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Didn't have a problem

Ozgameshop had the PS4 game I wanted (as it is pretty hard to get it here in Aus) and i placed an order as it was a decent price. I then saw these recent reviews and I got worried, but turns out that was in vain.

I placed an order around midday, and it was dispatched only 8/9 hours later, and I received it in the time they said it would. So honestly, did not have a problem!

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Very deceitful, wish I never supported them like I did.

I have shopped with ozgameshop for years! I have spent many $1000's of dollars with them on blu rays and PS4 games and have promoted them on ozbargain on several occasions. My account even got flagged as a reseller/trader from my spending with them. Now I doubt I will ever shop with them again. Without any notice at all the player points I have accumulated are devalued by nearly half. They have changed the whole system without any warning at all. A $10 voucher used to be able to be used on a $60 purchase, it's now $100 minimum spend. Also you used to receive 5% of your purchase back as player points, that is now changed to 2.5%. It's just no longer worth shopping there. Even before these changes to the player points system it was barely cheaper to shop there compared to locally even when using player points vouchers. Their prices kept going up and the player points brought them back down to competitive prices. I now have nearly $70 worth of player points I will never be able to spend in time as they expire after 12 months. I always went out of my way to shop with ozgameshop to accumulate the points even if it wasn't cheaper sometimes as I thought they were a company worth supporting. But how deceitful they have been with implementing these changes without any notification whatsoever, I really hope they realise they are going to lose a lot of good customers from this. If you look at all the positive reviews they have, most of them are in regards to the player points system. Also, it's worth noting that ozgameshop gives player points to people when you leave a positive review here, I believe that is buying positive reviews, I wonder whether that violates the t&c's of productreview.com.au

Update: I have just been told via email by ozgameshop that the player points now expire after 6 months now! Not 12 months anymore. I have cancelled my remaining preorders and will take my business elsewhere. I feel cheated and conned out of money. They make out like its a free service, but I always factored in those points to my purchases as without them the prices were simply too high. If I had have been notified about the changes before they were implemented I could have at least unloaded all my points on some purchases but I was not given the chance.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
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Hello Shaun, thank you for your current review on ProductReview, your feedback is much appreciated. Thanks for getting in touch regarding the recent update in the player point changes we have had to put in place. Whilst we totally understand your frustration, the changes we have had to put in place were for the benefit of our customers - meaning we can keep our free loyalty discount system in place. Without making the changes we have, it would have meant we would have had to terminate our free loyalty scheme totally. And we wouldn't want to do that of course! So, to make sure we can still treat you guys, as well as make sure its actually viable for us as a business, the changes were made! We're really glad to hear you love using our Free Loyalty Scheme, and that we were able to keep it going! Kind regards Argy.

Poor organising and horrible customer service

I pre-ordered a game back in August 2017 with the released date of 29th of January 2019 but was told that it will take 5-12 business days for the parcel to arrive after the release date.

Instead of receiving the purchase on release or 1-2 days after, i was advised that the warehouse is located in UK as well as the customer service centre (operated during UK time).therefor shipping would take at least 5-12 business days.

After more than a year of waiting for my preordered product, i am still waiting to receive after everyone that i know had already finished the game by purchasing instore at any local gaming store.

They justified their tardiness with "the publisher is strict with dispatch prior to release" but this could have been resolved with sending the orders 4-5 business days prior release date for the parcel to arrive on the day of release or day after. Not 5-12 business days/up to three weeks after release.

Refused to provide a refund and advised that they have sent the game via courier but cannot provide tracking number or parcel code. They told me that the parcel had been dispatched already only after a few emails insisting them to provide a tracking number, in which they refused to.

The company advertise themselves as an Australian company but they are located in the UK.

The customer service operators offered nothing but template responses with no help and only reply in UK time.

Very disappointing experience buying from 'Oz'gamers (that's actually located in the UK).
Don't waste your time with this company.

Exactly what I was after

At first I was a bit uneasy with buying from Ozgameshop from all the recent reviews on this website but I did it anyway. I’m glad that I did! My game turned up on the earliest date that I was given instead of the usual last date and it works a treat! I will be shopping here more often

Cannot trust

I bought a cd key for windows 10, then after two days it stopped working! They will no refund me %100 a scam. I will never guy from these scammers again, all emails and form submission have gone unanswered.

Product Quality

Dishonest business

Devalued my $50 worth of player points by half with no warning at all. Awful response when I contacted them. Was once a loyal customer and will now never buy again.

They also offer rewards for reviews hence why there are so many positive ones here...

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
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Hi there, thank you for leaving us some feedback. I am very sorry but our Player Points changes sadly are not going to be changing back soon, this was in fact contacting via email and on our website to all customers. As for the reviews, when we ask customers to leave reviews, we do not ask in any way that these need to be positive in order to receive player points, we simply ask for reviews of our website to get feedback from our customers good or bad. I am very sorry to hear you will no longer be shopping with us again.

