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Strata Manager far superior than most

As a property manager and also owner, I have worked with a lot of strata managers and strata companies over the past 20 years. Alain Gyi from GK Strata Management has been far superior than most I have encountered. He is extremely efficient, prompt to action items and very professional. The building in which I reside has undergone some major works and battles and Alain has really been pushed to the limit. He maintains a strong work ethic, continues to provide sound advice and has been a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend Alain to anyone looking for a new strata manager.


Many, many, many thanks to GK Strata and in particular our Strata Manager Josh Moses! Josh's professionalism and attentiveness has made living in our place extremely enjoyable knowing that Josh and JK were behind us in every aspect to our building! No task is too small and Josh was quick to help us during a weekend when our damaged hot water heater broke during the winter! That is just one of many incident's we have had! Thank you very much for your continued support and quick responses to our every need! Regards, Lou

Quick turn around

GK Strata were very quick to respond to and resolve a matter I brought to their attention. This provided a good result to an issue that could have caused much conflict amongst the residents of our unit block.

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Hi Diane, Thank you for sharing your wonderful review! We will pass this on to our team. We aim to continuously improve our services and provide the best of our offerings to our customers - please feel free to get in touch with us anytime you have any questions or concerns. Kind regards, The team at GK Strata

Excellent performers compared to other Strata Managers

I have worked on strata committees for many years and we’ve found it difficult to change from our former poorly performing Strata Managers. About a year ago we changed to GK Strata after getting some excellent personal reviews. Well what a breath of fresh air and how wonderful have they been. They are responsive and professional in their service and they are also technically astute and able to provide sound advice to Committees. I strongly endorse our change to GK and would recommend other disgruntled Committees give GK Strata an opportunity to help them

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Hello Mark, Thank you for connecting with us and sharing your five-star review! We will pass this on to the team at GK Strata. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or need our help in the future. GK Strata

A great strata management team

GK have provided excellent support during a time of conflict with a number of owners in our Strata. As with any strata, personalities can sometimes clash and GK has proven highly experienced in assisting the Strata Committee to negotiate an outcome for the betterment of all owners. In addition to assisting with internal conflict, they have also proven technically proficient, helpful and very professional. I thoroughly recommend them.

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Hi Sue, Thank you for this wonderful five-star review! Our team works hard to offer our customers the best service and support. Please don't hesitate to reach us if you have any questions in the future as well. GK Strata

This is so spot on.

After trying to get clarification by email and phone to unsubstantiated allegations from SC and GK I was informed that I had sent too many emails and warned that I would be billed or taken to appropriate body. GK strata manager did not follow on their information note regarding "how to complain/report a breach of by-law" and did not try to contact me regarding the matter. I was named in minutes of the SC without any warning and immediately the issue was escalated to legal proceedings.

Don't believe anything...

We have had nothing but bad experiences from GK Strata. I think the favorable reviews on this site have been fabricated by that company themselves. GK fail on every level- their communication is poor, their ability to guide through issues is non existent, they are slow at repairs/maintenance and they are a financial rip-off. For more realistic comments see Google reviews about GK Strata.
Now you watch... the manager will post a response to my comments above saying how concerned they are about our negative experience and to call and discuss the matter. It's all a hoax... if you call nothing changes... it's just facade to fool the public!
Don't believe the positive reviews and just stay away from this unprofessional lazy disorganized mob.

53-59 Great Buckingham St; Redfern

We changed to GK Management over a year ago and have been very pleased with the services provided.
Joshua Moses our strata manager has been excellent.
He managers our old warehouse with mutilple owners with great patience and diligence.
It's an aging factory that requires a great deal of attention and Josh has done a fine job with all the maintenance and services.

Kind Regards,

Glenn Gilsenan -Architect

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Hi Glenn, Thank you for sharing your positive feedback with us! We are happy to hear that you are happy with the service Josh provides. We will pass this on to Josh and the GK Strata Team. GK Strata

Dedicated service from Stacey Hofmeester.

Stacey provides an excellent service in being the Strata Manager for our building. She responds quickly, is highly knowledgeable, communicates well and takes action as required. I can highly recommend her after experiencing a number of other Strata Managers.

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Hi Silvia, Thank you for sharing this amazing five-star review for us! Stacey will be thrilled to know her work is appreciated! We will pass this on to Stacey and the rest of the team. Kind regards, GK Strata

Stacey’s review

Stacey Hofmeester acts for our Strata Comittee and in this capacity is particularly effective and professional. She is totally organised, arrives early, and has a complete grasp of our issues. In 20 years of ownership, and comittee attendance, I would say that she is the best Strata Manager’s Representative I have met.

Stacey is excellent.

Stacey has been with our strata for about a year. We've used GK ever since I've been in the building (18 years) and during that time we've had about 6 different people with different levels of expertise. Stacey stands out, but having had another person who was competent only to find that they left after a very short time, makes me wonder if the policy of the company is to use us as a training ground as we're a small strata, before they go on to bigger buildings? I do hope that's not the case here as being 'au fait' with the building takes time and it'd be a pity to lose her.

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Hi Elizabeth, Thank you for connecting with us and sharing your positive feedback. It's great to hear you are happy with the service that Stacey provides you. We will pass this on to Stacey and the rest of the team. GK Strata

Happy to Recommend Alain Gui & GK Strata

Alain Gui is the strata manager for our 22 townhouses. I have always found Alain to be helpful and proficient across any issues that have arisen. He deals with matters in a prompt and professional manner, even those sensitive issues that arise from time to time. I am very happy to recommend Alain & GK Strata to any strata committee looking for a strata manager.

