, Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! We are happy to have helped you! Rest assured that the pest technician will be informed of your kind words. Don't hesitate to contact us if you need another household service. Thank you for choosing us! Kind Regards, Fantastic Services

No show!! Can’t believe it happened

Booked in for carpet cleaning for today at 5pm. No update from anyone so called to check. Called 2 times to customer care and no pick up! Called third time to new booking, guess what? got picked up.
Was told the team had machine break down so they won’t be coming.
Super unreliable, irresponsible and unprofessional company. Doesn’t even have the courtesy to tell customer before booked time to advise that they aren’t coming.
We had to bring all our furniture to the living room and now we are stucked.
Canceled the booking and get our money back. Never use this company.
The worst could happen to a customer is a NO SHOW and not letting your customer know. Maybe it’s raining so the team decided they could miss one order.

Very reliable

Reliable cleaners. Very efficient. Happy with results. Did have average experience on an eaier service but loves the last service. Good job! Will continue using the service in the future

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Dear Fadh, Thank you so much for your kind words! We always aim to improve our services so we are glad that this is working and we have been able to assist you with the cleaning to your satisfaction! Please, do let us know if there is anything else that we can do for you in future! Kind Regards, Fantastic Services

Thorough efficient service

Easy to book, pleasant and helpful staff, the clean is excellent, very thorough, they arrive on time, or inform if late. I've used Fantastic services twice, and would not hesitate to use again.

1 comment
Dear Catherine C, Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! We are glad to hear that we have been able to assist you with the service in the best way possible and you are happy with the results! Let us know if there is anything else that we can do for you! Kind Regards, Fantastic Services

BBQ Clean and Cleaning package was BRILLIANT!

Paul and his two assistants were AMAZING! I have just moved into a new house and had no idea how to start up, clean or use the BBQ provided. I explained this when I ordered and the staff that arrived were so lovely. They not only cleaned it beautifully but took the time to show this novice how to safely operate the gas bbq.
Was absolutely delighted with the service, time, professionalism and kindness.

5 ++++++++++stars.

1 comment
Dear TMAC, Thank you so much for your kind words! We will definitely make sure that the team is aware of your response! They will be delighted to hear that they have been able to help and you are so happy with the service! Please let us know if there is anything else that we can assist you further with! Kind Regards, Fantastic Services

Couldn’t ask for a better service

We had our carpets steam cleaned. The man who cleaned our carpets was friendly, on time, quick, efficient and did a wonderful job removing stains. The cost of the carpet steaming was very competitive also. Would 100% use again.

1 comment
Dear RENEE, Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! We are happy to know that you are so pleased with our carpet cleaning service. Achieving such results is what we always aim at and it has been a pleasure for us to have cleaned and refreshed your carpets. Thank you for your trust! Please, do let us know if there is anything else that we can do for you in future! Kind Regards, Fantastic Services

Oven Cleaning

My oven had stains on the glass and trays. It now looks brand spanking new!!! I have recommended service to all my family and friends. The kitchen was left clean and tidy too.

1 comment
Dear Cindy, Thank you for using and recommending our services! We are happy to know that we have another satisfied customer and are looking forward to serving you again in the future. Kind Regards, Fantastic Services

Outside Window Cleaning - Terrible

Had my outside windows cleaned today by Fantastic Services, and it was far from fantastic. The windows are still dirty and now all streaky as well, so look even worse. They also didn't clean the skylight that I booked and paid to have cleaned, and couldn't get the flyscreens in and out, I had to do that myself - they are very standard windows so I would have though a "professional window cleaning service" would be able to manage that.
Update - Fantastic Services have since provided a full refund for my service and advised the cleaners that attended my job will be given additional training.

It was a very good experience

Both the cleaners were professional and pleasant. They did their job very well and were thorough with it. I was happy with the over all leaning and experience . Well done

1 comment
Dear Aditi, Thank you for your kind feedback! We are so happy to hear that you are satisfied with the results of the cleaning! Let us know if there is anything else that we can do for you! Kind Regards, Fantastic Services

Was really efficient, clean results

Had steam cleaning and oven cleaning. Cleaners were slightly late, but they were very efficient and professional, outstanding results. Managed to remove a stain on our carpet. Thanks! Would recommend.

