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Tried buying a motor bike!

Waited and waited over 6 weeks for a gmx 125. I was told next week, next week. Next week never comes. Now they can sell me the bike but cannot assemble it! I read all of the reviews and thought I would give them a go, however they were all correct. Stay away!!! Pay a little more and get quality product and service to back it up. They wonder why they cannot get good reviews!!!!

Dishonest and intimidating

Gave me faulty ex-demo fitness equipment when charging me full price for a new exercise bike. When I pointed out the marks and scratches and requested another one, the men in the office made me feel physically unsafe. They are beyond belief.

Buy elsewere if you want friendly, efficient customer service.

Bought our two Globber scooters in January. Upon arrival, one scooter had a malfunction. We emailed photos and explained the issue. After back and forth about advise on greasing the scooter, we received a free return label. We shipped it along with a written note in the box stating the issue. The wait however was three and a half weeks to get it back from assessment, still with the same malfunction! They shipped it to the wrong address ( they used our unit number as street number). During this wait we had to reach out several times with a request for an update as they didn't. To get the malfunctioning scooter back to them took two weeks of, again reminder emails because they were unresponsive, and two phone calls which were very unpleasant to say the least. The manager, a women who i will not mention by name, was beyond rude and had no empathy for the fact we received a malfunctioning scooter from the start in January, and still, in March, the problem was not resolved. She suggested to have patience as we had to return the scooter again, so they would ship it to the manufacture to have it, again, assessed. Maybe we would receive a new one, if ours couldn't be fixed. For them to think that its ok for us to wait for 3 months already and more (because we had to return it again) is just beyond me! Remember, the scooter was malfunctioning from the start. Their customer service is non existent, they can not be bothered, after you paid. In the end, I was persistent in getting a new one, we received a new scooter. Now let's hope and pray this one won't fail us, or the other one, since we bought two. Its just not a good feeling to buy a product from a store when you get treated in a rude, unfriendly way. My advise? Dont be like us. Read reviews before hand and go to a different store. You'll be a happy camper! Cheers.

I’ll be back for sure!!

I found the website easy to navigate when searching for what I was after. Great range and a pleasure to deal with

Great gear, good price and ultra quick postage

I buy that hard to source gear off this company for my bicycle business, they are always accommodating and its delivered to my door usually within 3 days, Melbourne (Vic) to Sunshine Coast (QLD)

Great experience!

I bought a treadmill and it is amazing! The staff were great, always reply quickly and very helpful. I will definitely shop here again


We bought two of these via Chrisco which we received in November 2017 and have had no end of problems with them. The kids rode the bikes for a couple of hours when the steering mechanism broke - no they didn't hit anything. It took 8 weeks to get parts from GMX they were on a slow boat from China. Since then we've had to take the bikes to a local repairer - the chains kept slipping off, the steering mechanism on the other side broke and now the clutch has broken on both bikes. The bikes have spent more time broken and/or being repaired than the kids have ridden them. Parts take forever to arrive and the service from GMX Australia is disgusting... happy to take your money but don't want to hear about problems or sort anything out. DON'T BUY FROM THIS COMPANY OR THIS BRAND.

Cant fulfill delivery promise

Wasnt delivered in 1 week for my sons bday, website says maxium 5 business days. Tried to cancel order to buy something else in time and was told to pay over $200. I will be seeing them in VCAT. Dont deal with Rose she is rude, talks over you all the time and just basically doesnt care.

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Guess what they lost the case, my credit card company gave me a full refund and go easy didnt dispute it proving go easy was in the wrong. this means if you have problems with them dont even bother just lodge a credit card or paypal claim.

Terrible Service

Brought brand new 110cc quad bike stated 12 month warranty never had spark from out of the box mechanic who assembled said faulty cdi unit contacted them and was told no warranty as brought from a third party. Absolute horrible customer service. Would not recommend to anyone.

Crap Bikes Crap service

Bought a 49cc quad bike for my sons birthday from Harvey Norman Big buys Springvale, they told me they didn't have any in stock so sold me the display model.
When I got home I flung the chain was the wrong size and the carby was blocked and no fuel would flow through.
Returned it to Harvey Norman who were great and they got me a brand new one and had someone from GMX come and assemble it the next day.
When I got this one home I found the handle on the pull cord snapped and this time the carby is also broken because when you turn the fuel line open fuel just starts running out like water.

Rang them they were rude not forthcoming and his solution is "I'll sent you some fuel line and a new carby and you can fix it yourself" what a joke stay away Crap bikes Crap service.

Imported Trash.