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Hi Brendan, Thank you for your wonderful feedback, It's great to hear you are happy with the service you strata manager provides you. We will pass this on to Alain and the team. Gk Strata

Strata Committee in Charge

Most unhelpful to individual owners requests. Strata Manager seems happy with bullying from with Strata Committee without knowing full information.

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Hi Roberta, Thank you for connecting with us. We have sent you a private message to further investigate your concern. Regards, GK Strata

Very happy with GK Strata and our manager, Nathan

I am on the committee for a building of 40 units. We have recently changed to GK Strata with Nathan as our manager and I couldn't be happier. Both Nathan personally and the company as a whole have impressed me greatly since they took over the management of my building. Nathan has saved us money, come up with solutions to long-standing issues and generally been very helpful, quickly coming up to speed with the needs of our building. The company-wide services such as the repair/maintenance team are quick to respond and resolve issues. I am very pleased and looking forward to working with Nathan in 2019.

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Hi Leanne, Thank you very much for your positive review. It's great to hear that you are happy with the services provided by Nathan. We will pass this on to Nathan and the rest of the team at GK Strata. Thank you GK Strata

Happy with Alain as our strata manager

Alain is our strata manager at GK Strata. Alain has assisted me greatly in a very professional manner with a long running issue in my unit that involved the common property. He proposed a way forward and acted on it promptly to bring the matter to the Strata Committee's attention and implemented a way forward so we can work to have the issue fixed and the matter closed.

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Hi Shirley, Thank you for your positive feedback, we will pass this on to Alain and the team. The GK Strata Team

Happy with GK Strata and our manager

Alain Gyi is our strata manager at GK Strata. I have dealt with Alain as an owner and an Executive Member for the body corporate. Alain is always prompt with replies and contact, conducts all meetings with efficiency and overall is very professional. He's a great Strata Manager and always a pleasure to deal with.

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Hi Jarren, Thank you for your wonderful feedback, It's great to hear you are happy with the service you strata manager provides you. We will pass this on to Alain and the team. GK Strata

Never a response

Ignored Emails, unanswered phones... about a repair issue. Nothing unusual there. Owners take on much of the work of GK as they are that bad. We’ve been looking to change for 2 years but we’re too busy doing their work or chasing them up to find anyone new! Manager has too many properties and repairs just ignore or don’t care!

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Hi there, we are sorry to hear that this has been the case. We have sent you a private message so we can investigate your concerns further. Kind regards The GK Strata Team

Review & Referral

Alain Gyi is our Strata Manager for several years now & during that time we have found him courteous, prompt in answering our emails & phone calls. He had helped us reduce our Strata management fee & hope he continue his great effort dealing with us in the future.

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Hi, thank you for your feedback. It is always lovely to hear that our staff are doing a good job. We will pass this onto Alain and the team. GK Strata

Appreciation of the expertise of a skilled strata manager.

GK Strata have been managing our block of 11 apartments for many years. The apartments are relatively old (built in the 1960s) so GK has had on-going minor building issues to navigate and have always provided an excellent service.

Recently I had a company renovate my bathroom and kitchen which turned into a nightmare that impacted on other tenants in the building. I was overseas and Sebastiano Torrisi, our strata manager did an outstanding job on navigating complex and difficult issues between tenants, the building renovating company, and real estate managing agents. His handling of the issues were above and beyond standard service practice. The matter is still on-going and Seb has demonstrated professionalism, efficiency and complete diligence on this matter, which I alone could not have navigated. Given the exponential increase in apartments in Sydney and complex strata laws I hugely appreciate the expertise of a skilled strata manager such as Seb Torrisi.

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Hi Lou, thanks for your wonderful feedback. It's great to hear you are happy with the service you strata manager provides you. We will pass this on to Sebastiano and the team. Thank you GK Strata

GK Strata Management - Outstanding!!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alain Gyi from GK strata on some issues with my home, I am very impressed with him and have found him to be extremely efficient, respectful, and reliable. His professionalism is second to none and always acts with integrity. Truly the best I have dealt with in the industry!

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Thank you for your wonderful feedback.

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Questions & Answers

How do we change strata manager?
1 answer
Hi Archie, Thank you for your enquiry. In regards to changing strata manager, the first discussion that you should have is with your strata committee to bring up any issues that you may have with your strata manager. Once agreed, please ask the strata committee to contact the branch manager directly to discuss. Kind regards, The Team GK Strata

Can an Owner be refused election to the Strata Committee at an AGM?
2 answers
Yes. See the Department of Fair Trading site.Good Afternoon Roberta, The members of the strata committee must be elected at each annual general meeting (AGM). The strata committee is to consist of such number of members, as the owners corporation may determine, but may not exceed 9. Large schemes must have a minimum of 3 members. Any person nominating or being nominated for the strata committee must do in writing prior to the meeting or verbally at the AGM. The legislation calls for nominations before and at the AGM, and specifies that the consent of the nominated person is to be in writing or in person at the meeting. If the number of nominations exceeds the number determined, then a ballot is held to elect the committee. ELIGIBLE FOR ELECTION • an individual who is an owner • a company nominee of a corporation that is an owner • a co-owner of a lot if nominated by another owner other than the co-owner, or the co-owner if they are not a candidate. Only one co-owner of a lot can be a member at the same time. • an individual who is not an owner but who is nominated for election by an owner who is not a member nor a candidate. WHO IS INELIGIBLE FOR ELECTION • Building manager • Property manager / leasing agent • Person connected to the original owner who does not disclose the connection. Un-financial owner at the time of the notice who has not paid amounts owing prior to the meeting. • If become ineligible after appointment and does not disclose in writing to the secretary or chairperson. I hope this helps. Thanks,

This is the second day 76 Curlewis St Bondi Beach has had no hot water. GK Strata are out of office until 7 January, does this mean we have to put up with cold showers until then?
No answers

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