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Like waiting weeks for 1 game?

GetGaming is a terrible service, with terrible customer service. I've been waiting for a reply to an email i sent them for a week and they keep missing my calls. The worst part is I've been waiting for 2 weeks for 1 game to arrive. Do not use!

Stay far away

Long postage times (took around a week), poor selection, and after cancelling they charged me for the next billing period anyway. A truly terrible service that people should avoid like the plague.

Fast replies to queries. Very considerate and understanding. Top notch customer service!

I went on a trial plan to borrow a game and when I had queries regarding the return date, they were very quick to reply and were very helpful. I highly recommend them. Thanks Get Gaming!

No Games

Litterly not enough stock to keep up with demand i orderd games months before release and still never received them had 1 game in the 5 months of my membership unique idea ruined buy a lack of stock and clueless staff


They are awesome you get the game 1 maybe 2 days after placing it in your queue and you can rent as many games as you want during a paid month (2 games at a time) the customer service is really good and they provide 100% info its just great

PS4 Rentals for Australians

I was on the lookout for PS4 rentals as in the shops games are $80-$100 each, this I think is a complete rip off. You would only need to buy 4-5 games and before you know it you have paid the same price as the PS4.

I found Get Gaming on Google and there was a few others that was advertised. The only reason I went with get gaming is because of the reviews and I am glad I did. I have only just started with get gaming but already the company is treating me well. They have extended my trial offer because I am waiting for the games to be sent to me. They have even sent me an extra game to compensate for the days I have lost in my free trial.

I went to look in the local game rental stores and PS4 games are $10 for 2 nights, ummmmm no. That's far to much for renting PS4 games as you would only rush through the whole game and not get to enjoy it in your own time.

Happy Gamer
Customer Service,Good Choice of games,Price is good for a month, The fact that I can keep the game as long as I want with no pressure to finish it
PS4 is very popular so expect to wait for the games to be sent


Very reliable service. I've been trying them out over this month. I usually like to dedicate only 4-6 hours to a game, so often return games the day after I get them. Their free express return option for subscribers means I get a new game every 2-3 working days! Brilliant company - no postage/return postage fees, and a far cheaper option than buying retail, or renting from a physical store!
The express return just means you post your rental off, then log into your account and under "My Rentals" click "Express Return". They'll post the next game on your list to you over the next 24hrs (unless on a Friday arvo/weekend) even if they haven't gotten your last rental back yet! Never going back to buying or renting from a physical store!
Cheap subscription. Quality discs. Fast delivery. Express Return!

Excellent service, Excellent price

Customer service at Getgaming.com.au is excellent:
There was once where Auspost delayed my game delivery by a week, and all it took was an email to get an additional 10 day extension. Its stuff like this that makes you keep coming back to these guys for more.

Cheap prices:
There are games out there that you just really, really want to play, but not fork out over $50-$100 for it (think single player wonders like Heavy Rain or Tomb Raider). The cheap rental price allows you to play it all without burning a hole through your wallet.

Great library range:
The website regularly list new games for rent and often right from the game's release date itself. Also, every single game I've wanted to play can be found in their library. They almost never miss any important must-have titles.

Simply put, Getgaming is the eloquent solution to every Aussie gamer's 'to buy, or not to buy' conundrum. Why give yourself that headache when you can just head over to these guys and rent to your heart's content?
Excellent customer service, fast, reliable, cheap, easy to rent-easy to return
This is a stretch and should not be counted as a fault but I'll say it nonetheless: no option for express delivery. Sometimes I want games to arrive on time for certain weekends and will pay $10 more just to make sure it gets to my mailbox by Friday. If they can include this option, it's only going to make their service even better

Great Service - Very Convenient - Can't Go Wrong!

Really great. Always get the latest games on the day they come out and I've never been in a situation where I couldn't get a new release game becasue they didn't have enough stock.

Really good customer service also - responds quickly by email and always keen to work around any situation you may be in (e.g. I wanted to make sure I got a new game on its release date so I asked them to not send me anything else on my queue until the game came out, they said they would still send out the next game on my queue and give the the new release game as an additional rental free of charge!).

Great customer service, great range, always gets to me within 2 days in Canberra - really couldn't be happier with GetGaming as a whole.

And, the price ends up being so much cheaper than getting new games via retail on release date and if a game isn't as good as you hoped, you just send it back and get a new one within days! Saved me plenty of money over the past year.
Great service, price, quick postage and wide range.

A gamer's dream

I truly feel sorry for the middle-class and lower income earners who love their gaming and still buy from aussie retail stores at $100 a pop. GetGaming, for $33 a month offer you any two games at a time, the latest and send them timely (its only 2 days here in outer south-east Melb). Tell them you sent your game back and they'll immediately send you a new one on your queue, they don't wait for it to get back to them.

Their website is accessible, their range is impressive (even if they don't they'll get it on your behalf) and their staff is super friendly.

Qualms? It's nitpicking but currently (and it's been weeks) if you want to purchase, the option doesn't seem to be working at all. Other problems include the fact that via phone, they don't seem to answer calls sometime after and during lunch.They are also a little more expensive then similar services but by all accounts, they are still the best despite these drawbacks.

