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No go in East Victoria Park

The initial service with Mike was fantastic - until we signed! From there it was paperwork to incorrect councils, unreturned phone calls, unreturned emails and incorrect plans (despite us providing planning drawings from another draftsperson). Mike assured us the whole way through that if we got knocked back at council we would receive our deposit back minus expenses. Apparently - despite him telling us when we signed up that he outsourced drafting to the Philippines to save costs - we have blown $2,000. Very disappointed.. Communication and customer service very poor.

Glad to have ducked this confrontation. We quoted this client with plans presented from this clients' draftsperson- who by the way is lovely. She assured us they had consulted council and had been told this was able to get approval. It was not. Client then requested several changes and as a result and against my advice to the client council rejected the application. The client then requested drawings for a project which we were not comfortable with and unfortunately did not like us saying no to the works beyond our scope. The costs spent with the client were well in excess of $4,000 after a deposit of only $2,000 paid by them. This type of response was expected but very disappointing to hear that our original advice was treated with such contempt. After 30 years of experience dealing in such areas we can only do our best to advise correctly and if the client chooses to hear what they want then this is the outcome. I am sorry that they feel let down and we now become their victim. Should anyone wish to call me directly to discus such issues please feel free to call me -Mike Nicholls (Owner) on 0413838277The change was distance from boundary as dictated by the council and R code rules, I don’t believe that constitutes a scope change on our behalf. There were no drawings after the council rejection. There was a request to proceed with a separate scope of work that would facilitate getting the first scope through. You declined. Before signing we had requested the room being built include a carport. You left this out at signing and said you’d get a quote to us. You never did. The “scope change” we requested was the carport - separated from the room and built at the front of the house rather than attached to the extension at the back. You had verbally agreed you could provide a carport when we signed. This would have provided what was needed to get council approval. The second to last conversation we had you said that we would get our deposit minus costs back. You declined to do the additional work required meaning we couldn’t proceed and suddenly, without any additional work, the budget was all spent. All in all, I was displeased with your communication.I respectfully will discontinue comment. I wish Debbie All the best with the next stage of her process. I am always available to discus directly with anyone who may have concerns re above comments made Mike Nicholls- GFWA Owner and and Managing Director 0413838277

Up dated...All resolved

All good. We are happy to carry on as we were and Chris is lovely. We had some issues that were not Chris's fault but the poor man is the face for GFWA on his work sights so he copped it...sorry Chris.

Awesome Outcome Thanks to Granny Flats WA - Excellent Work

Granny Flats WA recently completed our build and we are so pleased with the outcome.
We had to worry about nothing, the plans, building application everything was completed for us.
We had excellent customer service from start to finish.
Ryan Shackleton our Supervisor was awesome, he kept us informed of all that was happening, and was always available if we had a question. His customer service and professionalism is a credit to Granny Flats WA.
The build went really well and in a timely manner, the site was kept clean and tidy.
The tradesmen were very professional, hardworking, and respectful of being on our property, they were all a pleasure to deal with.
The quality of the construction process was superb, so quick, and smooth.
One thing to think about when going for this new build, if you want Foxtel let them know as a manhole is required in ceiling.
Thank you Granny Flats will recommend your to everyone First Class. :)

September 10th 2018 Update: Thank You - another great job

Want to Thank Granny Flats WA for another excellent job. We had issues with our window frames letting in water. Alan and Carl came and replaced the damaged areas. They were fantastic tradesman - professional, friendly and made an great job, you would not know they had been in the flat, no mess everything was awesome.

First Class Service

We had our granny flat built recently by Granny Flats WA and the whole experience was incredibly smooth and efficient. We've had quite a lot of renovation work done to our house and the GFWA team are by far the most organised and professional people that we've worked with in the building industry.

All the tradies did the little things right like turning up on time, being friendly and well mannered, and cleaning up after themselves. The quality of the build is excellent and we are very pleased with the guidance and advice we received in designing the build. The speed it was built was awesome. Once all the plans were approved and the slab was poured, it was just over 10 weeks for the flat to be built.

Our building supervisor was a great guy, super organised and always easy to contact.
Overall, I have nothing but positive feedback for this review. There really was nothing more we could ask for.
Thanks GFWA!

