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Green Kids Anytimes

Green Kids Anytimes

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Nappies that last and fit every age.

I inherited a couple of nappies from my sis in law and loved the print so much that I went and bought more. It has now lasted 3 years (even the second hand ones). Yes the older inserts were not bamboo (5years ago or more) so they are now basically paper thin. However the new inserts I bought are still going strong and look as good as new.

We recently had another baby who is now 2 months old and was able to wear the nappies at about 5 weeks old.

The trick to making the nappies (outer shell) last longer is not to heat wash them and not to use the dryer with them as this disintegrates the waterproof lining.

In any case you can buy fabric waterproofing spray and respray them to make them last longer. This is what I read online but I have never had to do this even after 3 years and that is because I always sun or air dry the nappies. They only take a day or overnight to dry usually.

I personally dislike the other type of nappies with the poppers because it takes so much longer to put them on.

My only gripe is that greenkids shld make a reusable fabric diaper liner as well. I am using some I bought on Amazon.

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Thank you for your review Engie and we will take on board your suggestion for reusable nappy liners - we love feedback and great ideas from our customers!

Good quality, absorbent nappies

I was new to cloth nappies and Green Kids offered fantastic support. It took me awhile to figure out my wash/wear regime, but once I did, these nappies have been fantastic. The large Applix tabs make nappy changes quick and easy. The bamboo inserts are really absorbent. They are also Australian made and the quality is excellent.

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Thank you for your review Amanda and we love to hear you are getting such great value from your Green Kids nappies :)

Aussie made quality

What sold me on Green Kids was that they are Aussie made. This is so important in this day and age and I find them of fantastic quality compared to the Chinese ones out there. Yes you pay more but it's worth it.
They have good absorbency and I love all the colors available. Customer service was excellent and delivered the day after I ordered. Very happy with my purchase

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Thank you for your review and it's great to hear you love our Oz quality and service!

Great love the bright colours

These nappies are great. I find that they are easy to use as they have a great Velcro tab. The elastic around the legs are great too. They come is some cute designs and colours so I can match my baby to what he is wearing. I think they are a great price too... very cost effective.

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Thank you for your review and we love introducing new colours and prints, so please visit us often to see what's available :)

Good, but could use some improvements

I've been using the large version of these about 4 months now on my toddler for nights. Positives are: Made in Australia, & a pocket nappy (which is good because she shell dries fast and you can buy multiple inserts so you can save on drying time). Negatives would be: they are velcro, without any snaps or any other way of changing the rise height, which means that it's not always possible to get a perfect fit. After 4 months I'm already seeing some pilling in the outer fabric, and the velcro has started to fray around the edges. Not a huge deal, because pilling can be removed, and I hand-sewed a zig-zag stitch around the edges of the velcro to prevent further fraying, but it's more maintenance than I've had to do on any other nappy I own (which are all Grovia). Would I buy them again? Yes, because it's not economical to wait for nappies to dry and there are not a lot of larger-size nappies on the market suitable for night in a pocket style. However, I would like to see more flexibility in the fit and some instructions provided with the product at the time of purchase to minimise fraying (or extra stitching around the edges of the velcro).

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Thank you for your review and our tabs are Aplix, not Velcro and it's a much stronger product. Fraying tabs can be trimmed with sharp scissor and we always recommend holding the tabs firmly when you separate them to avoid damage. Please always contact us if you are having any issues as we are always happy to help with tips and hints :)

Great MCNs Made In Aussie!

Bought a stash of Green Kids nappies recently and am very impressed with the quality and ease of use - they're even dad friendly! Love the colours & love that I can stuff extra boosters into the pocket so they last thru the night. Highly recommended & I'll be back for more soon :)

A top option for bottoms!

I was handed down a set of these and have found them quite useful. I don't use them exclusively, use disposables at night and when out.
Aussie product, have shown no wear and tear even though they are onto their 3rd baby, I have not had any trouble with nappy rash, also function as a swim nappy (without insert)
Didn't fit my baby well when she was small, despite trying a couple of different fits with the insert (2 in 1style vs insert in pouch). Also now at 7 months she sometimes undoes velcro tabs.

Great MCN!

