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Lincoln Stock Doctor

Lincoln Stock Doctor

4.7 from 58 reviews

Use it everyday

I use Stock Doctor every day to monitor daily portfolio performance and when considering / selecting a stock to add to my portfolio. As I travel overseas on a very regular basis I appreciate that I can view your webinars at a time suitable for me.

Lincoln Staff

I have always found Lincoln staff friendly, very helpful, efficient and professional. I don't have any hesitation in recommending the Lincoln Stock Doctor Program.

Help on the end of Lincoln’s phone number.

Lincoln Stock Doctor has many good features. Most appealing is the fact that you can ring for help as often as you wish. Experts are available to explain or enlarge on their reviews of shares. You have a manager to assist with the use of the programme, which can be done by phone, email, or, if in Melbourne, in person.
Stick to the Nine Golden Rules and you should succeed.

Very informative, easy to use, lots of information.

I find Stock Doctor excellent in assisting me to make informative decisions for my SMSF growth and income portfolios. Coupled with the availability of Lincoln's staff if I need to ask questions makes SD a very rounded DIY investment package.

Finds small and medium growth caps you have never heard about.

I bought my first shares in 1965 with chequered results. But when I retired and opened an SMF in 2004, I found Stock Doctor. It was marvelous then and it is even better now. The best thing is that they (the analysists) find smaller cap stocks that are on the rise, some spectacularly, that are not on the radar of the brokers. And there is in depth data on each share, plus ongoing education from the team. Since I found Stock Doctor I have lived on my SMF and the total value of the portfolio is four fold greater.

Just keeps getting better

I’ve been a long term subscriber of Stock Doctor right back from the days when the data was sent by floppy disks. It keeps getting better and moving with the times. It’s now on line and suitable for iPads with the charting package built in which for me means I can travel anywhere and not be out of touch. The ultimate test I think is “would you recommend this to a close friend?” I have, and I still do.

Very educational!

Since using Stock Doctor and learning from the Lincoln Indicators team, I have become a much more disciplined investor. Would definitely recommend to those investing in the share market.

In a nutshell

Stock Doctor gives me everything I need to make informed decisions on trading, whether that's buying, selling or simply watching stocks. All the information I need, plus more, is available to me on the Stock Doctor web site and, if I need further information or clarification, the Stock Doctor staff are only too happy - and capable - to oblige. Their new on-line charting package is simply outstanding in functionality and flexibility and their newer SDMax and SD30TSR indicators take the guess-work out of deciding the right times to buy and/or sell. The Stock Doctor technical team are always looking ahead towards improvements and new innovations and Stock Doctor is always happy to listen to suggestions for improvements from clients. I'm sold on Stock Doctor. Joining the Stock Doctor investors network has been a significant positive because I've learned so much from other investors. I've been a Stock Doctor member for only 4 years. It's a pity I didn't join 20 years ago.

Stock Doctor, our 'go to' platform

We find it enjoyable to use, allowing us to grow into active, confident SMSF investors. For over 15 years we have been on an ever expanding investor education journey in the safe Stock Doctor learning environment.

Helpful tool and Analysis information

Stock doctor is a very helpful tool in reviewing stocks, current performance and history of companies. Love the star rating for growth income etc. the information helps determine our moves. The platform is great for quick reference with graphs etc. showing stock movements and our profit and losses of our portfolio daily if we do desire.

Why I still use stock doctor after all these years. Motto: tried the rest - still with the best!

I found stock doctor many years ago and was hooked when I could use the variety of systems it had for finding stocks, testing ideas, sorting good from bad and the basic number crunching done for me. It was based on sound principles known to me as an accountant interested in financial analysis and fundamentals of share investment. Tried many other systems but still with stock doctor as it has proved to be more dependable and in keeping with my thinking and the ever-changing investment scene. Well done team SD.

My Stock Compass

Although I don't use the Lincoln star status as the only basis for my stock selections, I find the star stock system still a good guide, although I have been burnt by some that turned extremely fast (like SGH). I like the methodical and analytical approach adopted by Lincoln in assessing stocks particularly in relation to financial health and financial ratios. I am quite impressed at the work undertaken recently to include the SDMAX & SD30STR charting indicators. I also like the work put into the web based charting systems. I find that I use the charts together with fundamental analysis to find stocks as well as to make sell decisions. The service provided is always friendly. Keep up the good work.

