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Used to be a fan....slow/no delivery and zero communication

Back in the day, I loved Ezydvd. I purchased a lot of DVDs online or in their stores. They had decent prices and delivery was really prompt. I have been using JBHIFI more recently primarily due to cost but a recent sale at Ezydvd was pretty impressive so I made 2 significant orders of 11 dvds/blu-rays in total. Some of the discs were in stock, others were "Usually ships in 5-7 days". It's been almost a month and only 3 have turned up. I have emailed them and contacted them via facebook but heard nothing. At least one of the discs I haven't received is listed as "low stock" but I still haven't received it. It's very frustrating because I'm a school teacher who had actually planned to use some of the discs I ordered. At least JBHIFI actually contact you if there is a delay. These muppets do nothing. It's a real shame because it would be good for JBHIFI to have some competition apart from Sanity. As it is, I won't deal with Ezydvd again. Highly disappointed.

Return Claim MadeNo

Excellent service & Delivery

I am very impressed with the speed of delivery for my order and all DVD’s wrapped in plastic and exactly what I ordered. I was also very happy that all DVD’s dispatched in one package and that the website shows if what you are looking for is in stock or not when you place the order. Will definitely purchase from EzyDVD again.


I order a DVD from them.The disk looks awful with many fingerprint and some scratch,the case is broken as well.

They turned up, which is always nice.

First time using them, usually always Buy from Sanity at my local. But as Ezydvd were the only ones who seemed to have a few movies I wanted I decided to do a full order from them.

Movies all turned up in about a week. All movies seems to work and be what I ordered.Price was fine.

Some of the Quality seems suspect. Like no intro or menu screens, the odd grainy patch on the Image like it’s a DVD quality or a back alley rip-off copy. I have only tried 4 of the movies so far and 2 of those had the odd grainy patches and only one had a menu. I need to check but I feel like even the FBI warnings are missing on some of them which is a big red flag as they are mandatory and cannot be skipped since 2012.

Honestly I may be wrong and they are all legit,but I had little faith in a online only store thats already gone under once, that this has sent me running back to my local were the $2.50 extra for piece of mind seems worth it to me.


After ordering my DVD, it hadn't arrived yet.(after 9 days) So I emailed the company, The good thing is that I got a reply straight away, and had informed me that they were out of stock. If I hadnt emailed them, about why I hadnt received it yet, I probably still be waiting. I think an email, to the customer saying it is out of stock and will take a little longer to deliver would be benefical, as well as a tracking system.
As promised by the email, the DVD, became in stock and got it within a few days.

Outrageously rude - do not use!

Advertised NTSC format on a specials ad that I bought a DVD from. When dvd came Region 4, I pointed out the disrepancy. They directed me to their detailed webpage for the DVD purchased, which said Region 4, NTSC format, and said they would not accept that I didn't look at that page (which I didn't). I trusted the special advertisement page which said ONLY NTSC.
I tried to help them achieve honesty in advertising. I never requested a refund or return. They responded by accusing me of not being honest.

UnEZY about this business

I've ordered several DVD's from this business - several were supposedly sent 10 days ago and still haven't arrived. They claim that there are no tracking details (what rubbish). They also say that I would have to wait for another month or two before I could claim a refund Stalling techniques at its best! On the second lot of DVD's I ordered, I was told that they weren't in stock. I asked for a refund and was told that it would take two days. Four days later still nothing. This company is really dodgy and I regret ever having gotten involved with them. Based on my experience, I wouldn't recommend anyone using them either. They seem quite archaic and unprofessional.


not only there service is crap , and rude ,there far more expensive then other stores ,,,jb hifi kills them ,in all aspects and a lot cheaper ,GIVE EAZYDVD THE FLICK ,LIKE THE PEST ITS GROWEN INTO

How to destroy a business

EzyDVD used to be an excellent online retailer and I have purchased a lot of movies and TV series from them in the past. After my most recent experience I will never buy from them again. I purchased a total of 7 items (all blu ray titles). It took several months to get 5 of the titles and when questioned about the remaining two they stated within a month. Just before the month was up they cancelled the order and refunded one of the non supplied titles with no explanation. It took some effort to have the second non supplied title refunded, again with no satisfactory explanation as to why they could not supply.

Never again EzyDVD!!!

