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Unexpected Support on discontinued product.

Sometimes product support goes above and beyond what is expected. Chasing a part for an old STEGBAR shower screen (20 plus years) was advised spares were discontinued 3 years ago. Fair enough, most would
end the call at that point. Today blown away by the support and suggestions provided by the company receptionist who helped point me in the right direction to resolve my problem. A rare experience in excellent customer service.

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Customer Service
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Glass Spontaneously Shattered - Didn’t Care

My disgust is with the “Customer Service & Support Manager” for the Helensvale branch. Our window, which is the only window which faces no elements whatsoever spontaneously shattered. He lied and said their toughened glass is processed locally, and that imported glass from China can explode. This is not the case. The glass is made overseas then the last step happens in Australia. He didn’t ask if anyone in the house was hurt, didn’t offer to come and see it and didn’t write back. If this the reflection of the Stegbar attitude, this is absolutely poor form. Complaint has been forwarded with ACCC.

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Customer Service

Average at best

We have recently had an extension added to our home, and Stegbar was used as the window manufacturer. We got a few standard windows, a high-line window and a 4m stacker door. A few months earlier, we had Better View windows installed in the existing part of our house, my thoughts below are based on the two companies products as installed in our home. All windows/doors are aluminium.

The Stegbar windows are light to the point where you question their substance, and don't run particularly easily. The flyscreens are rather loose (According to a window dressing consultant, "they used to come with little black spacers to hold them in place, but they don't send them any more"). And the mullion of the windows overhangs the track the window sits within, leaving a odd looking rectangular gap between it and the window frame.

The stacker door is a three panel (one fixed) group, each with a mullion so large (25mm wide, 90mm deep on the outer part, and 60mm deep to the glass), that we are unable to get any window coverings that sit within the reveal (ie: roller blinds). However, unlike the windows, this feels like it has some substance.

These things would be bearable, different companies do things differently. What really disappointed me is the stacker door quality. The lock on the door is fitted on an angle. The fly screen sliders that accompany the stacker (or the stacker itself) are not square. The fly screen doors just sail by the door in strong wind (or if closed swiftly), and wind up at the lock end. And the safety stickers on the door look like they were applied while the worker was intoxicated. (Of the three panels, the first panel stickers drift down, second panel starts somewhere else, and drifts up, and the last panel drifts down again. All while you're looking at the straight horizontal line of the fly screen slider immediately behind it.

If I were you, I would seriously consider an alternate provider.

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Very satisfied

All appointments were exactly on time. I was advised against my original thoughts and now think this was correct. Work was carried out efficiently and any mess was cleaned up. The fitters worked well together and kept me informed.

Product Quality
Customer Service
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Store LocationLansvale

Stay away from Stegbar. Terrible products and terrible services

I bouth 2 windows and one sliding door to Stegbar. The installers had to come more than 10 times to finish the job. Endless calls with Stegbar.
Product built but could not be installed, faulty door handles, leaks under the door, missing fly screens, Fly screen built with wrong measurements.
After 4 month of installation, door handle not Service is terrible, I waited more than 3 weeks to get an apointment to check 3 issues on the door and windows. On the morning, I have been called that the technician would come in the afternoon but never came. Now need to reschedule.
The door is not closing and Stegbar is not helping.
Sumamry stay away. Very disapointing company.

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Customer Service
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All went well and to plan.

Service was great from the beginning I went into the showroom, through to ordering the timber sliding doors. The installers were organised, friendly and completed the job in half a day.

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Customer Service
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Store LocationLandsvale

Very happy builder

As a director of Elmac Homes a huge thank you to Stegbar and their team, especially Clive Waterhouse and Nathan Kennedy for their great customer service and their ability and knowledge of their products to help me get out of a tricky situation which has saved me thousands of dollars! They have gone above and beyond of their job description. Again a huge thank you and I'm so appreciative of the support and help you guys have done. I highly recommend stegbar and their team if you ever need all types of windows and doors look no further than Stegbar. Yours truly Elmac Homes

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Store LocationPooraka

Great Quality Products & Service

We have recently had 3 sliding doors manufactured by Stegbar. One stacker door installed in 2018, and 2 standard sliding doors just delivered.
We chose Stegbar for a few reasons:
1. Product features and quality when compared to competitors.
2. They matched the existing trouble-free windows and doors in our house of over 15 years.
3. The personalized service given to us by AJ Peirawan, the local sales representative.