Excellent investor tool

Excellent information & support. The analysis is comprehensive, well presented and easy to access. I appreciate the client support which is excellent and readily available.

Best investing tool out there

SD is the most useful tool in my investing armory. It is transparent and has all the information needed to allow me to make my decisions in an informed manner. A far better experience that being bombarded with newsletters and tele-sales calls. Very well done Lincoln.

Why I Have Found Stockdoctor To Be Invaluable.

Previously to determine which stocks passed my "Fundamentals standards" I had to analyse hundreds of stocks, now I rely on your strong and satisfactory stocks and devote my time to your charting package to buy and sell. I also find the technical filter and the filters/watch list very helpful. Your staff, in particular Victor and Robert have been of great assistance.


Stock Doctor offers me their comments and recommendations across a very broad range of stocks, of which I am free to accept or reject.It also offers me a variety of indicators which I like to use on my own selections or those of S.D. I find the portfolio manager second to none, in recording all my stock transactions. My accountant loves it too as it saves both of us hours of work. The program itself seems faultless and totally reliably.

Excellent fundamental analytical tool

I have been an investor for many years and searching for a reliable fundamentals program
to support my technical approach.
I find the current Stock Doctor program the ideal match.

Excellent analytical tool

Several outstanding features of Stock Doctor help my investment choices. One, the criteria on which the recommended stocks are based are clearly defined. Two, the 9 'Golden Rules' set parameters. Three, excellent charting and research data on ASX companies. Four, monthly meetings of local discussion groups. Five, own and trial portfolios easy to set up and update. Six, the comments by Lincoln analysts.

I am giving Stock Doctor 3.5 Stars

Stock Doctor is good and possibly excellent as to the financial stability of ASX companies covered.
Having being in many types of business, I have learnt that apart from getting my accountant to look at the books, I know that books do not always give one the full picture of a business, but to get the full picture one must ask the people at grass level, (and look at what the competition is doing), how are they faring in this competitive retail business. e.g.Retail Food Group & Harvey Norman to name a couple.If this was done with Retail Food Group you would have known years in advance the true state of that company not just the financial state, I should have got out of Retail Food Group when it was dropped as a Star Income Stock, but I would have lost $7,000.00. At that time it was too great a loss,especially as I only held the shares for a short time, so I held on to them LOSS $36,000.00 Naturally I will not be renewing my membership of Stock Doctor but will remain a Wholesale Lincoln Income Fund unit holder. Gordon Petersen for Petersen Super Fund.

Necessary for safe stock investing .

Stock Doctor gives instant appraisal to health of all companies on the Stock Exchange. A lot of other details are also instantly available for perusal which is updated daily about 6.30 P M. The service is always being improved to assist members with different styles of investing.

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Questions & Answers

The 2 managed funds, income and growth funds, whats peoples feelings on these for a SMSF
3 answers
I prefer ETF to managed funds. The fees are less and the returens are about the sameThe question of which product is more appropriate for you we are unable to answer. It is best you seek independent financial advice should you have queries in relation to that. Active managers such as ourselves aim to, and are assessed, on our ability to outperform a benchmark on a consistent basis, net of fees. We can say that our Wholesale Lincoln Australian Growth Fund has a history of delivering consistent outperformance over and above the All Ordinaries Accumulation Index, including in 2018 where we were the best performing fund manager for the year according to Morningstar’s fund screener (Morningstar.com.au). The Wholesale Lincoln Australian Income Fund has a history of delivering higher than market income return while maintaining pace with the market from a total return perspective over the long-term, including significant outperformance in 2018. This outperformance includes all fees and expenses. Past performance is no indicator of future performance. You should obtain a copy of and consider the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) at www.lincolnindicators.com.au before making any decision in relation to either Fund. Elio D'Amato Executive Director, Lincoln Indicators 1300 676 333No question!

Is SD eps data provided as quarterly or half yearly?
1 answer
Hi James. Thanks for you question. Earnings per share (EPS) is provided half yearly. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 676 333. Regards, Avril Adams