Ultimately, I think it should be mandatory for people who love games and are on a budget, no contracts, you can always purchase the game out right and they'll send it to you and all an all it's just an exception service. Don't hesitate.
Range, website accessiblity, friendly staff, no contracts, speedy deliveries
A bit more expensive, website, whilst easy to get around, isn't fully featured

Very convenient and affordable service for Gamers

Getgaming is an excellent service if you are a regular gamer and would like to play the latest games out there without paying the exorbitant costs associated with it. For over a year and half, I have never experienced a problem with service. They pretty much have all the games I wanted on the Ps3. Their staff is approachable with a simple email, and they respond to your queries immediately. All this makes it so easy to do want you want to in the first place, play quality games.

A few criticisms, their website does not have a mobile version yet, game reviews on the website are sparse, and a community feature is lacking. However, their core service is excellent, they have a good library and friendly staff.
Cost effective, Reliable, Excellant Service
Website needs more community features

Exceptional Game Rental service!

GetGaming is by far one of the best gaming rental services around. Shipping is extremely fast and there's an exceptionally great variety of games to pick from.

Additionally, consumers have a few service options to pick from which range from one game at a time to even trying a game out for just 10 days.

With GetGaming around, gaming has become ultimately affordable for anyone to play and gives consumers more choices.

If you're a gamer, you owe it to yourself to try this out.
Fast Shipping, Top Notch Service, Great Selection of games

Great affordable entertainment

I had the pleasure of trying a new concept from getgaming.com.au, an online business that specialises in game renting with a twist and I was very impressed. I was one of the those gamers who saw a game bought it, and then 3 weeks later I had finished it and either put it onto the shelf, never to be played again, or placed on eBay and sold for a 5th of the price. With getgaming.com.au you are able to select from a vast variety of games and choose how long you keep it, be it a week or 5.

I found the website very user friendly and was able to navigate around to register, find the payment package I wanted and the games I desired over a 3 mth period, all within 5 minutes. I choose AFL as my first game and it arrived within a couple of days. After the 8th day I was over it so all I did was jump on the website, click that I was returning the AFL game and my next game was automatically placed in the mail so the down time between having games was very minimal. There is a huge selection of games to keep everyone happy in my family. The reply paid envelopes are a great idea and made the whole process an easy exercise. I don’t think I will be purchasing any more games from the store or hiring from the local DVD shop for $8 a night. Getgaming.com.au is competitively priced and makes playing all your favourite games very easy and affordable.

Scott, father of 2, Wagga Wagga, NSW
Very reliable and inexpensive. It was exciting to get a new game the mail.

Best. Service. Ever.

GetGaming has alowed me to play games i wanted to play but wouldnt have purchased, as well as sending me the AAA titles i crave as soon as they come out. The amount of money ive saved is amazing, the staff are awesome and the quality and service is the best. No join up fee, no lock in contract and the biggest range. Do yourself a favour and join up.


It is such a great service. It saves me money as well as arguments with the kids as this way they can play the games they want and I don't need to fork out $109 each time. They go through them so quick anyway. There is a great selection of new release games and older ones as well. You can also buy the games you like at cheap prices.
It saves me so much money as now I can rent all the games I want.
I always get the 1st or 2nd choice on my rental queue.
The service is always really fast and we have had no problems.
I would recommend GetGaming to anyone who likes games!!
Nothing - I have nothing bad to say, they have been great.


The GetGaming service is a renting service that I will use for a very long period, the rentals that I have received have not been damaged or scratched. The service also enables customers to rent games from their home and have the game delivered to them. The selection of games from GetGaming can date back to some of Xbox, Playstation or Microsoft's classics and GetGaming also provides a tonne of new release games.
- The rental plans are flexible to what your desires are.
- The plans are priced well and are not over the top expensive.
- Able to rent from all of the next generation consoles, as well as PC.
- The rental game arrives within the week in which you place it on your queue.
- First and second preferences are always the GetGaming's priority.
- N/A

If you call yourself a gamer you need to sign up with getgaming, they're that good

Getgaming completely changed the way I was able to play games. Instead of paying a ridiculas $120 per game and only being able to afford maybe 4 games a year I can literally experience every single game I want to play for a fraction of the cost. I honestly don't know how they can make a profit, their prices are that cheap.

GetGaming has a huge library for all the current gaming platforms. In the few instances when they didn't have a game I wanted, after my request was made it only took 2-3 days for the game to be available.

GetGaming always have the lastest blockbuster games available for rent on release day and their staff are more then happy to reserve a copy of high demand games.

From my experience GetGaming truely cares about their customers and really goes that extra mile. If you're a core gamer living in Australia you need to become a member of GetGaming, you'd be a fool to pass them up.
Super Cheap. Fast friendly service. Huge library to choose from.
No Gripes at all

Best rental service I have ever used!

Never did I not get a hot new release from these guys and I asked everytime there was a big release on XBox360 & PS3. I would recommend them to anyone as the service is top notch and they really know how to look after their customers! 5 stars all the way.
Reliable, affordable, pleasant to deal with - Just a brilliant service!
No Cons at all

Love it!

Excellent service, speedy delivery of games ordered. Communication great, always friendly & quick response to queries. Great plans to choose from to suit your buget
Fast delivery

Great Service - I would not play games any other way now!!!

GetGaming is simply your access to every game you need old and new. What I love is that you can get just about every game (video stores dont have near as much games) and you just play it till you want something else. For me an active game player and reviewer for the last 20+ years I have not seen a better service. The customer satifation is 100% from me. And the customer service is also above and beyond. Stop waisting your time getting scratched games that give up on you just as you get to that important part of the game. Stop being disappointed with your local video shop not having the title you are after. Stop paying huge amounts of money for games before you check them out. Give GetGaming a go. You won't be sorry.
The best way to get and play games

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