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Absolute Domestics

Great service everytime

Its been a year since we have been using Absolute domestic. The service they offer is exceptional everytime. My cleaner Samuel has been very prompt in scheduling appointments and getting the work done for us. Absolute Domestic is a savior for many families!

Absolute Disaster

Arranged to clean showers and bathroom . Not only did she do a very poor job she spilled the bucket with the cleaning product all over the bath room floor tiles she then walked through the spilt water and walked through the house leaving shoe marks everywhere she worked and then did not clean it up. Never recommend to anyone

Our Cleaner was wonderful

Our Cleaner was thorough and always did a great job. She communicated well with us and was flexible to cover off all cleaning needs. She was reliable and consistent. As it was weekly she would do general clean and in addition focus on different areas each fornight

Great cleaners.

Cleaners were mostly great, took a while to find one that stuck, some did a lackluster job but when I found the right one it was wonderful. They are easy to work with and take direction well.

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Hi Daniel, thank you for your honest feedback. We are so pleased to hear that your cleaner is wonderful and took direction well. Regards, Absolute Domestics


My cleaner Anna didn’t speak a word of English but we got along incredibly well as she was through friendly professional reliable. I will miss her and if she wasn’t leaving the country I would have no problems continuing with her. I will miss her and my clean house.

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Hi Kelly, it's great to hear that your cleaner Anna was friendly, professional and reliable. We have so many great cleaners registered with the Agency, we look forward to finding you someone else amazing. Regards, Absolute Domestics

More weekend time for me

The cleaners were reliable and very efficient. They achieved a lot in two hours. I did need to spend some time rearranging ornaments as they went through like a whirlpool. Although there were still some small jobs to do around the house, having a good general clean on a Friday made my weekends more relaxing.

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Hi Nettie, it's terrific to hear how much your cleaners achieved in your 2hr booking. Thanks for sharing. Regards, Absolute Domestics

Absolute waste of time

Got a quote for various cleaning jobs for an end of lease clean via the agent, the cleaners arrived under the impression they were doing a full end of lease clean, due to language barriers (cleaners spoke limited English) I received cleaning that I did not ask for yet still had to pay for, they also did it lazily, slowly, and told me they didn’t do what I’d ask them to do because it was ‘too hard’ (cleaning the tile grout).
I paid a lot of money for cleaning that I could have done myself, as they didn’t do the jobs I actually needed them to do!
Wrote to the company with this feedback, they tried to call me to discuss and after one or two rounds of playing phone tag they gave up and I couldn’t get through again, so complaint not resolved = poor customer service!

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Hi Lauren, we are sorry you have had a negative experience with your end of lease clean. Your complaint was closed when no contact could be made and no response was given to call or message us back. If you would like to discuss this further, please call us so that it can be reopened. Regards, Absolute Domestics

Exceptional service every time

The service and standard of cleaning I have received for over 12 months has been exceptional. Anything requested was handled promptly and with professionalism. Follow up by email was appreciated.

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Hi Cheryl, we are so pleased to hear you have found the standard of cleaning exceptional and the service professional. Regards, Absolute Domestics

Excellent communication and met need perfectly

All surfaces were cleaned to perfection. It is a hard to clean bath and the result exceeded expectations. Computer screen wiped sparkling clean. Stove top shiny. All according to request. Thankyou

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Hi Louise, we are thrilled to hear that your cleaner has exceeded your expectations and met your needs perfectly. Regards, Absolute Domestics

Pretty good.

The two cleaners I used always did a decent job, they were on time and polite/friendly. Cancelling to save some money but will consider using again in the future. Thanks

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Hi Nikki, we have heaps of terrific cleaners so if you decide to restart your service please let us know. We would love to continue helping you with the housework. Regards, Absolute Domestics

Love your work

I would highly recommend this service, the staff over the phone are great and make sure that you are happy with the cleaner that attends. Tamara is great and their rates are reasonable and you wont be disappointed.

