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Never trust them, they give you a price and charge you more for the reasons that they make!
Also if you cancel, they don't give your money back.
Look at their fake positive reviews!

Five Star Service Thank You Fast Removalists

best movers ever, steve & mario the best in the country. i moved from darlinghurst to woy woy, it was great experience.not issues at all. they came up on time wrapped all the items. best guys ever.

Best Removalists Sydney To Melbourne & Great Movers

A friend of mine has recommened Fast Removalists Sydney to me as i was looking for a reliable interstate removalists to do my move without headache or stress. these guys were amazing all the way from the start to the end. Steve, Mario and the third guy. i forgot his name. best movers in australia. i will recommend them and will use your service again next year.

Super Fantastic Movers - sydney to gold coast move

im really glad i have done my move with you guys, the best removalists company. punctual very professional. i moved from sydney to gold coast without any single mistake. everything was beyond my expectations. i will definitely use you again guys. thanx steve and mario great guys

Super amazing removalists

Best interstate removalists, thank you guys for the hard work you did. Steve and Mario. I will definitely recommend you guys.

This company is a scam

This company is scam never use them. They damaged my furniture and they charged me extra. Instead of $50 they charged me $200. The manager was very rude and shouted at me and threatened me when I was talk to him about the problem. They arrive 3 hours late and did not start on time. Our move was over a short distance and it took about 6 hours to move from 3 bedroom to 3 bedroom unit. NEVER EVER use them

Disaster - have a court decision against them

The move was a 2 bedroom unit to a suburb 13 kilometers away. As result I have a decision from the local court against them and will consider enforcement. Keep in mind that they operate under several names different to the owning body.

They are not cheap in the end and damaged our property. The management is incompetent and doesn't care about the customers. They have poor attitude, poor English, poor cooperation, poor in every aspect.

More details, (though I don't recommend spending your time any further on this provider):
- The crew was 2 hours late , then delayed the start by another 2, caused mayhem in both neighborhoods.
- They tried to solicit more business under the pretext of the crew not be capable to do the work. As result started after 12pm (as opposed to scheduled 8am), finished after 11pm.
- Damaged the items and the floors in both locations.

We complained about the damage (contacted several times). Ignored. Then NSW Fair Trading. Ignored. Then NCAT - tribunal. Ignored. The tribunal was not surprised by the way, so be warned. The next step was to obtain a decision from the local court. Good luck with matching the multiple ABN's/ACN's with the actual owner company.

Keep in mind - almost every step chasing these people will cost you money. They are not cheap as result.

Subcontractors - beware, hit and miss. Ours destroyed much and didn't complete the job.

We had a 2 bedroom apartment and were quoted a 6t truck. I asked for disassembly services, not being able to take time off the day before.

The important thing to know about this removalist is that they subcontract. I asked explicitly about that on the phone and was told that no, they do not do that. I asked the actual people that came and they confirmed to me that they are subcontractors. It would explain why reviews are so markedly different here, and it echoes our own experience. We used this removalist in 2016 and were super-happy with the outcome. That is why we also wanted to use them in 2018. This time, it was a nightmare.

1) The removalist did not come on the agreed date. We called after they were delayed by ca. 1 hour. We were promised a call-back. Had to call again. We learned that "the truck had broken down and the driver had not informed them" (this is also when they claimed they do not subcontract). They were unable to send another truck on the same day. They offered a meek 50 dollars compensation and, weirdly, stated that only the "truck manager" can give more discount. They were unable to explain how that narrative fits with "we do not use subcontractors". What could we do - we accepted the 50 dollars and waited a full day. Poor compensation given that we lost two days at work between us and had no proper place to sleep.

2) The removalists that did come offered a horrible service. Here's why:

- The 6t truck was too small. We had a normal assortment of furniture, nothing out of the ordinary. When we moved a 1 bedroom in 2016, we also got a 6t, and it was larger than this one. They did not have time for a second run, so I had to rent a GoGet van in the afternoon and do it myself.

- Despite me asking for the disassembly service (and I guess paying for it), they brought an incomplete set of tools and asked me to help them so "it would be quicker" - they hadn't allocated enough time for 2 bedrooms to start with.

- They damaged our BBQ by carrying it by the hood and dropping it, damaging the strata's handrail in the process. They did not even mention that to me - I saw it when I happened to go outside. The strata also complained that they damaged the flowerbeds.

- They got into an argument with a neighbour who was threatening to call the police before I could come and moderate things. They were refusing to move the truck out of the way so he could park the car. The neighbour was maybe a bit harsh, but he had a good point - they could have parked in a more convenient spot a few metres away. It's ridiculous I had to be called out to resolve this.

