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Games Empire
4.9 from 15 reviews

Not a bad company

Pros- physical store with ok parking
-been in business for a while now
-pricing is competitive
-good sale prices of late
-good communication

Cons- store opens on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (not so much for me but may be for others)
-does not carry all gaming publishers due to agreement with distributor
-chooses not to carry some pretty good minis games like Infinity

My Go-To

I’ve ordered from Games Empire around 10 times and they’re great. The games are in brand new conditioned and aren’t damaged. Their service is friendly and helpful. My games arrive quicker compared to other stores. They have a physical address and phone number. That last point may not sound much but I like the option of calling the company and having the comfort of a physical address as opposed to a PO Box and no phone number like other game sites. They also sell stock they actually have. The last time I ordered from another store, two weeks later, past the delivery date, they called me in broken English and said they don’t actually have stock of the games I ordered. That’s never happened to me with Games Empire.

Great for MTG as a player

Games Empire sold me some MTG products including several booster boxes/fat packs AND commander decks.
I spent around 1000-2000 with them in a short period and they shipped it extremely fast and well packed.
Very trustworthy online dealer.

Items arrived in mint condition and they had excellent discounted prices.
Hassle free, you pay money they send product - as a good business should do.

Highly recommended!

Excellent price, friendly staff

I have pleasant experience order online and pickup, or gone straight to the store and bought with also exact discounted online price. This becomes my go-to FLGS

Solid Service throughout Multiple Purchases

I have ordered from Games Empire three times, each order consisting of multiple board games. I purchased here over time when there were some great specials on games I wanted. Everything arrived promptly and in perfect condition. Shipping is a very competitive Flat $9 - though some games are exceptions to this with a 'heavy/bulky icon' near them.

The selection here for board games is not as big as some of the more gargantuan online retailers, but if you're using board game shopper to find the cheapest prices, you'll probably end up using Games Empire from time to time as they are competitive on price. Would recommend.

Where I buy all my games!

Best prices, great service and a huge range. Pretty much no reason to go elsewhere.

Protip: check their opening hours and days before heading off as they don't run on the 9am-5pm Mon-Fri model.

Prompt and professional service

Ordered some games and they arrived in 4 days (including a weekend). No issues whatsoever. The games they said were in stock on the website actually were in stock, in Australia, so no delays.

Great Service and Great Prices.

I've shopped with Games Empire a few times now and I've never been disappointed. They have amazing service and I recently had an urgent order for a games weekend, which they helped prepare as quickly as they could before the weekend. Cannot recommend this retailer more.

Sensational fast delivery

Fast communication, and fast dispatch. Placed the order Tuesday night and it was on it's way 8am Wednesday morning. Really made a difference in getting the item in time for Christmas, thanks for the good service.

A+ Service

I've got nothing but praise for my experience with Games Empire.

I saw a product with a great price (Bioshock infinite, siege on columbia board game) which looked too good to be true. After being burned with games paradise and milsim, i decided to take it slow and email them first.

They replied within 24 hours, on a Sunday (even though i think they are closed) stating they had the game in stock and that, as opposed to other shonky online retailers, things in stock are truly in stock. And that the price was correct.

I ordered the board game and it was posted the next day and arrived in the same week.

I know this sound simple and "expected" but I've got to praise them for being prompt and reliable. If you have the choice, order from them over other. Great products, great prices but most importantly great service. The way it should be.



After receiving a refund from Games Paradise for taking 3 weeks to not even send my parcel I directed myself to Games Empire. A quality company with great service, taking only 3 days for my parcel to arrive I was more than happy. Carefully wrapped and packaged together nicely, would definitely refer to again for another item.

Amazing Prices and Fast Delivery

I've ordered from them at least once a fortnight for the past few months. They provide fast feedback, and the item usually arrives after 3 days, occasionally (but rarely) 4 days. I'm yet to find a store with better pricing, even when considering the $9 shipping fee. Extremely recommended!

Fast delivery. Items in good condition.

Ordered 2 expansions for Lord of The Rings LCG on Sunday. Received both items on Wednesday. Such a fast delivery, boxes in good condition, no damage. I will be happy to make purchases from Games Empire in the future.

Will order from them again!

This is really simple. Ordered online from them multiple times over the last few months and had 0 problems. Shipping is typically next business day and they package it well - not a damaged game yet in the dozen or so I've ordered. Their service is such a nice change over some other online game stores.

A rare achiever

I have had trouble with some of the best known Games Shops in Australia.
The service from these other shops has been shocking and both of them seem to be plagued by 'website troubles' or 'items in stock but too damaged to send' which required me to wait weeks & weeks for items that were supposedly In Stock.

Out of the blue (and frustration) i did a web search and found Games Empire. Their prices were comparable to these larger players and my order with them (Game and 2x Expansions) progressed smoothly and quickly. Their 'In Stock' items were actually in stock!

I have only bought from them this once but noticed they were not on Product Review and wanted to make sure they had some presence. I will be shopping with them again and will update my review then.

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