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Flood Spa-N-Deck

Flood Spa-N-Deck

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Exactly what I wanted

Recently used flood spa and deck- Jarrah colour on Merbau timber for a timber screen wall I have at home. Chose this combo after much research. If you follow the directions and don’t cut corners this is a fantastic product. Couldn’t be happier with the result, it looks fantastic in my opinion. Was very easy to apply but the prepping can be tedious, it’s well worth the effort though.

Purchased in April 2019 for $99.00.

Don’t use anything else

Built a deck from recycled boards. Did my research and decided to go with floods jarrah as I didn’t want a yellow/orange finish. Despite using various ages and condition of boards they look amazing, just like new Highly recommend using this product. used another brand on the stairs, failing already.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

no good

applied the product 10 months ago i was not really happy with it from the start its a very matt finish and more disappointing a very orange colour more like a semi transparent a lot of effort to apply ie timber having to be wet on first coat i have since used Haymes deck water base on another deck and looks great

Date PurchasedJan 2017

7 years on and 1 recoat. Love this stuff

Love how easy this is to apply, so quick and easy. Applied on new merbau decking that had been left to weather for a few weeks to reduce the tannins.

Colour is great (merbau over merbau), wear is fantastic, and the feel underfoot is great.

We love this stuff, we will certainly use this for our next project.

Date PurchasedJan 2010

Awesome product - done & dusted in a day - ask for tech support if in doubt.

Iv'e been using spa n deck for many years on a new treated pine deck surrounding one side of a swimming pool. I recoat about every 2/3 yrs. Used natural - it does have yellow orange tinge to it but
looks good & is " the business" when it comes to wear & tear & maintenance. Re coating is a minimum
of fuss. Cops full sun for most of the day . It's a 10 as far as I'm concerned.

Date PurchasedJun 2012

Spa n Deck for Merbau timber

Yes have used the product spa&deck -merbau now on two separate decks consisting of 15 square mtrs of merbau timber, one 22x140mm and 25x140mm boards both ajoin the bull nose capping around the concrete pool and now have been in place since start of 2013 , after original coat which consisted of one with boards soaking wet with water then 3 coats after have only applied one lot of 3 coat application up to this time and decks are exposed to full weather with no cover but will be due at the end of the year for another application so have found the product extremely effective with a nice finish , although when freshly applied and dried if wet can be a little slippery to walk on until it settles down from the shine a definite recommend for the Perth climate- if applied correctly . ,

Date PurchasedJan 2013

Failed 4 times !!

Brand new over 100sqm Jarrah decking approx 30sqm in full sun, has failed now 4 times the last fail done under warranty is only 5 weeks old done by the product representative and proffessional deck installer, our beautiful deck is ruined again, it has been sanded in one spot that gets full sun twice and whole deck sanded once, our boards are cracked and fibers raised in alot of areas as after they cleaned and applied product they done another hand sanding, we just had huge rainfall in WA and deck product just WASHES OFF leaving a dull unprotected deck, the dog peed on pole of patio and before I could get the hose within 5 minutes to hose it off it has just soaked straight into deck STAINING suface. I have rung the company head office THEY ARE NOT INTERESTED IN HELPING ME. Iam so upset as You see I TOLD THEM I DID NOT WANT THIS PRODUCT AGAIN cant they just use oil I dont care about oiling deck every 6 months NOW THIS TERRIBLE product needs sanding off again. When I rang this company a representative at headoffice help line he said its not normally used on Jarrah it is used on merbu normally and imported products?? I tried to tell the deck guy and local representative but both WOULD NOT LISTEN TO ME saying guy in HO was wrong?? they have no technical data to back up this product on Jarrah that they are willing to show me ? My deck is RUINED...

Date PurchasedJan 2017

just finished applying second coat to new merbau deck

did all the prep applied first coat it didnt look like i applied anything at all second coat looked better had a bit more depth but i think the product could do with a bit more shine i didnt realize its such a matt finish for all the effort put in i was hoping for some lustre a least another coat to go time will tell how the product stands up as far as colour goes its a bit orange was hoping for something that looks like merbau when its wet as said the product is very matt looks like new merbau when its dry more or less

Date PurchasedNov 2016

The product is perfect. The colour is not

Just finished applying the Spa-N-Deck on my new blackbutt deck. I used the Natural colour naively thinking the the natural colour will preserve the beautiful blackbutt look. Unfortunately their Natural gives yellow-orange tint to the timber and does not look like blackbutt at all. We have blackbutt timber floors inside the house that are finished with a different acrylic oil - they look nothing like the deck.

So, if you think that the natural tint will give you the look of your wet bare timber - it won't. If you need this look use a different product (I do not know which).

When there is time to recoat I will use a different product and report here.

Having said all this, their powerlift and woodprep products are magic. My new deck was weathered for a few weeks to remove excessive tannin. The powerlift and woodprep applications brought back the natural beauty of the boards.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Great product, easy to use and maintain, looks great

Had a new Merbau timber deck built on the back of the house in 2010 and wanted to coat it right. It does not have a roof and faces East/North in Brisbane QLD so gets baked all year by the sun.
I'd used Cabot's products for the front south facing deck for years and that was OK but that deck is sheltered by a roof.

Spa N Deck was recommended to me by one of the builders that quoted to build the deck. He swears by it.
So that is what I used. Read the instructions carefully and did all the correct prep work steps as per the makers instructions. (very important) Weird applying the 1st coat with the timber wet, followed by two more coats.

The product is very watery and has no unpleasant odour. Keep a stirring stick in the product and stir often during application. It is very fast and easy to apply, way faster and easier than paint. Finish looks great. No edge over lap marks if you apply it as per the instructions by keeping a wet leading edge, continue along only a few boards at a time for the entire length. Apply thinly.
I liked it that much I redid the front deck with it, straight over the old Cabot's stuff and 5 years later it still looks great. I did apply a top up coat sometime in those 5 years. Remember that deck is south facing and has a roof.

