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Horrible quality, having problems currently trying to return items. Never again will i deal with this company

Horrible quality, having problems currently trying to return items, even though they claim they have a simple return policy. Never again will i deal with this company, overpriced junk. Briefs looks like g-strings by the way.

Sent photos of garments to them, stitching loose, damaged seam. Telling me unable to see damage in photos and that they will repair or replace. Said i want a refund as i'm not convinced of the quality waiting for a response. I know what it will be, unfortunately we can only repair/replace blah blah, i have a feeling a complaint to ACCC is on the way.

Gave me the response I expected, realised I paid via PayPal, opened a dispute. Now things will get sorted :)

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeYes
Sizing Very small
Product Appearance As advertised
Store Locationfrank&beans.com.au

A+ Undewear A+ PRICE 5/5 stars

My rating for this is A+ Undewear A+ PRICE 5/5 stars. I dont have anything bad to say only good things, underwear was delivered on time. Upon opening the packing i was impressed with the workmanship and also the fit onto my body was perfect.

A lovely well present pack of Underwear was delivered to my husband

My husband raves on about these, after i bought these for him I've heard nothing but good things from him. His number one rule is there must be no ride up on any Underwear, these pass the test. Comfortable when at work and around the house he looks mighty fine in them.

Great Underwear

great quality and I enjoy the wide range of colours they last long as well and are a great fit

Loving the frank and beans underwear

after a few months of testing these i can confirm they are great quality for cotton underwear. shipping price was free as we spent over $50 which was a great added bonus! I bought 16 boxer shorts for hubby and 12 bikini briefs for myself in various colours. Delivery was fast within 5 days to outer VIC. Love the look and feel - will get some more for chrissy - highly recommended

Complete waste of time. Buy elsewhere if you actually want your order to arrive.

I purchased product from Frank and Beans that was listed on eBay as in stock (6 pairs of black underwear). I then get a message a few days later from Frank and Beans saying the underwear actually wasn't in stock and that I would have to wait 3 to 5 weeks to receive them.
They offered me an alternative that they said was definitely in stock in their warehouse and would be sent out straight away, so I accepted.
After another weeks wait I contacted F&B again asking where the product was as tracking had showed that the product was still sitting in their warehouse after a failed attempt at collection 9 days prior. I was then told to wait another week (for a total of 3 weeks), and if the product still hadn't arrived, to contact them again.
In short they messed up pretty much every aspect of the purchase.
This is actually the second time I have purchased Frank and Beans. The first time I was also mucked about with the item I wanted not being in stock, and the briefs themselves being uncomfortable with a useless button on the front that always unsnaps leaving 'Frank' out in the cold...but I thought I'd give them a second chance given that they were an Aussie company (it shows the location of the stock as being in Matraville), and I was trying a Y front design instead this time around.
A quick check online though makes no mention anywhere as to where Frank and Beans is actually made, just that they are 'Frank and Beans Australia'. Made in Matraville perhaps?
A quick check of my undies however confirms that they are actually made in China.
I'm noticing a lot of reviews here are negative toward Frank and Beans due to their slow postage, or their stock not being in stock. I believe this is because they actually don't keep much stock here in Australia at their location in Matraville and simply forward the order to a factory in China. The only thing Australian about Frank and Beans Australia is the name itself, and possibly an office in Matraville, if that, and it shows by both the quality of the product, postage times and their customer service.
There are better options out there, even a decent set of Bonds can be bought from the local supermarket with zero fuss, which is where I'm off to now.

Hi Dan, Thank you for your recent review. Please accept my apologies for the oversold items you purchased on eBay, i can see we agreed to send out another style which never was delivered by our courier. What we did for you was refund you for this missing parcel as the parcel didn't turn up to your shipping address. I can confirm all our stock is stored in Sydney, as your order was oversold the first time we couldn't fulfil your order which did cause some delays and you were refunded, this did also happen a second time. Our underwear sells out very fast at peak times throughout the year. Furthermore to your other comments, there are many things Australian about Frank and Beans, we employ many Aussies in our warehouse, we also keep those truck moving forward by filling them with customers orders. All those parcels are then delivered by many couriers and delivery partners throughout Australia. Even the customer service agent who made the refund to you, Australian! Most products are made overseas, Frank and Beans is the same. Manufacturing doesn't happen anymore in Australia even with the other brand you mention from a local supermarket. We used to make our products in Sydney, unfortunately $25 per Boxer Short isn't something customers wanted to pay for. Dan, please accept my apologies again, if you do decide to come back send a email personally to me at scott@frankandbeans.com.au and i will send you a extra gift to make up for the troubles caused.Thanks for responding Scott. By the way, the boxers that never arrived retailed for over $20 each, and i wouldve happily paid $5 more for Australian made, which my original Frank & Beanss were and i thought still were.

great underwear that actually fits

I bought some Frank and Beans in March, they are a perfect fit. In terms of buying underwear online ive had issues with other companies, these Franks fit great. Ive washed them many times over the past 4 months are they still have the brand new shape and fit. I will be recommending Frank and Beans to everybody on my facebook and family. Impressed is a understatement!