1 comment
Dear Dio, Thank you for providing us with your kind words and please accept our apologies for the delay on the day of the appointment. Achieving such results is what we always aim at and seeing that we have done our best to leave you satisfied with the service is really what keeps us motivated! Let us know if there is anything else that we can assist you further with! Kind Regards, Fantastic Services

Spring clean

First time user. Two young men took 4 hours to clean away the cobwebs and dust from all surfaces. Efficient, pleasant and conscientious on a very hot day. Will probably use again.

1 comment
Dear DLL, Thank you for using our services and sharing your honest experience. We are pleased to have delivered quality cleaning and met your expectations. We will certainly pass on the positive comments to the cleaners. It will be a pleasure to help you again. Kind Regards, Fantastic Services

I have used these company before but never again worst customer service, waste of time and money...

I used this company previously for an end of lease clean, first time around they were very thorough and got the whole bond back.

This time around asked for another end of lease clean including carpet cleaning. I booked for 2pm, they were 2 hrs late. They kept apologizing. It’s not good enough. They missed cleaning the lights, the cobwebs, the scuff marks etc. when I spoke with customer service about it since the real estate complained they said that the garuntee time is over, they wouldn’t refund any of the money, I paid 545 to get 3 bedrooms cleaned top to bottom, kitchen , laundry bathroom and steam cleaned carpets. They told me I’d have to pay again to get it cleaned again. Biggest crock, don’t go with them. Wasted time, wasted money.

Dear kaz86, Thank you for sharing your feedback with us! We apologise for the issues you had to endure while experiencing our services! As we would definitely like to make a follow up on this, would you be able to get back to us with your booking reference number or your contact details so that we can locate your file? You can contact us via e-mail at office@fantasticservicesgroup.com.au or with a phone call on 03 7018 6603. Looking forward for your reply! Kind Regards, Fantastic ServicesRegardless I have followed up both with email and phone call. Nothing has been resolved. I refuse to be spoken to like an idiot down the phone. I will not be using your services again, I will not be referring your services to anyone else I know. If I have to pay another 600 for a professional clean I may as well find a company that will keep their word.

Second review after a bad first one...

I wrote a bad review about a couch cleaning about a month ago... after I wrote that I was cobtacted by customer service and they did a great job at understanding my issue and organising for another clean to take place.
The guy they sent, John, was incredible. He told us we were right and an absolutely terrible job had been done by the original guy. He also told the people back at the office how unacceptable it was which I really appreciated. The couch is now super clean and John did a great job. Bella at customer service was great as well.
I would give John 5 stars but I still only give Fantastic 3 because of how difficult it was to get the job done properly in the first place.

Wonderful service!

Nadia was fantastic! Will definitely use her again! She went the extra mile with cleaning and presentation skills. She also checked in with me and happy to accommodate my requests.

1 comment
Dear Melina M, It's good to hear such positive feedback. We at Fantastic Services are happy to know that we have another satisfied customer. Thank you once again for using and recommending our services! We are looking forward to serving you again in the future. Kind Regards, Fantastic Services

Yet to disappoint

I'm a return customer and remain impressed with the ease of the booking process and the professionalism of the staff. Frank arrived early to clean my carpets, was efficient, thorough and courteous.

1 comment
Dear SandraD, Thank you so much for your kind words! We will definitely make sure that Frank is aware of your response! Thank you for being our customer and please, let us know if we can help you out with anything else! Kind Regards, Fantastic Services

Carpet cleaning

Great job, was held up due to traffic (only 20mins) and provided free deodorizing as apology. Friendly, professional service. I’d recommend to anyone who needs carpets cleaned. Very happy with service.

1 comment
Dear jodie.dybing, Thank you for your kind feedback! We are so happy to hear that you are satisfied with the results of the cleaning! Please accept once again our apologies for the delay on the day of the service and let us know if there is anything else that we can do for you! Kind Regards, Fantastic Services

Amazing service

From booking through to completion, Fantastic Services did an incredible job. Cleaner was professional, polite and quick! I will be definitely be using their services again in the future. Thanks again guys!