I got my item.

I pre ordered Taken 3 for mum and I was told it was sent on 15th June 2015 and they said it would arrive 3-10 buisness days which I got today 23rd June 2015 it only took 7 days. Great service.

Not Ezy. 7-10 day delivery took 46 days.

Delivery for items listed as "Expected to ship within 7-10 days" took 46 days to ship (32 working days). Here's a rough outline of our experience with "Ezy" DVD:

17 March: place order
27 March: billed for the order
2 April: "Ezy" said order would be delayed. Didn't say how long.
13 April: We sent email asking about the order.
15 April: "Ezy" said it should be within 7-9 (more) days.
27 April: We sent email asking "Ezy" to cancel our order and quoting our rights according to Consumer Affairs Victoria
28 April: "Ezy" replies that they and their suppliers are out of stock and it may take another 3 weeks. Would we like to cancel our order?
28 April: We reply, yes, cancel our order and refund our money.
1 May: "Ezy" declares that the items have been shipped.
6 May: We pick them up from the post office.

Does that sound easy? Why did it take 46 days? And worse, why did it take only 3 days after we demanded a refund and quoted Consumer Affairs Victoria? What's more, why was our request to cancel the order and receive a full refund ignored? And last but not least, the entire time (46 days) we were waiting for our DVDs, those same DVDs were listed on the site as "Expected to ship within 7-10 days". Of course, "expected" is a weasel word which, in the case of "Ezy" DVD, means "We'll ship it after we've held your money for at least 5 weeks and you've demanded a refund and threatened to report us to Consumer Affairs."

OK, not brilliant, service seems to be going downhill

Pre ordered a DVD. Received an email a couple of days post release to say it would be dispatched sometime in the next few days. It finally arrived 10 days post release - could have just gone up to local shop and bought it a week earlier at a better price. I've bought from them before and they've been OK, but now service appears to be slipping.

Regular customer

Have ordered a number of DVD's from these guys (perhaps too many, some would say) over the years. Haven't ever had any real issues with them, though sometimes delivery takes a while and they charge credit cards immediately on purchase of a mixture of preorder/backorder and in stock items. If you want pre-orders/backorders to not be charged until they are shipped, you have to select the option to pay when the first item is shipped and request them separately, and not combine them with other things that will arrive sooner. Still, this is a minor annoyance and all DVD's I've received appear authentic, in good condition and arrive promptly after being shipped from the warehouse (in less than a day, sometimes).

TL;DR: Good overall. Best not to combine preorder/backorder stock with in stock items unless you don't mind paying way in advance.

Would give it 0/5 if I could. Avoid!!

I was hosting a movie night, at the time, 4 weeks time before I ordered a stack of DVDs at this place and then the great wait of 2014 happened, after two & a half weeks I was sent a email to say they were having some issues with a few of my DVDs from their supplier and it would be a little longer more before the order is mailed... oh and it's takes about 10 working days to get those DVDs.

What.The.Fudge. Are you kidding me?

So I wrote a reply saying that that is not good enough, I ordered well ahead and these were needed at a certain time so I asked for a full refund. Within the hour I got a email to say my DVDs had miraculously been shipped (but I thought they were having issues as per the email?!) following that email I received one of the rudest emails I had ever received from any company from a person called '[name removed]'. '[name removed]' should not be in customer service. She rudely told me that if I opened my eyes I would have noticed some of those DVDs I ordered were on back order and not in stock so this delay was essentially my problem.... here's the thing because I've been burned by terrible online business in the past I print out of all my purchases and sure enough when I looked back at my order every single item was marked in stock. This time I decided to call and request my refund, I was hung up on so I had to resort to email again, I kept my reply nice and short saying I still want my refund as everything was in stock at time of purchase and this was just nonsense on their part. They deliberately waited a full work day before saying it was too late.

Here's the thing it's now been four more weeks since they sent me the email saying my DVDs were posted and no DVDS have arrived, none.

Shady shoddy business, for the love of everything stay away! Just don't even risk it.

Worst customer service in history. Shady! My money is on pirated DVDs due to time it takes to be delivered. Orders go MIA.

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Update on our DVDs. We received the DVDS, all photocopy covers and DVD covers. The printing ontop of one of the DVDS came off on my hands! As for the quality of the DVD it's low, we even got some pixelation problems. Now convinced these are cheap pirates from overseas.