The most uncomfortable underwear i have ever bought, no support where it matters. My size was really tight around the waist and lose everywhere else, had them in my drawer for ages and eventually chucked all 4 pairs out. Also keep sending me unwanted emails, hence the prompt and reminder for this review.

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Hi Martin, Thank you for your review, we provide free exchanges and refunds within 30 days of purchase. If the Underwear you purchased isn't the right size, it may feel uncomfortable and a larger size may suit you better. Feel free to return your order for a full refund if you aren't happy with your purchase. Thanks! Frank and Beans Team

All good

Ordered my boxers online,there was a hiccup with availability and was told 7 week wait,not happy and told them so. They offered a reduced colour range and an extra pair free to sweeten the deal. The package was delivered within 24hrs and the boxers are exactly as advertised,it's nice to have XL size boxers turn up and be XL. Tick in every box

Who are these people?

Hubbie bought a pack of satin boxer shorts nearly two weeks ago on eBay. They still haven’t arrived. There was a tracking number listed on eBay which didn’t match any postal service we know of. Hubbie contacted them by email as there is no phone number on their web site. Their reply? Items are sitting in a warehouse in NSW waiting for collection. We live in Melbourne. Thought we’d try speaking to them rather than emailing - Googling produced a telephone from the Truelocal web site which, when dialled, came up with the message the number was disconnected. Frustrating to say the least!

Hello Ann, thanks for your feedback. Im sorry if there's been any delivery issues with your husbands order. The tracking number we use can be tracked on sendle.com.au. The order page on eBay will pull up the tracking information we have entered for you to show your parcels current location. Thank you FB TeamBoxer shorts arrived today! Not the original order - a replacement. The first lot must still be sitting in that warehouse in NSW. So all good now.

Frank and Beans Better to buy elsewhere!

Have dealt with this company for around three years I was generally happy with product. Like another reviewer I brought satin boxers on my last purchase. Although they were the same sizing as all previous purchases (for cotton stretchy under ware) they were far too small and could not fit. After several weeks and numerous emails (and completing various questionnaires) as well as a return form requiring I give all discretion to Frank and Beans I got replacement cotton stretchy under ware which at least did fit. The items supplied were less than those advertised so the average cost was $8 versus the advertised $6.

After the hassles which far outweighed the sale “bargain” I decided to cut my losses and never deal with Frank and Beans ever again.

I am in Melbourne and they are in Sydney so I had paid for mail return of the unfit for use satin boxers.

A few weeks later a package turned up on my door with the original useless unworn products. No email and no notice. My poor spouse (who had just returned home after a major heart attach) was woken earlier in the morning to accept the package.

There was no notice about this package and while the timing was bad (and unlucky) the bad communications and surprise is such I will not never ever buy from Frank and Beans again.

If you have problems they are difficult to deal with. The cotton stretchy under ware that I mostly brought was OK and comfortable (for the price) but often (about 1 in 4) had incomplete stitching (which I could repair/complete). The items often did not match the sites photos (i.e. leg length appeared much longer than the delivered item).

As one comparison COSTO items (bearing in mind a membership applies) were far superior and far cheaper (i.e. Frank and Beans average about $8 versus $5 at Costco) Much better made and leg lengths long and were the same as in the packaging pictures.

While delivery was swift if you have problems Frank and Beans are bad news. Manufactured quality is below standard and while low cost there are better deals out there in quality, price and service

The web site and sales may look good but better to go elsewhere.

Sizes incorrect

All the genuine feed back focuses on the sizing problem. They were going to replace mine but insisted i pay all postage. Ebay states "sellers pay for return replacement or exchange shipping if theres a problem with the item,for example, if the item dosn't match the listing description" i feel that incorrectly marked sizing dosn't match the description? the only advice i can give is read all the 1 star ratings. By the way this is the first time i've ever left bad feedback on Ebay with over 470 successful transactions, so not bad odds really.