1 comment
Dear K. L. E., It is really good to hear such positive feedback and we are happy to know that we have another satisfied customer. Thank you for using and recommending our services. We are looking forward to serving you again in the future. Regards, Fantastic Services

Bad clean job and worse customer service.

Sorry this is a bit lengthy, but worth the read if you’re considering using their services. My advice would be to avoid this company!! They did a bad job, and their customer service was even worse!!

Let me start by being honest and state that our place has some damage from a lack of cleaning by the previous tenants, and I did not expect the cleaners to be able to fix that. What I did expect was a clean, thorough job for the services I had paid for - and this was NOT delivered on. We requested the bathroom and carpets to be the focus of the clean and if there was any extra time left, then to clean the mirrors, dust and wipe down furniture/walls. So I was HIGHLY disappointed when the job was done and the shower still had dirt marks that I could wipe off with my finger and they didn’t manage to vacuum behind our easily moveable TV stand (please see pictures attached). On top of that, they failed to spot clean any walls, dust properly or actually scrub CLEAN. Areas that weren’t necessarily easy to access (ie. corners of bathroom floor) or needed some effort to come clean were simply left dirty.

It get’s worse from there… I contacted the customer service department and let them know that I was not okay with the job that had been done. The person I contacted asked me to send pictures of the areas that were still dirty, so I agreed and sent them right away (I’ve attached all pictures below). The response I got back was that the team would’ve needed more time to properly clean, and offered me a $30 voucher to use on future services (their minimum fee is $140). Please understand.. I had paid for 3 hours of cleaning labour and then a steam clean of the carpets, which was not to be included in the 3 hours of cleaning. I had 3 cleaners attend my place and only cleaned for 50 minutes and then rushed out the door, and this time was INCLUDING the steam clean of the apartment. So I got 2.5 hours from them total, rather than 3 hours of cleaning plus the steam. I was insulted by their customer service when I was told that they needed more time, as they didn’t even stay the full time. I tried explaining this to customer service, sent more pictures and was polite. What I got in return was a repeat answer that the cleaners needed more time; the person completely ignored my explanation that the cleaning team didn’t do the job requested and didn’t stay for the full allotment of time. It was unbelievably frustrating emailing back and forth with them and they never offered to fix what wasn’t done properly.

I would never hire them again, and would never recommend them to anyone. Don’t give these people your business unless you like wasting your money and time. They simply didn’t deliver on what I paid for and wouldn’t work with me to fix it.

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Questions & Answers

prices for cleaning ovens?
1 answer
Dear Tizzy, Thank you for inquiring about our services! Could you please provide us with your contact number/email so that we can get in touch with you? We need to ask a few questions before being able to provide an accurate quote. Alternatively, you can go on our website (https://www.fantasticcleanersmelbourne.com.au/ for Melbourne and https://fantasticcleaners.com.au/sydney/ for Sydney) and obtain an online quote from us. We're looking forward to hearing from you! Kind regards, Fantastic Cleaners

Hi! What is your hourly rate?
1 answer
Dear Shel, Thank you very much for your inquiry! Our rates actually vary between $35 and $55 per cleaner per hour, depending on the type of service that needs to be done and the scope of the job. However, averagely we charge around $45 per hour. If you want a precise quote and a fixed rate, we would need a bit more information, like the postcode of your area, what exactly needs to be done, etc. If there is anything more I can assist you with, please don't hesitate to write us back! With Kind Regards, David Adams, Customer Service Supervisor

Dear Fantastic, I live in Sydney and I am unfamiliar with Melbourne. I am looking for a cleaning service to help restore a family members home in Ivanhoe. Single storey home 3 bedrooms, large windows - beginning from the floor, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, tiled floor, etc. Big job, once off. More than we can cope with on our own. I am not making a booking but looking for a cleaning service that can manage the whole house. A home that has not been cleaned properly for years. We hope to be in Melbourne again in February. Is this the kind of service your company offers or should I be looking for a different kind of service? Thanks for your time. debalcock@optusnet.com.au
1 answer
Don't use them!


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