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Beware ordering with this company

After emails and calls to chase up where a product was, it was listed as in transit but no tracking number I eventually got the following response. “Unfortunately this order was lost in transit and we no longer have these bag to resend you. Therefore a refund will be issued back into your account in 2-5 business days.” If I was a sceptical person I would say the items were never sent or ever going to be

Return Claim MadeNo

No response or communication

Findsports..... what can you say other than totally underwhelming in terms of service. Can’t contact to even resolve! Wetsuit supplies incorrectly, tracked delivery to prescribed address and no response by phone or email.
To make matters worse I ordered this on behalf a friend for her daughter... no repeat business from me!

Product Quality
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I ordered a vibration plate and even paid extra for a more speedy delivery which was around 7 - 10 business days. As it got closer I logged into my account to see how far away the item was from being delivered when I noticed that there was "no tracking number available"

I had emailed them and requested the tracking number, which they responded with "Once we get a tracking number we will email you (I never got that email). Well firstly that is odd because if the item is already in transit (which at this point it had been 8 business days) then they should have a tracking number available for me.

I had ended up emailing them 3 times with no response at all except for the first time. I came onto this site to read other customers reviews and was horrified at how many people this is happening to. Why are these people still allowed to be in business?

I still haven't received my item and have applied for a refund. Good luck to me and everyone else that is going through this.

Beware buyer

Terrible service. I can't even describe how bad it is. I received my bike rack with parts broken in pieces and without the key to unlock it to mount on the towing bar. They sent the replacement for the broken number plate plastic, and what about the key??. What the hell am I meant to do without a key?I contacted them about it again and have had no response. Useless people. Dont buy from them or you'll be stuck.

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Terrible service

On the 30th of november 2018. I order 6 wet suits for christmas presents. After a few emails and phone calls 5 of them turn up 2 weeks after Christmas. Still waiting on 1 wetsuit, that 1 wetsuit was meant to be sent express post and that took over 2 weeks to arrive which finally turned up on the 21st of February 2019. Wow 3 months for delivery. Very disappointed in Find sport and there service.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

If I could give them less than 1 star, I would.

I bought a top of the line BlackWolf travel backpack in July 2018. In August 2018 I started a warranty claim after a strap tore out of my bag on it's first overseas trip. Their process is to lodge a claim online. They got back to me in the first week or so to request pictures, which I promptly sent. Then I didn't hear back for 2 months despite sending multiple emails and calling the store multiple times. Finally despite no one answering their phones, I called literally 10 times in a row and finally someone answered. They promised someone would get back to me shortly. They said they would refer it to BlackWolf. Another couple of weeks passed, still no reply. I called and emailed again (multiple times) and finally they said that they wanted the bag back and sent me a reply paid barcode for postage. I kept the Australia post tracking receipt. 2 weeks after it had arrived (as per Australia post) I managed to make contact again and they couldn't find it. This was now January 2019. They managed to find it about a week later again and the next thing I was sent was an email from Australia post saying I had mail, but addressed to someone else and going to a random address in a different state, with no explanation from FindSports as to what was going on. After repetitive phonecalls I finally found out they were posting it back to BlackWolf. The outcome another few weeks later is that they will replace the bag, but they don't have any left. Instead they offered me a replacement that was worth significantly less and refused to refund my money when I wasn't happy, despite the fact that their product had failed literally within 3 weeks of purchase. They have instead offered me store credit, which if I accept puts me at risk of going through the same dramas all over again. Seriously disappointing service. My fight with them is ongoing.

