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Scammers scammers scammers

They will hound you to put money in never let you take it out do a trade and and then the mark crashes they take it but here is the catch there are no trades being made its all a scam they are nit licence or have anyone qualified to trade the markets. They are a complete scam then while they are talking to they are hacking your computer taking your other money by spoofing your transactions were ever you are as they are always asking where are you doing at the moment and taking ever cent you have even when they hear your stories that your lost everything your business family and your health has made your life worse but you have a insurance payment you need to fund you for the next 50 years they take everything and are a bunch of low life fools do not trust one word they say

The greatest SCAM ever

Advice to everybody - Don't do it! You will lose all of your money. Their initial offering of $250 US will become $1000 US, just as soon as you login to the website. They will conn you into giving out all of your personal info, including bank card details, saying they need this so that they can give you a refund. Their objection is to talk you into betting more and more, expecting to win more. They have yout credit card details, so they just help themselves to your credit or debit. They insist that you fill out all of the KYC forms. They have you over a barrel! You want your money, they want your details!
Even after cancelling my card, they still managed to get my money. It is now in the lap of the Gods and my bank employers.



This is a Scam. They take your money illegally. Go to your bank immediately as it actually takes 2 days for them to take your money even though if appears the money is out of your account. They even change the name that appears on your bank statement from Fxleader to Ravebyutterwave

There is no trading platform. It’s a simulation trade platform where they intentionally take on losing positions ‘ for you ‘ so it can appear you lost your money in the market. Your money never even saw the market. It went straight in their pockets

Don’t give them any details. Don’t talk to them. Don’t respond. And don’t feel ashamed if they scammed u.



Put my details in (no $details) and realised quickly it was a dire mistake - I've had 7x phone calls in 4 minutes. We asked them to stop calling and they got angry asking why we registered then, and my partner told them where to go, and the response on the phone call was well "F*** you too Mr Kangaroo" (what?) - Reporting them now.

Caution,Very Slick Opertors and Convincing, by Buckley

Approached FX Leaders and was very quickly overwhelmed with their Sales Pitches on how good they were and guaranteed returns.Making money for thousands of their customers. Just leave it to us and all you need to do is read our reports and count your winnings without any input as they are leaders in the industry achieving outstanding results.
Sent money transfer by credit card and received a bank warning FX Leaders being a Scam and cancelled card immediately.
Don't be a victim and save yourself a lot of frustrations and money.

It’s a scam. Fxleader [name removed]. Scam

Looking at face book, see what likes like a official ABC interview of Nicole Kidman
Abc reporters mentions he checked out this bitcoin future / fxleader and its real, made him money. So I clicked on the link, sends me to bitcoin future page, I add my email, name and phone number, as I hit go, it send me a web site fxleader.com.
At the same time a get a phone call, from a [name removed] a fxleader advisor, who tries to get me to hand over my credit card details, I say no, but will put them on the web site deposit form. So I start that, but some thing strange, it won’t allow me, [name removed] tries to convince me to just give him the details, I say no if I can’t do it via page , then not interested, [name removed] is able to watch what you do on web page...... so he ask what bank am I with, I say combank , he say we may not have room for any more com bank people, And sure enough my bank stops the transaction. [name removed] then tells me I need to get a St George bank credit card as they have plenty of Room for st George bank customers.

Well [name removed] convinces me he will set aside a place with his trading company, to email him once I get a st George credit card.

I hang up and call my bank, yep I was saved by my bank from this scam.
I called st George bank and lodged reports with the authorities , all of them.

Don’t be scammed by fxleader and [name removed] Jordan or any of his other names or mates.
There is no such software that will make you rich.

They will take your money and that’s it, it’s gone ..... it’s a scam


FX Leader - Don't ever invest with them and tell others

Anyone reading this for the first time - don't do as I did - I read reviews and disregarded them because they were fast talkers. They are fast talkers and they will take your money without a second thought. Please please please read these reviews and then contact asic or fca to build a case against these bastards.
Go to this site- https://asic.gov.au/about-asic/what-we-do/international-activities/overseas-regulators-public-warnings-and-alerts/
FxLeader are incredibly slick and clever thieves. I am still trying to get my remaining trading profit back. They promise that you can easily take money out but so far no return of any funds and they want more information that somehow all of a sudden is required for withdrawing MY money.
I've lost much more than anyone else here invested. You guys were more cautious than me. I contacted ASIC and they explained that these investment scammers are smart and know trading language and use industry knowledge to get you in. I had a friend check their website at the beginning and he thought it looked amazing only to find later that it doesn't reflect the real prices in the market. I now have visual proof of this. So, you buy in at the global market rate, but they must be able to manipulate their algorithm to move prices up and down on the platform - some you win big on and, then all of a sudden the market becomes hugely volatile and they want you to invest to prevent a margin call. They push and bully you in the heat of the moment to put in more money to do a counter trade. Interestingly, what shows as a huge loss on their platform is actually showing healthy profit in the real market. I don't know how they can operate without the law getting involved - there are so many bad reviews.
Very very bad. We must stop them from hurting other Australians. Please send me a message if you are interested in coming together to form a class action suit. I'm not sure if it is possible but I did speak to a fraud barrister friend in Sydney about this recently and if there are enough people we may have some chance. I'm also interested to know if anyone had their credit cards blocked in the transaction and if so, which bank did or did not do this. I don't want to say it on the open chat, but keen to know. 2 banks put a block on mine immediately and cancelled the card. The other one didn't - this is where most of the funds were credited from. I have spoken to the fraud department within that bank - more on this if we email/speak. So sorry to others who have gone through this - very stressful.