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Hi Sindy, thank you for recommending our service and for sharing this lovely feedback about your cleaner Tamara. Regards, Absolute Domestics

Price double to what was quoted!!

Got quoted $450 for a clean only then to get a final quote of $950 once they get there! Double the price!!! For a tidy, easy to clean apartment. Called the office to ask for reasonings which they couldn’t state, the woman on the phone was incredibly rude. What a rip off!
Very disappointed with the service of this company. Do not use them.
Thankfully we were able to book another cleaner last minute for $450, much more reasonable.

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Hi Unhappywithservice, so that we can find out why your original quote doubled can you please email your contact details to feedback@absolutedomestics.com.au. We are disappointed to hear you have had this experience and would love the opportunity to look into this further. Regards, Absolute Domestics

Didn't finish the job

They told us they would finish the end of lease clean in a certain time, then asked for much more to come back out to finish it. I hoped a large company would guarantee their work but they didn't.

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Hi Trent, our cleaners do guarantee the work they do for an end of lease clean. If you would like us to look into your booking to find out why the job wasn't completed in a certain time, please email your contact details to feedback@absolutedomestics.com.au. We are sorry to hear you have been let down in this instance. Regards, Absolute Domestics

Barb & Jen

I would like to thank Barb and Jen for all the fantastic work they have done for me and all the cuddles they give my dog Shelby, you will be greatly missed.

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Hi Merrellann, thanks for providing this lovely feedback about your cleaners Barb and Jen. Regards, Absolute Domestics

Fantastic Service

Wayne provided exceptional service. He made me love my home even more than I did before because after his clean it was sparkling. If Wayne is any indication of the quality of the people Absolute Domestics recruit then I can thoroughly recommend them.

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Hi Gida, we are thrilled to hear how much you love your house now that your cleaner Wayne has used his cleaning skills to make it sparkle! Regards, Absolute Domestics

Friendly, helpful cleaners that do an amazing job

Absolute domestics quickly matched me with a cleaner very soon after filling in the online form. The cleaner came around to inspect, clarify the tasks to be done, find the cleaning supplies. She came back on the agreed date and did an amazing job. It was so nice to come home on a Friday afternoon to a spotless home. Thanks Absolute!

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Hi Kat, we are thrilled to hear how well everything is going with your clean! Thanks for sharing. Regards, Absolute Domestics

Great Service!

Did an awesome job of Spring cleaning my home. Very friendly and reliable. Would not hesitate in recommending their service.

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Hi Karin, thanks for sharing! We are so pleased your Spring Clean was great. Regards, Absolute Domestics

couldn’t ask for better

My two cleaners far exceeded my expectations and they completed the work in very good time. I would highly recommend them to others. So so happy with my clean house.

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Hi Reshin, thank you for your recommendation and we are so pleased to hear that your cleaners have exceeded your expectations. Regards, Absolute Domestics

Excellent service in every way

Professional service. Cleaner was very good at her job, quick and efficient.
Overall, I would not hesitate to recommend this cleaning service, and would certainly use again whenever I need help. I know that my requirements would be met with a pleasant response and great service

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Hi Ronda, we love hearing that your cleaner is quick and efficient and you would recommend us to others. Regards, Absolute Domestics

Absolute disaster

Cleaner did not perform any of the basic tasks well and was negligent towards my property.Not only that she did not clean anything the way I asked, she told me when I picked up to clean after her that is “good enough”. She sprayed mop heads with Windex to mop the wooden floors. When I asked to re-do it with clean mop she only pretended to do it in the middle of the floor, and I was cleaning with dry mop behind her. When I complained to customer service team, I received no help. They would not even sign their emails with the name and contact number for the customer reference. After I insisted for my emails to be sent to the manager I got the reply:
I am the Manager here at Absolute Domestics that your complaint has been escalated to.

As previously mentioned, I have reviewed and investigated your concerns and the offer of a 1.5 hour refund to compensate you for the cleaning that you were unsatisfied with still stands. I believe this to be a fair and reasonable resolution when taking into consideration the work that was completed in your 3 hour booking that you advised the cleaner you were happy with.

