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A good renovation on a rental property

As this was a small kitchen in a rental property we found the products which we chose with the Freedom designer turned out to be a good choice. We had to arrange appointments to meet with each tradesman allocated as the unit was empty. The tradesmen all arrived on time and it was a pleasure to do business with them. It is all looking good.

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Store LocationWest Gosford
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Hi Helen. We appreciate your feedback and glad that your kitchen renovation was a good experience. We would like to pass your feedback to your installer, if you can please send a us a DM with your job number. Regards, FK

A great product, professional installers and responsive team

A relatively seamless process from start to finish. The staff at the showroom provided fantastic support and suggestions for our design. The product is great and the installers were professional and managed the process well. Trades were locked in and turned up on time. They went out of their way to finish our kitchen before Christmas. The online system enabled you to communicate with Freedom and the installer very effectively and the Freedom team was very responsive. Would do it again in a heartbeat. Needed to do some minor works to ensure spiders etc couldn't get into the house where the exhaust went through the ceiling, but otherwise nothing to do. Very happy with our new kitchen.

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Store LocationFreedom Fyshwick
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Hi Garry, Thank you for taking the time to reach out and letting us know about your kitchen experience. We will pass your feedback to our team her at FK and the Showroom as well. Kind regards, FK

Bad Attitude from so called Designer aka SALES MAN. Made to feel like I was a time waster ... shocking!!

Turned up to booked appointment at Freedom rather excited at prospect of getting design details sorted for large kitchen in new house.
I was on my own and I made it clear I was not going to commit to a sale immediately but was wanting a quote.
It became immediately obvious that the so called ‘designer’ felt I was a time waster as his attitude changed and he became very terse and obviously annoyed.
I felt very uncomfortable and shocked by the attitude and after persisting with appointment I left feeling rather upset by the experience.
I was very keen to consider Freedom Kitchens as a friend had recommended Freedom.
I had the house plans with me and was made to feel like what I wanted was out of my budget ... he was very presumptive indeed!!
You’d think the designer/sales man would have been keen to do his best!
This experience has put me off considering Freedom entirely!! Disappointed with such lousy treatment!!

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Store LocationFreedom Furniture Store Forrestway
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Hi Kim. We would firstly like to apologise for your experience which has not met your expectations. We would like to have one of our Managers contact you to discuss further. If you can please send us a direct message with your contact number. Regards, FK

Wonderful experience from start to finish

I started looking for a new kitchen in early January and it has been designed, installed and finished before end of March! Very efficient, no problems designing the features I wanted - particularly the 4 garbage bins! The designer didn't try to up sell - in fact gave me good reasons not to get the caesarstone - I went with the laminate and that looks great. Everyone has commented on how good it looks. Good tradies - who were very helpful and tidy and also answered my questions on other renovation concerned and arrived at the specified time.

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Store LocationFreedom Caringbah
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Hi Jill. Thank you for your feedback. We do pride ourselves on the features, quality and look of our products. We wish you many happy years in your new Freedom Kitchen. Regards, FK

Stay away! Unless you like horror stories

I strongly encourage anyone looking for a kitchen to seriously reconsider using Freedom kitchens.

I recently purchased a unit with a small space for a kitchen and had Freedom Kitchens suggested to me. I organised for a 'designer' to come and provide a design and quote. At the commencement of this session, I was asked a budget and a few general questions as to what I would like from the kitchen. As space in the apartment is tight, my main ask was that it had plenty of space to accommodate my needs, I want to ensure all the walls space etc was utilised.

At the end of the session I was provided a quote that came to my budget. I was impressed and advised that I would need to put down a deposit. I put the deposit down and then advised that someone would come out a check the design to ensure it worked from a practical point of you.

Prior to the site check happening, I was also required to pay additional money towards the kitchen. By the time the site check took place, I was down approximately $4000. During the site check, I inadvertently discovered that the wall space I had asked to be utilised had not and that smaller cupboard where quoted ( no doubt to come under budget). Surprisingly, the designer had not accommodate a space for a microwave either. In this day and age what household does not have a microwave space?

