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Fisher-Price Rainforest Open Top Take-Along Swing

Fisher-Price Rainforest Open Top Take-Along Swing

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Doesn't live up to expectations

This seemed like the ideal product for us but I regret my purchase. Baby doesn't mind the seat, however will often startle awake and hit her hands on the hard plastic toys, waking her up. Silly design because they cannot be removed.

Purchased in April 2019 at Target Australia for $99.00.

Swings too fast

I bought this swing after reading reviews thinking it was going to help settle bubs. It was the opposite.
The slowest swing setting is still too fast. I felt like she was going to get thrown out of it!
I do like the fact how easy the cover is too wash and the beautiful rainforest sounds, but other than that, nothing good to say.

Great Swing, Save your Sanity

This is a great swing, it will save your sanity and worth every cent. There are lots of rockers on the market which can be very expensive but this rocket is everything you need at a very reasonable price. Can be used for newborns. Don't bother getting a bouncer this is all you need. You will probably only have use of it for 6 months up until baby gets too heavy for it (Max. 11.3kgs) or baby is able climb out of it but it's worth it.

Fantastic little swing!

This battery powered little swing has a lot of power. The music is ordinary and the vibration is a bit strange.... But for a baby that loves to swing, this is excellent!
The music turns itself off after a while, but it keeps swinging swinging swing!
This swing apparently has one of the most comfortable seats because my baby prefers this to sit - over the larger swing, bouncer, bumbo, or high chair.

A must have item!

I was given this rocker as a gift and initially didn't think we would use it much as we had a baby swing as well. How wrong I was. This rocker was wonderful for my newborn for day naps with the vibrations on. As he grew, the hanging mobile (which is removable) provided great entertainment. Initially he would just look at the mobile but then titis aided his development to reach and grab. As he got bigger again, we positioned the rocker slightly higher to make more upright and again my little one still enjoyed playing in it. The rocker moves around our house, inside and out and is so handy to put baby in while I am needing to get a few things done. I would thoroughly recommend to any new parent.
Not just a standard rocker for newborns. I love that you can get so much use from the one item.

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I wrote this review for the Newborn to Toddler Rainforest Rocker not the above item. Not sure why this has changed?

Great swing

My baby loves his swing. Have been using since he was a newborn and still using at 5 months, he loves to look up at the mobile and tries to reach the toys. Batteries seem to last a decent amount of time but found it went too fast when he was a newborn. Folds up well and can be moved around easy
Colourful, folds easy and doesn't take up too much room, batteries last a while
Swings too fast for newborn.

Okay but there are better swings available

I used another swing set prior to this one and have to say that I was dissapointed with this swing. My son is 3 months and likes to be able to grab hold toys hanging from above. With this, the toys (which were really cute and colourful) were too high to be able to reach. I also did not like the angles of the seat. It seams that you can alter the heights but the more seated position did not lock in for me. Unfortunately my son's time was shortened greatly in this swing. He lasted 10mins max, while in the other swing he would last 20-30mins.
colours and animals/print
toys not reachable, seat on awkward angle.

Put my boy to sleep!

Love this swing, easy to pack up, move around and is light weight. The swinging motion puts my boy to sleep with ease and also has great soft tunes to fall asleep to. My boy is big and heavy and we need to use the fastest speed for it to move him well so wont last him much longer unfortunately but great investment. The seat is a great size and a good shape to hold him in nice and snug (like he is being cuddled)
The shape, colour, easy to pack up to take with you also for packing away, the music is good too
The fastest speed is almost not strong enough to swing my boy

Love it!! couldn't live without it

Loved it!!!!! My bought this for my newborn and put him in it from 8 weeks onwards. It was very handy for when i needed to cook tea or hang washing as he loved to be held and rocked. I think i nearly cried when he grew out of it. I will defently be using it for our next one.
Inexpensive, Colourful, Lullaby music and 5 speeds

Sanity saver for a limted time.

When baby #2 came along we found we couldn't get anything done because baby wouldn't stop crying unless he was being held, pushed in the pram or rocked. I decided to invest in a Baby swing, although i was a bit unsure of how effective it would be, especially when they are so expensive.
I could have got a cheaper model, but went for the Fisher Price Rainforest as i loved the cute design and it matched other items we had.
They are not cheap, around $160 at the time, i was fortunate to buy a floor model for around $120 which was about my budget.

It was worth every single cent though. Baby calmed when he was in it and went to sleep, giving me time to get things done. The music can be a bit grating, but even with the just the swinging it is effective.

The swing only has a 3 point harness which is not suitable when baby gets a little older. By the time my son had reached 4 months he had worked out that if he leaned forward he could tip the swing forward and touch the floor as he was only restrained at the waist. Because of this reason we had to stop using it after only 4 months. I was extremely dissapointed, especially because of how expensive it was. If it had a 5 point harness we could have gotten a lot more use out of it.

Overall, i recommend it as a sanity saver especially if your bub is hard to settle, but think that one with a 5 point harness would be more value for your money, as you could use it so much longer.
Sanity saver; Cute design;
Expensive; Only has a 3 point harness, baby was leaning forward in it by 4 months; limited use because of this reason.

Good but needs a few improvements

swing is good and works, my baby likes it especially now that he is 3 months old and can reach for the toys. First improvement is that the toys need to be on longer strings as he will never be able to reach them the way it is. Second thing, I manually swing the swing for him because even the lowest swing speed is way to fast, this also could be improved. Lastly, we bought this swing because it says it has rainforest sounds but acutally it has annoying music that has nothing to do with the rainforest. Also would be nice to be able to choose which song of the 7 we would like to hear, not hear the same song first and have to listen to 5 songs each time before we get to the one we like the most.
great for entertaining my baby while i get a few things done, esp now i have put longer strings on the toys
needs longer strings, slower swing speed, rainforest sounds and option to select songs.

