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Cannot recommend highly enough

My family has recently used the services of Robert Fallace from the Grey Army in Melbourne for carpentry, electrical and painting work. We were so impressed with Robert's advice, punctuality and management of our mini renovation that we actually ended up using his for a number of smaller jobs around the house. He was an absolute pleasure to work with and the sub contractors he used were all very friendly and professional.

Service(s) UsedBuilders, Carpenters, Electricians, Handyman, Painters and Plasterers


1. In canberra, I was stood up by the handyman without even bothering to call or text to tell me where he was. DO NOT rely on Reno or Linzie to turn up. Hopeless.

Service(s) UsedHandyman

Well done!

I have just used te professional skills of Michael and Robert Fallace from the Grey Army. They have completed jobs at my home ranging from plastering, painting, building shelves and cupboards as well as carpentry repairs. They were professional, did their work well and on time as per their quote and I would be happy to recommend them to others, including my friends and relatives.

Service(s) UsedCabinet Makers, Carpenters, Painters and Plasterers

Absolutely Horrendous and despicable service

I have in the past used Grey Army on a number of occasions and whilst the service wasn't great it wasn't that bad either. This time however I booked a roof painter to quote on some work, he never turned up and never called to explain why. When mentioning this to head office they stated that this would never happen and that I was making the story up, I was obviously bemused about this and proceeded to the escalate the call to the operations manager where things got a whole lot worse. This person just continued to lie and make up stories. Call was escalated to General Manager where it became evident that the reason for the staff's deplorable behaviour resonates from him. His tone and approach was incredibly unprofessional. The reason why i used Grey Army was if anything ever went wrong I had a head office and managers to call on.....It could not have been any further from that. I tried a number of times to call and have a calm, normal and professional conversation to work through the matter however management were not interested. Never again.

House Painter

Never use Grey Army again. I'm left with a mess after getting painter back 3 times to fix mistakes. Short changed nearly $2,000 worth of work. Totally unprofessional contemptable lazy attitude.

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Please call our office 13 11 98 and provide your address and details so that we can investigate this further for you Thank You

Removal of old balcony

We were amazed how fast we got a reply, then inspection and quote. A week later the job was done by Carpentex. George & Michael were great, very quick and cleaned up everything even though we told them we would do it. Great job and would thoroughly recommend them and we thought their quote was very reasonable.

Thank you for your review, so we can pass this on to your local Grey Army office, can you provide us with the state and suburb that the work was completedSt Marys, NSW

New fence

Had my fence extended by Reno in Canberra. Fantastic job, no issues, would recommend him to anyone. Site cleaned after work completed. Very happy. 10/10 on every aspect of the job.

Frank the Gardener

The first time frank came, he did a great job of my front yard, I was extremely happy with the work (although I did feel it was over priced). The second time he was over an hour late, the work on the backyard was ok for the time spent but lots of rubbish left behind. I then reached out for him to come and finish the job and didn’t hear back. So I tried a 2nd time a few days later and again didn’t hear back, tried a 3rd time a week later and still nothing. Extremely frustrating and disappointing after a string of unreliable gardeners.

Sam painter from grey army.

Sam is an excellent painter. He fixed a problem with the ceiling, now it looks beautiful. He knows his vocation well. Painted ceilings and walls professionally. He was polite and works quickly with ease.
I recommend him highly.
Nikki G

Poor service

Made a time with a guy to come out and quote on fixing noisy ceiling fans. I made arrangements to leave work early for this and he didn’t show up. When I called back he said he had forgotten, and we re-scheduled the day.
When he did come out he said he’d email a quote that night but I never received one. Then someone else from Grey Army contacted me a week or so later to ask how it went and I told them I never got a quote. They said they’d reallocate the job to someone else but I never heard back from anyone.
That was several weeks ago. What a waste of time!

Thank you for taking the time to place this Review. . With our Queensland Region we have 4 areas, can you please indicate the suburb that you are in so we can pass this onto the management team for this area. They will certainly follow this up for youBli BliThank you Carmel, Our Manager Gina has reported to us that she has spoken to your this morning. She has explained what happened and you will get call from our Grey Army Member

Thanks Paul

We needed work done on our timber porch. Left a quote request on Grey Army's website and Paul phoned back soon after. He dropped around within the hour and we discussed the situation. We agreed the faulty and dangerous steps should be removed and the porch fence extended to close the gap. Paul's quote was less than I'd expected. He did the job while we were away and the result was exactly what we'd hoped for.

Happy customer. Would recommend to friends.

Needed the doggie door hole covered in the screen door. Called Grey Army and Danny phoned me not long after I had submitted a request for a handy man. He came out a few days later and did the job. He was polite and efficient and did an excellent job.

Overpriced and Late!

