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For Sale For Lease

For Sale For Lease

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DIY Sales is a joke

They are unprofessional, do not call back. Agents are rude, I've been called names and harassed by her. I'm making formal complaint but since no one answers, I'll now make the complaint about the entire management team also.


Do not list your property as they have been bankrupt and about to go under AGAIN. despite going to vcat 3 times to recover monies owed, and being awarded costs, they just do not pay

Awesome site

If you have a little extra time and want to save heaps of money just contact for sale for lease to rent your home.

Pathetic and useless

I have had my property listed for some months and no enquiries. Then one day I received a call from someone who tracked me down through the Owners Corporation. He indicated that not only did he send an online enquiry but he also called and spoke to someone who indicated they would forward the enquiry on. He waited over a week and nothing.
I sent an enquiry and didn't receive that either. I called to speak to the manager and the lady who answered the phone was very abrupt and refused me to speak to the manager, insisting she could deal with it. The manager was apparently going to call me back, but never did after almost a month.
I would not recommend these guys to anyone wanting to sell their property.

Ineffective with an arrogant attitude

We had our house for rent listed with For Sale For Lease which includes a listing on realestate.com.au. After one month we hadn't received any enquiries from prospective tenants through the advert. We did have our own sign in the window of the house which did attract 3 enquiries. While showing one of these enquirers through the house they mentioned they had sent an enquiry through For Sale For Lease about a week before. We didn't receive it. So, I sent a dummy enquiry to see if it came through. It didn't. The next day I phoned the business, and at their request, I sent an email through with the details. That afternoon we received 6 enquiries including the one from the couple we showed through, and our enquiry. Obviously, the other enquiries were made during that month. I asked for an explanation from For Sale For Lease without any response. I sent a couple of emails to try to find out what happened. I left a phone message with a staff member who said the Manager would call me back. It's been a week now and I'm still waiting.

Absolute rubbish

I have listed a property via DIY & Sales and in spite of having 3000+ page visits, not a single referral has been passed to us. Tried testing them by calling the number listed several times and no one picks ups.
Cannot even re login to update the sites.

Please do not waste your money with these guys, try another property site to sell your property.

Very unprofessional, disappointing total waste of my time

After waiting for 20 min for the second week in a row for a listing they are listed as the only contact number, after contacting their phone service and trying every available option eventually [name removed] answered told me to knock on the door and hang up on me. I'll let you draw your own conclusions.

Listing Disappeared.

My listing disappeared from the most important website. Nobody told me what had happened. I only noticed the disappearance after I did an online search because I had no enquiries. Very difficult to get a response by telephone but had my call returned later

has this company gone under

I had my add listed with this company and it suddenly disappeared from the listing portals. They don't answer emails or phone calls. Be careful have they gone under

Fast and Easy to use

Have to say this - all went smooth, fast and easy. I had my property leased in such a short period of time. I got my needed support, the site was easy to use and the staff have really went out of their way to assist me. Highly Recommended

Great result

Fast to set up , easy site to navigate, help was quick and efficient and a great fast end result.

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Thank you for your feedback. It is our utmost priority to provide quality service to our clients. We hope to do business with you once again.

It works excellent for me

For my self managed rental property, it works excellent. I get heaps of enquiries and the staff are when I have had to contact them are very friendly and helpful. Highly recommended.

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Thank you for the excellent feedback. Our company along with our staff are dedicated to assist you in your advertising needs. You have been a pleasure to work with and we certainly hope to work with you again.

Cost effective, professional and prompt.

The heading says it all for me. I'll add that the lady who helps me over the phone is patient, courteous and extremely helpful.

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Thank you for the feedback. We take delight in working with our clients and assisting your property. It has been our pleasure to do business with you and we certainly hope you will reach out to us again should you require our assistance.


We've been trying to arrange for an inspection at a property for nearly 2 months. When you call you talk to an Asian lady who can barely speak English. They haven't returned any calls or answered any of our emails. These guys are a waste of time.

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We apologize if the owner has not responded to your interest with their property. Please bear in mind that we are only advertising the property on the owner's behalf. The owner is the one responsible in making sure that all enquiries for their property are attended to and responded. We respect your opinion but we can attest that all our staff are highly qualified to do the job and are trained and equipped to handle any of your concerns. We ask that you keep your comments professional and with respect. We do not discriminate our staff whatever race or culture they come from, may it be Asian as you mentioned on your comment.

Tried to arrange an inspection for a rental.