Over all very good

Over all very satisfied with the outcome. There were a couple of issues which caused us concern. The first issue was that we had to pay to have an overhead power line moved. This cost some thousands of dollars. Given that the sales person had inspected the site prior to us signing the contract I believe this issue should have been noticed as it added to the over all cost. This was the first time we had had a house built, we didn't know what to inquire about. As it turned out, there was no TV point included and it cost us extra to have this included. I really think that the company would be better off informing the buyers of all the things that won't be included before they sign the contract. This would save the buyer being angry when they find they have to spend extra money they had not expected to spend.
However, the quality of the construction was better than I had expected. Nicely finished. They did it within the time frame agreed and staff were friendly and always accessible and good to deal with.
My only suggestion to prospective buyers would be to take the contract home and scrutinise it thoroughly before signing.

Would Not Recommernd

Beware of what the salesman sells you to what you actually receive as a finished product.
We had three build items that were promised to us by the salesman but not delivered by completion 1. Complete external painting 2. Soft-close drawers 3. Shower floor no-lip recess, we had to pay more to rectify. But the disappointing thing was that the GFWA owner and salesperson did not call us to discuss or work the issues out. I called them, visited Booragoon office and emailed, but no call back. Very disappointing for a retail company.
Subsequent official complaint to the Building Commission WA.

Wish I had gone with someone else

Very poor performance from Granny Flats WA. While the owner's motto is that communication is the key to success, on the ground the delivery teams could not be any worse at communicating and helping the client through the process. There is definitely no feeling that the site supervisor is there for you when you start becoming aware of items the Sales team promised which have 'gone missing' in the highly technical specifications. While the product itself is okay, it is overpriced and you will have issues where things aren't totally standard. One of our issues was with the kitchen and we were delayed for over a month while the subcontractor and GFWA argued over who's fault it was; this is not what I expect from a professionally run company. Do your research and be prepared to spend considerable time overseeing the project. All issues were raised as we went and those related to communication and site supervision were responded to with sentiment that the schedule was okay (at that stage), therefore there must not be any issues and we should mind our own business; once again poor professionalism (this person has since left GFWA, however there was no improvement in customer service following so I assume it was unrelated to his attitude).

A building company with real integrity.

It is truly refreshing to see a building company that prides itself on operating with the complete integrity that was a daily feature of every aspect of the work undertaken. Ours was one of their larger builds and it was not cheap either. But it is also true that GFWA did not try to quote beneath their ability to do the job properly.

Most of all, I was impressed that the project was completed so quickly as promised, and met our fixed deadline in spite of the one or two unforseen yet inevitable issues that arose.

We very much appreciated the professionalism shown by all their staff and at all times.

Renovation made easy

We had a room and bathroom extension to our home. We found the whole process affordable and professional.

We expected the worst when planning our renovation, but were pleasantly surprised to find it all go so smoothly. The entire team at Granny Flats were professional and helpful, most especially the site manager, Stuart Ferguson. Whenever we ran into a bump on the road, Stuart was there to fix it up and he never made us feel as though we were being demanding. The tradies were always there when they were supposed to be and did a good job - and if there were mistakes made, Stuart had them fixed up immediately and the tradies were pleasant about it! We always felt that our job was a priority during a time that I know they were extremely busy.

The Reno was on budget and on time and we are extremely happy with the results. Couldn't recommend Granny Flats more highly.
professional and a high level of customer service

Excellent Work by Granny Flats WA

We have been planning to do something in our back yard for the past couple of years but did not know exactly what it is we wanted to do and how much will it cost. We heard from friends who went through hell and back in their renovation work both, cost wise and quality wise which made us very fearful that we will have the same experience. We wanted to make sure we go with a company that has a good standing and reputable as quality of work was top in our list. After much research on who to go with, we narrowed it down to Granny Flats (GF). GF sales rep. came by to talk with us to understand what we wanted to do. We were not exactly sure what we wanted in details but GF’s sales rep. was knowledgeable and was able to helps us visualize exactly what we wanted. What I liked about the experience is that the sales rep. was not pushy and made the effort to really help us crystalize our thoughts on what we really want. We felt comfortable with the final plan and went ahead to lock the job. GF took over everything (approvals, insurance etc.) from that point.

My next experience with GF was in the preparation stage where their site supervisor took charge of the actual work to be done. I must say that I given the supervisor a though time based on the high demands that I had and my impatient nature. When work started, I was looking through everything that was happening every day fearing that things might slip between the crack and a shabby work might be done. I call GF when I thought something was missed but eventually I realised that all was in good hands. The site supervisor and the admin staff at GF were super patient with me and I really appreciate that. I could raise any concerns that I had and they will look at my concern and work something out for me if it was reasonable. My confidence in the quality of work being offered by GF grew very fast to a point that I could leave all the worrying to the supervisor and he will address it professionally.

