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Talon Cockroach Killer Gel

Talon Cockroach Killer Gel

4.5 from 20 reviews

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Actually Works. Now Have Zero Cockroaches.

My previous review was based on the result after 2 days with one tube. After buying the second tube 2 days ago I now seem to have no cockroaches. I started with Mortein Cockroach gel and it did nothing. I bought a second- nothing. Heaps of roaches. Tried the Mortein and Raid plastic baits- Useless. Tried a single tube of Talon Gel and seemed to do nothing. After 2 days bought a second tube. Bingo. Zero roaches. I'll be using this stuff in the future.

Purchased in March 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $8.00.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Infested Area Bathroom, Bedroom and Kitchen
Pet OwnerNo

Very impressed it really works

I had small German cockroach invading my kitchen. I used one and a bit of the tubes where the cockroach were hiding and after a couple of days there were sick ones then dead ones. I haven't seen a cockroach for six weeks. If they reappear I will use the remainder of the product before they take hold.

Purchased in January 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $7.99.

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Infested Area Kitchen
Pet OwnerYes
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Still no cochroachs after one application in January best product ever thanks Talon roach killer

Doesnt work

Used this product 4 days ago, i have more roaches than ever very much alive and well..i think ill stick with a proffesional pest controller.

Works for months...! A truly GREAT product

All I can say is, Talon PLEASE don't water down this formula or put the price up too much, because you've made a truly great product. I put a few dabs about a foot apart around the kitchen, and there are no roaches for MONTHS. The dabs stay there pretty well too, wiping out any newcomers who try to invade. THANKS TALON ! You're saving capitalism lol.

Really amazing

I had concern of visible cockroaches anytime i go in kitchen and i applied on some areas before we went on holidays for 3 days and after coming back don't know where they gone. Found few dead on floor and the rest just disappeared maybe dead in hidden arras. Very happy with the product.

My friend recommended to me .Its excellent roach killer .

It’s easy to use and price wise good too .
I really happy with the product .
It’s been second day cockroaches dying everywhere .
I have used Moreton gel and spent $300 on pest control before but my thumbs up

If only i had known sooner, i wasted so much money on other shonky roach kill products.

Bought 2 syringes and used the first one, i got about a meter long worth of gel and drew a dashed line around my fridge and sink(only chemical free water sources in the house) its been a week and all i see now dead roaches, amazing didn't even get to use the second tube.

excellent - 90% gone in 3 weeks

Sold at Coles supermarkets for around $8/ tube.
I have already used 7 tubes and the roaches are gobbling it down.
Within a day there are usually some very sickly looking cockroaches wobbling around and with 2 or 3 days there were literally thousands of dead roaches.
Don't waste your money on the roach bombs as they only kill a small percentage.

Bought it to remove German cockroaches didn't work at all.

Bought it for removing the German cockroaches. Didn't see any effect waste of money not sure none of the bombs worked this time. I tried to buy this product from Coles but some stores say they have 20 in stock but they don't exist in the racks.

Believe the reviews it works

Cheap, easy to use & very effective. Cockroaches we're completely gone within 3 days. I haven't used any other brand or remedy but if I ever encounter this problem again this will be my go to solution. Highly recommend.

It works !!

OMG, I will not use anything else EVER. I've tried bombs, sprays all of it forget them, they cost more & don't work. My neighbour upstairs moved out but left behind the most annoying German cockroaches. The landlord sprayed the unit & yes the simply moved into my unit. They loved my unit & multipied within days. I bought this gel & within days they were dead, after about a week all gone. I swear this stuff works, it gets back to the best & they love it. Great product. To buy I found the larger Coles stores.

Really Worked

As many before me have mentioned...I was sceptical because I had tried sprays and baits before. But this was on another level. Its been a week since I applied just a few dabs around the kitchen and crawlies have virtually disappeared.

Really a cockroach crusher!

