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Gecko Triple Lure Insect Trapper

Gecko Triple Lure Insect Trapper

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Meant to create C02 to attract the Mosquito's, I call crap.

This device is meant to create C02 to attract the Mosquito's, I call crap. This unit captures less mosquitos compared to a yard guard bug vac which uses UV light alone as an attractant. I've been running this unit 24/7 and I'm Not impressed.

Purchased in February 2019 at Bunnings Warehouse.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Infested Area Outdoors
Pet OwnerYes

Absolutely amazing for killing mosquitos

We want to thank you for giving us an alternative to killing mosquitos. We back onto a wet lands area and have a chicken coop and our birds totally appreciate your system. We had a massive mosquito outbreak two nights ago and just emptied the catcher. In two days it was absolutely full of mosquitos and green afids. The odd moth got caught up in the hype but the catcher amazed the birds and they got their revenge when it was emptied out for them to feast on. Crazy..

very good for the price

very easy .. virtually no set up.. just wasn’t what I needed ie does not attract flies.. but great for mozzies and moths

Does the job, but not really for mozzies

Quite, easy to install, catches plenty of bugs.
Does not seem to catch to many mozzies.
Catches heaps of moths.

Fantastic device

Purchased this as we live near wetlands. What an absolute lifesaver. Works so well in our patio area we bought a second one for the chicken coup. Probably doesn't cover the 40m as advertised but we just bought a second one. We would catch 100-200 per night. You can stand n outside and not get bitten. Highly recommended. Thanks for a great product gecko.

it says 40m coverage. I think they meant 40mm

Been running this for non stop for a week now. It has caught very few mosquitos so far. It's funny every time I clean the Gecko I am attacked by mosquitos sitting within a meter from it.

The best thing it is good at is to catch lots of moths which.

I am not sure what the claim about 40sqm refers to but it has no very little effect even with 2sqm around it. Further it uses a fan which is so noisy that its constant humming can be heard in the rooms nearby.

Purchased for inside the house

Purchased this because I am being bitten at night inside my house, by mosquitoes. Can’t work out how they are getting in. This hasn’t solved all my problems, however it does work. I have had it for two days running 24 hours a day. It catches nothing during the day. It has caught six mosquitoes each night. I am still being bitten at night, however have high hopes that if I can find and close off the mosquitoes point of entry, this lure will eventually take care of all the ones remaining. I was very impressed that it caught any. I had thought there was only one or two inside that snuck in when we went through the front door; it has shown me that there were at least 12 and that the problem was bigger than I realised. Once my inside problem is sorted, I look forward to using it outside.

Only down side is that there is no way to stop the mosquitoes flying back out once you turn the unit off. Any that are still alive, are kept inside the unit by the force of the fan. Once the fan is off, or you take the trap off, the quick little mozzies flit away. I haven’t worked out how to prevent this so I simply keep it on for now. Thinking I may need to enclose the whole thing in a plastic bag next time I want to empty it, so that at least I can unplug it, take it outside, and then empty it. Most mozzies that end up in here are dead by morning, but I have accidentally let one go and seen another still alive in there.

Edited to add: it’s a few months later and this has been amazing. I located the entry point for the mosquitoes - a door that had no seal under the bottom - and I blocked it. Every now and then a mosquito still makes it into the house and spends all night biting me. I have a routine now. As soon as I wake up itching, I put this on, in a high spot in the lounge, and run it for a day (or two to be sure). I pop a plastic bag over it, turn it off, take it outside, and dump out the usually dead mozzies. I am usually not bitten again the night after, so it usually catches the mozzie in one night. Fabulous. Haven’t used it outside yet but when the weather warms up I look forward to using it to reduce the mosquitos around my home.

Now over a Thousand.

I live in a heavily infested mosquito area and each time i clean out the cone trap the sink is black and I'd say around 200 each time is normal.I started with 1 a year ago and now have 4 of these going 24hrs around the house and they are phenomenal-Bunnings have sold out in the Newcastle area as i brought the last 2.

Expensive but works.

Bought this a couple of months ago and haven't been bitten since. I've tested it by sitting outside shirtless and in shorts from late afternoon till after dark many times and haven't seen a single mozzie. We'd normally be eaten alive. If there are a lot of insects around it needs to be emptied every other day. If ants crawl up the lead to get the dead insects liberally coat about 200mm of the lead with vaseline. Excellent product.