No further offer will be provided so if you would like me to put this refund into your account today, please send through your bank details and I will get this organised.

We are sorry that you are unhappy with the service provided and hope that you accept our offer.


They never spoke to me to "investigate" anything and I never told cleaner I was happy with her unaceptable work.
Of course I did not get any money back.
If you value your property and expect your toilets to be cleaned do not use this company.

Dear Mira, our investigation included reviewing the feedback you have provided, the detailed list from your cleaner about what was completed in the 3 hour timeframe and we also took into consideration feedback from other clients that your cleaner services. The cleaner placed consistently receives 5 star feedback from our other clients and we have concluded that in this instance we are unable to meet your expectations. A 50% refund has been deposited as a gesture of goodwill. Your demands that "I request FULL refund. If I do not get response from your manager by COB tomorrow I will put this letter on to every social media and review site" have been acknowledged however no further compensation will be provided. Regards, Absolute DomesticsYou did no investigation. You spoke to the cleaner but did not speak to me at all. This is rubish and I will continue to put on social media warning to other people not to use your services if they want job done and avoid damage to their property. Your company is the worst I had misfortune to deal with. And I had cleaners in the past that did great job. Your service for cleaneing and customer service is beyond bad.

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Questions & Answers

Does Abdom only blame the customer when the review is less than positive but not very specific? For reviews where the customer provides a detailed account of what wasn’t done well does Abdom do more than simply call for contact or is actual compensation ever offered?
2 answers
Hi Snot good enuf, thank you for your question. Any less than positive feedback is taken seriously and a resolution is sought on a case by case basis. Feedback is discussed with all parties involved to determine the best course of action going forward. Regards, Absolute DomesticsThanks to productreview.com.au, potential clients can assess for themselves how unhappy customers are treated :) Surprising howmany aggrieved customers appear to consider best course of action is to go on-line and rate as bad or terrible...

how much is your hourly rate?? Do you have any discount for pensioners??? do you travel to Herbersham NSW?? how many hours do you recommend for a 2 bedroom one bath villa for cleaning once a week?
1 answer
Hi Kaath, yes we do service that area. To find out our rates and the services we offer, please go to www.absolutedomestics.com.au/services and enter your location. We have a minimum callout fee and then an ongoing hourly rate. The cleaner works to your priorities in the timeframe allocated and while we don't offer pensioner rates, we do have both regular and one off services to choose from. Regards, Absolute Domestics

These reviews really make me skeptical. I have a small apartment, I work all the time and study full time. My place needs a thorough clean including tidying the kitchen and living room. Scrubbing bathroom tiles plus inside shower. How do you charge for that kinda work? I would prefer to be home during the service.
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Yes I too prefer to be home and was until i was comfortable with the person, I was a cleaner too for resorts and am very fussy in my home, love gentle cleaning products too, i can tell you this organisation can be trusted to give you the right people and the feeling i have when i come home is amazing beautiful. By the way thats all they do so they are focus on the job..Check with Absolute Domestics for rates - I think the minimum clean is 3 hours. I have always thought it was well worth it as I hate having to spend my weekends cleaning. I have learnt that to get the best out of the relationship you have to be very clear about what you want done and not expect cleaners to just ‘know’. I have always had a list of ‘must dos’ and then a list of other things to get to over the weeks. In the past I have also asked for an hour of ironing in the 3 hours but now it’s just 3 hours of cleaning. I leave a communication book out with any instructions of what I specifically want doing that week and it also lets the cleaner leave questions etc. The other thing is that if you are not comfortable with a cleaner for any reason you can phone and request a diffferent one which I have done twice for various reasons. The majority of them however have been great.If you live in Melbourne then I absolutely recommend Absolute. The 2 girls I had were wonderful. I too was sceptical S I have been bitten badly before but I am absolutely coveted.


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