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Fastway Plumbing
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I was confident by the first call even though a very young girl answered. The plumber gave me a call when he was 15 mins away and inspected the leaking tap straight away. The tap was not repairable so I got them replaced with a new pair. The plumber was very competent and gave me the office number for future bookings.

They went beyond my expectations

I called up for a blockage in my rental property. I wasn’t there so I was a bit hesitant. The plumber gave me a call and walked me through everything before installing a new toilet also. Exceptional customer service!

Fast plumbers and great work

The plumber came out for an emergency response in greenacre . The work was done great and the bursted pipe fixed with no issues .

Very happy with them and would use again .

What a professional service!

My breach piece had cracked so water was pouring out everywhere from the vanity. I panickly called these plumbers and the plumber arrived within 45 minutes! I’m very pleased with their prompt and professional demeanour. I got a bargain and the plumber also installed a new tap :)

Bran new toilet

I just wanted to change the toilet for my mum so I called these plumbers out. I wasn’t there but they called me for everything showed me a photo of the toilet... it was great!! Jeremy was a gentleman when he called and mum said he was lovely.


I had Jason out today and he did a fantastic job on installing my corner vanity.
He also installed a mirror for me.
I got a seniors discount too.
I will use and I will recommend their services.


DO NOT USE these guys - they are cheats and will politely steal your money. I had a leak under my floor and they came out promising that the charge will be $39+GST. They agreed to come back after two days to do a leak detection (for $1360) and asked for a deposit. I gave them the $700 they asked for. WIthin a few hours my insurance company organised for a plumber and when I rang to cancel, they refused to give me back the deposit and kept calling me to insist doing the job.


Do not call this company at all as they will rip you off and take you for anything that you have. They charge over $700 for a tap change and they will tell you that you need more work than you actually need just to make money. They also trade as Wilson’s plumbing . Do not use them and do not call them their reviews are fake and they are a very dishonest company that don’t care about customers all they care about is money. You’ve been warned !

Gas heater

My gas heater broke so I purchased a new one . The bayonet broke so we put a new one in .
It was quick and clean . I saved there number for next pluming issue .

Hot water tap in laundry working well now

I had these plumbers out last week to fix my hot tap in the laundry. It was very hard to turn and now it’s working very well. Even though it’s small I do appreciate their work.

Would not recommend

We called Fastway Plumbing to clear a sewage pipe. They charged us $750 and did not complete the job - we knew exactly what the problem was and the plumber did not listen. We called another plumber and they cleared it within 10mins. My husband called them to express his dissatisfaction and asked for a reduction in price given they did not complete the work and we have heard nothing back from them - even when they said they would come back to us. I would not recommend these plumbers. They give plumbers a bad name - do not use them.

Cooktop install

Our cooktop died so had to get another. Fast way plumber came on time around 3.30. The hose was different so he had to run down the road to get a connection but still managed to get it done on the same day.
Great work fast way plumbers

Fastway plumbing saved my day!

Got home from work and the hot water system wasn’t working. I called Fastway plumbing and the lovely lady sent out a young plumber.

He replaced the old unit with a new one, changed the pipes and all of that!

I would definitely recommend Fastway plumbing.

Tap service and basin hand set

Matthew gave exceptional customer service. He explained the job very well and gave me the option of either installing the same tank or an instantaneous hot water systems. He should be commended and recommended!

Jai was the best plumber I’ve ever engaged!

Jai fixed my hot water system by putting in an element and thermostat. He was very polite and courteous. The hot water system is off peak so can’t wait till it heats up!

Referral from a friend

I love getting referrals so when my friend suggested FastWay Plumbing to me I knew they’d be good. It was quite a large job, installing new gas on my property and it was a bit expensive but I left it to the professionals. The whole job was finished in two days and everything was restored back as they found it.. even my pot plants!

Decent plumbers - two jobs

I just had Fastway plumbing out for the second time. I felt confident in them the first time when I had a blocked toilet so called them up again. I requested for the same plumber Jackson to come out. The second visit was for my hot water heater going bust. I will call them again for the third time

These plumbers are the most professional tradies I’ve ever had

I had moisture coming through the shower to the bedroom. I thought it was the waterproofing but it was in fact the breaching piece that had a slow leak. We had to reschedule cause I had to go to work but when the job was done, the moisture dried up. We haven’t had a problem since and it’s been 2 months.

Very helpful and extremely friendly

We had organise a Sydney water tap in for our subdivision and called up Fastway plumbing. They were extremely helpful from the start and coordinated the whole process with Sydney water. I recommended them to my sister to install a toilet and they had a good experience also.

Hot water system replacement

We got someone out 6 months ago to install a thermostat and element. But it started playing up again so we called out fast way plumbers. They just replaced the whole system and also put in a safe tray which wasn’t there before.

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