My initial quote was just under $10,000, however, somehow, I ended up paying over $17,000 for a kitchen from Freedom. All the quotes for trades provided by the designer were out by a couple of thousand, not hundred, but thousand.

What we have discovered is that the lies commence from the beginning and pretty much go right to the end. If you are looking for someone to install a kitchen for you end to end, then this is not the place you want to go looking.

The quality of the product, is average, however, the trades work, well, you are required to coordinate that yourself and good luck with the outcome.

Freedom rang me during the course of my engagement with them and I expressed my dissatisfaction with the designer. Not for anything other than the dishonesty and unethical values she demonstrated. I wasn't looking for anything other than expressing my disappointment. Freedom responded with a $200 credit which in the scheme of the $17,000 I paid was insulting.

I renovated a whole apartment and the only thing i regret is using Freedom. Their values, customer service, product and ways of working is beyond terrible. I want people to be aware of the hidden costs associated with this mob and the lack of information made available from the onset.

Buyer be very aware before engaging with Freedom!

Bill (Newtown)

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Store LocationFreedom Kitchen
Good morning Bill. We would like to further discuss with you what sounds like frustrating experience. If you can please send us a direct message with your job number, we will have once of Customer Service Representatives contact you to directly. Kind regards, FK0434607394

Please avoid them

I would strongly suggest considering another service to renovate your kitchen. This is the highlight of our experience with Freedom Kitchen:
- When you contact them in the beginning, they're very friendly and organised to sell their service. They send you a designer to your place straight away. This was the last organised phase in our experience. The designer met with us in early November 2018, and the kitchen was done in late March 2019 after a lot of pressure from us
- You would think Freedom would do the project management for you but that is not the case. They would just refer you to some contractors and you have to discuss everything with them separately. Freedom only sales you the pack, after that you are on your own
- The design had many mistakes. Some were corrected by the cabinet maker but some were not. For example, we bought the biggest microwave in the market and we still had 20 cm gap above the microwave. We had to pay someone later to cover the gap
- We asked for an undermount sink and that is documented in Freedom contract; however, the stone contractor built inset sink. The stone contractor was not aware of our contract with Freedom. One day they came over and got my wife sign some paperwork. We realised later they had my wife sign for an inset sink. My wife hadn't checked the whole document as she thought it wouldn't be against our contract with Freedom. Later when we contacted Freedom, they didn't really care
- When removing the old cabinets, they damaged the walls and didn't bother to cover the big holes they had made. We still have a big hole behind the kitchen, awaiting a plasterer to fix it

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Hi Mahdod Eftekar. Thank you for taking the time to fill us in on what sounds like a frustrating experience. We would like to discuss how we can make this right. Can you please send us a direct message with your job number and we will have one of our Customer Service team members contact you. Kind regards, FKHi, sure, my job ID is FDQDR19189 Thanks Mahdod

Worst experience - Threatened in our own home!

Our experience with Freedom Kitchens is just like many of the other negative reviews on here. Do not waste your time with Freedom Kitchens.

[name removed] from Freedom Kitchens came to our home for a design consultation and quote for our laundry and kitchen two weeks ago. The actual design consultation was good and the quote was competitive. We told [name removed] how we were strongly considering going with his quote and would get back to him by the weekend as we still had to meet with our other organised quotes and discuss it more at length together. It was at this point, [name removed] manner and behaviour completely changed and what was so far a great positive experience turned negative very quickly.

[name removed] was clearly annoyed that we were not putting down a deposit right there and then and tried multiple tactics in trying to get us to put a deposit down. [name removed] was just like a used car salesman trying every sales tactic under the sun and when he didn’t get his own way he resorted to intimidation and bullying to try and get what he wanted. My husband and I were shocked that someone like [name removed] had the audacity to threaten us, and to make matters even worse, he did it in our own home. Had my husband not been with me I would have felt very unsafe. Here are just some of things [name removed] tried:

• Guilt us by saying how hard he had worked and that we promised we would put a deposit that night if we liked it and accused us of lying.