Although the Stegbar products are not the cheapest, the design features and build quality impressed us. For the most recent purchase, we were promised a quick delivery date; and they were delivered ahead of schedule. Can't get better than that!

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationStegbar Pooraka, 20/24 Williams Circuit, Pooraka SA 5095

Great Products & Lovely People

My Builder suggested I visit the showroom at Taren Point as it is a new showroom and he wanted me to see the products I was getting before he orders.
I attended the showroom at Taren Point and was served by a lovely lady Alison, I had my dog with me as no one was in the showroom they let me bring her in, It was a hot day and another staff member got a bowl of water for my dog I thought that was a nice gesture towards the customer.
I did not know anything and asked many questions who not only Alison but other Staff were very helpful to answer and I spent a lot of time in the showroom, The windows and doors my builder ordered look amazing and work perfectly I could not be happier with the outcome of my home.
I would like to thank Alison & the wonderful people at Stegbar Taren Point for helping me through the choices and making time for me.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationTaren Point

Happy Customer

We had Nick Johnson help us from start to finish, so happy and appreciative of his efforts. Definitely will recommend to anyone looking for great product knowledge and service the whole way through.

Best in the business

Nick & Myles are the best to deal with. They always return quotes quickly and the product is awesome.
THE whole process from quoting to delivery is very clear and the communication is great

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationUnley

Dont Pay them your deposit unless you are sure they will produce what you want

Stegbar sent out an experienced consultant to measure and quote on a new shower screen door in black. the consultant of 40 years at the company said they could produce exactly what we were after as we needed a sliding black framed "old school" screen. We paid our deposit immediately of 50%. We received a call the next day that they couldn't do what we were told at the time of proceeding with them that we could, and they tried to suggest we do something we didn't want and that wouldn't work. We requested our money back given we were told they could do what we needed. they suggested that it might take some time......they were quick to take our money, and its been over three weeks. We have asked to speak to management and have heard nothing for a week from that request also. I wouldn't suggest using any of the Jeldwen group of companies as they are all the same company effectively......My experience has been extremely poor from the moment we requested our refund because they couldnt do what they said they could at the time they took our money.... Dont pay them until they confirm that they can make what you are after!!! UPDATE....Now over a month and still no Refund....


Nick Johnson our sales representative is a great asset to Stegbar and us as a builder. His attention to detail and communication are 2 of his key strengths. As a builder this is a key component to ensure things run smoothly from factory to site.


Everything in our home is amazing , from the initial consultation to the installation , to the final everything was spot on and we are now finally living in our dream home

Pathetic sales service, I had to chase

I had to chase a request for a quote several times and still don’t have one. Impression is that they don’t care, and neither do I. After Submitting an online request for a quote and uploading all of my details and project files I still had not heard back after two weeks so I followed this up, still another week passed then I made a phone call then I got a reply phone call and still nothing happened, I phoned them back and still no reply so I have given up

Terrible customer service, advice and attitude

Visited Stegbar Fortitude Valley on 24/1/2019 to order a window for our bathroom renovation and select our privacy glass. After discussion with the sales assistant and viewing samples of shower glass (because they don't have window glass samples in their showroom) we chose our window size and glass. We were then told we could not order through the store and had to order this through the representative for our suburb. However, they were away so we couldn't order until they were back from holidays. Emailed the rep on 24/1/2019 to order the window. Also booked in with them to attend our house on 30/1/2019 to quote the rest of our house for new windows. Formal invoice did not come through until 30/1/2019. Sales rep asked why we wanted to order a weird sized window and not a standard size. We ordered what the brochure and sales assistant in store sent through as the standard size - we didn't make a size up for fun. Window delivered on 13/2/2019 and installed in the bathroom last week. NEXT ISSUE - glass is translucent laminate which causes a TERRIBLE glare in the bathroom and we literally cannot look directly in the vicinity of the window. It is like looking directly into the sun. Emailed the rep to ask if this was normal and they asked if our window faced direct sunlight and that yes, we would get a glare. Asked if our WINDOW faced direct SUNLIGHT? Of course it does. I asked why they didn't tell us about this when they came to our house and measure the window because we never would have ordered that type of glass. The glare in the bathroom is IMPOSSIBLE and hurts your eyes. They then told me any type of window would cause this glare if direct sunlight was on it. SERIOUSLY? The window was REPLACED. We NEVER had this issue before. They have recommended and delivered an INAPPROPRIATE window for the bathroom. We specifically said we did not want to put a blind or screen on the window. Now we will need to cover it. The sales representative has been incredibly RUDE and UNHELPFUL. I am incredibly unsatisfied with the window we were recommended after visiting IN STORE and having the rep come to our HOUSE. It is completely impractical for the application and I am very upset with the advice and outcome of this purchase and the ISSUES it is going to cause for the natural light in our bathroom.

