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Goodlife Health Clubs VIC

Goodlife Health Clubs VIC

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Terrible, rude staff. Bad equipment, don’t waste your time or money.

- They false advertise, overcharge, very hard to quit membership.
- Crap, unmaintained equipment (half are out of order, and other half you could get infected from)
- their staff are rude and so far up their own butt it’s not even funny.

Don't waste your time or money at this gym, worst gym I've ever been to.
There is a reason why it has only 1.5 stars.

Value for Money

Here's how you get cheated at Goodlife

Did you ever consider getting personal training at Goodlife? Suggest you take into account these facts before making that decision, this of course is based on my personal experience.
After 3 years of being with Goodlife I decided to take personal training from one of their recommended trainers. Initially there was a whole lot of sales talk around why that is a good idea and would help me attain my fitness goals. However the reality was the trainer took $500 from me to provide 10 sessions of personal training, he showed up for the first 2 with a lot of professionalism, the next 3 started becoming a nightmare to co-ordinate, and after 5 sessions, he told me he was quitting and wont be completing the remaining 5 sessions. When I asked for the balance $250 to be refunded he refused, stating he dint have the money. When I informed Goodlife management they refused to reimburse my unused personal training session funds too.
So here's their modus operandi; all their trainers are contractors, neither of them are on payroll and in fact they pay Goodlife $300 a week to wear their uniform and perform service on their premise. However as a customer we are not told any of that. Despite being a member of Goodlife they hold no obligation towards their members financial or personal wellbeing. For example, if a member were to suffer an injury due to a faulty personal training session, Goodlife will conveniently shun off their responsibilities towards their 'contractors'.
Clearly Goodlife, customer loyalty is not something you'll are familiar with. The least you'll can do is take responsibility towards your employees and contractors and not watch your customers getting cheated from the sideline.

Value for Money

Incorrect account charges and cancelling memberships at Good life Hoppers Crossing

Started our memberships only to work out they were not charging us then to start charging wrong amounts after I brought it to their attention. Member for just under 6 months and only used gym 3-5 times max and requested to cancel memberships, they tried to claim I didn’t when I had emails stating this. Now they have ARMA a debt agency chasing for money that I supposedly owe them. It’s interesting how a few hundred dollar cancellation has gone up to almost $900! WHAT A JOKE OF A BUSINESS HARASSING ITS CUSTOMERS WHEN THEY DON'T GET WHAT THEY WANT... What happen to looking after your customers. Will now take it to AFCA and will report them, I am sick and tired of Goodlife bullying us. They forgot that they broke their own contract with us when the screwed up our charges on my account almost every week which I chased up never once did good life take any action as long as they got there money from customers.

Value for Money

Cancelling membership can be a real challenge!

Perhaps multiple contacts over the last month with Good life Wantirna club they have been unable to process cancellation of my membership. I have now ended up receiving an over due payment notice from Debit success.

I wonder how such errors don't ever occur when we first join? The staff is quick and prompt to ensure the payments are debited timely. But when it comes to cancelling, bo one cares or has anytime to diligently process cancellation request appropriately and promptly!!

Also, I was denied the contact email address for the manager for privacy and confidentiality reasons.

Extremely disappointed with this poor attitide!!

Wantirna goodlife rude manager and yoga guy

Wantirna goodlife here you go. I have membership here and in particularly I bought it because of yoga classes. Went for yoga today and I was 15minutes late because I was held up at my childs school. Of course sometimes these are unavoidable. The yoga instructor infront of everyone said to me to that im late and disturbing everyone and which implied me to go. Seriously this is like a principal treatment in a school. I made a complain, and then the female manager who I dont know the name phoned me rudely, no apologise for the mental hurt I had infront of everyone and for my lost time, instead said no one can get late to a class more than 5minutes. I couldnt event find this in the agreement (maybe my fault) but im not the only one who came after 5minutes. Everyone does. Besides this is not a school. The issue is not about the late come but about the very unprofessional nature of the manager who raised voice against me and was there to cover the yoga guy. I was not told that they are taking action to educate the instructors how to talk. Instead I was said I can cancel the membership if im not comfortable coming. I cant believe the attitude of her and the negative outcomes it could bring to the gym.

A home away from home!

I have been a member of Goodlife Prahran for about 6 months now and I have found that the staff there are so welcoming and helpful, even the club manager has said hello to me and scanned my keys at reception! I just completed the 8 week challenge and I feel I have made some great friends during the weekend bootcamp sessions. I feel like this place has really become a second home for me :)

Value for Money

Knox has a really friendly community, and the Arena area is great value for money!!

I have been training at this club for 6 months. It has recently been renovated and has a very new and fresh feeling to it. It is not overly crowded, and the staff and members are all very friendly and approachable. My favourite things this club offers are 24/7 access, and the Arena. I am at my fittest I've ever been thanks to Arena. The coaches really push you, it's a great atmosphere, and it's much cheaper than similar products such as F45.

Value for Money

Kept charging direct debit even after cancelling membership and providing 4 weeks notice

Poorly managed fountain gate goodlife gym . They Kept charging direct debit even after cancelling membership and providing 4 weeks notice. They don’t check if member is attending the gym or not .