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sorry i was a bit harsh, the music is not annoying, my baby likes it and its actually very sweet, we were just expecting and preferring rain forest sounds, it is a little annoying to hear the same song first all the time, especially if the music isnt on long enough to make it through the cycle.

Music melody to baby's ears

This fisher price rainforest swing is good because it has five speed, seven songs, and its portable. My little girl loves the slow speed,and calming music, where as if you had a heavier baby you would put the higher speed on. I use it for when i'm cooking and don't have hands to hold her. Its great tool to soothe my baby with music in the living room where i can keep a close eye on her. The toys that hangs above the swing is a really good distraction and gives them something to focus on.
Reliable swing
Abit expensive

It has been a saviour

Has helped settle bubs from time-to-time. I didn't use it at first because it would go too fast for him and I don't think he liked it very much but as he put on weight it was better and it helped settle him and get him to sleep. It is a little bulky so it wasn't something I took anywhere. It would be better if they actually had rainforest music as an option.
Didn't have to change the batteries. Good for soothing a grumpy baby.
The music certainly isn't the best.

Not as compact as the title would suggest

I thought this was OK but didn't use it a lot. My baby didn't like it much so it was only useful when she was sleepy but wouldn't go to sleep - it would lull her into what looked like a kind a of trance. Still, a lot of people swear by swings so I think my feelings about it have more to do with my baby than the product itself.
Looks nice; the music isn't too loud; sometimes bubs would fall asleep in it if she had a dummy; deep seat so it didn't feel as though she was going to roll out when she got a bit older
Expensive; the music gets annoying after a while; when folded it's still pretty chunky so I can't imagine actually "taking it along"; only has a three point harness

My Favourite product!

By far my favourite product! We got this given to us as a gift and it was the best thing! We had looked at swings while i was pregnant but i refused to pay that much and instead got a bouncer which was very good! We were then given this swing when bus was 4 weeks old and im so glad we have one now! I would definatley reccomend paying that bit more for a swing rather than a bouncer (we never use our bouncer now)
When baby is in it, the weight slows it down so it doesnt swing as fast and i actually didnt have a probelm with the speed, bubs loved it.
He would sit in it for ages without fussing an if he was ever having a bad day and wouldnt sleep i would pop him in this and a few minutes later he would be fast asleep.
Music isnt very rainforesty but i dont mind the music it plays. Its continnuous so i didnt have to keep pressing for the music to play
Definitely recommend this.
Cute design. Quality product. Folds up easily


I am finding now my baby is 4 months old he is more comfortable to stay in this swing, he has more weight which keeps it at a slower pace, I've never gone on more than the lowest setting. I think that needs reviewing.
The product looks great, quite sturdy and folds nicely so it becomes portable. The mobile attachment can really grab my sons attention for a while.
The lowest setting is still far too fast. I had a little 6lb baby and it use to go way to fast for him. I would have to prop a cusion under it to slow it's speed. Is quite expensive, a bargain if you can get it on sale.


I highly recommend this product. I found it to be great for young babies that are difficult to settle. My daughter often had her bottle in it then dozed off, once she fell asleep I turned off the swinging motion. I have actually had the same batteries in since I bought it and only recently did they run out and my daughter is 10mths old. She did go through a stage where she hated it so have not used it in a few months but I actually put her in it recently as she loved it all over again!
I bought this when my daughter was about 8wks old and it was an absolute godsend! I don't know why I didn't buy it earlier. She used to fall asleep in it within about 10min. The music in combination with the swinging motion worked wonders, and to be honest I actually didn't mind the music at all. I never actually took it anywhere but I did move it from room to room and even used it in the garden.
The lowest setting is very fast especially if you have a small, light baby, however I often placed a towel on the end of the seat so it dragged on the floor slightly and this seemed to slow it down somewhat. The animals are very far away so when they get a bit older and more curious they are never able to touch them.


This has been a very useful item to keep baby amused. She loves watching the toys as she swings and usually falls asleep after not too long. I have to keep it on low though as the seat is not particularly supportive for small babies and she tends to slide sideways and slump over. I have to keep an eye on her in case this happens. It is quite bulky although it does fold for storage and transportation.
Keeps baby amused while mum gets on with other things
Not great for new babies because they tend to slide sideways and slump over. Quite bulky but does fold a bit for storage or transportation although even folded its quite large. Music is very irritating after any length of time


The strongest point that I feel about this product is that it is so plasticky for something so expensive. It is quite sturdy and safe, however the metal frames do wobble a little bit. It just screams out 'made in China'.
It is good, however, for bub to sit in while mum is cooking or cleaning or having dinner.
I have a bit of a clingy baby and until he was 3 mo he refused to sleep on his own during the day, however placed in the swing he would nap for 30 minutes which gave me extra time.
I alternate with the bouncer to give him variety.
Great mobility and folds away easily.
Great to amuse bub for mum's much needed time-out. Folds away easily and can be taken places.
Way too overpriced for the quality.


This is a great swing it keeps my baby im emused, and rocks her to sleep most of the time, hence the boring music. The only bad thing are the toys that hang to high. My baby trys to sit up and reach out to them and cant. The Rainforest tree swing is easy enough to esemble and It hangs low to the ground. Its convinient to take out to friends or families houses it folds up easy and packs away easy in the boot of the car. The carry along swing is resanoably priced and I would definatley recommend it.
Easy to put together, nice eye catching design, its convienient and folds up to take away.
Toys are hanging up to high, the music is boring.

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Hey, where can you but this swing from?
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How do you relive and sit the seat up?
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Hey Sez3 your unable to sit the seat up on this swing or they will tip out/swing tip, so once your little one can sit themselfs up then i stopped using it.

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