- They scratched our wooden, polished floor when they moved the fridge by just shoving it across into place. I was standing not far from them and could hear the sound. They were completely undisturbed by both the deep scratch and the noise.

- One piece of our table was missing, apparently lost.

- They refused to show their driver's license when we made it clear that we wanted compensation. I took a photo of the truck's license plate instead.

3) To their credit, the subcontractor did accept some responsibility, although he had to argue with his boss over it. We were given a total discount of 200 dollars. I feel that resolves the issue with the subcontractor; it is the actual company that we should deal with anyway.

4) However, any further communication with us was refused. They literally did not accept our phone calls any more (on the day), and they did not respond to 2 written complaints. In the end, we sent this to Fairtrading.

As I said, hit and miss. I was carefully thinking if I could award a second star for the previous experience, but I feel the customer should have a reasonable expectation of what they are going to get.

Amazing company in moving all over Sydney . Highly recommend to others.and chandan and his outsider

It was from Sydney to Cobar 9 hours drive. No stress Fully reliable...Just book them for save money with awesome experience. I recommend Chandan to others.He is very good worker...

Ruined our property- DONT USE THEM!

We booked a Fast Removals to help move our 4 bedroom home. Large truck, hydraulic lifter is what we were expecting.
What arrived was a small truck with dents, scratches, spray painted wording all over it and a side mirror that had been sticky taped on!
If it wasn’t for the fact that I was flying overseas in less than a week, I would have told them to leave my property.. how I wish I did
Numerous marks on our brand new walls, coffee table ruined with huge scratch marks, which we discovered after they left.
After less than 30mins of unloading at the new place I asked them to stop putting things in the house and just unload into the garage.
The two men chatted in their own language the whole time and were in no hurry..
If you treasure your property and you expect good service, AVOID USING THIS COMPANY!!


Best Company For Moving .Chandan and his outsider did excellent job.a I will always book them for mo
Excellent job done by chandan and his outsider.Good company .not damage anything .Everything done nicely. Perfect professional workers.regards Ana. No damage

Late, Late, Late - 3.5 Hours late!!

Last year I used this company, to move my dad from Drummoyne, and I was happy with the service so I put in a good review. Two weeks ago I used them again as I had to move my 88 year old dad from his one bedroom apartment in Top Ryde City to another one bedroom apartment in the same building. The removalist was booked for 8am they turned up at 11:40am!! I kept getting told they were on their way as they had to find a new driver who didn't turn up. Then I was told that they were 20 minutes away and had to get petrol. Two hours later I was told that they had a flat tyre and had to change trucks and their English was so difficult to understand over the phone. They finally turned up and although the guys were nice they were too, too slow. It took 3 hours to move within the same building block. I had to negotiate a compensation on the day for their extensive delay, in which they only gave me a one hour deduction. This was nothing to compensate for the stress of an already stressful day. Their recorded message states that "moving is a stressful time and they take the pressure out of moving" this was far from the case. I called the office several times throughout the morning and was told that the truck drivers were not affiliated with Fast Removalist and they would not provide any compensation unless it was in writing. I was also told that if I put in a bad review then it would negate any monetary compensation - a threat. So I sent an email and the reply from [name removed] was "we do not provide any monetary compensation for delays as stated in the terms and conditions." Hence, this is my bad review I do not recommend you use this company if you want to save time and stress on an already stressful life event - moving house. I will be taking this to fair trading. If I had seen all these bad reviews I wouldn't have gone ahead with this company again.

Taking them to the Tribunal!

They had damaged our Refrigerator on our interstate move from NSW. They initially agreed to pay for the damages despite a full payment from our part. They have not paid for damages nor have the ethics to respond to our grievances. Have made multiple calls and spoken to the Director, [name removed], but to no avail. The Director is a synonym for Fraud!! Have recorded their conversations and have lodged a complaint with the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT). Let this review help you decide NOT to invest your time with this company!!


Large move. Told them to bubble wrap the glass table top but didn't and they broke it on unloading. Refused to note it on their invoice. Kept chasing me for cash even though the job wasn't complete.
Chased them about the table top and they keep avoiding my emails and requests.
Going to Fair Trade with this.


Do not use! One star is too high for these guys. Terrible service. They lost my bag and failed to deal with it. The matter is going to court and still they don't have the decency to respond. Do not use this company!!!

Had to phone the police

Late arriving then said they would be 1 hour late; after ripping into the manager arranged 20 mins later. Slow service (obviously so they can charge more) overcharged, when denied paying try held on to contents, rang police who were unable to deal as civil issue, ended up paying 6 hour job for 3.5 hour job.... will be taking to fair trading... NB how are they still in business with so many grievances...?