Buyer beware

Product never arrived. All communication arrived with excuses. Refusing to refund unless I fill out a form for them to supposedly track an untracked postal service. DO NOT USE BUY FROM THEM.
Catch of the day also proving to be no help even though it was their site I went through.

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Hi there Amy, Thank you for leaving us this review. I am very sorry to hear that you feel this way. I have read the conversation that you have had with our customer service adviser and in the messages we have sent we have explained that we do sadly have to wait an extended amount of time past the delivery time frame. This is because the postal services say they may still deliver your order in this time as explained by Mia. We offered a refund to you after this time period had passed but you refused to follow the steps in which allow us to do so. The reason we ask you to sign a lost in post form is to confirm that you are happy for the details to be passed on to the local authorities and the postal services so that we can investigate where this parcel has gone and claimed back the money we would have refunded to you. You wouldn't have had to wait any extra time for this to be resolved as we would have refunded you as soon as the form was filled in and then take this up with the authorities from our side so you no longer have to wait. Sadly as you refused to sign this form in, we could not issue you a refund or a replacement for this order. Our customer services team tried to resolve this as best we could for you but as this has now been taken up with your own bank and the site, we are no longer able to resolve this for you as they will now take control of this. I hope that this is resolved soon for you and that you receive back your money for this purchase. Please contact us if there are any other details that you need. Kind Regards, Charlie. Marketing.

Broken order system.

In the last year I have ordered a few things from this site. Never again. The order system has technical issues. I sent money, they never received it. They said I was lying. Never again.

Hello David, thank you for your review, your feedback is much appreciated. I am very sorry that your order has not arrived, so I can check this for you, could you please update your review with your order number so I can have a look at your issue? Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Argy :)I have already gone through this twice with two different people. I will not order from you ever again.

Terrible customer service

Emailed twice about trying to return an item and still waiting to hear back.
I have tried the contact number both is Australian and British business hours and still plays the message about contacting in business hours.

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Hello Sam, thank you ever so much for your review, we appreciate the feedback you have to offer. So I can look into this for you and resolve it as soon as possible, could you please update your review with your order number? Looking forward to hearing from you. Argy :)

Great Customer Service

I ordered an MP3 player from these guys and although it hasn't arrived yet the customer service has been brilliant. They will submit a lost order claim without any problem. Very helpful!

Forgotten order

Ordered item 5th December #454726708319301. Followed up 19th December assuming it was on its way. It wasn’t. Following my email, I was sent a dispatched notice with the same overflow warehouse excuse. Clearly this item was ordered for a Xmas gift and yet no correspondence about it potentially not being delivered in time. No correspondence at all. Please don’t mention the “due to a high volume of orders“ again; of course it’s a high volume of orders, it’s xmas! And it happens at the same time... every year! I’ve had no problem with other retailers who no doubt plan accordingly for their busiest time of year and manage the “high volume of orders”. Item will now be received after Xmas, shall I keep it for next year? Not good enough.

Satisfactory refund policy

Tried to recently purchase some thing from OzGameShop online. Bad part was, what I ordered they had listed as for sale, however, they had mad an error somewhere and what I ordered was not in stock. Good part was, they discovered this in a very short time-frame (within the day) and immediately refunded my order.
Whilst I am very disappointed that I was unable to buy what I wanted, at least their error was rectified quickly.

Prices haven't changed with the times

In, say 2011, Ozgameshop was the place to shop for video games, they were cheaper than Australian prices although you might have had to wait a week or two for it to come from the UK.

Now with Amazon AU, JB Hi-Fi, Big W, and Target selling games at reasonable prices, I have a laugh when I check OGS and see they are more expensive, lol! You want us to pay overs for something that is shipped from the UK?

If a rep is reading this... guys.... times have changed..... lower your prices....

Hello Lisa, thank you for leaving us a review, your feedback is much appreciated. I am sorry you feel this way, we try and keep our prices as competitive as possible regarding video games as well as board games. Sadly, our prices may increase from time to time due to the stock. By this I mean, if the new stock we receive has cost us less to source, the price will decrease. If, on the other hand, the stock has cost us more, then the price for the customer will increase too. I have passed your feedback ON to my team for investigation. Anything else you need I'm always happy to help. Kind regards Argy.Thanks Argy. It doesn't seem that the prices have become competitive over the rest of the summer. Thank you for your reply.

Poor customer service | Not in Australia | Won't deliver before Christmas and don't tell you this

It was clearly going to be delivered before Christmas. I ordered on the 2nd of Dec, they shipped on the 4th. At which time post Christmas delivery was suggested.

The OzGameShop - has a head office in Vic but posted from the UK. And this is where the consumer gets caught.

They will not pay for me to return the item. Given they were not transparent. Will not take responsibility and will not share responsibility.

