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Poor quality

A lot of pieces and the screws are ruined before you finish screwing then in. Not Happy with the quality at all for the money

Sing along microphone - a rare toy fail

I am used to Fisher price toys being basic but decent quality. Something I can play with the kids with. Not the sing along microphone. I had to quietly take it off my daughter the day she got it, unfortunately it couldnt be returned, or it would have gone back the next day. Why? The product does as advertised... It has a demo song and microphone to sing into. Unfortunately there is one demo song played by a large button, and the song is far from musical - it is very loud and horrid to hear. You will hear it a lot too, because the microphone button right next to it is quite small, so the child will hit the demo constantly. Also the microphone is quiet by comparison, normally this would be ok, but the microphone has to be against the childs mouth to even pick up sound an this leads to some big hygeine problems very, very quickly, particularly if you have several children and/or friends wanting to play.

Customer service staff don't care

I received a deluxe carry Swing as a gift. The description says up to 11.3kg. My baby is 7 kg and the straps are too tight enlarged to the max, there's no way this is suitable for a baby up to 11.3 kg it's misleading.

I contacted Fisher Price about the issue and sent photos of the item with baby in it an without showing straps enlarged to the max and baby can't breath when strapped in it as the straps are way too short and asked if they can replace the straps. The response I received was, no one ever complained about it before and this is for safety.

This is ridiculous as the item description says up to 11.3kg.

The store says contact the manufacturer and the manufacturer says contact the store.

I won't be buying their products anymore and won't recommend them to anyone that's for sure.

Great products that last for years

Most of the toys my son currently owns are fisher-Price. They have a great range of toys for different developmental stages. My mum still has toys from when we were kids that my son loves playing with at her house- which shows that they really are made to last. I love the little people range of toys as they can start playing with it at an early age and there is the potential to keep playing with it for years (and to use it for imaginative play which is so important). Their website is aslo really good as you can look up their products online and even check the instruction manuals online.
Great quality products that are made to last. Products aimed at the different needs of different aged children.

Good quality toys

I have bought many Fisher Price toys for my girls - they are good quality and seem to last forever! They offer toys to suit all ages and developmental levels and a lot of the 'grow' with your child.
Reliable, good quality, durable

Fisher Price = Great Products

I have bought many things from Fisher Price over the years. They are a well known company and i have always found their products to be of a very high standard.
I find that they have a wide variety of toys which have always held up well with children playing with them. I have never had anything from Fisher Price break or fall apart so as a company i think that they have a high standard of products.
There toys are colourful and fun and you can always find something your child will like. I find them great to go to when i need to purchase presents too
good quality, good products


Very happy with Fisher Price toys. They have a huge range of toys for all ages. Toys are very hard wearing and seem to last forever. I love that they are bright coloured, well made and educational. Many toys available now "grow" with your child and can be transformed for many different uses. They are also very well priced compared to other toys and are very good value for many.
Great range of products. Toys seem to last for ages. Bright, colourful and educatiional. Good range for all ages.
Nothing, i have been very happy with all Fisher Price products i have purchased.


a good quality brand that has a great variety of toys and prices to suit all ages and budgets. Encourages many area of development for children
great quality products covering a wide range of ages and children development...toys are hardy and stimulting colors...fisher price has been around for years and the prices are reasonable although some can be a little more costly if the toy is more interactive for children, always a safe option for if buying a gift...toys are readily available in most major department stores ( target, kmart, toys r us, coles, big w etc)
non that i can think of..im lucky i get to go to the factory outlet and get lots of bargins:)


I generally really like this brand and have bought a lot of baby and toddler products in recent years and they have been of good quality. The only thing I have not been impressed with is that two toys I purchased recently both had dead batteries virtually upon opening the product which is disappointing as a lot of the batteries needed are expensive.
Lots of variety of products and they have a very user friendly website that groups products into different age groups which is handy if you are looking for something for a particular age group.
Sometimes the products come with dud batteries.


I have had products by fisher price that have been recalled due to safety issues and to be honest it does now make me think twice about buying there products again. They do make great interactive toys for children but they can be pricey and i just don't feel they are as safe as they should be.
Its a very well know children's toy brand. They are known for making good quality children's toys that stand the test of time.
I am unhappy that all there toys are now made in china as i think this then brings quality and safety issues with it.


I love fisher price toys. I just look for their brand and will buy any of their toys above all other brands. I read in a baby book that it's better to have a few good quality toys rather then lots of cheap toys that break. I agree. I love this brand and I think it is the best brand for all baby and toddler toys. I also love it how their toys are of such high quality that I am happy to buy them second hand for a cheaper price because I know that they are made to last.
Great quality products. Reliable, innovative and good quality toys.
Sometimes I think they are too expensive. And I don't like that they're made in China, but I think most toys are.


have various items (high chair, play mat, baby monitor). baby monitor stopped recharging so called and asked to have it fixed, as it was a gift at baby shower they would not provide me with a replacement battery without reciept. i was expected to call around the 30 people who attended and ask if they had kept reciept. Yeah right - who would have bothered. Lady was polite but following policy, I'm not impressed. I have to pay for battery $16.50 - not a big amount but it's more the principle of the matter.
easy to use, attractive products
very poor customer service -


when buying fisher price you know that you are buying a good quality item. it is unbeatable when it comes to variety, they offer so much variety in children's toys it is a bit overwhelming at times. highly recommend this brand, i don't think you can go wrong if you choose wisely.
well known products and brand
competitive prices
lots and lots of shop carry the brands
variety galore when it comes to children's toys
prices vary from cheap toys to modest prices and all the way to really expensive toys
most of the things i believe is made from china, wish it could be made in australia instead


Overall, I am happy with all the Fisher and Price toys. They seem to last fairly long, and are of good quality.
Fisher and price has a great range of toys. Most of their toys have options to play loud or soft sounds, as well as music/learning options.
Many of their toys have same or similar songs/tunes. I have so many of Fisher & Price toys that I get a little sick of listening to the same music from various toys at times.
Another shortcoming of their toys is that the music will abruptly stop & another tune will start whenever another button is pressed.


FIsher Price has been around since I was a kid. It makes great quality toys for kidsof all ages. I recommend them for all kids.
The range of toys for kids of all ages is the thing that really sticks out for me about Fisher Price. They take into account the age and the maturity of the children for all ages from new borns through to teens.
The only thing that bugs me sometimes is the amount of batteries you need ofr some of these toys. The best way to counter the battery bill is rechargables. Buy the better ones though, they will give you more life.


Since we had our first baby, we have bought and been given a large number of Fisher Price products, primarily toys. We have chosen to buy Fisher Price products because after shopping around, they are usually the most reasonably priced, the best quality, and the most stimulating and interesting to our child. We are extremely happy with every product and have found them to be of a very high quality. We have not had a problem with any product and our son absolutely loves them and has gotten more than ample use out of them.
They have such a diverse range for children and babies of all ages, the toys are tough and built to last, toys are very stimulating and encourage growth and development, they are very reasonably priced.
A lot of their toys need batteries but these have never been a problem to change.


great for minding kids and taeching them something along the way
Been around for years well respected have passed on toys from one generation to another
loud great pick up small
batteries run out in toys

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