Be very aware consumers ! Cheap import motor bike and poor customer service. We have had a thoroughly awful experience which has taken over 3 months and is still not resolved. We just want our money back!!!!

avoid this seller! avoid the 49cc quad

Purchased a quad for my 4yo for xmas and had the seller assemble the bike. On christmas eve we discovered the bike was faulty. We paid tip dollar to have a mechanic repair it that night. On its first ride it broke again... another costly repair then 2 days later the frame literally snapped. You can imagine this disappointment on my 4yos face. The company is now refusing to warranty the bike because they could not view the damage before it was repaired. This company is a disgrace. Avoid

Missing Parts on arrival

My father in-law purchased 2 49cc quad bikes for my twins for their birthday on arrival when my husband went to assemble both bikes were missing exactly the same assembly parts. I have phoned and asked for the missing parts to be sent but I have not received these so I still have 2 part bikes sitting in my shed that my boys can not use. When I phoned the people at go easy didn't believe us and were rude, they also asked my husband how many he had put together before (this shouldn't matter I would defiantly say that he is a mechanically mined engineer), they also kept talking over me and wouldn't listen to me at all. They also told me at one point on the second call about the missing parts that I would have to pay for them to be sent out. I feel that the quality control must be pretty bad if we can get 2 bikes exactly the same and not even be able to make one from the 2 as they are missing the same things.

Dangerous Quad Bike

We bought a junior 49cc quad bike from go easy for a Christmas present for the kids. We opened the box to find scratches over it and a bolt was bent where the engine was mounted. We put the bike together to give it a test run. The following day we noticed a fuel leak. We took the seat off to notice the the fuel filter was resting on the exhaust which burnt a hole in the filter. Now you could imagine how worried I was to think that one of my children could have been riding this bike on Christmas Day and could have caught on fire. I rang go easy and they replaced the filter. Due to safety reasons I will never put my children on any of their bikes. I'd rather throw it in the bin as money means nothing tho the safety of my children means the world. The gentleman at go easy was very rude when I was speaking to him. Yes the bike is 90% assembled, yes they recommend getting a mechanic to go over it tho the positioning of a fuel filter should never be positioned close or on an exhaust pipe. That is a manufacturing issue.


Worst Customer Service I have EVER experpienced.Claimed to fix my sons bike yet still had issues.Refused to rectify it without an additional charge.EXTREMELY RUDE.Told me to take my bike elsewhere.


Placed order by mistake then they Took my money even though I cancelled within 15 mins. No refund no goods no response 5 weeks later. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY

Shut them down!

Bought a quad bike from these crooks and it broke down the next day. I paid to have it repaired even though it was under warranty. When it broke down again I made a warranty claim and they paid for the repair. I then decided to make a claim for the first breakdown, which they are refusing to pay for without a mechanics report and affidavit, which the mechanic is refusing to provide because they are probably in cahoots with each other. Have been to Fair Trading and a Tribunal but without mechanics paperwork nothing I can do.

faulty gmx motorbike

Wow. So im not the only one they have ripped off.. I purchased my daughter a 49cc quadbike through chrisco which got delivered in october. We set the bike up my daughter got on in for 15minutes the bike stopped and wouldnt start again (not to mention the back axel was bent aswell) i contacted chrisco and go easy online which took them a month to pick the bike up and take it to the shop. 3months later they call and say that i have to pay for the bike engine being replaced because it was my fault in the first place i then called chrisco which then told me to call go easy online as i wanted a refund as we done everything by the book and a close relative who done it had been workin on bikes all his life go easy online then made me call back to chrisco said it was there decision it which i got passed back to go easy for them to tell me i would not get a refund. The staff at go easy was very rude would not listen to a word i had to say kept talking over me expected me to listen to her but refused to listen to me. I now have a bike sitting at a mechanics that wont touch it until he gets paid the money to check the bike out. I have never been so discusted in my life and i would not suggest them to anyone. They rip you off they are rude and expect you to do all the work that is suppose to be covered by warranty. Do not ever buy off them.. not worth the money or hassle at all

Sent me the wrong bike and are now demanding more money

Purchased a bike online that I assembled and had been riding around on when I got a phone call from the company saying "oh whoops, we gave you the wrong one, now you owe us another $300." When I said no they sent threatening emails and continually called me at work. And even the more expensive bike was pretty crappy. Creaked and had loose fitting parts.

Poor customer service

My sister bought a bike for her son for Xmas 2015, the bike has never worked she has emailed and called and it's now almost February and they have done nothing about it. To sum up the company is absolutely crap they need to be put out of bussiness .

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