Customer Support

Just wanted to say how grateful we are for the assistance of Jane -Frances Christie at Chatswood , she went out of her way to help us . It’s unusual to meet people like this these days

Absolute nightmare, don't use them.

We had a new kitchen and building works done, with windows and doors supplied by Stegbar. This is our experience with Stegbar...

The windows and sliding door for our kitchen were supplied a day late, which put our installers back by a day, but you expect little things like that, it's part and parcel of doing a reno.

What we didn't expect was the total nightmare that happened after that!

In the beginning of September our kitchen company began calling Stegbar to get them to come and measure up for three flyscreens (two window screens and a sliding door screen), and a Crimesafe screen door. After 6 weeks of calls to Stegbar Chatswood, nothing was happening. I then called Chatswood and spoke to the receptionist. She said the rep would call me back. A week later, no response. I called our kitchen company, who AGAIN called Chatswood, this time they told our kitchen company that a rep would call me about the Crimsafe door, but they said they actually didn't need to measure for the flyscreens since they had made the windows and therefore knew the measurements, but they did need to talk to us and measure the Crimsafe door. Right.

In November, a measurer arrives. He didn't seem happy and really didn't want to talk to us, but he measured the door. We did specify to him that we wanted a Crimsafe door, with three locking points. He said yep, and it would be ready in two weeks and left.

Three weeks later, we hadn't heard anything...

We called Stegbar at the end of November to ask where everything was, and they told us they were waiting for the flyscreens to be finished, and that the Crimsafe door would arrive with them, they wanted to install everything together as one trip and not make two trips. Ok, sounds good.

In the beginning of December, the Stegbar installer arrived with only the Crimsafe door. Nothing else, no flyscreens. And the kicker - the door had been made the wrong way, the handle and hinges were on the opposite side of the door to what had been ordered! And the door was missing the three-point locking system. I considered ourselves lucky to have the door at all and didn't kick up a fuss about the three-point locking system, but I was worried we may have been charged for it. I haven't been able to find out if we ever were, despite emailing and calling.

We called Stegbar, they apologised, the flyscreens were still in the factory. They quickly organised for the flyscreens to be delivered two days later. In the meantime, the installer very kindly swapped the hinges and handle around on the Crimsafe door and managed to install it. But, he cracked the bottom of the handle. He was trying to help and he was very nice, so we don't blame him for that. Stegbar promised to replace it. Eventually.

Two days later, the three flyscreens arrived, yes! The installers asked where the tracks were (which the screens would slide on) as they didn't have them. We had no idea. More calls to Stegbar. The tracks had to be made specially and it would take two weeks. What? I said I'd like them to be in before Christmas please. They said they would see what they could do. I have no idea why they weren't just made when the screens were made, or why tracks are not just kept in stock? Every time the tracks were 'missing', it was another two week wait. When the tracks did turn up they come in long lengths which need to be cut to size, and they honestly don't look like anything special to me...

A week later I hadn't heard anything. I called Chatswood. They said hadn't the installer called us to explain that the tracks would not be ready before Christmas, and now they wouldn't be ready until middle of January, as the factory would be closed? Um, no?!?! By January, it would be 5 months since we had started asking for all of this. Our lovely kitchen guys had finished at the beginning of October. We were still waiting on Stegbar and now had no flyscreens in the middle of summer.

So, we waited. We turned it into a positive and used the time to paint the wood screens and have them ready. The date was set for the middle of January.

Two days before the January date, Stegbar called. They could not install the flyscreens as the factory was still closed and the tracks had STILL not been made! They were very apologetic but as you can imagine, we were furious.