Hello Mel, thank you so much for your feedback, we really appreciate this. So that I can look into this for you, please can you update your review and add your order number? Kind Regards, ArgyHi Argy, I appreciate your response. After three emails with your staff, who repeatedly said they wouldn't be paying for the postage, and they couldn't do anything about delivering before Christmas. I bought another copy from a local retailer. #C24015209-A Seller: Ozgameshop (Shipped from UK) Purchased on: 02/12/18Hello again Mel, I apologise but sadly, I cannot locate your order in our system. Could you please send me your email address, as well as your full name as well so I, can look into this further for you? Argy :)

No response at all. Dead silence. Do NOT SHOP at OzGameShop

I have never had any difficulties buying online and I've been doing so ever since it became possible to do so. Amazon once fudged an order but immediately refunded me. For seven days now I have had an order standing with this mob for a simple medieval goblet. The order was never picked and I have had no update at all. I cancelled the order with no response other than an auto email. I emailed the company direct to express my concerns and got an auto response that "due to the high number of emails" the company is receiving they cannot respond. This is the first rip-off I've experienced shopping online and I urge everyone to avoid this lot like the plague. Seven days without any notification, either-way, is just shoddy and appalling. EDIT: Money was refunded. I appreciate that. But I am reluctant to shop from similar stores again.

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Hello Nathan, thank very much for reviewing our website, your feedback is much appreciated. I am very sorry to hear that your order did not get dispatched in time. So I can look into this further for you, could you please send me your order number and email address in a private message. That way I can have a clearer view of why there was a dispatch delay in the first place. Looking forward to hearing from you. Kind regards Argy.

Difficult to return items.

I purchased a Swimovate Poolmate watch and I am unable to change the time on it. I asked where I needed to return the watch to and was asked to send a video of the problem, which is like saying they don't believe me and also most videos are too large to send via email. They eventually agreed but I have been asked to ship to the UK which is $28 to send from Australia. I thought I was purchasing from an Australian Company which it is not as they only reply at night (UK time zone) and I need to post it back to the UK. Be ware shoppers.

Disappointing customer service

Used this site all the time for games and presents for my nephews. Pretty loyal customer never had to deal with any issues but judging by the reviews thought wouldn’t be a problem.
Put a preorder in for red dead redemption in April of 2017, super keen for release so was on top of updating my details and address in 2018 as has moved since ordering, double checked address was correct. Fast forward to release time for game they delivered it to my old address, they looked at invoice for preorder and sent it without checking details.
I spoke to Lauren from customer service who was rude and unhelpful, outright said it wasn’t there issue as they deliver as per invoice not details saved and that if I want game I should go to old address and knock on door and ask for it.
Disappointed I sunk so much coin into a place like this, surely I am not he first person to move house during preordering of a game that was 18months since purchase. Again never had an issue until i had to deal with “customer service“ so can’t fault delivery and prices if it all goes right.

Hello Greg, thank you for leaving us a review, your feedback is much appreciated by our company. As previously explained both on these Product Reviews and from our customer services team, even though you updated your shipping address in your account, this action will not automatically change any dispatch information on any orders that have already been placed. In order for your address to be updated in the existing order, you will have to contact our customer services team and they will be able to change your address in our system. As for your existing order, If the item is undelivered then your local post office will send it back to us but this can take 3 months before we can issue you a refund as we have to wait for it to return back to us. This procedure is mandatory I'm afraid. Once again I would like to apologise for this unfortunate experience and I we receive the item back as soon as possible in order to resolve this issue for you. Kind Regards Argy.This company is lying they admitted they received my address update but sent out to wrong address. Instead of doing the right thing and sending me out my order that I paid in full to correct addres that I gave them, they refuse to spend the money and would rather lose a long term customer instead of correcting the mistake, poor form and terrible ethics.Hi Greg, I am very sorry if you feel as if we are lying as we are only stating what has been said in the conversations with you and our customer services team. I have looked through the emails and live chats transcripts with you and our customer services team and can see that we have not received a change of address email from you for them to update your details, only that you had updated the address in your account details which have been explained multiple times by our customers services team through email and many online chats does not update any existing orders sadly. In order to change your delivery address, we ask customers to send us an email with a specific subject line so we can personally change the orders. This is stated in our FAQ's Point 3 under 'My Orders'. Also under '9. Delivery, Risk and Ownership', point 9.10 in our terms of sale, we state '9.12 If you need to change the address of a previous order you have made, please contact us, the order will not be updated automatically.' Link - www.ozgameshop.com/page/terms-of-sale As we did not receive an email or any other contact directly from you to change your delivery address, we sadly could not do this for you as because your order was already processed when you changed the address in your account therefor would not update. I am however very sorry that your order has not successfully been delivered to you but as the steps above were not followed that we do state on site, we are unable to take liability for this and refund you. Please for future orders, if you were to make anymore and want to change address, please make direct contact with our customer services team so that they can update your order in our systems to ensure the orders gets sent out to the right place. Thank you. Charlie-Jo. Marketing.