Gecko Triple Lure Insect Trapper is expensive but very effective

Recently purchased this product from Bunnings hence this is no long term review. Might update this in time. We have only used this about a week but what a difference it has already made. We had bought inexpensive options before this like coils, candles and spray on repellent. Might be the brands of coils and candles we bought, but they weren't inspiring confidence. Bugs were sitting on the candle dish and walking around on the table where both were placed. face-palm. Spray on repellent works fine but you really need to cover every exposed spots and I don't like the residual it leaves on your skin.

Was thinking of getting a zapper like my parents used to have. But read some horror stories and saw some videos about how zapper works, exploding insects and germs released into the air as a result and that is pretty gross. Then I stumbled on this trapper. Its expensive price, triple action and range (40m) got my attention and we decided to sink our cash into this product to see if it actually works. It caught a lot of insects on the first day. On the second day, we did not see any creepy crawlies walking around on our table anymore. Third day I was walking around in shorts, tees and flip flops and it was fine. Yesterday, I was hanging some lights on the tree and sweating away. Not one mosquito sting. Didn't need repellent. Imagine how happy I was. We used it for a party on new year eve and spent many hours outside. Again, no spray on repellent, nothing else we needed apart from this trapper. Awesome!

The only thing I don't like about this unit is the on/auto switch. It won't come on until it gets dark, quite dark. It is meant to be hung 2.5m above ground and not near light so there is no competing light. This is no joke, if there is a bright light near by, it won't work well! So I had to climb a chair to turn it on manually to kick it off and then had to turn it back to auto when it is totally dark lest it runs into the morning and indefinitely. That is fine if that's what you want. I ran mine on a timer instead because I wanted it to come on earlier and didn't need it to run the whole night. I reckon it should come with a timer or have a sensitivity dial on the control. For the asking price, either or both should be doable.

Cleaning the cage at the bottom is a piece of cake. It is bayonet mounted. Once opened, you have to remove the cone before tipping the insects out and be prepared to find some live ones there. Not sure about replacing the 5000 hours light bulb. Didn't find the replacement bulb at any of the Bunnings stores I have visited despite it is in their online catalogue.

Overall, very happy with the unit because it does its job well. If you are conscious about running cost, this unit consumes 15w which is relatively small given it supposed to cover 40m radius. My neighbours can thank us for getting rid of unwanted bugs around their home also. :D

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Five months later, we are still very happy with the unit. We don't run it on timer anymore because that means turning it on regularly every evening which is unnecessary. Instead I have it mounted on remote control unit. Also, managed to buy a replacement globe at Bunnings. It is actually available at many Bunnings but I am surprised by how small it is.

Questions & Answers

Can the auto on/ off be set to on - ie run it through the day
2 answers
Yes of course. Not sure why you want to run it all day because the light is what attracts the moths and mosquitos the co2 works but it is more effective when the mosquitos come out to feed at dawn and dusk. The more you run the little fan and the light the less time you have between replacing the globes or even the item itself. The auto is good enough we feel. If throughout the day you get bitten by mosquitos then rid works like a treat. Haven't found an all in one product to do everything for us but this is sufficient for us.thanks James in the NQ rainforest we have a little midge sandfly thing that only bites during daylight and they are driving me nuts . Mozzie coils dont work, citronella doesnt work, and the other UV type attract zappers dont work either. I think they are attracted to the CO2. so this is my last resort apart from a fan and personal repellent. May have to put a stocking over the bottom as they would probably get through that mesh.

Is anyone else's fan noisy on this unit? I thought it was supposed to be almost silent
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Hi Normally no but moths etc do get caught up in slots and rub against fan.Units require fairly regular cleanning in peak seasons.If larger moths get trapped between the fan and the grill and are hitting the fan it can be quite noisy. I have snipped out alternate radial members from the outside ring under the fan and this lets more moths through to the mesh cone. However even when the fan is clear it does make an audible whirring noise if you are within about 5 metres. The trap has a very large effective area so just move it far enough away so it's not obtrusive. Mine needs emptying at least every other day and amazes me how much it catches.Thank you for responding yes I agree it's probably going to be just the sound of the fan and if I move it away I won't notice it. But the second fan I got is definitely quieter than the First

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