I purchased a full time set of these nappies and have been using them every day on my bub for about ten months. I wanted to use them for a bit to see how they worked out before writing a review. They have been wonderful and I haven't had any major issues with them. Had a few leaks to begin with, but once we got used to putting them on properly and added extra inserts (my bub is a heavy wetter) we haven't had any leakage issues. Only had a poo leak once! One nappy did delaminate, but the customer service of the company was excellent and they replaced the faulty one for me instantly. My husband and I love the ease of using velcro snaps as my bub is a wriggle bum when changing him. Also the colour/pattern choice is very cute and an added bonus, I always get positive remarks about them! The wet bags are great too and really trap in the smell. Overall I love these nappies and so does my bub!

Okay but not my nappy of choice

I originally purchase a full time set (25 nappies) of Green Kids nappies before my daughter was born; in hindsight I wish I had tried several different brands before committing to buying a whole stash. I liked the fact that these nappies were made in Australia (biggest selling point for me) but unfortunately the quality of the materials used is not that great (the PUL started to delaminate after 4 months of full time use, Velcro starting to fray, materials used would be made in China) and the workmanship is just not the same standard as some of the other MCNs I now have that are made ethically in China (Green Kids are a very basic sewing job that I could have easily done myself on my machine at home given the right materials). The bamboo inserts are of much better quality than the shells. I did not have leaks all that frequently as bub grew into the nappies a bit better (lots of leaks to begin with as they are OSFM so don't fit little babies that well until at least 5-6kg) but they weren't fool proof even with a premium bamboo insert. Very expensive nappies for the quality provided and have to buy shells and inserts separately! Even a bulk purchase of 24 nappies is much more expensive than other MCN that are not China cheapies. A sized system works much better for us and I have since sold my stash in exchange for another Australian owned MCN that in my opinion is much better value for money.

Great MCNs

Both the nappies and the team at Green Kids are wonderful! I wanted to support an Australian made product and am so rapt to have found Green Kids. Their nappies are bright, colourful, super easy to use and care for. The nappies have always performed to my expectations. They have a great range of quality products and I would recommend them to anybody having a baby who was interested in MCNs.

Great nappies

I love these nappies, I have 4 Anytimes with the bamboo inserts and they are my among my favourites.
The Velcro is easy to use, but always stays on the wash tabs in the machine. The suede cloth keeps baby dry and the bamboo is super absorbent. My only complaint would be the insert takes a while to dry, but that's to be expected given how absorbent it is.
They are perfect for taking out and about, or for getting other people to change the nappy, because they are just so easy.
I've never had any leaks yet, and the poop containment is good.

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Thank you for your review and it's great to hear you are loving your Green Kids nappies :)

Worst value for money MCN

At about $20 each not including inserts these are by no means the cheapest MCNs on the market. I got the Velcro closure ones which I do like because it's easier to get a good fit.
However the quality is really poor compared to others I have (pea pods and bountiful bubs) the seams are not over sewn (single seem then pulled inside out) looks like it's been made in a high school design and tech class.
Overall not a bad nappy but definitely not worth $20 plus the cost of inserts!

Thank you for your review and we're sorry you feel that way about Green Kids, however we can assure you our materials and workmanship are very high and we know you will get great value from your GK nappies :)I've been using these nappies for a while now and must say I like them more and more and have even bought more. I had two of my original purchase delaminate, but customer service was excellent and these where replaced. The PUL fabric in the newer ones does seem better quality. The best thing is they nearly never leak!! My baby is a heavy wetter and most of her MCNs leak but these do seem to be the best.Thank you for your review Emma and it's great to hear you are loving your Green Kids nappies :)

2 kids and most are still going strong

I have been using my green kids stash since birth for my first son (now 3yrs & no longer in nappies) and now using the same stash for my 2nd son (1yr). After my 1st son, I found I had to replace the elastics in the legs of many of them to bring them back to their original glory ready for bub #2 but I've since had no drama's at all with them on bub #2. After almost 3.5yrs of constant, heavy use, I am only now starting to see some wear on a couple of them, where the PUL material is coming apart from the inner material but thats totally understandable considering how much they are used and washed etc. I have never had any drama's with nappy rash and have only had the occasional leak. I find they are very absorbent, easy to clean, and quick drying. I am thinking however, for our next baby, I may need to get some new ones. Not sure if this stash will last another.