Value for Money

Good life gym point cook central shopping centre. Customer service is abismal, especially from the reception staff

Good life gym point cook central shopping centre.
Customer service is abismal, especially from the reception staff, gym condition is atrocious, and the equipment is generally in poor condition and lack enough equipment to service membership. Tried to sign my son up, but unfortunately nobody available to take his application.....complete waste of time

Value for Money

Sucked in at Fountain Gate

My daughter got sucked into a membership as well at the Fountain Gate Goodlife. She has lost her job and can no longer afford it after only one month. They have a cancellation fee that she can't afford and they also keep offering to pause or transfer the membership and won't take NO for an answer. Sales staff and Manager have no moral compass and no compassion. Don't sign up, you'll regret it!

Value for Money

Worst ever customer service --simply harassing customers

Goodlife Taylors Lakes--I have been a member for almost 2 yrs- my Credit card got blocked due to fraudulent activity on dec 2018--so missed my direct debit for the first time in 2 yrs--then i got a text for the payment being overdue- I called the centre to organise the payment the very next day- I requested the guy at reception that I want to make my payment and kindly if you can waive off the $10 penalty you have applied as it happened first time due to my credit card being compromised , i also said that I want to discuss my membership plan as it seems to be its not suitable for me and I want to move to a different plan

I was advised the Manager will call me to discuss as the guy at the reception did not had the authority to waive of the penalty charged- so I made the full payment and waited for the call from the centre manager

No call received

I called again- the centre manager answered the call -- i explained the situation- she straight away refused to refund the penalty charged in a very rude way- I then advised her that I am not happy I will leave the gym--she said 30 days notice required -- i called her on 23 Jan-- next payment date was 21 Feb--she said its 28 days -- I said cant you consider for only 2 days --she refused in a very rude way again

So as a manager she refused to waive $10 penalty charged for a long term customer and happy to let the customer leave the gym for $10-also she refused to accept 2 days short in notice period -- what a great management skill she has - really feel sorry for her

She advised that I will have to make another payment on 21/2/19 before I can leave -I requested an email confirmation - which i received the next day that my next payment due will be on 21/02/19 and I can terminate my membership 21/3/19 , I requested them to take my credit card details off their system as that card was blocked

I went to the Centre on 21/2/19 to make my final payment as I was advised--they advised their debit system tried to debit my account again - and they wanted me to pay $10 penalty again- then i explained and showed them their email- the lady at reception- took my membership payment and advise she will put a request to the Manager to wipe of the $10 penalty (again ) from the system as it not my mistake, as i was advised to make the payment on 21/2/19 itself

Still I am getting messages from them for overdue $10 Payment-- This is just Harassment

I will definitely take this further to the authorities concerned

Worst gym and very dodgy customer service

I joined Goodlife club via wechat with a boxhill sales recently because they give me a good offer: No pay until 30/05/19 then less than $13 a month. I realised they will have a 7 days cooling off period that's why I joined without visiting the gym first.

Yesterday I went to their Dockland club. They gym is overcrowded and space is very limited. I tried their 45 mins body attack class. They have no air-con, only funs. The room is very smelly, hot and crowded and without mirrors. Their changing room is very tiny too.

Considering I'm still within 7 days cooling off period, I called their Boxhill club today. ( I couldn't find a general number, you have to enter a post code to call a local club) The girl on the phone tried to find me in the system but she said she couldn't find me at all. I told her my name, number, reference number of my email and all that but she still couldn't. Then I said I'll give you my membership number but she refused! She said she didn't think that will work. (WHY???) She said she would write down my number and their customer service team will call me back tomorrow. I said give me the number I can call them because I want to cancel today. She said no need they will call me back. I don't believe her at all. I'll call geniesis again this afternoon. If they tried to do the dodgy thing again I'll definitely make a complaint.

This is very bad customer service!!! And avoid that club! I've tried multiple gyms, fitness first, genesis etc and this is the worst gym ever.

Value for Money

Dodgy customer service, Just rip off your money

I was talked into signing up a year long membership but was never given a contract with written terms and conditions. My type of membership was even chosen for me without my knowledge. I was signed up for an unnecessarily most expensive membership (eg. I live near only one goodlife gym and theres no other goodlife gyms near my area, yet they signed me up for the membership that gives me access to all goodlife gym nation wide. Did I ever need it? Hell no!!! But they didn’t care to tell me why it’s so high. I found out it on my own and confronted them, haha they never replied.) Then mysterious amount of money got taken on top of my fortnightly payment with no explanation. I asked them and they just simply said it’s part of their policy. My card got lost, they couldn’t do direct debit so they charged extra $10. And then another $10 randomly with no reason. I introduced friends to sign up with them. They got into the same situation. We are all canceling our memberships. But hey they told us we need to give them one month notice. Yeah right as if we were real estate agency or something. Shame on you Goodlife!!! Dodgy people!!

Value for Money

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Good life gym point cook central shopping centre. Customer service is abismal, especially from the reception staff, gym condition is atrocious, and the equipment is generally in poor condition and lack enough equipment to service membership. Tried to sign my son up, but unfortunately nobody available to take his application.....complete waste of time
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