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Goodlife Health Clubs QLD

Goodlife Health Clubs QLD

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Rude/unfriendly staff

These days, most gyms will have their equipments to make a modern gym. I think staff make the difference. I had been with Jetts(I have given 5stars for their service) and Snap fitness (4stars). I travel a lot so I go to other gyms around Australia. I noticed ataff are very (friendly most of the times in other gyms. This is the 1st time I went in to a Goodlife gym. Sadly, Majority of Goodlife Caloundra’s staff are rude majority of time and it’s exactly the opposite to what I have seen around.
We need to wait and rethink when we write a review because it should be accurate as possible and out of emotions. Goodlife Caloundra should get 5stars for many things like gym equipments, location and even staff hours but not to the customer service.
If you need a nice gym Goodlife Caloundra is still a good gym (in terms of what they have other than Human Resources) but just go in after hours.

AVOID Goodlife Toowoomba

Absolutely no communication skills whatsoever from any of the untrained staff at this gym after you agree to give them your money. So incredibly unprofessional and money hungry. My partner and I were mislead with what we could and could not do once we signed up. Promised phone calls which were never acted upon. Terrible excuse for a gym. Feel like a fool that I was cheated out of my money. Please take my advice and go literally anywhere but Goodlife Toowoomba. PS it’s a $245 cancellation fee.

Value for Money

Terrible service. Taking unauthorised money out.

Staff are really lovely to get you to sign up. Won’t stop harrasing you until you do. Once signed up no help whatsoever. Never received A contract, never was told about orientation day. Have had all sorts of money coming out overdrawing my account. Joined arena paused my account for holiday was still charged. Had 3 different amounts come out in the same day. Send email to head office. Been instore and was credited $30. Was told it would was all fixed than more money was taken out.

Value for Money

Perfect example of Customer Loyalty meaning NOTHING

I did my first challenge and have been a member at GL Morningside BEFORE GL took over. So a very very long time. I invest well over $200 a month into this club thanks to my son and husband joining (even though they wanted to go elsewhere) and have just participated in a challenge where my comments on the facebook page were deleted (how disrespectful!!) when they were actually concurring with the Admin of the group. Be respectful, no name calling. Instructions were to inbox them directly. I get NOTHING. The organisation at Morningside was woeful, the challenge didn't even have a FITNESS test. Jump on the scales and a couple of skin folds. I actually walked into a fitness class expecting it to be where you go to get tested for fitness. I work out from 4-6 nights a week dependent on the week and had put on weight due to a medication reaction. If I was overweight and not familiar with the gym and signed up for this challenge, I'd probably be binging and curled in the foetal right now. I have remained loyal to this gym for so long - I get nothing but sighs and Idk what you're talking about when approaching counter staff because I'm a shift worker and adapt this challenge to suit my lifestyle. Well GL, Snap has newer better equipment up the road and I intend to take my family there and invest the money I will SAVE (yes we've been looking into changing for a long time now and this is the icing on the cake) into a yoga studio membership (as the only reason I was hanging on was for [name removed] the yoga teacher. Absolutely disgusted. BTW, can you also tell your cleaners not to dust right next to you when you're on the treadmill so you breathe in all the dust? Come to think of it the more I contemplate this experience, the more grateful I am for the wake-up call. I don't use the pool so I couldn't care less about your pool. I care about customer service, support, being rewarded for loyalty and openness to constructive feedback which they clearly don't have. Signing up we were rounded up like sheep while PT's were standing around doing nothing and it clearly is just a massive money spinner for honestly, NOTHING. Icing on the cake. Loyalty means nothing.

Value for Money

Thieves, Scammers and poor customer service.

I was keep getting calls asking to join Goodlife gym as there was a promotion going on. They mislead me and signed me up on 12.98$ and denied access to one of their gyms stating i don't have 24X7 access.

Later after few terrible customer service interactions i was asked to signup for 18$ week program (and told ,my 12$ program was cancelled) to get 24X7 gym access and was told i have to wait another 24hr to get my card activated what a crap Gym.

On top of that you will be harassed by the gym trainers to join their programs. Well the story didn't end there, after 15 days my account was direct debited for 94$ as per the old contract (which i was told cancelled) so rang the customer service few time no proper response, so i walked up to the store and asked them. Then they told me i will be refunded the 94$ in 7 business days.

Ok Please be patient the story didn't end there, after 2 weeks i still didn't receive my refund so i wrote an email explaining the issue and call the gym. They now tell me a new story that my refund was denied because its less than 200$ (if so then why didn't they inform me before and made me to wait 2 week until i asked about it).

Guys and Girls this a very very terrible gym please don't get fooled by seeing the people walking in and out the gym thinking its great gym. I did the same mistake and suffering now.

Free trial doesn't seem to exist

Attended for the 5 day free trial. Doesn't seem you can get past the sales staff. So after 30 minutes of ear bashing I signed up. Rate is 30% more than what was advertised online when you add the hidden fee. Was given access cards, which I was told would be working from 4am the next morning, and went in to try out the equipment. Found only one leg extension machine, which had a Do not Use sign, went to use treadmills and found two that don't work. Left after getting a bike to work and decided would duck into another gym in the morning. Attended the next day to find I couldn't get in. Called Goodlife to be told card might work later today if not after the long weekend (so I guess 5 days free trial is gone ?) Contract received via email with a very basic maths mistake (of course, in their favour) tried to email it back but doesn't respond. Sent online request for an email address and have not heard back after 4 hours, when I had emails, calls and text within minutes of wanting to join hassling me for a day and time I'd be in there. Luckily I'm not interested in good service, I just want a gym. But so far I've not experienced either. Fingers crossed things improve.