These guys had got hold of my number and kept calling me numerous times. Finally I had to blast them and block their numbers. I suggest not to give your number.


These people are scum

It’s so sad these scammers just steal your money they have no ability to trade and have been doing this for some time according to the reviews why didn’t I check them first they have no Cafè what they have done we are a family running a business and struggling in the drought how the hell have they the ability with visa and master I will fight them hard with the bank we have lost a lot of money

July 5th 2019 Update: Scam scam scam lying cunts staying away

This a scam and these people are lying craps police and bank will not help stay away halfwits nothing but heartless lying halfwits who will take your money



FXLeader as dirty rotten scammers. Do not touch them, Do not let them access your computer. They are rotten liars and have scammed over $20,000 from me and I have not been successful in getting anything back from them. Spread the word, these people need to be stopped.

Rip off

I got conned to give 200 US . It was very persuasive.

However I was lucky to con the account manage back a little buy telling him I would invest 3000 dollars if he would release to me some of the money so i could check that the refund of money to my card could work in order to give me confidence.

The guy sent me back 150 US thank God. I requested me the balance of 50 dollars but he gave me an excuse. Rather than let them keep the 50 in my account with 25 doolar ontop of profit, ill trade it out for a 0 loss. hopefully they get nothing.

Thank God only 50 US lost. I learnt a valuable lesson.

How disgusting that these scam companies can be operating. Its a sad indictment on humanity trust me

Sorry for anyone who lost more.


This is a scam

Same as all the other people .Ripped off and wont return my money. Harassed and rude people on the phone. I have had to cancel all my cards twice. They tell you they are going to refund and then take more money from your bank. They are scum and they need to be stopped. Below is the latest one where they took more money from my account.


John Jordan is the best fx leader broker!! I am very impressed by his passion for getting me on board and to provide my deposit and I just know he will make me rich!!

It's a scam!!!

Like a fool I invested $200 USD thinking it was for bitcoin code, the link was posted on the adverts. Afterwards I start getting calls about a broker who wants me to invest $5000 USD. When I ask for my refund I've been told to go and spend my money at mc Donald's and stop wasting their time.
Very rude Customer service, I'm still shocked with that answer. Guess I'll never see that $200 again.

FX Leader is a scam

FX Leader is a scam it is an unlicensed Forex & Cryto broker. They claim they are in Australia and phone you from an Australian number. When you realise you're been scammed they don't give you your money back. The Australian banks and government authorities can't do much to help you get your money back. Do not give FX leader your Personal details or bank account details. Fx leader is very scary bacause they become very aggressive with you harass you every day with phone calls some on private numbers and international numbers and emails. If anyone has had problems with FX leader please share your experience.

Questions & Answers

Is bitcoin still worth investing in?
4 answers
don't touch these guys pleaseThese people are thieves! They are manipulators and they take away everything we have! I'm having trouble and I can not raise my money! Scam Be careful!Bitcoin? Maybe. It's very hard to know. A friend who is a REAL investor thinks the price will drop in the next six months or so but I would be very careful with any of this. It's extremely high risk, even with a bonafide investor.

I signed up but have not deposited any money as I realised it’s a scam. Can they do anything with my info ?
6 answers
i doubt it unless they are into forgery?I was concerned as they now have a photo of my license. Feeling like an idiot. Don't Have anything to do with this company they are thieves and liars and will steal your money They stole mine and lots of other peoples as well.

want help who been scammed by fx leaders and form class action to force law enforcement to act in our country australia and around world bring justice and court of law . want here your story and support in catching these barstards . im victim to and have contacted varies law enforcement agencies around world . if you want help contact me if you victim too> charlestrip@optusnet.com.au
2 answers
Yes I got scammed as well and so have lots of other people, they must be stopped!!!Yes someone please help

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