• Mocked us for getting quotes from what he considered cheaper/lesser services. He bagged out the other service competitors saying how bad their quality and service were and that it was a waste of time. He could not understand why we still needed to look at other places when we liked his design and kept demanding us to justify why we wouldn’t put a deposit down.

• He told us that if we didn’t go with his quote that night, he could not offer the 25% discount even though the deal ended on the Sunday as he said he was fully booked and no one but him could do it and that finance could be off the table also.

• Accused us we were we wasting his time and asked why we bothered to even get him to come out if we were not going to put a deposit down that night. He was standing up and pointing irately at us and being very antagonistic all just because we would not put a deposit down. THEN much to our disbelief and disgust [name removed] then got his phone out and pointed it at us threatening to record us saying ‘no’ to his design and quote and started making up lies that we were the ones behaving badly and that we promised to put a deposit down. By this stage we had enough and asked [name removed] to put his phone down and leave our home. He left without even giving us a print out or email of the quote.

I rang Freedom Kitchens the very next morning to make an official complaint, in which they told me to put it in writing. I emailed them a letter of a complaint almost a week ago now and have tried calling and I am still waiting for a response!

We were actually warned by friends prior to [name removed] the designer coming to our home, that friends of theirs had issues with the Freedom Kitchen home consultation, that their designer was pressuring them to put a deposit down and wouldn’t leave. Unfortunately for us, our experience was very similar. The only way I could get any information on freedom kitchen design and quotes was through the home visit as the stores would not provide any information other than a referral. I realise now this is just a ploy from Freedom Kitchens to get in people’s homes and pressure them into putting down deposits.

After such a terrible experience with Freedom Kitchens, we will never be using or recommending their services to anyone, especially a home visit consultation!! Do not waste your time with Freedom Kitchens, it’s not worth going through what we did and be disrespected and bullied in your own home!!

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Hi Zmac. We would like to thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are concerned with your experience and would like to discuss this further. Can you please send us a direct message with your contact details and we will have one of our Managers contact you as a matter of urgency. Kind regards, Freedom Kitchens

Horrible, stressful experience, DO NOT USE FREEDOM

I totally agree with all the negative reviews, my experience has been exactly the same as most other people, nothing but negative. The initial stages of dealing with Freedom is nice and promising and once you sign the contract, that is when the battle starts. I signed my contract in February 2019, and there is not one thing that Freedom has been able to get right. When I ring and talk to them, they once again make promises to make my 'kitchen experience positive', but do not follow through, this is a constant and ongoing process.
If you want to save yourself from stress and an ongoing 'battle' with a company that makes promises but simply does not deliver, please DO NOT choose Freedom. My issue with them has not finished, and I already feel exhausted. l will keep you posted of my ongoing battle with Freedom Kitchen- stay tuned

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Store LocationNUNAWADING
Good morning Rina. Thank you for reaching out, and we apologise that your experience has not met your expectations. We would like to make things right. Could you please send us a direct message with your job number and we will have one of our team members contact you. Regards, FKThanks yet for another promise to make it right, no expectations but here is my reference, just in case FDVNW19084

Complete incompetence

I wish I had read these reviews before booking our kitchen with Freedom. I too was fooled by the Block and how easy & efficient the whole process looked. Unfortunately from the moment we had our ‘design’ appointment we have had a completely awful experience.

Firstly, the ‘design’ appointment is actually really a sales pitch and they do whatever they can to get you to sign up to the kitchen on the first apppintment - including using tactics such as saying ‘you can have 20% off but only if you sign the contract before you leave’. They wouldn’t even give us until the end of the day and with a 1 week old at the appointment weren’t 100% focused on what was a very big and expensive decision and felt very pressured.

I then assumed we would have at least another face to face appointment to finalise our design etc. but this was all done via email/online portal and we were bounced around from one person to another and there were continuous errors in their work - they would send one document with some of the errors fixed but with old errors that had already been fixed in it. They then kept sending us automated ‘you must pay ... payment to guarantee your kitchen’... whilst we were waiting for a response from them!!?