That's a super effective solution. I tried baits and surface sprays first; sprays are useless, baits were partially working (reduced infestation), but still the problem was obvious and gradually worsening. Then I decided to give Talon a go; applied it into the places where cockroaches were most frequent. Dishwasher nooks and crannies (NOT THE PARTS IN DIRECT CONTACT WITH WATER!), under water sinks, fridge etc. From the very first day, obvious disruption and many roaches distracted and poorly moving; in two days - a deluge of dying crawlies, also dead are everywhere. I guess most of them died in hidden places, though, so I only saw a small fraction of the previous infestation... In 3-4 days almost non cocroaches visible. Absolutely recommend!

Amazing product!

I can't believe how well this product worked. We had so many of those small brown German cockroaches running around in every room, they were into everything including the fridge. We tried spray, bombs, baits, nothing worked, those product did not even help a little bit. I saw this Talon Cockroach killer gel at Coles and thought that I would give it a go, I was very sceptical and thought it would be like all the other stuff that I tried, but to my surprise it worked almost straight away and now I see only dead cockroaches. I have recommended this product to anyone that mentions they have an issue with cockroaches, it is the only thing that I have found that actually works.

You won't get better than this D.I.Y

Was astounded at the effectiveness of Talon roach Gel. It may take three applications if you have a bad infestation, but for a total of around $24, it's certainly cheaper than what you will pay Pest Controllers for virtually the same thing. Best German roach killer ever!

Such a small amount of product does a mighty job

As others have said, I tried bombs, household sprays, industrial sprays and anything else I could find. There are only two things that work - a size 11 shoe and Talon. It was recommended to me by a fellow who lives in an apartment on the 6th floor. I am on the 1st floor. So I suppose the little charmers are right throughout the building. I bought 3 tubes at a cost of about $8 each and strategically placed little baits where I thought would be most effective. I'm the original skeptic. Low and behold, I started finding very sick cockies wandering into the kitchen floor. There they died. I can only assume there are many more that didn't make it to the kitchen floor and died in other hiding places. I also baited my study and anywhere there is warmth. They are still dying. I'm not sure when to stop baiting but I'll continue to use Talon.


I had tried everything from Bombs to Baits and hundreds of cans of spray. This product was brilliant within a couple of weeks every cockroach large and small, were gone. My biggest problem were the German little buggars but they could not stand up against this product. I couldn't recommend enough

The perfect DIY solution to wipe out cockroaches.

We had a massive problem with German roaches - no amount of cleaning, Morton bait traps, "Professional" residual spray products and 30-day knock down aerosols would work. After researching products containing Indoxacarb (which are normally used by professionals at $40-60 per 5g tube) I stumbled upon this product at Coles and decided to by two tubes. The formulation and strength was exactly the same as the pro products and a hell of a lot cheaper. The result?
Cockroach armageddon. It didn't seem to work at first but after 12 or so hours, hundreds of cockroaches, big and small would come out to die - this continued for days. After a week, not a single roach to be seen.
It definitely works!!

Works great'

Having a bad German roach problem is stressful! While waiting to make an appointment for pest control to come out to fumigate I seen this product at Coles and thought what the hell!!
It's been 3 days since placing 2 blobs behind the fridge and there are dead roaches everywhere!!
It certainly kills them!
Problem I have is I now would need to buy another 10 tubes of it to get the whole house done!!
It works great!! Just need the option of a bigger size!!

Great Alternative To Expensive Pest Control

I purchased three tubes x 5g from Coles as I have been having a problem with German roaches for a few months. Every night when I went into the kitchen I would see 3 or 4 cockroaches scatter when I turned the light on. I applied this product a week and a half ago into all the cracks in my kitchen and around the fridge which is where I saw the most activity. Now I only have one or two still appearing every second day already dead or dying.
While it is too early to say how long the product will last and it's long term effectiveness, I would still recommend this as a great DIY pest management.

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