Great Quality superb

The best underwear I have ever bought. Period. Give this a try and everything will be cosy!!!!! I rate these 10/10. I bought these at a great price also

Uncomfortable, Hard to Recommend

Bought a 6 pk of underwear boxer briefs from their ebay store. Felt fine wearing them for first few weeks, I thought I bought a bargain, but after several months have found them to be the worst pair of underwear I've ever worn. There is extremely poor support for someones 'luggage' I actually was in pain after wearing these briefs after work, sport, long walks etc. I normally don't write reviews but I was so disappointed with this purchase that I thought I'd make a review to let other people know.

What disappointed me even further is that the F&B store is sending me spammy periodic sales emails for marked down underwear without my consent.

Disappointing quality

My wife bought me a six pack to help replace my aging fleet of other branded boxers. From their sizing info, I was at the small end of large. First pair self-destructed on first wear. Second pair appears to have shrunk a few sizes. Of course, they are unreturnable because we washed them as per the instructions and the customer service reply reinforced this. I'm not prone to leaving negative reviews, but this is one of the most disappointing purchases we've made. Ever. Happily it is just underwear, but... Do yourself a favour.

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I've subsequently purchased some Davenport boxers (same brand as the aforementioned fleet) directly from their website on special. They were shipped from NZ by express courier and although they are not as good as the originals - what are? - they seem to be a perfectly cromulent product.

Overall customer experience rating: Meh. Will not purchase from them again

12th June
Purchased an 8pk of medium boxer shorts for my partner. They arrived heaps quick so initial postage was good. They sent 2 large pairs and 6 medium pairs of which one had not been stitched properly so had a hole where the band should have been attached to the rest of the garment. Also variations amongst the length of the medium shorts, some are long and some short. After washing the 6 medium pairs (only noticed the one with the hole as I took it off the line), those that had stitched on size labels came out fine and those that had stuck on size labels had flaked off. While this isn't a big deal you would expect more considering they had only been washed once. After having to send heaps of photos to verify that they had in fact made a mistake in the order plus show them the lack of quality/consistency of their garments, I was informed replacements would be sent out and would arrive within a week. I would also like to point out that a photo of the two unopened bags that had an L sticker on them was not good enough so had to use more data to send them a pic of the size label because I'm not trustworthy it seems. It's been two weeks and they still haven't arrived. I wouldn't have had a problem if they had have arrived this week but it's now the end of the second week. I used to get things posted to me quicker out in the country. So out of my 8 pack order I did receive 5 pairs that are in good nick but I will not be buying from them in the future. I don't like the hassle of having to fix a stuffed up order especially when I'm not to fault. I have been informed that they are looking into where the replacements are in terms of transit. Have given them 3 stars only because 5 pairs were ok but some of these had the length variation.

18th June
Apparently the parcel was lost so they are sending another by express and that it should be here next week. Has almost been a month since I first contacted them about the error with my order.

20th June
Received replacement boxer shorts today

Unhappy with the quality.

Don't waste your money here guys. I've bought from here twice and both times instantly regretted buying.

The first batch of underwear I got was 6 pack of Large underwear. I take a large in every other brand but the frank and beans pair was so tight it was cutting off circulation.

I thought I'd give it a go again with another 6 pack of XL underwear. Get them on to find they are SUPER uncomfortable in the crotch region and almost unwearable.

Slow at postage

I am extremely happy with The products from Frank and beans fits extremely good and very comfortable I will definitely buy some more stuff from them and wish they have a shop in Adelaide only downfall was slow at delivery

Poor quality, terrible customer service

After buying several times from this company I was surprised that the quality was so poor with my recent purchase. All 6 pairs were different in size, some incredibly tight, some loose, after contacting the customer service team it has been a 2 month epic battle to return and get a refund. I am at the point where the items have been returned for nearly 3 weeks yet there is still no refund in my account.
Never deal with Frank and Beans, not unless you feel charitable.

Another successful purchase with Frank and Beans

So happy with the fit and cut, perfect sizing and feel against your skin. Im a long term customer and will keep coming back and back to their awesome undies.

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As rivers clothing isn't as good anymore Is frank and beans underwear worth trying out ?
4 answers
In my opinion, NO! KMart satin boxers are better if you must save money. I remain very happy with my current fleet of Davenports.Agree with previous response. Frank and Beans at best were around same standard as Rivers used to be but with postal delivery. I got good deals at COSTCO on underwear (but note you have membership annual fees)hey, my personal experience with Frank and Beans was terrible. Others may have done better. it would seem some years back they were quality and reliable. Now unfortunately poorer quality, wrong sizing and bad warranty. I to found BoxerDude to be correct, go to Kmart, they even have the days printed on them so you know when to change!! lol

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