We were also met with a significant ‘variation’ to our stone cost of approx. $2000 which seems like a ridiculous variation for something that is manmade!? After weeks of back and forth Freedom finally accepted that it was their error.
Now we have finally had our kitchen installed and unfortunately as expected there are significant errors.

Firstly they couldn’t even deliver the kitchen as the truck couldn’t fit down our driveway.
Then the installer rushed to finish the job a day early as he said he has too much work, and had left multiple things unfinished and had the nerve to text me to say ‘Kitchen and laundry completed....could you please advise when you'll be able to make payment?’. Then when I spoke to him on the phone to discuss all the errors he admitted he had a panel for our rangehood in the car and just hadn’t installed it - I think he just hoped we wouldn’t notice?!?!

However the worst errors are in the laundry where they have installed what was supposed to be a broom cupboard as two seperate cabinets stacked on top of each other - so nothing over 1.4m could fit which makes it completely useless as a broom/ironing board cupboard. This error could have been avoided if they had provided me with what the internals of the cupboards would be - which when I asked during the ‘design process’ was met with - ‘I don’t have pictures of the internals, there’s a catalogue’?!?!
The absolute worst part is they have put an end panel that is completely obstructive and looks ridiculous - which was not in the design pictures we signed off on. Photos attached.

I have contacted the designer, installer, sales managers and manufacturer and have been given no answers or solutions. Currently our tiling is being held up and our move in date will likely be too - which with a toddler and baby is not possible.

I wish we could turn back time and never go with Freedom Kitchens. Completely hopeless from start to ‘finish’ (that will probably never be properly finished). They seem to have a different department for every stage of the process and none of these people appear to communicate at all, leaving the poor client in the middle with no one taking any ownership or making any attempt to fix their errors - just passing the buck. The also don’t seem to have a department for customer relations - which is probably the department they most need! AVOID using Freedom Kitchens at all costs.

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Good morning clairedimitroff. Thank you for reaching out and we apologise that your experience has been less than ideal. This is not what we want or expect for our clients. Understanding you have been in contact with one of our Customer Experience Managers who are assisting to work through the outstanding issues to resolve this as quickly and as possible. Should you wish to provide any further feedback, please send a DM and we will action this as soon as possible to ensure your kitchen is completed to your satisfaction, Kind regards, FK

"What do you want us to do about it?"

In short we've had an awful experience. The end result is good, but the process has been absolutely horrendous.

If I'm being honest, I feel a bit conned. We were sold the idea that Freedom were providing a premium service and they would be doing the heavy lifting. But the reality is they:
- Get you to project manage the work;
- Outsource everything; and
- Blame other businesses when something goes wrong.

Ultimately, this means Freedom aren't accountable for any issues and it's anything but a premium service.

If you do use Freedom Kitchens, get ready to deal with:
- Constant follow ups;
- Managing the project. You'll need to deal with all of the different trades and different providers. Freedom will not do this for you; and
- When things go wrong, Freedom will take no accountability. We've had issues with getting the finance sorted, the drawings produced, the design, the delivery, and the plumbing. It's always been another businesses fault.

All of this would probably be bearable if the customer service was good. But it's not.

My wife called this morning to ask for help with an issue and was asked ''What do you want us to do about it?''. Wow...let that sink in. "What do you want us to do about it?" How about - help us resolve an issue that your business has caused and that we've paid you money for.

So to close - you'll save time, money, effort and a huge amount of stress by going with another business. Your paying for cabinets and installation - the rest - they don't care about.

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Dear GCC, Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. I sincerely apologize we have not met your expectations and we understand your frustration. We try to maintain the highest standards of service, but it seems we have fallen short of the mark in this case. I have personally sent you a private message through this forum, please respond directly with your Surname and Job No. and I would be happy to investigate further for you. Kind Regards FK

Design process fantastic

The design process with Freedom Kitchens was fantastic. Our designer Jack made what felt was for us a daunting task to design a kitchen and butlers pantry from scratch, a complete breeze, taking on board our design vision and fusing it with helpful suggestions and tips on how to make the space as functional as possible! From there if I had any questions or design ideas he was available to provide further assistance.