The contractors for all the major jobs were very professional and knew their work well enough that they took ownership to look out for any potential issues that could crop up with any part of the work that was being done on the site. They are very customer focused and they really scrutinized whatever work that was being done (not only their own work but even by the other contractors work and raise it as a concern to us and the supervisor) to ensure the best quality and reliability was delivered. This is something that I really appreciate and gives me a feel that GF is a world class company when it comes to building work. They are sincere in delivering good quality job to the customer. Another interesting experience that I had with GF was their ability to adapt and make changes on the fly despite any additional cost to ensure that the customer is satisfied. There are a few cases I have noticed which really got my wife and me talking because we have never come across any company that is so willing to go all out to ensure total customer satisfaction.

My overall feeling of the job done was exellent and beyond our actual expectation cost wise as well as quality wise. I would recommend Granny Flats to anyone who treasures excellent quality work at a reasonable cost.
Professional, reliable and can be trusted to give you the best quality for the money you spend.
a bit slow but i guess this is expected to ensure that the best quality & reliability is delivered.

Love my gym!

We did quite a bit of shopping around when trying to build a home based gym in our back garden and granny flats wa won on the grounds of quality of product, price and service.
Although the planning process took a little time, the team at granny flats worked with us to make sure the plans exactly met what we were trying to achieve. The construction team were efficient, polite and clean. The construction process itself was amazing and the final result brilliant.
We now have a versatile building in the garden complete with a bathroom, currently this is used as a home based personal training studio, but can in the future be a bedroom, games room, student retreat... Whatever we want!
Finally the after sales service is great, with all issues resolved speedily and efficiently.
I strongly recommend granny flats wa for this type of construction.

Review of Granny Flats WA after construction completed

In short all I can say is the job from planning to construction completion went better than I ever expected. My Granny Flat in Riverton is now cash positive.
All of the people from Granny Flat's WA where a pleasure to deal with from the sales person to all tradesmen on site & the building supervisor, nothing was any trouble to them & always done in a pleasant manner. I'm more than willing to talk to anyone if they wish to ring me on [phone number removed]
The manner that Granny Flats WA treated me from stepping into there display centre to completion of my job.

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Great news on finding the tennant so easily Phil. Thanks for the feedback and will take you up on your ok to have clients call you re feedback when they ask us at Granny Flats WA Mike Nicholls Managing Director Granny FlatsWA.com

Looks Great

There's really no-one else you'd go to for a granny flat. Was guided through the council approval process, construction was done on time and the end result has added at least its cost to the value of the property. Now that granny flats can be rented by non-family members, this is the smart choice.
Top class construction, delivered on time and on budget.
Small issues fixed immediately.

Great work team

Due to illness we moved elderly parents into our home which made things a little crowded.We contacted Granny flats after seeing their ad.and in September 2012 we moved Mum & Dad into a beautiful 2 bedroom unit which is attached to our home.Family from Adelaide have visited and commented that it blends in so well it looks like part of the original house.we couldn't be happier with the job Grannyflats have done.Every one of the tradesmen did a wonderful job and all were very polite and as non intrusive as possible. Thanks again. [name removed] & team we would be happy to recommend your company Brenda & John

Great Tradesmen - great service

To the Granny Flat team,
We would like to take this opportunity to pass on our most sincere thanks to Granny Flats WA.
We are really pleased with our new Granny Flat and mum is looking forward to decorating, furnishing and moving into her new home.
The Granny Flat looks great and we would like to acknowledge the outstanding GF tradesmen for all their hard work, expertise and attention to detail. Without exception, all tradesmen assigned to our project have been professional, skillful, caring, hard working and most accommodating. As with any building project, there are always some hiccups and it is how you react and deal with problems that really matters. Everyone working on our GF had pride in their work and wanted to ensure that the job was done right. They brought matters to our attention that needed to be sorted and then simply got on with their work in a timely and efficient manner. Everyone seemed to have the same goal – to build a great Granny Flat. They were all prepared to go the extra yard to ensure that happened.
A big thankyou to site supervisor [name removed], who always stayed calmed, (answered even my silliest questions), allayed any fears we had and sorted all issues quickly and professionally.
To the Administration team who kept us so well informed along the way – thanks also.
[name removed] - thanks for your personal involvement in the early stages of our GF project. You obviously lead by example and it shows in your team.
We would have no hesitation in recommending you to any of our friends.
With sincere thanks
Wake Family

We love our studio!!!