He was late by a couple of hours to provide quote. Had to chase quote. When I got my price quoted over the phone it was twice the price of a tradie off gumtree. Very disappointing!

Waste of time

Called Grey Army (middle of Jan)for a quote to put a shade sail up. The guy couldn't even come to look for 2 weeks and then it was 7.30pm. It took another 10 days before I got a quote via email. $3300 !!! That's more than any of the professional company's dealing in this business - for supply and fit! Couldn't do the job until end of March! Summers over then - I won't need the shade sail! I thought the Grey Army was for older guys who still wanted/needed to work? These guys don't need the work. They only fit you in when they don't have any else to do. Total waste of time!

Grey Army would like you to contact their Head Office to discuss 13 11 98, please provide your full details and they will investigate this on your behalf. Grey Army members are on average over the age of 50 and they all work full time and can be fully booked up to 3 - 4 weeks with work. Thank youThere is a big difference between 3 - 4 weeks and 11 weeks, which is what I would have had to wait to get the job done by a grey army guy!

Extremely Happy Consumer

Mark Delaney, electrician, came to put up Lights, Heat Lamps and Fans, His work was excellent and he even tidied up after himself. Great tradesman. Very easy to work with.


Was told there was no one in my area (north east) had to come from Hallet cove, only to be told a travel fee would apply ($45.00) no thanks.

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Thank you for your review, Grey Army is building up our team in Adelaide. We asked our grey army member Alex if he would accept your job request yesterday. He told us yes, he never mentioned he would charge a travel fee. This is not the policy of Grey Army and Alex will be spoken to about this. Sorry that this happened to you and thank you for bringing this to our attention.

No show - Sutherland Shire

I needed lawns done temporarily. I was contacted and told the person would do it one afternoon next week. Anyway, that was 5 weeks ago. I was having 50 people over for my father's 90th birthday so my almost 90 year old father ended up coming over and doing the lawns!

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Please call 13 11 98 and ask to speak with the management team they will need to investigate this and speak with the Grey Army member in person. Sorry that you were let down, We apologise that this has happened.


work done ok fast service and job done.Garden,plants done seed sown garden now growing. Happy service guy and friendly man

Very slow to respond

I had used Grey Army a few years ago but don't think I'll bother using this company again - obviously it depends on who you're referred to a bit of "lucky dip" on customer service. I recently called to see if I could get someone out to put a gutter on an already built pergola, was given a persons name and sent a text with details saying "they'll be in touch shortly" and then nothing. Around a week later I finally get a call from the person but told them I had already been in touch with someone and had the job sorted. They didn't seem very interested, would have been nice to just get a call initially to give me an idea of when they would be available for the job and if they were actually even interested (I got the impression they weren't). Didn't think it would take a week for a company to get in touch about a quote or job, certainly didn't take the other person I contacted that long - he already had the job done by the time Grey Army got around to calling me!

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Can you please call our office 13 11 98 and provide your full details, we need to investigate this for you as this is not how the Grey Army Head Office expect our customers to be treated. We cannot look into this till we have your full name. Thank You for placing this review.

Prompt Response, Organised, Skilled and Professional.

Requested a quote for handyman jobs on the Central Coast of NSW. Michael arrived at the time we agreed on, quoted a fair price and completed various jobs such as adjusting and fitting cabinets and bench, fixing shower doors and assembling flat packs. He had all the necessary tools and materials on hand and completed the work promptly and to a high standard. I was so pleased with the results that I have booked Michael for additional work.

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I have several smallish jobs i need doing: installing a length of guttering along one part of the roof; installing some flashing between house and porch roof; checking porch support posts for rot, and repairing them; removing, but not replacing another short piece of guttering; also probably installing ? flashing high up on the roof, where there appears to be a leak maybe due to wind damage. I am on the pension so cost needs to be a consideration, but i also need to maintain my property. can you help please? My previous builder is seriously ill and no longer able to help. I am in South Frankston Thankyou Jan Lumley
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Please visit our website www.greyarmy.com.au and follow the link to request a quote, or alternatively call 131198 during business hours, we will require your full name, address and contact phone number thank you

I need a painter to paint interior of house
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I need a painter to paint interior of house
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Hello Ede, I recommend Sam. Just finished my house interior painting. It's great. The price is fantastic compared to other quotes. Ring grey army and ask Karen, for Sam the painter. He is polite and works quickly. He has 26 years experience. Good luck Ede. Regards Nikki GreenfieldThank you for requesting some work to be done. Would you be able to visit our website www.greyarmy.com.au and complete the request a job section, or alternatively call 13 11 98 during business hours and provide your full name, address and contact phone number. Sorry for any inconvenience but we require these details so we can refer this to your Grey Army Office that looks after your state. They will then refer this to a local grey army member who will contact you and arrange a free written quotation.

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