After the design process was complete Freedom Kitchens had a helpful portal to help guide us through the process.

Unfortunately I have given 4 stars as the installation didn’t go as smoothly as we would have hoped as cabinets were missing from the order but the end result of our kitchen is fantastic and we couldn’t be happier.

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Good morning Sarah W. Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on your experience. We are glad to hear your experience with Jack the designer was so positive. We would like the opportunity to discuss the installation process and ensure the kitchen is complete to your satisfaction. If you would like to send a DM with your job number, we can have one of Customer Service team contact you to discuss further. Kind regards, FK

Rude with a can’t do mentality

We knew we wanted to replace our kitchen so called a couple of different companies. Freedom said the best option would be to get a designer around to give us some ideas. The designer turned up on time and was super friendly (for the first five minutes) as soon as he came into the kitchen he was negative. We said we wanted to old pantry removed and replaced which he said we couldn’t do as it was structural. He then was mentioning the offers they had at that time. As soon as I said we were not inthe postion to pay a deposit that night (due to wanting to discuss with wife and confirm the plans ect) he became very aggressive. His first response was “so you’ve got me here for a free design? I’ve driven all the way from the Gold Coast for you tonight) he then threw a design together and didn’t even show us samples. The following week we had a competitor over who was the polar opposite. The competitor even video called a builder who confirmed that the back wall only of pantry was load baring and they could remove. Needless to say I would not recommend freedom kitchens and look around at different companies. The one we went with actually scores 4 plus on this site and we would highly recommend.

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Dear Gordon B, Thank you for your feedback and we sincerely apologise for your experience and would like to assure you that this is not the norm. We would like to the opportunity to discuss this further, if you would to send us a direct message with your contact details, we will have one of our Area Managers contact you. Kind regards, FKThank you some much for commenting on this and offering to call and discuss. I did actually go into the Aspley QLD store after the “home design” and was assured someone would call me back. This did not happen so I spoken to the aspley store again and they assured me someone would call again. Three days after the promised call I had a manager call me who just didn’t care. When the attitude such as that is in senior management and runs all the way down to the designers it make me question does anyone in the company care about anything other than money/profit?


I had an great experience by using Freedom Kitchens as the designer and installer of my new kitchens. Steve the project manager couldn't be more helpful and the trades people were fantastic. They were on time, cleaned up after themselves and were very good.

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Store LocationWindsor
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Dear Megan, Thank you for reaching out and letting us know about your positive experience. We will be sure to pass the feedback to your installer Steve. Kind regards, FK

What a joke!

When I read some of the testimonials one can be forgiven for thinking that we are not talking about the same organisation. It certainly has not been a pleasant experience apart from the designer who understood our expectations and designed the kitchen to reflect those expectations. All this got lost somewhere in the interpreting the design and building the kitchen we are paying for.

We paid our deposit on 17 December and a further payment on 6 of February - we kept our side of the bargain even though we were slapped with a $1200 (due to the variance in the measurements taken by the designer and those taken by the installer - needless to say our kitchen has not changed in size!) our kitchen is still in limbo. Phone calls, emails, questions and more phone calls and emails we are still in limbo. Freedom have been evasive and less than transparent - we now find that they cannot accommodate the design of the door leading to the butler's kitchen - it was never raised by them or the designer at any stage at all. We are now in late March, the kitchen should have been installed - not a word from Freedom.

We are compelled to take the matter to the authorities and VCAT - we will engage with another organisation who are professional and honest. Freedom have now lost additional work we would have given them - not anymore - I would not recommend Freedom to anyone. Do your homework and shop around - If we wanted a flat pack arrangement I am sure Bunnings would have been our choice! Communication is poor, customer satisfaction is not part of their charter!