I called Stegbar back and insisted to be put through to the State Manager. They refused. They said I could send an email. I refused, the emails I had sent already didn't get replied to, and they didn't return phone calls. I was put through to a Customer Manager. He listened to our story and said he would get this fixed up, as he didn't understand why this was taking so long either. The tracks were arranged and a new Crimsafe door handle would be supplied to replace the cracked one.

We got a new install date of the end of January. The guys turned up (and I must stress, the installers all knew what they were doing, and were lovely to deal with), and began installing the tracks...

...then they ran out of tracks. They only had enough to install the screen door and the bottom tracks of the window screens. They also didn't have the replacement Crimsafe door handle.

You can imagine what we were feeling. It's not printable. How can a company be this awful? We paid them a considerable amount of money, and then they try their hardest to NOT get done what needed doing with that money! Absolutely hopeless.

I rang Stegbar and demanded to speak to the State Manager, for the second time. They refused, for the second time.

I then called our kitchen company, and they were upset as well. The Executive Manager of our kitchen company finally managed to get through to the executives of Stegbar after a few attempts - he was not going to give in, Stegbar didn't want to discuss it! - and a new date in February was set and it was agreed that everything would be fixed and done on that date. Thank you big Kitchen boss!

In February, the installer arrived, and the Crimsafe handle was replaced, and the missing tracks were expertly installed. All done and fixed after 6 months of trying. I think that the screens could have been measured, made and installed in the 6 weeks from September when we spent all that time calling, really!

Then the big glass sliding Stegbar door newly installed on the balcony in September, began to leak in the rain...

Our kitchen company - who I cannot praise enough and have been awesome throughout the whole saga - completely understood that we DIDN'T want to deal with Stegbar again, nor did we want to wait 6 months for it to be fixed, so they expertly fixed it up in one day. Thanks guys, champions!

I have been reading reviews for Stegbar in various places and forums and they mostly say the same things we went through, so we're not a special case. They don't return emails or phone calls, they can't organise what they're doing, trying to get measurers out is impossible, the wrong things turn up, things are missing, multiple visits are required to get things done in what should take just ONE, it just goes on and on. I have no idea why they're like this, but they can't be pleasant to work for, surely.

When you think of windows and doors, you think 'Stegbar', they've been around for ages. I think they were possibly previously a good company which have somehow managed to drop the ball badly, and horrendously, over the past few years, and it's not something that customers (who pay a lot of money for windows and doors, they're not cheap!) should have to go through. We definitely recommend using someone else for your needs, save yourself the drama.

Excellent Customer Service!

I have been searching high and low for a replacement hinge for our Bi-fold doors and it just so happened it was a Stegbar part. Was expecting to pay a fair bit for the part, but they replaced it free of charge. It's so refreshing to have a company values and knows how to keep customers coming back. Thanks again for the great customer service!

Wrong orientation

Stegbar sent two people out to measure up the new security sliding door on our deck. They ballsed it up and made the wrong orientation. No accountability. No customer first.

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Questions & Answers

I need new rollers for sliding door where can Iget them?
1 answer
Kerry, call 1800 681 168 - this will connect you to your nearest Stegbar outlet. You can also go to our website and click on the "Request a Quote" button top RH side of the page. You can make an enquiry there - if you are in SA your enquiry will come through to myself and the team. Cheers, Mark Agars - Sales Manager SA

all my stegbar doors and windows have scratches on them as though were scratched by a bear they face the ocean what can i do to fix them they were all coated by sickens?
No answers

Does anyone know if you can purchase Stegbar windows other than through their outlets, the service is apalling and the reps are useless, they cant even add up, dishonest practises. Alternatively is there another brand making Cedar windows that look the same, as I have to get them to match the existing stegbar windows.
5 answers
I believe that you can only buy Stegbar products from Stegbar. I have only had the best experience from Stegbar but have only dealt with one sales rep John Newman. He knows his stuff is helpful and honest. Any monor problems I had John corrected immediately. Hope this helps.You should try a local joinery shop near you- Where are you located.? To be frank i know you need to match the existing ones but STEGBAR would probably butcher the job anyway so you wouldnt be happy regardless. Most Joinery shops do the stegbar profiles and you will get a much better result. Let me know location and i will recommend a joiner near you.Five dock

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