Value for Money

Goodlife Westfield Chermside

Was a member for 6 years. Enquired about putting membership on hold for 3-4 months while overseas for work. The receptionist seemed annoyed I couldn't give an exact return date. I then said I would cancel and then receptionist asked for reason, I replied 'the service'

Continued to charge membership fee AFTER membership was cancelled and was advised because it can take upto 30 days for cancellation.

Meanwhile, the access card and 24/7 pass were returned on the day of cancellation.

Why are they still direct debiting my account? Take your money elsewhere guys.

Value for Money

Dreadful gym - all they want is money!

My son joined this gym and was a minor, we were not asked to sign any documentation until after he had signed up, charging him $99 for joining and a ridiculous $20 per week on a year contract. My son has since lost his job and cannot afford this. They do not care and still want their money. They will terminate the contract for $245! They should not be signing up minors without a parent present. They have also been allowing my son to attend the gym at times when the gym is not staffed which is against their terms and conditions. Just check gumtree to see how many people are trying to get rid of Goodlife - they are shocking. Do not join.

Value for Money

Alexandra Hills - All that you could want.

I have been a Goodlife Health Club member for a number of years. My home Gym is Alexandra Hills and all I can say is that it is great value for money and the staff are great. There are so many boutique circuit training outfits out there charging $50 plus per week. Currently I think you can get it for $12.95 a week which is brilliant value considering the huge overheads Goodlife has.

Unfortunately I don't use it enough. I don't normally do reviews although the number of bad reviews about Goodlife I think is unfair and I thought I would put my two cents in because I think they are doing a great job.

Value for Money

Goodlife - Nundah

I joined at Nundah about six months ago. The staff are always friendly and welcoming. I started with personal trainer Lianna who is amazing. She works me hard and I am seeing great results. Best of all she works within my abilities as I have a lot of injuries. Facilities are very good. The only thing with goodlife is the extras like yogabox which cost more but I notice a lot of gyms are like this.

Value for Money

If you like bad customer service!

My daughter wanted to join the gym with her friends at Good Life Chermside. Front desk lady was rude and not welcoming. And the membership sales lady talked so fast sound like she was was speed! She didnt do a thorough tour, got the payment dates wrong, and we have notices now that she didn't book my daughter in with her friend as requested and she confirmed. I was going to join but with attitudes like that no way! I'll stay with my gym, who are more friendly. Staff like them are only kind to those that are gym junkies. Ive had load of experience qirh gyms. As an ex PT, I would not rate this gym.

Dodgy staff and customer service

Highly rude staff in Toowoomba gym! Don’t provide important information like billing and hidden charges. They had my credit card details incorrect so my initial payment got bounced back. I asked the manager and she said it was all fixed. Again my next two payments got bounced back. They apparently sent me emails to an account that I gave which I usually don’t check. Kept on charging $10 penalty for multiple weeks.
The staff was looking so unaware of my concerns as if I was talking jibberish! Said maybe I gave them wrong credit card details or my account didn’t have enough funds. Ridiculous. Worst gym. Shame on you good life.

Sucked in, then spat out!

My daughter got sucked into a trial membership. She has lost her job and can no longer afford after only one month. They want $245 plus $75 plus one months fees. They keep offering to pause the membership and won't take the step to cancel. She now has to pay off the cash over several months just for 2 single visits.

Value for Money

Very unhelpful staff in Springwood

I found the reception staff at Springwood very unhelpful and cold. I can’t understand why such person can be at the front desk. Want to quit a club that treats its member poorly!

Value for Money


I was talked in by one of goodlife trainer to have a 2 weeks free trial and after that i can signup if interested but i havd to be with them for another 2 weeks(making one month) i paid with my debit card as a one time debit because it was the agreement, i was asked to sign which i did but i never knew that was a trap. They deducted money from my account continuously for about 2months. When i noticed i went back to them and i was asked to pay for me to cancel my contract, i was so disappointed because the person who told me was the same guy who signed me up. Immediately i called my bank to stop further debit and goodlife charged me $25 for trying to take money but it came unsuccessful. I called goodlife headoffice, the agent was so rude saying i have to pay and there waa nothing she can do because i signed. Before i forget, i also paid $250 for a trainer who did absolutely nothing for me, he was always few mins late eating from my time. There are better fitness center, goodlife is Not the place to be.

Value for Money

Problems have been resolved

My recent post of unauthorised money withdrawn from my account has been sorted out by the Bundall Goodlife manager. I was hesitant at first, but am currently doing the trial. I am still considering signing up after my trial as the equipment is new and working well, plenty of room to accommodate for the members. There does need to be more pilates, yoga and rpm during the peak time for mums who go after kids are dropped off at school though. I am older than most so I don't have any interest in most of the classes run by the young girls, but there are plenty of other classes to chose from. RPM very popular and gets filled early, so they need more sessions. I'm very happy with my outcome after the manager resolved the issues.

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