Update 15/3/19: Finally, after reporting them to consumer affairs, defaming them on social media and on here, as well as multiple emails quoting consumer laws to them and pointing out how they are breaking the law by refusing me a refund, they have finally refunded me in full.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

Crap Customer Service

Purchased two foam surf boards for my children for christmas after using them three times one started to bubble, i paid extra for covers the boards always went straight back in the covers when not is use to protect them. Dropped the faulty board back in the shop two weeks after after a week managed to get through on the phone to ask what is happening and was told i need to email them and ask? WHY !!! when im talking to a person on the phone. I emailed and the board was still sat in the shop a week later nobody knew anything about it or looked at it. Now 2 weeks on cant get hold of anyone on the phone 3 emails not replied too. I got told 2 weeks and 2 weeks is up my son wants his board or a new board back asap we are going away this wkd and wanted it. This is not.good enough.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

prices and customer service

great prices and discounts, good material and helpfully staff, i went for a wet suit and a mask, snorkel and got a very good crave shades for surfing, totally advice it

Product Quality

Excellent service

I was looking for a gift for my 17 yr old and they offered wonderful packages of surfing packages. Got all of it in one! One very happy customer here!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Great snorkel flippers set

We are going on a cruise & looked on line for somewhere close with good pricing. Found had a good selection. Good service also. Highly recommend this outlet in Dandenong. Thanks to staff

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Nasty, and not cheap!

I purchased a 7’ 6” Force ecoflex epoxy surfboard just before Christmas of 2018.
First time l tested the board out under no duress pressure in small surf, l observed a clean open split down the stringer of the board. The store manager refused to give me a refund and basically said, “She”ll be right mate, go fix it yourself and get back in the water.” That’s just not acceptable; and certainly not the type of business that will prolong.

Great service in shop

Was very helpful, lovely sound expert advice. Found the perfect present for my boys. My boys loved there present and I will choose find sport for next Christmas. I recommend them for any needs

Return Claim MadeNo

Great gear, great store

Was looking for a surf board for my daughter, have been looking for awhile, everything else extremely pricey. Came across find sports, amazing value for money. Awesome service and friendly staff

Product Quality

Great wetsuit and service

Purchased a Find wetsuit.
Great quality wetsuit that keeps you warm in the cold water and at a super affordable price.
Would recommend to others

Advertised product not in retail store

Wetsuit wash advertised on website was not available. The shop assistant wasn't even aware of the product and stated that it was really an online shop. This needs to be clear on the website. It is called a Sports Retail Outlet.

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Hi Jan, Thanks for your review. We are really sorry that you were disappointed that this item was not available in store. All listings on our website state whether they are available for immediate pick up or need to be pre ordered for Click & Collect to transfer the stock to our retail outlet. For the wetsuit wash we have advertised on our website, it is clearly listed as Click & Collect being available after 2-5 business days. There is further information if you click onto this link about other shipping and handling times related to this product. If you have any further enquiries, please email our support team at support@findsports.com.au. Kind regards, Find Sports

Great customer service

Fantastic customer service and great knowledge of the products very helpful to work through the different products that we were after.

Good Value

Good value on surfboard packages and attentive service. Can checkout the products in store too.. compared other online stores.
Thank you :-)

Product perfect

Staff knowledgable and helpful. I purchased my items at store so therefore all was as l wanted. Will definitely shop here again

Took my money but no product arrived

ordererd 26/12/18 for racks took my miney but item wasnt in stock told me he would refund asap but lied again. told me product was in transit but item never existed.

Never again

Very slow delivery, well outside the timeframe but arrived in time for Christmas to discover they had sent the wrong size with one of the items. They had sent me two youth sizes when I had ordered one youth and one child size. Lodged dispute and requested return authorisation number, and also emailed them on 29 December 2018. No response and ended up ringing them. They sent me a blank label! Then they requested I send photographs of both products. Mind you these were Christmas presents so I had to retrieve one product from the child I gave it to. Sent the photo. More emails sent and now its 19 January 2019 and still nothing. There are no excuses for such poor customer service. Why have a return policy when they are not going to honour it. They made the mistake and now a little grandchild has no christmas present! Update: I finally sorted this out and got the replacement gear on Monday 11/2/2019. The stress and anxiety caused by this company was uncalled for. Tread carefully when dealing with them.

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Anybody know their Snowboard quality?
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What are their surfboards like? Built for adults?
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No. Very weak and fragile.

anyone know what the fast tech bindings benefits are compared to the ratchet bindings?
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