Lied to me about terms and conditions. Scam & unethical business practices.

I tried to purchase some dice masters starter sets for my game group. They took my money via credit card and moved my order to processing. A few days later I get an email asking for my facebook to verify. They claim once I give them my facebook they will proceed with other and it's only for verification payment purposes. So I gave it, very much against my will, but I did so because my friends all chipped in to get these starter sets and cancellation would be very annoying. Days later I was told me a representative that it is in their terms and conditions on the website that they cannot ship more than 4 items at a time, a new different excuse and had nothing to do with payment. I asked to see where this was in their terms and conditions. It got incredibly awkward when it become apparent this was just a lie. I've never had a company lie about their terms and conditions and just start making stuff up, it's very troublesome and is practically unheard of. I am a gamer and have purchased from 100's of companies, never has a company straight out lied and starting make up their own terms like this. I now realised this company had my credit card information and was willing to lie and deceive me. Not a good sign. I am in process of reporting them to bank and the ACCC consumer affairs in Australia for breaking their own terms and online scamming. They seem to think they can just make up reasons to not fulfill orders. They have a set terms of sale and terms of use on their website, yet regardless customer service staff are making up things and misleading customers. The story kept changing over and over, still can't believe it happened.

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Hello Adam, thank you for leaving us a review, we most certainly appreciate the feedback. I am deeply sorry we were unable to ship your order out. I have checked your order and it seems it contained a high number of the same item and for that reason, your order got flagged as it is an unusual buying pattern for our website. We do apologise because our website allowed you to select 4 or more of the same item when we only allow 4 per order. We understand that on our website it is not stated that there is a limited quantity per order and this issue has been passed on to our Web team in order to specify this term so that we can prevent this issue from repeating itself in the future. I can see that your order has been refunded and the amount should reach your account very soon, I would personally recommend placing your order once again but this time make sure to include up to 4 items of the same product. Once again I do apologise for this major inconvenience and I do hope this unfortunate experience does not prevent you from purchasing from us in the future. Kind regards Argy.

Absolute crap and completely false advertising

I brought 2 ps4 horse games for my daughter. these games did not have any instructions and the disks were written in german. There was no English on one of the covers.

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Hello, thank you for your review, we really appreciate the feedback. I am ever so sorry to hear this. All of our items should have the full English language and subtitles available. So I can resolve this for you, could you please send me your order number and email address in a private message? Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Kind regards Argy

Great games at smashing great prices!

Ozgameshop has been my go-to site for many console and pc games. They almost always have good prices for their games and earning points to redeem as vouchers makes games even cheaper and value for money!

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Thank you so much for leaving us a review, Darren! I have now added these points to your account which you will now be able to see! I hope that this helps! If there is anything else that you need, please feel free to get back in touch! Argy :)

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Questions & Answers

Hi I ordered a videogame from your site and I was told that the delivery would take 7-10 working days. It’s already been 2 weeks, how long would it take for my order to arrive? My order number is: 17047038318301 Thanks
2 answers
Hello there, thank you for contacting us. Could you please send me your email address in a private message on Facebook so I can check this for you? Argy They’ll keep making excuses. And then it won’t arrive they’ll make some more. Impossible to get a refund. Contact your bank and ask for a charge back instead citing theft.

I ordered Red Dead Redemption April 2017, moved houses so changed my address with ozgameshop, still haven't received it, contacted Lauren on email from ozgameshop who said it was delivered to old address, not sure how this happened as changed my address ages before was sent, when will this be rectified and i get my game?
1 answer
Hello Greg, thank you for leaving us a review, your feedback is much appreciated by our company. As my customer services advisor has explained, even when the customer updates his shipping address in his account, this action will not automatically change any dispatch information on any orders that have already been placed. In order for your address to be updated in the existing order, you will have to contact our customer services team and they will be able to change your address in our system. As for your existing order, If the item is undelivered then your local post office will send it back to us but this can take 3 months before we can issue you a refund as we have to wait for it to return back to us. This procedure is mandatory I'm afraid. Once again I would like to apologise for this unfortunate experience and I we receive the item back as soon as possible in order to resolve this issue for you. Kind Regards Argy.

Can I be certain you have the 'Revell 1/24 Routemaster' London bus kit in stock if I place an order.?
1 answer
Hello, thank you for getting in touch. I am very sorry as this is not something that I can confirm. I would say your best bet is to use this link:https://www.ozgameshop.com/request-an-item This allows you to request the item directly from our Buying Team who contact us and we then contact you with the outcome. I hope this helps, if you need anything else, please don't hesitate to contact us. Argy

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