As per the can label it lasts 2 years on flat surfaces and 4 years on vertical. I found this to be true in full baking sun in Brisbane QLD.
I do a fresh coat every 2 years on all of it and I recommend you do the same.
If you see it starting to look a bit thin or worn then re-coat when required. Much better to do this, then leave it all get shabby because then you have a major job on your hands. Applying a coat at the right intervals is quick and very easy.

Due to back problems I left the last coat go for a bit too long and in several places it got very thin and so when I finally got to apply 2 fresh coats you can see some differences in colour tone. It still looks fine but if you really want to keep the finish looking uniform and perfect, make certain you re-coat within 2 years or as per your conditions dictate. To do this recent coat (Feb 2016) I needed to buy another 10L tub of it.

My neighbour built a concrete fence with wooden featured horizontal slats and coated it with Sikkens.
Within a year it started to peel and this is on vertical surfaces! Looks like crap now and he has huge job stripping it back to re-coat it.

So glad I went with Spa N Deck instead of Sikkens.

But remember do the initial application and prep work strictly as per the instructions and re-apply at least every 2 years or less.

Great product but needs to be maintained

We have 100m of hardwood deck on Qld Sunshine Coast that was originally finished in Spa n Deck by professional painters. Did not last more than 6 months and the painters did not want to know. Spa n deck came out to look and told me that the painters had not used the Powerlift and Cleaner correctly (if at all). They did a demo area to show me which was better than anything the painters managed and they left me enough product to redo the whole lot.

Can honestly say I have been very happy since then but a few comments:
1- Use the correct cleaners and apply the first coat when the deck is nice and wet.
2- Use plenty of coats - I use 3- or 4 each recoat
3- Don't sand if you can avoid it but use a good pressure cleaner to remove the old coat (that was what they recommended when I had to redo the useless painters effort)
4- Keep it in good nick and recoat at least every 2 years. I have had it for 7 years now and no problems at all but do not let it degrade so you have to clean it all off. Recoating is easy if done regularly and less effort than decking oil once its set up.

Guaranteed for 2 years peels in 5 years

Great at holding the colour and really quick to apply but difficult to paint without leaving wet edge marks. My retaining wall and spa is peeling after six years and now all needs to be sanded, what a job! Have you every tried to sand the grooves of the western red cedar of a spa? its near impossible, basically the timber spa is ruined and unrepairable.

I got the colours sorted ...

So whilst the original colour was very 'red centre' on the deck I spoke with the folk at spa n deck and they suggested a tint, very helpful and now the colour is spot on to suit the surrounds and seems to be lasting well. So if at first the colour doesn't meet expectations go back to them and they will help get it right. I was pleased with the service.

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As I mentioned above the colours have been good, but now 2 years on it does seem to be starting to peel.

Very impressive product

Had my 34 square metre spotted gum deck built in October 2012. Applied Spa 'N Deck and was very impressed.

Due to the fact that I had renovations for the 6 months following, and the builder had spilt products/damaged the finish/stained the deck due to cement dust, and add to this the paint I dripped on it whilst painting the pergola ceiling, I had to recoat again in July 2013. I didn't even need to sand the finish off or anything. I just used the products as recommended by Flood, cleaned everything up and recoated again, and it looks as good as the day it was built.

It's pricey, but worth your time to use a quality product. I've used cheaper products like Cabot's Aquadeck before, but they don't compare longevity-wise to Flood's superior finish. I'm going to use it on all of my outdoor timber furniture and my spa next time around.
Very good protection, easy to apply
Expensive, have to follow their 3 step system

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I coated the deck again this year, 2 years after the last coating. Followed the process and did another 3 coats - beautiful. No problems at all. Still as hard wearing as ever. The so called cheaper systems are more costly in the long run.

Absolutely worth its weight in gold

After putting up a 25 sqm deck in the rear court yard a few years back; I was recommended a Cabot's Decking oil to be used for the Treated Pine, the basic and cheapest kind you can possibly use for an outdoor alfresco. The Cabots (Natural) did not live up to its claim and after 4 coats, I found it to be an utter waste of money and in the end a rip off.

Asking around about a suitable replacement, I was told to look into Flood's Spa 'N Deck oil and at first when I looked at the price for a 10 litre drum... I thought I was going to waste even more money and really was going to avoid it and find something else cheaper and better. After a push from my significant other, I went and bought one to try.

Lets just say that I am very impressed with this product and even after one coat, it looked like it did a very good job in the coverage of my alfresco.

I would buy this again and recommend to any one who wants a long lasting finish for any kind of decking.


Questions & Answers

how much for the 10 litre can?
No answers

Is there a need to strip last year's SnD before recoating this year or just clean it up? It's in good condition, just looks a little dull after 16 months of sea air and full sun.
2 answers
i do not like the product its too orange and a bit too solid ie almost like a paint rather than transparent. That's probably one of the reasons it looks dull. My deck that i used it on is the same and its mostly undercover. What is not undercover did not last long. I would sand it back or strip and then re coat with Haymes (Australian Made) water based deck product. You still have to reapply regularly.Thanks Helen. Thing is, I like the look, and the product. On my deck the "orange" disappears fairly quickly and it's a nice colour for the rest of the year. Still wondering what prep might be needed.

Does anyone know of any suppliers in Brisbane. The flood website lists bunnings and a number of others but this information is out of date. Bit concerned that if I use this I won't be able to get more when I need to re-apply.
1 answer
Taubmans Trade Centre in Aspley on Gympie Rd.


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