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Why is my GTM-25 cable not compatible? This would only leave the (expensive) option of using my cell phone to get my ‘free’ traffic updates. Thank you for your assistance to sort this out satisfactorily. Regards George
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My device keeps on SWITCHING ON and OFF continuously for about 10-15mins almost every morning; then tells me UPDATE OK before I can use. This is very frustrating especially when I need to navigate to an unfamiliar destination in the morning. Any HELP will be very much appreciated?
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what update does it mention? Check on pc for map and software updates. If this fails you can reset to factory defaults and if you still have issues contact Garmin.Thanx Brian, will try that

Is it really worth getting? I have a previous garmin it has a couple of little niggles. The camera seems to be handy but again really! Buy a separate camera? I have never liked too many attachments on one system.
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I’ve been disappointed with it myself. Sure, the camera is handy (although I’ve not needed to use it yet) but my biggest concern is the poor quality of directions and what I see as safety concern when navigating because the unit doesn’t operate as it’s meant to.ie takes me down dirt roads when in rural areas (Queensland) when I have “avoid dirt roads” in the settings. I think their maps are probably not as good as other companies. Haven’t enjoyed the directions when it comes to tunnels either; think it could be better.I returned a navman because I could not see the screen. This is so much better and bigger screen all in one. I didn't want too much cluttering the windscreen. The camera lens is adjustable so I place the unit to the left of the middle of the screen. I use it mainly for the camera and have found the map ok when I've needed it but I don't usually drive in scarcely populated areas. Good price also compared to buying 2 units. Simple one button press to go from maps to camera also. Don't think you'd regret buying this, best I've seen but I did want a combo unit.I have two garmen.my first was a small original and it apparently looks the same size as the onewe are discussing. I then bought "the new one at the time " it has a bigger screen." Much better to see. With both it does not give me an alternate route when I find a shorter or better route. I thought it was possible. DAH. My conclusion I will keep larger screen and buy an updated paper map. What map navigation system does it use. Satellite. I have thought it has to be updated more often as the country is in constant builds and knock downs. Floods etc. Road changes As to window clutter doesnot bother me. I remember driving with two windows Then came the one screen. I suppose comes down to please some, some of the time than all, all of the time. All I want is the item to do what it is advertised to do and do what it can do, well. Cheers all.

Where can i buy a longer cable? I want to tidy up the cable cluttering the windscreen that annoys and distracts me but its not long enough to go around.
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It's hard to find longer "cigarette lighter" to "usb mini" cable. But you can buy a longer "usb mini" to "usb mini" cable and extend it. Try on office works or else in ebay.Thank you.try Jaycar slso

Mine keeps shutting down. It's not sleep mode or screen save as that is set on never. Any help?
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Try to reset the GPS to factory default then check whether any software updates available. If this doesn't work then contact Garmin support for help.Okay, how do I reset?Check the user manual. You can restart it by putting a small needle through small hole behind the gps unit and reset the software through garmin connect

My previous Garmin came with a GTM 25 Power Cable 1OR-024450 for Traffic information, will this cable work with the 51LMT-S? Traveller Too.
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Probably best to email the tech support team at Garmin, they are very helpful and will answer any technical queries you have about their products.I just looked at this link https://www8.garmin.com/manuals/webhelp/driveassist51/EN-US/GUID-6C0AA68A-726F-47C2-A65F-46C0BB58E04A.html and it seems it will not. in the link above it says if model ends LTM-D or LMTHD it can be used I have tried my old cable from my 3790T adn it doesn't work. So I am using the app on my phone

OK I sorted out the collision warning and the speed alert. Last night I plugged the unit into my computer to get it registered and also download any maps that map have been updated since the manufacture date. As usual this takes time and when I was out of the room during initialization, an error was encountered and the GPS was shut down. Now I am not able to turn it back on. What happens now. Any help appreciated.
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Did you hook it up to your car again?, Sometimes if it won't start while connected to your computer connecting to 12 volts will work,if not it's probably time to shoot Garmin an email or give them a call. I found the techs there very helpful, they will talk you through any procedures you need to do and if the unit still won't work they will log the problem and advise you to return it for repairs. I had all sorts of problems with my second unit but they replaced it with the updated model (51) and it seems to be working fine so far.I had tried that straight away but it didn't work. I have just tried again and it is now working, Thanks for the help. Now I am frightened to try and upgrade maps, guess when I feel I really need to I will give it another go. CheersHad that happening to me and always fixed it by pressing and holding the power button for 30 seconds (or longer) until the screen shuts down or reboots again. Give that a go. Happened to me a few times and yes scary the first time, but the above method always worked for me.

How can I turn off forward collision warning as it keeps on coming up for no reason. Also, my speed warning does not come up when I have exceeded the speed. I have done this deliberately to check the unit, so do I need to turn something on???? Garmin DriveAssist 51 LMT-S GPS Navigator Kerry
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Go to "Settings" -> "Camera" where you can adjust the settings. For speed warning, also in the "Settings" area, but you should also update your unit from time to time (via USB to the computer), as the road limits do change due to council changes as well as road updates.Thanks, I will try these hints.In the Driver Assistance menu you can toggle on/off the lane departure etc. warnings, you can also find the on/off for the over speed warning. I found that other than on major roads (hi-ways) outside about a 60klm radius from Adelaide there is no speed limit icon displayed so also no indication when exceeding the speed limit, I don't know if this is causing the lack of over speed warning with your unit but I feel this is a major failing with this particular GPS as I have other units which show the speed limit pretty much everywhere.

How to you set it up in your car?
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I set mine up by attaching the suction cup mount just off-centre (driver's side) on the lower part of the windscreen, then fed the power cable under the dash mat and down next to the centre console where I have a power outlet so the cable is fairly well hidden, I drive a Pajero so the cable routing may be different for your car. Then it's simply a matter of plugging the power cable into the GPS unit, turning on your ignition key, setting your preferences if you want to personalize your unit and you are ready to navigate. If you are happy with the factory settings all you need to do is plug the unit in, set the camera angle and go.You might want slightly moist the suction cup to enhance the suction power. The suction cup and your Nav can be positioned anywhere you feel comfortable, but watch out for the top of the window where there are those black dots. After that adjust in your settings where you've positioned the Nav (right, left or centre) and adjust the camera lens so you get the full recording view. Remember to periodically check it for updates on your computer, I was pleasantly surprised by the voice command feature, which wasn't in the description but came free of charge with an update, and it works well!.

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