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Hi Dariob, I apologise if we were unable to meet the design expectations, if you would like to DM your Job No. we would love the opportunity to investigate this further for your. Kind Regards FKThe job number is FDVDR19286...this matter has already been highlighted with Sarah with no result...as it's now over 3 months since we paid our deposit ...if this matter is not resolved by this Thursday you leave me no option to continue the legal avenues to recover our monies as already advised.Good afternoon Dariob, Thank you for the additional information, I understand that you have been contacted directly and a resolution has been reached. Regards Freedom Kitchens.

My Freedom Kitchen is amazing

From the very beginning from design to installation Freedom was amazing. A totally professional company installing top notch quality products.Everything was done to precision & the finish is perfect. Thank you Freedom -- I Love my kitchen

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Store LocationWindsor Brisbane
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Good morning Yvonne, We are delighted to hear your feedback and appreciate the time taken to provide this. We wish you many happy years in your new Freedom Kitchen. Kind Regards, FK.

Fantastic Kitchens great design and install, just don't use there accessories

We purchased our new kitchen though Freedom Kitchens, their designer came up with an idea that we had not thought about before, it gave us more bench space and opened up our kitchen quite well.
We had problems with the deliveries of the cabinets as two were damaged (freedom have replaced these all very professional and we were told on the day what will happen, very grateful).
The installation of the kitchen was also completed quite well (although there should have been two installers on the first day to complete the heavy work), all items were discussed with us and care was taken to ensure all was installed correctly.
The quality of the cabinetry and bench tops is quite good, although unfortunately we went with the recommended accessories; cook top, dishwasher, sink and range hood, with the exception of the sink, had we know the quality of these accessories we would definitely not have install them.

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Yes two installers would have saved my husband needing to help lift the heavy bench top especially just after back surgery.Good morning Peter. Thank you for providing feedback on your kitchen experience. If you can please send us a direct message with your job number, we will have one of our Completions team member contact you to discuss your concerns regarding your accessories. Regards, FK

Amazing, end to end service for new kitchen

All companies who pitch for any type business could take a leaf out of Freedom Kitchen's book.
So well organised, professional, open and clear communication along every step of the way, friendly teams from office staff, trades people and kitchen designer.
Well priced, great incentive deals on the day made the right sweetener to place the order.
We are very happy with the finished product and can recommend Freedom for anyone considering to update their kitchen!

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Good morning Etta, Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We pride ourselves on our quality and service and we hope you enjoy your new kitchen for many years to come. Kind Regards, FK

Great looking kitchen.

The process of designing and planning the kitchen could not be easier. The designer was an absolute pleasure to deal with and helped us plan our perfect kitchen. We were given a complete rundown of costs, installation plans and dates. All dates and costs were exacrtly as agreed in the initial consultation with the designer.

The installer was very easy to deal with and assisted with removing the existing kitchen and installing the new one. However, some of the cabinetry doors were damaged upon delivery. This is where Freedoms processes fail. New replacement doors were sent out 2 months later and one was the wrong door. It has now been 4 months since the kitchen was installed and we are still waiting for the correct replacement door to arrive.

Apart from the poor follow-up, we do love our new kitchen.

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Store LocationFreedom Essendon DFO
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Good morning Furlzy, Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on your experience, and we do apologise for the issue regarding the outstanding door. If you could please send us a direct message, we can have one our Completions Team members look into this for you as a matter of urgency. Kind regards, FK

Watch out! If you cancel during your cooling off period, don’t let them take $800 from your deposit!

Despite cancelling the contract within the cooling off period, the designer tried to charge us a fee of $800 out of our deposit to cancel, despite us having been told contrary terms by the Area Sales Manager.

After numerous emails the designer insisted that there would be a minimum fee of $800, pointing to clause 15.3C of the contract. There had been no mention of this charge during our original design meeting when the contract was signed. My reading of the contract prior to signing had interpreted this amount as being a fee for repudiation of the contract.

Sure enough, when we questioned this with Consumer Affairs Victoria, they advised that this $800 charge was for a repudiation of contract outside of the cooling off period.
They also advised that to threaten a client with this charge - making them feel they had to stay with Freedom Kitchens or lose $800 - was a breach of Australian Consumer Law and to take it to VCAT if the deposit was not refunded.