I tried to make an inspection appt with the agent. He asked me some awkward questions about my living arrangements, and then said he would get the woman who was still living in the property to call me so we could organise a time. This didn't happen, not sure why the tenant should be doing the agents job anyway. The property is still advertised and they keep lowering the rent. This company seems really unprofessional, they might be cheap but not really worth it if they are not doing the job.

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We apologise for the experience. As such, we have no control on how the property owner conducts their business as we only advertise the property on their behalf. The responsibility of responding to enquiries and showing up on inspections are the property owner's. However we are closely monitoring any misconduct done by our clients and we take these seriously. If found that they are indeed in violation of our policies then we will immediately remove the ad from our site and ban them indefinitely in advertising through our agency.

Good service Perfect for me

I find the service the best for me. It really works and I had the best experience in selling my property

For Fale for Lease, not For customer service

I contracted forsaleforlease.com and whilst the were prompt in uploading to realestate.com.au, i continuously complained the listing was not in Domain per the contract and payment i made $200. I received an attitude and demeanour from the owner who explained that "realestate.com" account for 95% of applicants and it didn't matter, when i explained that i wanted the listing to be raised on Domain per the contract i was shrugged off and advised that it was listed and i needed to alter my search criteria. I reassured the owner my search was accurate and proceeded to request a credit to offset the break in the contract as i hadn't received what i was quoted. The owner finally listed the property two weeks after i paid my fee. The owner also sent me an email which supported my claim as the dates on the diary reflected "unpublished" on two occasions. (I had also screen shot the before and after of the search and when it was finally listed a "New" flag appeared in the top corner and the listing appeared at the top when you filtered newest...no surprise there.
Finally, was dissatisfied with the owner, [name removed], the indifferent attitude and obvious negligence was a grab for extra margin by not fulfilling the contract obligation.
I would look to other agents/advocates before using the business.

Terrible Service

Looking at a property for a client and when I asked for information I was advised I had no idea about the area and didn't bother to read the advert. However everything I had asked for was not available within the advert.

Not as good as other companies I've used

I found the process of entering the data and photos etc. quite old fashioned, the database didn't seem very recent.
Once changes were made the updated data took awhile to become live online.
Communications with staff seemed very distant, they didn't ever phoned me to sort out any issues, just emailed which look longer to sort out.
I had 3 contact names, why 3 different people, they should have had just one contact who is always available looking after your account.

You have a responsibility as well!

We did the wrong thing. Or perhaps not exactly 'wrong' but some would call it that. We were about to sign on a tenant but weren't sure if they were the right choice, so we stalled on saying 'yes, we've found a good tenant, take us off the Net' - in other words, giving us another chance to find a better tenant without having to pay for it.

Innocently, in the end (the tenant did not pay her rent on time until a QCAT hearing threat), we didn't inform 'ForSaleForLease' about the lease having been signed. So guys, don't do what we did. If you've leased your place out, let them know straight away. If people abuse the system, this great system of being able to utilize www.realestate.com.au to sell or lease your property without having a real estate agent's licence will go away.

Great work, guys. Very smooth.



Do the right thing!

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Questions & Answers

Im just wondering if anyone much has sold commercial property eg. Cafe on here or is it more residential? Thank you
1 answer
Personally, I've only used it for residential. Worked a treat for me.

Can anyone tell me whether they have had success in selling their property privately?
3 answers
Hi Customer24, As we are a listing service, we don't operate like traditional agents and do not partake in the sales process or enquiry handling so the "selling" side of things really come down to you, how well you present the property and the price obviously. However, by using the power of the internet and your knowledge of your own home, we make a pretty good partnership. Here are our sold listings on RealEstate.com.au: http://www.realestate.com.au/sold/by-prgtik/list-1 Here are our customer testimonials of REAL people who have used our service: http://forsaleforlease.com.au/about/testimonials/ Any other questions, go ahead and ask us here: http://forsaleforlease.com.au/contact/I also looked elsewhere on the internet & found a plethora of other (cheaper) companies. But after my terrible experience with For Sale For Lease I don't know if I want to continue selling without an agent anymore...Hi, yes i have, however i wouldn't use forsaleforlease.com as they may not provide all of the listings you are payng for, there are a number of others available with a similar price. If you have no experience in negotiating property I suggest you go for a cheaper company like puple bricks as this will keep the emotion and spme of the tricks at bay. Just remember, most agents only want the sale so, be careful not to accept an offer to early or quickly and nenever tell the agent the amou t of money you really want, always over estimate to a reasonable extent.

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