Scam - Very Very Very Slooooow!

They are not fast.. They are very very slow!!!

Moving from 1 bedroom apartment to a neighbor suburb took 7 hours!!! Previous move was only about 3 hours! This is despite most of my stuff now are boxed prior to moving plus I was already move lots of stuff (previous I didn't do this).

Hired two personnel... Two of the personnel's are skinny which explains the SLOWNESS!!! At times I catch one of them carrying just one small box going from truck to the apartment. They don't understand much English too (Indian nationality).

Avoid avoid FAST REMOVALIST!! You are better off trying your luck on other removalist.

They also arrived in my place 2 or so hours earlier and they ask to start earlier. Told to them start at the time agreed but they keep calling asking if they can start earlier!!!

Avoid avoid!!!!

NO Receipt was given too after final payment!!!! DODGY!!!

Unreliable, scam artists

Didn't show up within allocated time window, asked for ETA and they said they were 45 minutes away, arrived 2 hours late. Refund was promised by "management" but this was ignored. Went to Fair Trading who they ignored, currently seeking chargeback through my creditcard provider.

Had to book another removalist and subsequently another day of annual leave.

Worst removal company, find another company to handle your move.

1 bed flat $714!!, No insurance, the lieing site, almost fraud

Narrow 1 bed flat, 5 mins distance move, both building have lifts,
→ Their fee was $714!! +broke chest $159=$873!!!
-No insurance
They broke our furniture of IKEA($159) till loseing the original shape. They would dropped it somewhere.
We sent the email for insurance with photos, and have called repeatedly to the company, but even if it is over 1 month, it will not be paid.
When we asked "what insurance company it is?", they answered "we do in our company".
In other words, it is not insurance! Even we called 10 times, they answered aiways "no person in charge" and "we'll call back you". They're only waiting customer's give up!

-No Free Box
After the transfer of $200 for schedule booking, they asked us "How many boxes do you need?".
We answered "About 20 boxes", they said "$5 per box ×20=$100, and + shipping fee is $80, it needs $180".
I'm surprised & asked "isn't it free?". They answered "it will become free by refound".
But, we asked "for paying back, when will you come to pick up?", they answered "we never do it. bring them by yourself to Chipping Norton". Moreover, they saied "it depends on the condition of the box whether we'll buy or not, we don't buy it if the boxes have damage."
How such stupid thing! It is impossible to carry a lot of boxes by train to Chipping Norton, even if we carried them, they will not buy them.
So it means they try to sell horribly expensive boxes.
We had no choice but to go to a lot of shops in the neighborhood to get a box.

-Terrible work
Moving to a place that is only 5 minutes walk away.
1 bedroom flat. On 29th December 2017. Both buildings have lifts.
The staffs are perfect amateur.
They scheduled to start at 8-9 o'clock, but actually arrived late and started at 12 o'clock.
First they saw our stuffs and were disappointed that the amount of luggage was not much, asked me "Only 1 bedroom? That's all stuff?".
After that, they brought out only 4 boxes and did not return for 20 minutes!
We went to look for them and had to warn them several times "why do you rest? please carry them". We carried 1/3 of luggage by ourselves.
They tried not to work in order to prolong the time for getting money.
I'm dissatisfied with this fee $ 714. It's so expensive for 1 bedroom moving.

Warning do not use this disgraceful company

Please take our advice and do not use this company!!!!!!!

-5 hours to move out of a 1 bedroom apartment , with a lot of hassles no blankets used while moving white goods. Nor was our glass table protected with anything !
-1 guy was extremely lazy and was swearing how heavy our items were.
- not everything fit in their truck , I had to personally fill up my hatch back.
-1 guy cut himself and bled all over our rug, which we had to throw out.
-Unloaded in our new home with newly laid floors , they damaged our brand new floors with our glass dining table that was no wrapped with protected blankets in the first place. The mark goes across 5 floor boards. This occurred in September 2017. We are STILL YET to have our floors fixed.
-HUNDREDS of emails back and forth, I was never able to be passed on to their so called “ management”
-took this matter to fair trading with still no response to them.
- We now have paid for a tribunal to fight this in court.
-Extremely rude staff who I wish I got her name hung up on me! If their customer service was some what remorseful we wouldn’t be this angry. They have treated us disgustingly and we are determined to get our floors fixed by them!!!

Do not use these fools!!!!!!

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Is there a reliable removalist company that moves interstate?
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Yeah they are best in Sydney for Interstate moves and they provide very cheap quotes with valuable service I highly recommend this company for Interstate

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