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Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse

Ferguson Plarre Bakehouse

Online store and Physical store
2.6 from 51 reviews

Pies are Awful

After paying top Dollars for what we were expecting on this very wet and cold day in Melbourne
was such a Disappointment !
The Curry pie tastes like curried apple
and the cheese and bacon has no cheese !
I could have payed half the price at the local Bakery knowing there a guarantee every time,
Silly Me
I give 1 star for the Pastry only
Shame on you Ferguson Plarre,
never again going back, YUK

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Worst unfresh birthday cake ever!!!

Bought the cookies and cream birthday cake from the Broadmeadows store. It was disgusting. Definitely not fresh. Tasted revolting and everyone left it without finishing it. Never again. It really was the worst cake ever. Would never purchase from them again.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationBroadmeadows store.

Customer service is non existent and coffee terrible

Had an awful experience at the Knox store, the barista was rude and arrogant and coffee was burnt. Wouldn't recommend going here. There's much better cafes within Knox that are far more welcoming than this one.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo

service, quality, price: Officer Ferguson Plarre, a million thank yous :)

Having stupidly thought I could manage making a large themed cake (I couldn't) for my partner's 60th, FP Officer came to the rescue. Bree took away my stress, made suggestions, gave advice, never got annoyed at my many emails and organised the perfect cake. When we picked it up Michael was moved to tears and the staff in the shop were equally excited to hand over the beautiful cake. I cannot recommend this business more highly, thank you so much Bree and all who made this cake a beautiful success :)

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Chocolate Peppermint Cake

I am devistated you have stopped making the chocolate peppermint cake I have been buying it for 30 plus years also its the only cake everyone loved with family and friends, please bring it back!!! get rid of the orange one instead

I was so happy with our cake!

We had a baby shower and ordered a cake from the Knox store. The owner was friendly and so informative and willing to give us exactly what we were looking for. The cake exceeded my expectations on appearance and taste. The handmade decorations were gorgeous and the cakes were moist and full of flavour. Perfection ( we had two tiers)

Customer Service at Knox non-existing.

Knox shopping centre - have never seen such rude and unfriendly service. Have to wait to be served when you are the one & only customer.


Purchased a Groupon coupon supposedly for 6 donuts up to the value of $21.50. Firstly donuts in a six pack are worth $15 not $21.50. There is a list of flavours to choose from. Half of them not available. Rang head office, case of bad luck. They do NOT offer what the coupon states. I have been trying to get what I’m after but every few day they discontinue. The website has barely and product range pictured so can’t even get a look at them. I feel ripped off and they need to not list donuts you can get when they aren’t avail either. False adverting at its best. You’ve lost me as a customer!

Perfect and thumbs-up

The cake came out above the xpectation. Everyone loved the cake.
I've as moist and tasty. The cake looks perfect, very happy.

Stud Park Toop Class Staff

After being disappointed with other Ferguson Plarres I have had my spirit re energized by the quality and staff friendliness of those at Stud Park Will definitely be back Ferguson Plarre would benefit from teaching other stores how this store respond to their customers

Pies not the same

Why have you changed the meat in your pies they were the best pies in Melbourne what a shame i was so surprised of the filling it was so runny and not at all like it was before lovely and mince meaty.

Arena shopping centre Officer.

We go here a lot for coffee and treats. We also order in cakes and Xmas cakes. I recently tried their Xmas fruit mince pies and these are the best I've ever eaten in my whole lifetime. Next year I will be getting about 3 lots of these. The Arena shopping centre stire is always busy and bustling with customers. The pre made sandwiches and wraps are also really great.

Forgotten about

Got served, sat down and waited..for 5-7mins. Went back to counter to ask where everything was only to find out my order was completely forgotten. Girl apologised and gave me the food straight away. The original waiting was a bit annoying but THEN i STILL had to wait another 10mins for a single coffee because every time she went to make it someone came to order something and she would leave it even though there was another girl that could have taken orders. Girls were polite enough and food was nice but having to wait between 15 and 17 mins for what was essentially coffee to be made is ridiculous.

Re loyalty card

I always buy large Chai Latte today was my free one, only a small & asked to pay 50c for Chai I think this is mean. My egg & bacon toastie very dry I asked for salt was told we don't have any, last time for me.

Poor service

Terrible customer service. Ordered birthday cake for my son in 2 weeks advance from
Forest hill chase shop. When I went to collect, no cake. party stranded.

Why such a dramatic change

We had a vegetable pasty and coffee each today Coffee not hot. Pasty terrible. Why have you change the recipe.

Poor Service

Terrible service. Had a corporate order for morning tea, no food delivered. Tried to contact the store. Phone was off the hook, no answer to explain what was happening. Sent multiple emails and voice messages. Morning tea ruined. Will not be recommending this company to do business with.

Why have they stopped making Chocolate Peppermint Cake

This cake has been enjoyed by our family and friends for over 30 years. Why discontinue a classic!
Speaking to staff in the Keilor shop it seems many others are missing it too.

Have you changed the recipe? ??

4 generations of my family have lived in the Moonee Ponds/Essendon area and Plarres was always the go to for birthday cakes afternoon teas etc., so I know the taste of their cakes, particularly Vanilla Slices, Iced Patties and French Vanillas. So what have you done to the custard in the VS's and the French Vanillas? It just doesn't taste the same. There was always something quite delicious about the custard that seemed mysterious and I loved how it always blended so well with the respective icings to make a VS, as we affectionately called it, or a FVS a thing of beauty and magic. And why have the size of the FVS's halved and not the price????
Come on Plarres old Mr Plarre is giddy with thr spinning in his grave.

Franchise hopefuls beware

We were looking to purchase a Ferguson Plarre franchise back in 2016/2017. We had been a regular customer for a while and really enjoyed the idea of actually running our own franchise. We met Steve Plarre at the Melbourne Franchise expo and he was very upbeat and excited and he got us excited too, so we decided to take the plunge into the pie and apply. And so we filled out some forms and sent across a deposit to secure our spot. We had business & cafe experience from before and excellent financials.

And this is when the shenanigans began. Over the following weeks and months we sent various emails asking for updates and what we needed to do to progress our application. All we received were delayed responses and repeating requests for the same information over and over again. We were also asked to write up plans, talk to banks about funding and visit local Ferguson Plarre stores and do research, and we did all these things. But alas, nothing would satisfy the bakery gods at Ferguson Plarre and in the end we got sick of waiting and decided to pull the plug and asked for our deposit back. We received the refund without any explanation or apology and that was the last we heard of them.

We wasted a few months on this when we could have moved onto something else. They completely wasted our time and had us running in circles with no answers. Perhaps they had too many applicants, perhaps they didn't have enough new stores planned, perhaps they ran out of flour, who knows. If only they were upfront. So future franchisee hopefuls, beware. Also, even if you are a successful applicant and do get the chance to run your own store, keep in mind that you're bound by their products, so if their recipes and flavours change (which they seem to have over the past year or so) you have no choice but to sell those products. You will be at their disposal. We've learnt our lesson. Look for your slice of the pie somewhere else.

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