Terrible Business

Terrible Business they have really bad leadership, effort and very poor management style. The bad about this business is they delivery the movies DVD and Blu ray not on time they need develop faster and sending in the destination in time. The way to make profit is to expand the business around the world in Melbourne and Sydney so people could buy the Movies DVD and Blu-rays they don't have to go buy at JB HI FI.
the movies DVD and Blu-rays are very cheap.
ordering online take several day to delivery the movies to it destination


I live in a small area where the only DVD shop has shut in. EzyDvd has become my source for DVDs I want. I have had no problems with receiving orders and the prices are good. The site is easy to navigate unlike many other store sites. The only problem would be the shipping process can be slow.
great customer service, reliable, easy to navigate
shipping process can be slow


I can see a trend here, and would have to agree that the delivery and process times are pretty slow, but I have had no issue with receiving orders, and the prices are good, especially PC games which they now offer. Cannot comment on customer service as I have never had any issues to address them with...
Great prices, reliable
Slow process and delivery times

order processing

if it takes 8 days for an order to be processed, not even despatched, then it concerns me greatly. i wonder how long it will be before i receive my dvds. i have emailed customer service today so it will be interesting to see if i get a prompt response or if the business's ethos of 'customer satisfaction' is just empty words.

OK Service but they need to be more reliable

Ezydvd Used to be really good in Australia when they just had stores, they only changed to their online status quite recently.
Their website isn't updated very much, sometimes you'd see a product that's been advertised as ready to ship within 7-10 days, but then you find out through email that the DVD order has been delayed a few days later because they have to restock it in their warehouse. I don't know if they supply their own DVDs or not, but it's a real pain in the [censored word removed] to have to wait around 30 days locally for a package to be sent. I wouldn't recommend getting DVDs from them often, and I don't think I would again, just walk into a store instead rather than ordering them online.
From experience.
There are real people at customer service, not automated replies & robots.
Website is not often updated enough, some orders are really slow.

A lesson in frustration

I ordered a DVD series from EzyDVD that was advertised as 'on special' and would 'ship in 7 to 10 days' on the webpage. I should have read some of these reviews of the online company before purchasing from them.
They sent me the wrong product 3 weeks after I placed an order with them. When I emailed them that the order was incorrect they sent me an "RA" form that would allow me to return the incorrect product free of charge (But only after I had to purchase a mailing carton to send it back in).
In good faith I mailed back the incorrect order and waited for a reply...2 weeks later I was still waiting! I tried to email EzyDVD to resolve the issue and find out what they intended to do about my returned goods (Which were wrong anyway). They indicated after a third email request to them that they would email me regarding what would happen as soon as they had "All the facts".

It is now another week, after this last email reply from them, and I am still waiting for their reply explaining what will happen. I have no goods and it has been 6 weeks since I paid EzyDVD.
I have been forced to ask for a resolution to the issue through Paypal as the online company will not communicate with me. I have tried to resolve this issue amicably but there isn't much you can do when the other party refuses to acknowledge you are there. The company has 3 weeks to resolve the issue through Paypal so at least I have now been given a deadline for my issue.

Basically I gave them money and have no goods to show for it.
Be extremely careful with EzyDVD's return system...if u cannot track the return item then you have no way of knowing when the item is received or if it is dealt with.
Do not use this company if you can avoid it, as they make mistakes with orders, do not deal with issues when they arise, and you may not receive goods that you paid for.
Easy to use website
Very poor communication with customers. Unreliable "Returns" system. Slow service.

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What is the best site from which to order DVD box sets that are playable in Australia and not pirated? I'm thinking of TV programs like Downton Abbey, Madame Secretary.
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Ezydvd.com.au and www.dvdorchard.com.au. They are both very fast. I pre ordered Harry Potter collection box set from both places and they are both fast I also ordered a dvd from ezydvd and they said it would take 3-10 buisness days to send depending on my location and it took 7 instead of 5 now by regular post because mail is a bit slower but it still arrived.ezydvd.com.au in Melbourne Victoria Australia and dvdorchard.com.au in Queensland Australia are fast and only sell Australian DVDs, games, books and are not pirated they are in Australia.

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