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Thank you for your review Kelly and we love to hear you have received such good value from your Green Kids nappies :)

Unbelievable Quality

I am due to have my baby soon and have decided to go cloth. I have purchased a few different brands varying from $20-38 per nappy - and for quality Greenkids nappies look far superior. Cant wait to try them!!

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Thank you for your review and we know you will get great value from your Green Kids stash :)

Fantastic australian made product

Best absorbency and quality, absolutely love buying an Australian Made product. These nappies are so easy to use and the quality is superb. Not as many regular deals and specials as some companies but the actual product is proof of the quality.

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Thank you for your review and we love to hear you appreciate Green Kids quality and absorbency :)

Recommend you buy Greenkids newborn/anytime

I decided to try MCN for my second buby - I got 6 newborn Nappies with the double inserts knowing my children seem to be quite skinny and soooo glad I did - they were even big when he was a newborn but a month or so into it I loved them with hardly no leaks. I actually still use them now and he just turned 8 months. I had also got 12 enviro Nappy packs which included bamboo inserts, some microfibre boosters, charcoal liners and bamboo flushable liners. But I didn't use these as much when he was newborn because I often got leaks whether folded or normal (my children are wrigglers right from get go and they did water poos every single nappy change). I kept thinking when he gets a bit bigger I will use them more but I still don't much.
I really regret not spending a bit more and buying the greenkids anytimes instead of the enviro ones because even tho he is bigger now I still have leaks and I feel it is because the design is slightly different - it has stitching around the legs. If I have one insert it fits him better around the legs but leaks straight away because insert folds in the middle and the liquid goes straight out of stitching but if I have 2 inserts or one and a booster, it doesn't stay firm around his legs and also leaks out the sides (no matter how tight I put around him). Keep in mind I have very very mobile kids - sitting crawling climbing by 4 months and took first steps before 8 months - so this could add to the leaks. So I have used both disposables and MCN and although hubby says I haven't saved money, I have at least slightly helped the environment heehee :)

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Thank you for your review and we can assist you with leaking issues, so please contact us and we love to hear that Green Kids nappies work so well on your bub :)

Awesome product

Green Kids are amazing nappies. Quality is great, inserts are soft and breathable and they have a great selection of colours & prints to choose from.

Best of all they are Australian made and based in Perth, so it's almost next day service for us once we order them.

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Thank you for your review and we love to hear that you think Green Kids nappies are amazing!

Great nappies

I love Australian made products, I always trust Australian made products.
my little girl feels comfy when using the Green kids nappies. this is the most important reason I will keep using the Green Kids nappies, though they are a little bit pricy, but definitely worth it. I will recommend to all my freinds who have babies in home.

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Thank you for your review and we love that you appreciate our Australian made quality :)

Reliable and easy to use

I used Green Kids OSFM with my first child (a boy) and they took him all the way from birth to potty training. Those nappies are still in great condition, but I'm now adding to my stash with some gorgeous girlie colours. I love the Anytimes for days at home, and the Minkytimes look so cute with just a t-shirt or dress. They are very easy to use and dry very quickly. I love the fact that the velcro is so easy to use, no fiddly snaps that don't snap together when bub is wriggling. I've also used one of my Anytimes nappies as a swim nappy. I get lots of compliments about my Green Kids nappies, and I love the feel good factor of knowing I am helping the environment too. Thumbs up from me for an Australian company doing their bit for the environment!
Easy to use, dry quickly, saves money

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Thank you for your review Natalie and it's great to hear you are getting such good value from your Green Kids nappy stash :)

Fantastic night nappy!

My Green Kids nappies are my favourite night nappies! They last all night without a single leak, and the aplix is nice and strong. They are so easy to wash & put back together, though the stains need a little extra TLC than some of my other nappies do. I'm about to add some more to my stash!
Very absorbent, great fit, Australian made!
Inserts stain easily & take a bit of work to get out.

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Thank you for your review Tanya and we love to hear that our nappies work great during the night :)

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