For what we wanted (a multi purpose studio for our rear garden with a kitchenette & bathroom), GrannyFlats WA was competitively priced but the clincher for us was the communication & customer service. Having previously built a house & renovated another, we braced ourselves for the communication to drop off as soon as we signed the building contract. We were pleasantly surprised to discover that this was not the case with GrannyFlats WA – the communication remained consistently excellent throughout. All the tradesmen were friendly & very courteous to us, to our children’s needs & to each other. They were well aware of our three young children at all times & ensured the site was impressively neat & contained! We also have established gardens that remained 100% untouched by the build including the garden beds within a few cm of the new studio. I couldn’t believe it! The standard of their work was excellent too - as one of the tradesman said to me when I complimented his work, “Mike expects everything to be done properly & efficiently” and it was! GrannyFlats WA & our studio exceeded our expectations. I would not hesitate to use them again or recommend them to friends & family.
Highly efficient, excellent communication, outstanding tradesmen, great value for money.

Thank you and Merry Xmas Mike Nicholls (Managing Director)Granny Flats WASix years on, our studio still looks lovely and is well utilised!

Alot of money for alot of heartache.

I had my grannyflat built approx 18 months ago, I have been infested with ants since the first month, mainly in my bathroom,there are gaps in my tiles everywhere throughout the flat,my finished floors, kitchen, walls inside and out is terrible. nothing was sealed properly, even ants getting in through the shower. It's was built as a cheaper way to live but I have and still will be paying for it in the long run. I have ant baits everywhere and have used loads of sealant to try and fill the gaps to stop the ants. I am fighting a losing battle. I dont like showing off my flat to people, which I should be proud to do so.

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As the owner of granny flats WA I can testify I have not been made aware of this client's problem. I welcome the writer to vontact me direct as I feel this is not a client of mine. Mike Nicholls(Owner/Managing Director)

Questions & Answers

Do you have granny flats that we could have a look, have only just started to think about this option so not sure about size, cost etc
1 answer
Thanks for your contact Yes our display at 92 McCoy street in Booragoon has 3 display fully constructed units to view Our showroom is always open Monday and Wednesday between 11 and 3 but contact me directly to arrange your preferred viewing time. We are often in attendance outside these times and will make sure I can meet you If you view our website there is also a video of the Booragoon showroom on grannyflatswa.com Call me on 0413838277 to make a suitable time or email me on mike@grannyflatswa.com and ican send you more info Mike Nicholls Owner/managing director

I was told they do everything to prep and clear land. I have been told it is my responsibility to remove tree stump, why should I have to pay for this when the site works are included in my contract?
2 answers
I fully agree Your contract states site works are included in the contract with no work to be done by yourself. Not sure why you need to post this publicly but if you had called or emailed the office with this querie it would have been clarified via the construction manager immediately. All the site works will be done as included in your contract. This is a supervisor oversight at first meeting last Friday and I will clarify with supervisor on Monday He may have been planning to raise it at the production meeting next Wednesday or personally this coming Monday with me-I am not sure as this is first I have heard of it and I was not in yesterday. My email is always answered though and you did not email me to clarify. Please feel free to contact by email or phone any items you feel might not be correct. MikeCorrection Site visit at yours will be done on Monday, building licence has not even been issued yet. Site supervisor will go over all aspects of the contract in detail with you then. If you have any questions or issues please discus and he will get clarification. Really not sure why this medium seems appropriate before even plans are out of council and you have not met for meeting with supervisor yet but I am sure things will progress smoothly moving forward.

Do Granny Flats wa include in their cost the removal of an asbestos garage?
3 answers
Hi. I can't really answer that but I'd say it's unlikely they would. If you mention it to them they might look after you and factor it in their price. They definitely looked after us really well.Hi Anne H, I doubt it. My experience with Granny Flats WA is to get everything in writing and don't trust the initial salespersons word. It's a long process and they don't always write things down, which may end up leaving you thousands out of pocket like us. Hope this helps. ShaunGranny Flats WA will undertake a complete site assessment to evaluate the cost of site works. If an asbestos shed is required to be be removed then a fixed price will be applied and quoted as part of the complete granny flat quote along with any other site costs.


Granny Flats WA
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