Once we confirmed our intention in writing to the Area Sales Manager to escalate the matter to VCAT, we received an email within minutes indicating that our full deposit would be refunded.

This was appreciated, but there had been no response from her throughout the previous week when we had indicated three times our intention to cancel within the cooling off period. Instead, the designer, no doubt anxious to lose his commission, had offered a redesign but also assured us several times that we would most certainly lose $800 if we cancelled. When we tried to check this with the sales manager, there was no response.

This is disappointing. Part of our reason to cancel within the cooling off period was because of the worrying reviews we had seen on this site, and also the lack of suitability of the product and design for our home. Had we felt pressured to stay with Freedom in order to not throw away $800, who knows what hassles we might have had with the process or product.

We have saved up for a new kitchen for 10 years and are not prepared to risk it turning out like some of those described in these reviews.

I expressed my concern about the process to the Sales Manager, as would not like future customers who decide to cancel within their statutory cooling off period to feel similarly pressured and end up losing their money. There was no response.

If you have any queries or concerns about your Freedom Kitchen sale and process, do ring Consumer Affairs. These sort of sales tactics are disappointing. I would have expected more from Freedom.

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Good Afternoon Danna, We would like to thank you for taking the time to provide feedback regarding your experience. We extend our sincerest apologies for the concerns you have raised. I can assure you this isn’t a typical situation. We will be investigating this further. We understand this is has now been resolved and again apologise this has been your experience. Kind Regards, FK

Amazing, Amazing, Amazing!

David listened to what I wanted and created an amazing modern, functional kitchen. The portal was easy to use and a great tool for communication. Great customer service from people in the office. Armando who installed the kitchen was great to work with and produced good quality work. Would highly recommend for quality, design and service.

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Good Afternoon Scotty, Thank you for taking the time to provide positive feedback, we do pride ourselves on our quality and service, we hope you enjoy your new kitchen for many years to come. Kind Regards FK

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Questions & Answers

We are looking to install a kitchen seeing that we’re building a brand new home and in a toss up with Ikea, freedom and kitchen design company! Reading the mixed bag of reviews I feel at a loss! Can someone please tell if there’s been any improvements in the service in the last five months? Spending thousands of dollars on what is the heart and joy of the home will be so upsetting if I have to experience any of the dilemmas discussed here
2 answers
Hi Zed D. I can only tell you about my experience with Freedom Kitchens. The designer came out & redesigned my old kitchen into a super modern kitchen with butlers pantry & plenty of drawers & a study nook. The quality of fittings is excellent & was fitted with precision & not one hic up. The office staf are wonderful & kept me up to date at all stages. I would not hesitate to recommend Freedom Kitchens , they are a totally organised professional company. My Kitchen was Designed & fitted in Brisbane. Love it. Good luck with yours. Y PHi Zed In regards to our kitchen, we love the design, the bench tops and the quality of the cabinets, the installation was very good and as Yvonne said quality of fittings is excellent & was fitted with precision. Our main problem was with the INALTO accessories freedom installed as part of their package, the DWI62CS-Inalto dishwasher is not very easily loaded has flimsy runners and not very practical for tall gasses and pot and pans, the INALTO cook top only lasted 2 months and the AIH90W integrated ranch hood is nosy (it does do the job just nosy), we are happy with the sink (SREG2015LBW-S Regal One & One Half Bowl) In short we are happy with the kitchen and like it very much, it just if we were to do it again we would install our own accessories I hope this helps Regards Peter C

Anyone used freedom aspley in Brisbane at all and if so which installers do you recommend or avoid?
No answers

Hi Sandy and Yvonne, we used Portofino too. Biggest mistake ever. Such a poor quality product not fit for use. Kitchen Group are wiping their hands of it and are saying it’s a Supplier issue and under the Supplier warranty. We just want to know what part Freedom accept responsibility for given they are promoting and specifying the product to unsuspecting customers.
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I don’t know the answer to this. We only just got our kitchen and haven’t had any maintenance issues.

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